Making the world's most expensive carbonated water!

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For this video, I'll be making the world's first real diamond water.
To do this, I'll be burning diamonds, which are nearly pure carbon (and definitely not "forever"), to make diamond CO2 gas and then using that CO2 to make extremely expensive carbonate water.
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Dec 28, 2019




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Talha Saeed
Talha Saeed Hour ago
There must be a vice versa
A Pickle
A Pickle 2 hours ago
jr plays
jr plays 3 hours ago
this man should of test if it was real first
Ivandro Jao
Ivandro Jao 12 hours ago
The atomic bomb v-2
The atomic bomb v-2 16 hours ago
14:00 Thats not a pressure chamber, thats a stimpack
Ms. 0pal
Ms. 0pal 18 hours ago
Nothing hotter than a cute guy doing chemistry~
r bongocat
r bongocat 21 hour ago
"most expensive carbonated water" ever been to an airport?
Rayne265 [GD]
Before this video I got an ad for a jewelry company called Blue Nile
xPluhs Day ago
I wonder what smoking diamonds would be like lmao
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Ben Connor
Ben Connor Day ago
The rest of the world: "We need to reduce our CO2 emissions" NileRed: Turns diamonds into CO2
Bubba Ole
Bubba Ole Day ago
Dude , how many limbs, how much toil, sweat and blood spilled for those diamonds? I wonder what diamonds best friends think of you now...
VietnameseGirl98 2 days ago
Gem elixir wooers be like
Harikesh M
Harikesh M 2 days ago
Imagine the face of the guy who sold the diamonds to him
Fried Rice
Fried Rice 2 days ago
23:56 make gasoline soda now
Fried Rice
Fried Rice 2 days ago
I got an add for blue nile jewelry...
xtreme oak
xtreme oak 2 days ago
you could sell this to millionaires and make millions
J•k• Noé
J•k• Noé 3 days ago
Is it possible to make diamonds
John Quitas
John Quitas 3 days ago
Great! 😀
Only For Kaeshaun
The end when he feels so disappointed and wonders what he could have done with the money he has wasted. Brought joy to my life for some reason.
Ellis 3 days ago
It hurts me to ser hum shake it
dhc 3 days ago
11:15 "but i somehow ended up damaging the tap" yea no idea how that happened 10:50
jeremy terry
jeremy terry 3 days ago
it would be super cool to see you make co2 from yeast and sugar reaction, id like to see how much co2 it gives of and what the best mixture proportions would be.
Shazistic 4 days ago
Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because life's greatest lessons are learnt through pain. -Shazistic
Literalicity. 4 days ago
you've heard of Cover Me With Diamonds but how about Fill Me Up With Diamonds
Johannes Faller
Johannes Faller 4 days ago
3:38 that hurt more than the diamonds burning
CyberCyborg 20XX
CyberCyborg 20XX 4 days ago
Now turn Co2 into diamonds 💎
Random Man
Random Man 4 days ago
Time to burp diamonds
Sujit Sutar
Sujit Sutar 5 days ago
Burning diamond s for carbon dioxide RIP logic
Andrej Prenkelushaj
wait so its same as classic dry ice what???
aditya patel
aditya patel 5 days ago
Rich people's water
Andres Calvo
Andres Calvo 5 days ago
I loved the existential crisis when he finally get to taste it!! xD
MrRhondineg83 5 days ago
You should use chocolate diamonds to see if they taste like chocolates
nope 5 days ago
This is some Tom Haverford stuff. Sparkle water!
Name Last name
Name Last name 5 days ago
HASAKI! was behind him on the board. Is Nile a Yasuo main?
Adithyan Vinod
Adithyan Vinod 5 days ago
Basically, he illustrated the "law of definite proportion" i.e Soda is just soda always
Adithyan Vinod
Adithyan Vinod 5 days ago
What if u reverse the whole process and u get diamonds!!!!!!!!!!
Adithyan Vinod
Adithyan Vinod 5 days ago
What would u do if ur dad took it to gargle!!!!!!!
CrackerJack 5 days ago
Reality: "Large and high carat diamonds can easily cost millions of dollars." Nile: "That's just _slightly above_ the budget of this channel."
