Making Soap - Cupcake Embed Within a Soap Loaf

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One of my most requested video how to's..... Step by step on how to create mini cupcake soaps and embed into loaf soaps. Sorry no cutting at the end as I ran out battery.
I created this video with the RUvid Video Editor (ruvid.net/u-editor)
My website:- www.edenssecret.co

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Sep 14, 2015




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Comments 80
chelle motsinger
Hi Karen
Watching u is so relaxing I love your soaps so pretty and creative
Sandra Leishman
Karen, you make the most beautiful soaps!
FelishaAnn dilks
these are lovely. how can anyone dislike? people are just jelly
Pat Lantinga
Pat Lantinga Year ago
Is there a video that I can see what these look like when finished? It's very disappointing to watch it all and not get to see the finished products. Pat from Michigan USA
chelle motsinger
Looks a bit like sherbert
Queen of NY Nails
It seems that when you are piping the soap comes out pretty easy but I tried this before watching your video and the soap hardens pretty quickly making hard to pipe. Any tips? Thank you in advance
Sandra Leishman
Sandra Leishman 2 years ago
They are so cute!
Wendy Earvin
Wendy Earvin 2 years ago
Are you making batches at separate times? After you put in the cupcakes do you make more batter for the fill up? After all the cupcake cutting i would think it would be to thick? Im trying to recreate this technique but with different embeds and stuff. I love your work.
Maryam Riggins
Maryam Riggins 2 years ago
Everything is so interesting and beautiful but i did not c you spray the alcohol..every other video that i watched.they kept speaking w tge alcohol..please advise because now im confused
Margaret Johnston
Margaret Johnston 2 years ago
Margaret Johnston
Margaret Johnston 2 years ago
Margaret Johnston
Margaret Johnston 2 years ago
OH IO 2 years ago
Do you have a website or etsy
Jamie Monroe
Jamie Monroe 2 years ago
Late to the party but These are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love love these and all the colors are so pretty and go nice together!
Linda Penney
Linda Penney 2 years ago
Awesomeness Karen
Lacy Anika
Lacy Anika 2 years ago
i love the video but i couldn't hear what you said while you were stick blending
Sin City Soap and Candles
Love it! Amazing!
forgot your gloves..naughty girl !
EdensSecret1 2 years ago
Yep, naughty
Lady Elena's
Lady Elena's 3 years ago
O.k I love the way you say cup cake. In fact I drive my family crazy saying it the way you do. I am from Texas so you can imagine how I sound. LOL I am going to make my own version of this inspired by you. Love it and your videos!
noemi carrion
noemi carrion 3 years ago
you make it look so easy! do you have any beginners videos? I am new to soap making and your channel
Jackie deans
Jackie deans 3 years ago
Sorry if this is a dumb question but did you fragrance the mix for the minis is that why it thickened up so fast?
Jeanette Romero
Jeanette Romero 3 years ago
wow amazing where can I purchase? alot of hard work nicely done😊
L O 3 years ago
I love those cupcakes! oh my goodness gorgeous! the only question I have is where did you find such big buckets of micas? I have never seen them that big, usually small jars
rahaf mohammed
rahaf mohammed 3 years ago
hello i want to ask u from where you get your micas??
kathy brown
kathy brown 3 years ago
do you sell the bars hun? if so how much are they please and do you post x
susie roy
susie roy 3 years ago
These are so sweet.
Susan King
Susan King 3 years ago
This is such a gorgeous soap! The mini cupcakes are so adorable; the colors are beautiful! I love how you have made this soap; it is so unique! xoxo
Purple Queen Soaps
Purple Queen Soaps 4 years ago
I hope you are doing well Karen!!!!
MARLO 4 years ago
This soap is absolutely amazing! Wow! So creative! I just love all your videos. :)
PaperKay 4 years ago
How long do you leave your soaps to cure?
Zesty Zirlonia
Zesty Zirlonia 4 years ago
I always wondered how those soaps were made... now I know. Clever clever!!!
