Making Of Brooks & Jonas Aden - 'Riot' (STMPD Records)

Jonas Aden
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How Brooks & I made 'Riot' out now on Martin Garrix' label STMPD Records! New videos every week, subscribe & ring the bell if you're cool! 🎈
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Sep 24, 2019




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Comments 80
5ugRCub3 13 days ago
When you notice Jonas Aden got copyrighted on his own song🤣
Rushil Patni
Rushil Patni 14 days ago
Proof that you don't need 27 layers to make a sick bassline
Subhadeep Chowdhury
Yo....check my track ruvid.net/video/video-TU5uyKzcZdI.html
Melaz Music
Melaz Music 2 months ago
I got a sponsor at a clothing line on Instagram cause I didn't have clothes on💀
zzzaaazzz55 3 months ago
does anyone know the original Vengeance pack he got the original synth perc (VND Synth Perc 04 D#)? I think he custom labeled them and can't find the pack to get online :/
mangø 3 months ago
oh my goodness, I've been producing for a year now and I made a good progress and after watching this I know how much I have to learn! This was really impressing and motivating. Thank you Jonas for everything on this channel 😺
The__Speedster_____ 3 months ago
Hey,can u make a video about how to get signed to stmpd rcrds?, pleasee!
Backyardproducer 3 months ago
wowwwwwwwwwww finallyyy
Avicid 3 months ago
Letsss goooo NORWAYYYY
Sound Masterz
Sound Masterz 4 months ago
You guys know what is nice this track, The shape of the automation clip.
BMI 4 months ago
Picking out a mentor on RUvid and finding out he made one of your most favorite tracks!! O_O Fell in love with the track when Garrix played it for the first time. Hats off!!!!
IGIT MUSIC 5 months ago
You are more better than Brooks
Raven 5 months ago
Who wants JONAS ADEN x FLUME even tho their music is different from each other...
double burp
double burp 5 months ago
omg the dog 4:00
VIDAI 6 months ago
Stefan H.
Stefan H. 6 months ago
Why is there a clap on that kick in the sample pack ? xD :(
Debadron 6 months ago
Hey Jonas...nice tute....and as you said you must do a video on vocal mixing.....i need that so hard
Jonas Aden
Jonas Aden 6 months ago
I have done it!
Anton 6 months ago
I have heard a very similar drop before. This drop is a rip off
DRUMASE 7 months ago
You guys are so good😎👍
Disguised_Ant 7 months ago
Shit im not alowed to like this
MrMaleadmijoja 7 months ago
Who is the singer? Is it Bonn/Kristoffer Fogelmark?
Mading 7 months ago
FLP please .... :v just kidding
yuvrajbeatz 7 months ago
Yes brother...we want vocal mixing.
Suryayan Mukhopadhyay
1:02 to 3:49 !!! Damn
DJ LaAce
DJ LaAce 7 months ago
anyone saw the dog in 4:01 ?
Chetan Randive
Chetan Randive 7 months ago
Show bit more about automation you did
Chetan Randive
Chetan Randive 7 months ago
MELODIAM Music 7 months ago
I downloaded the sample pack and its broken
Gaspar 7 months ago
Jonas. Been producing for 3 years bro and this year My track Ignition got played & supported by deorro at Lollapalooza. I also received an email from Ward from giving me his personal email since W&W supported an ID of mine. Bottom line is look guys like you help a ton man. Hard work pays off as well. I produce bigroom but I’m sure we will come in contact soon bro. Keep up the great tunes 👍🏻
Aldo Pineda
Aldo Pineda 7 months ago
Are you Coming to Mexico? :(
Rohit Kulkarni
Rohit Kulkarni 7 months ago
Amazing work brother! Hats off!
walker_26549 7 months ago
Plz sir
walker_26549 7 months ago
Hi your Music is incredible Plz Make a to video how to download all effect plugin Your effect is awesome
TANAY TAMBOLI 7 months ago
success gets persanlitly like martin garrix.and many more
Theo Stene
Theo Stene 7 months ago
Are your samplepacks royalty free?
-Syphec -
-Syphec - 7 months ago
James Rimes
James Rimes 7 months ago
Do you do any private coaching if yes can I get a link for that? the sound you make is impressive ?
yoyoma 7 months ago
Bence Da Memer
Bence Da Memer 7 months ago
Other producers don't explain how they made their tracks, cuz if they would, everyone could easily steal their tricks and copy their tracks. But you are physically unable to make tracks like Thijs and Jonas.