Ariel Yudovin
Ariel Yudovin 4 days ago
Sarcasm my guy
Richard C
Richard C 5 days ago
Spoilt kid: "I only drink real Coca-cola" NileRed: "Try some of my diamond-carbonated toilet paper moonshine..."
Gamer Krishna
Gamer Krishna 5 days ago
Mr beast be like: thats just normal water.
ISBE 5 days ago
Bruh, there is something hilariously satisfying about 'to get the dry ice out, I just hit it while it was upside down'.
Yesso 5 days ago
comically large spoon in the background
TheZzziggy 5 days ago
Pecunia non olet - this Latin saying could save you a bunch of money. But I'm glad you managed to make it all the way. Kudos!
Venkat Babu
Venkat Babu 6 days ago
Don't even think till I kill.
The Fallen One
The Fallen One 6 days ago
Selling around $250 a bottle, the machine pays for itself with 11 bottles. Ater that, not including marketing and advertising, you'd essentially be making $75/hr. All of that is assuming they sell.
Phone starz
Phone starz 6 days ago
I love this Chanel!
preeti chopra
preeti chopra 6 days ago
I never thought this genius is cute. And he is really cute
ERROR_Anything 6 days ago
buy some co2 and unburn it to make diamonds Kappa
Dominick Crossland
hows it feel knowing you just drinck diamondwater
Taylor Pinkowski
Taylor Pinkowski 7 days ago
Make diamonds from dry ice
Govardhanas 7 days ago
dude just made diamond water while all i have is nitrate water
commie frog
commie frog 7 days ago
Should've went with fiji water
WitherDesteroyer5 Gaming
I made diamond water Nilered: they called me a madman
Christopher Morrison
How did a dude way back in time get a jar full of pure oxygen????
Neil Shah
Neil Shah 8 days ago
Nile just make a pick AP Chemistry, and i am not even in High School
James D
James D 8 days ago
But think about it the carbon in that water was millions of years old.
FoxHunterXD 8 days ago
Did he forget about Fiji water?
Victoria Fedumenti
This is almost like, a philosophical message. All that hard work and effort to literally taste what the elite can afford, but in the end the only thing that tasted good was the symbolism behind the diamonds, the actual carbonated water was just as ordinary as tap water. Chef’s kiss.
james t
james t 8 days ago
I'm so jealous of your glass set 😍
Frank Davignon
Frank Davignon 8 days ago
and you thought kidney stones were tough, imagine pissing diamonds lol
MurKoOPps 8 days ago
Title change: diamond water mukbang
Kiran Bhoopathy
Kiran Bhoopathy 8 days ago
Creates diamond carbonated water, and shakes the bottle! Bruh!
Hachikoi 3
Hachikoi 3 9 days ago
I can't imagine what were you expecting lmaooo
[REDACTED] 9 days ago
[insert billionaire here] would like to hire you.
The Rocinante
The Rocinante 9 days ago
Soooo we can turn diamonds in to dry ice.. how about turning dry ice into diamonds? XD
sandeep mukherjee
Now do the reverse make it diamond again 😂
volconis 9 days ago
Best part is that he gets to sell those 3 bottles of carbonated water as much as he likes, because you won't be able to tell the difference if it's real or not.
D N 0 b
D N 0 b 9 days ago
Ayo I got diamond water 🤑🤑🤑
M.B 10 days ago
Let me guess. In the future, some rich kid will start bragging about his diamond water
elias akin
elias akin 10 days ago
That was just a reverse alchemy
A9 Arnav
A9 Arnav 10 days ago
Pay him 5 dollars to get your name mentioned 😂😂😂
Belle Nous
Belle Nous 10 days ago
This was so fun to watch!
SLEVIN SHAFEL 10 days ago
now convert carbonated water in to DIAMOND. xD
TheLegendary 465
TheLegendary 465 10 days ago
I think he's dead me seeing his videos in 2020 GIVE ME THAT THING TO ME
TheLegendary 465
TheLegendary 465 10 days ago
did you know? that diamonds were created from coals?