Eva Wilkies
Eva Wilkies 4 years ago
Hi I have been a huge fan for ages I miss your videos. I hope you didnt get put off by people who disagreed with your religious views...you should carry on...after all you are only getting the word out and we are blessed for hearing it ❤
Christi B
Christi B 4 years ago
Hoping to see videos again soon
E Mitchell
E Mitchell 4 years ago
please make more videos Karen!!! we miss you sooooo much :( I hope you and your family are ok!
Neive desmier
Neive desmier 4 years ago
That is literally my dream job. i love things like that. i have been making massage bars. amazing. I would love to do that as a job xxx
HoneyJeon 4 years ago
EdensSecret1 You are sooooo creative. You give me inspiration in my soap making. Happy New Year
Elizabeth Schuon
Elizabeth Schuon 4 years ago
I'm recovering from having my wisdom teeth out and I'm now on a mission to watch every one of your videos because between your accent (I live in the states so your accent is unique to me and very kind sounding) and soap cutting and watching the texture of the soap
Shelia Woodson
Shelia Woodson 4 years ago
Karen, I placed an order on your website. I tried emailing you about the status, but the email came back not deliverable. Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Thanks, Shelia Woodson
Laura Mckeown
Laura Mckeown 4 years ago
Hi karen. placed my first order with you a few days ago looking forward to receiving it and maybe more videos from you or an update on how your wonderful business is going. I hope it's booming. Happy new year xxxxx
Katts Bath & Body Boutique
can I ask how you get the frosting to stay on the cupcake? That's one I haven't mastered yet.
Buttermilk Bay Soap
Love the spiky tip....what is the piping tip?
Judimus2 4 years ago
I miss you
Intimate Soulutions
your products look very nice Karen
Elizabeth Schuon
Elizabeth Schuon 4 years ago
I love the way she says "cupcake". I want to move to England partially because the accents are so beautiful.
Penelope Karams
Penelope Karams 4 years ago
are you going to post more vids and let us know what you been up to.....:-( sad waiting........
Kendra Gilbert
Kendra Gilbert 4 years ago
How did I miss this?? Ack!! Great vid Karen, as always! :-)
Shelly Phillips
Shelly Phillips 4 years ago
I miss your videos!
Deborah Dooling
Deborah Dooling 4 years ago
Thank you so much for all your videos. I enjoy listening to your soothing voice as much as looking @ your beautiful products. Will you consider talking about seeking wholesale accounts some time in the future?
Halina Nguyen
Halina Nguyen 4 years ago
I found it fascinating when you cut the soaps in half
Hana Odeh
Hana Odeh 4 years ago
Plzz do another vido
Lily Wilson
Lily Wilson 4 years ago
Hi Karen so happy to see new video. ...i always come on RUvid to see if you posted more videos...Please make more ♡
Julie Dyer
Julie Dyer 4 years ago
I have missed your videos so very much. Yeah.
J Felder
J Felder 4 years ago
I noticed you put the colorant powder directly into the soap then mixed? I thought you have to mix in a oil first then into the soap?
Jocelyn Yao
Jocelyn Yao 4 years ago
It's so wonderful watching you make soap, they are so beautiful. Love, Jocelyn xx
Carol Bradshaw
Carol Bradshaw 4 years ago
Hi Ms Karen, May I as, What kind of powdered colorant is that, since you are able it add that right into your soap batter?
Sandra James
Sandra James 4 years ago
Hey Mrs Lady, You make me miss making soap. I hope you are doing fine. I just happen to be looking for a particular video and you were in my feed. You still are doing an awesome job! #soapmaker #soapmakersrock
Wholesale Natural Body Care
Karen nice to see you back!!! I too have been away busy doing what we do but I miss you all!!! Hope you are well!
Naomi Hatfield
Naomi Hatfield 4 years ago
thanks for sharing your video...beautiful soap
Boxer Lover aka Valerie
I just found you videos and signed up for ur newsletter. I would like to order something, however I'm from the US and ur site does not have a Dollar price. Can u put a dollar amount on ur site also please. thank you
Kay B
Kay B 4 years ago
Love it but it didnt show how you put them on top. Are you going to load the rest?