Nedvio 7 months ago
Okay. I really mean this now - why are you so awesome? 😁 I love the openess and your genuine attitude. Not many producers, who are at your level, show how they produce. Much love from Estonia! ♥️♥️♥️🇪🇪🇳🇴
Chris Mathur
Chris Mathur 7 months ago
I can’t stress enough how much I love your studio
Adrian L
Adrian L 8 months ago
Does anyone know an alternative to dbBlue Tapestop for Mac?
Kiraw 8 months ago
Hey Jonas, I Have a Tip for You! Test the VST Plugin Wider from Polyverse Music With this Plugin, you can Make the Sound Bigger.
1001chillout 8 months ago
This is epic really appreciate you taking the time to break down the whole song. This really helps me get better with my production. I wish more artist took time to
Total-Strike 8 months ago
I usually only make hip hop beats and trap music but watching these tutorials always makes me want try my hand at EDM.
TISSERO 8 months ago
4:00 DOGGO!!!!
DHVRIEN 8 months ago
families :D
Fiko 8 months ago
Unlucky you... I'm naked
Siddhant Petkar
Siddhant Petkar 8 months ago
What are those keyboard & mouse?
Solidified 8 months ago
Can you do a video about your rendering settings and how to get the maximum quality for the track?
Vitor Pinho
Vitor Pinho 8 months ago
Valentin Bös
Valentin Bös 8 months ago
Thank you for being so open about your productions! Something like that really helps out a lot of younger producers.
Harmonic Empire
Harmonic Empire 8 months ago
dam it guys I need your help on my music channel. I promise really worth your time and I will be releasing more edm soon
Ronald 2sala
Ronald 2sala 8 months ago
Felix Fischer
Felix Fischer 8 months ago
Question: How much pitch range do you usually set on your samples when automating it ?
Z3NV0 Official
Z3NV0 Official 8 months ago
Every music producer: Remember what i said about layering sub bass right Jonas: yep *Riot comes* Producers: THEN WHAT IN THE SADKASGDFAFIPOYWEB IS THAT REVERB ON SUB BASS?
Brandon Yang
Brandon Yang 8 months ago
ahhh ur dog is such a cutie
Michelle w.
Michelle w. 8 months ago
I like it how you make your studio in a well-beeing creative space with all the Lighting! The punch in the ball sub is really great, too! Givrs that round low end! Thanks you so much - its a pleasure to watch ur videos! Greatings!
Yeti Timbres
Yeti Timbres 8 months ago
Thanks for the sauce homie!!
Sound Masterz
Sound Masterz 8 months ago
Stab or sub
Sound Masterz
Sound Masterz 8 months ago
The world war synth...
DerHentschel_lee sin
Dude thank you!
LongTB 8 months ago
your mouse look weird
AP AOS. 8 months ago
the plucks are very hot 🔥
impractio music
impractio music 8 months ago
Jonas plz do video on how to mix vocals 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
FYNUTZU Z 8 months ago
I don't think you are agree with the talk " keep it simple "
Suhaib knx
Suhaib knx 8 months ago
You have to go through a lot of ear rapes to create an eargasm
Abanob Mohsen
Abanob Mohsen 8 months ago
I don't know Bro but for me I think it has no feeling I know it's hard and complicated song to make but it will be better if u focused on make the listener feel comfortable and happy I don't hear the happiness in it I'm sorry bro🙏 But I love u so much and u are genius any way 💪💪😍
your fellow gopnitsa
you 1:02 vs the guy she told you not to worry about 0:51
Oliwer 8 months ago
Jonas you are awesome
Fyrah 8 months ago
Automate the automation, wait what?
Josh Rivas
Josh Rivas 8 months ago
Love the grind Jonás !
Damon 8 months ago
Hi guys, I'm so sorry for this disgusting self advertisement but it's surprisingly hard for an upcoming producer to gain an audience... I produce EDM / Big Room House music and I appreciate every single one of you for listening! lnkfi.re/Desert
Rémy Brückel
Rémy Brückel 8 months ago
How he make this tricks in 16:03 ?
KatKush 8 months ago
Ivan 8 months ago
I need to know what kind of keyboard that is
Heroic Beats
Heroic Beats 8 months ago
If Jonas pins this. ill give you any plugin you want with a custom license.
Denny KAI
Denny KAI 8 months ago
Love your unique style bro!
MrSmartStarfish 8 months ago
Amine Naimi
Amine Naimi 8 months ago
Jonas Aden : 12:47 " We didn't have to do a lot !" Me : Ummm , excuse me ??
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