The Waco Kid
The Waco Kid 10 days ago
$80 is a bit much for a personal N fill. I'll give you a few tips on how to get a cheep N fill. I get mine filled at a place called OXARC and a few times I have been "over charged." AirGas is all good but i prefer OXARC as it is a bit more local and I know the people there. My boy Larry runs the joint and if he is there he always hooks it up for a good price. Usually I ask for a half fill as I only need it for a night after some heat treating cycles but almost always they fill it up all the way as it is hard to gauge. You know this but a big portion of the N is used as the dewar is extremely hot so it needs to be cooled down first. I have a very old dewar, I got off of ebay and have no clue how big it is. It is decent sized but they would have to take it back and forth between the scale to get a ballpark of a half fill. All in all ask for a half fill, the person filling it won't waste their time going back and forth to the scale and when the dewar is to temp it fills relatively fast. Good thing to know it is rare that a medical gas supplier does personal N fills. The most common would be acetylene, oxygen, or argon. Ask to watch the fill or if not they let them know what you are doing with it, to me my dewar is pretty big but they they usually fill tanks for hospitals and other medical fields. Unless the place is really corporate if you connect with the guys on a personal level they wont gouge you on the price. Usually I can walk out the door with a $25-30 "half fill" but sometimes I have been charged $50-80. Honestly the price changes every time but if Larry is in there I am all set. Please excuse my essay I like to type when I drink :)
HD5MX5 10 days ago
Rish people : ow i will not dring water it is for losers i will dring dimond whater Me : Bruh will life and up like that -_-
robert jones
robert jones 10 days ago
You need to market this to disgruntled wives planning to divorce their husbands. “Honey where is the diamond on your ring!?” “You just burped it up, you pathetic slob. I’m leaving you.” “- and by the way, the vodka from that vodka soda was made from toilet paper”.
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 10 days ago
*"High karat diamonds, which could easily cost millions, which is just slightly just above the budget for this channel"* 8 year olds who haven't grasped the idea of sarcasm: Hol' up
pungochem 10 days ago
Do you like Topo Chico?
Denver Hays
Denver Hays 10 days ago
Just go to your local hydraulics supply company, set up an account and quit paying the middle man. Boom, probably save at least 15%.
tabacco free catfish fishcat free tabacco
imagen using diamond ice to cool down your drink
That's Joseph
That's Joseph 11 days ago
Job Morales
Job Morales 11 days ago
HAHA your face "damn it, over a thousand dollars..." xD cool video man
Luan Fortier
Luan Fortier 11 days ago
if i was a miljiner a woud'f bout it not ganna lie
Luan Fortier
Luan Fortier 11 days ago
way not sell it for all your money back there are poepele out there hoe will pay anything for it
Dash Man
Dash Man 11 days ago
Co² is co² nomatter the source
Zenith The Cat
Zenith The Cat 11 days ago
Pls suppresss your S's literally every S goes up past -6 decibels misphonia gay
ObiwanNekody 11 days ago
Burning coal is hot enough to melt glass, what a surprise.
Violated Crayon
Violated Crayon 11 days ago
We all thought Dimond was unbreakable but really there apart of a stone ocean
Benjamin Fifield
Benjamin Fifield 11 days ago
the end reaction was totally worth it lol
futurus 11 days ago
Does it also Work with cocaine? 🤔
AceOfHades 11 days ago
The vid when im by myself: 1:40 The vid when my parents walk in: 8:12
Dan W
Dan W 11 days ago
I'm sure you could sell diamond sodas at Davos meetings. For the adventurous, perhaps diamond carbonated toilet paper moonshine.
Yeet Sickle
Yeet Sickle 12 days ago
What was it like breathing diamond air?
Nikhil Singh
Nikhil Singh 12 days ago
This man has diamond in his blood🤣🤣🤣🤣
So Many Questions
So Many Questions 12 days ago
I guess you could say this water is... *crystal clear* I know, that was terrible
Alec Ver Bunker
Alec Ver Bunker 12 days ago
Next time you use a pop off valve like that remove the pull ring. Normally you'd leave it on for emergencies but on a mobile pressure vessel like that you could get it caught on something and accidentally release a majority of your gas. It may pop off at 2000psi but if opened manually it'll stay open until like 40psi
Will Murphy
Will Murphy 12 days ago
Normal companies: make normal carbonated water EA:
Inferno Games
Inferno Games 11 days ago
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