Nermeen Elhofy
Nermeen Elhofy 4 years ago
hard and fine beautiful work...love it
Jennifer A Shepherd
Welcome back :-) Your soaping is always an inspiration and I love your colour combinations. Keep smiling & God Bless.
Carmen Arroyo
Carmen Arroyo 4 years ago
OMG, welcome back!!!
X Xx
X Xx 4 years ago
Wonderful to have you back Karen! Glad to see the beautiful work still continues. Where do you buy the large amounts of colorants? The colors are so vibrant!
Willow Dawn Deri Edwards
Absolutely ingenious! thank you for sharing Karen!
Sandy Hopper
Sandy Hopper 4 years ago
Yay! You're back! I love to watch your videos. You are so awesome! I have been wanting to make these ever since the first time I saw your original video. I haven't piped much, so haven't gotten around to it yet. This video make me feel a little more confident that I can do it. Thank you so much.
Gentle Dragon
Gentle Dragon 4 years ago
Missed you Karen I'm so glad your back!!!
Shannon Keeney
Shannon Keeney 4 years ago
I missed my sweet British friend!!!!!! Love you Karen!
Kate Zeck
Kate Zeck 4 years ago
Ohhhh, how I have missed you so!!
805Soap 4 years ago
Good to see you back Karen, your cupcakes are the best!
cahayaungu 4 years ago
So very happy that you are back. Sure hope there is a continuation of this video, would love to see a cutting video of it. Thanks, bye....
ASimplyPerfectSoap 4 years ago
Karen, I am so happy to hear your voice. So much work for this soap, remarkable. I need you to know you helped me get through a very difficult divorce. Your videos, your creations, your voice, you are so inspirational that I forgot all about my troubles. Thank you so much!!! All the best to you in all your future endeavours!!!
patty Clatterbuck
patty Clatterbuck 4 years ago
How long can u store soap before it is not able to sell anymore
Zena Morgan
Zena Morgan 4 years ago
Oh, I was so glad to see your new video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! I watch them over and over!! I was missing you😄
Salli Robinson
Salli Robinson 4 years ago
So good to have you back on here! I am not a soaper, but love watching your videos along with some others, you have been missed x
Rosa Willinski
Rosa Willinski 4 years ago
HI EDEN you do a very goodjob l love the work you do l wish you were closer so l can see smell and feel the soaps you are doing keep it up l would love to do the work you do makeing and selling them l make the the soap for my self only a few people brought from me or else everyone want it for nothing keep up the good work
Allison Fields
Allison Fields 4 years ago
Good to see u again!
Ian Baskerville
Ian Baskerville 4 years ago
+EdensSecret1. Hi Karen, we ae starting out selling soap and are getting bogged down by the Safety Assessment requirements in the UK. How do you get away with not having to weigh out all your colours, etc. I thought this would be a necessity to adhere to the exact recipe passed by the Safety Assessment or have I misunderstood the Safety Assessment. Please let me know as it is very confusing! Thanks and awesome videos. Good to have you back in action!!
Ian Baskerville
Ian Baskerville 4 years ago
@Jennifer A Shepherd Hi there and thanks for the response. Good to know someone else is in the same boat. I'm going to be sending off my recipes this week, then will hopefully be able to start selling before the end of Oct. Good to hear from you.
Jennifer A Shepherd
+Ian Baskerville Me Too! Nightmare aren't they? I think as long as you don't use more additives than is in recipe it is okay. Obviously I keep my oils & NaOH exact. (Well within a few grams, lol!) I know from baking cakes for many years that a level teaspoon of powder is about 5g/ml, rounded is 10g and heaped is around 15g. Maybe Karen will have time to give you her expert opinion though.
Megan McDonald
Megan McDonald 4 years ago
Where have you been??!! I so look forward to your videos! I check every week!
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