Making Life Multiplanetary

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On September 29th at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia, SpaceX CEO and Lead Designer Elon Musk provided an update to his 2016 presentation regarding the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars.

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Sep 29, 2017




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Comments 80
MG 4 days ago
Rob O
Rob O 9 days ago
Elon: Literally laying out the step by step of Star Trek shit thats happening right now. Audience: not applauding (hopefully) due to complete shock and awe.
Gloucon X
Gloucon X 10 days ago
Work instead on a meteor/asteroid defense system and the need to move to another planet would cease to exist. It would also be much cheaper and easier.
Bestekin Go
Bestekin Go 11 days ago
Stuart Hollingsead
Stuart Hollingsead 12 days ago
Elon is a tool.
riten 12 days ago
I don't want to be on ISS while starship is docking
Dustin Vieth
Dustin Vieth 13 days ago
who tf is this unskilled layer changer oof
ichigo kurosaki
ichigo kurosaki 13 days ago
So elon's big rocket is basically a giant aerosol can
MikeyMystery45 13 days ago
Terraforming Mars is very unrealistic.
MikeyMystery45 13 days ago
TholleVR 16 days ago
Hi future people, if you are reading this after Space X landed Start ship on Mars, then congratulation. as of today (17.Jun.2020) they are still trying to build Starship prototypes, they failed a lot but still trying to learn from the failures to improve future prototypes.
meenoo meenoo
meenoo meenoo 16 days ago
"A lot more is possible than u really think. U have to b very careful telling him that something is impossible that will be limited by the law of physics or u will end up looking stupid" Mark Hodak (Neuralink) on Elon Musk
Peeks'n'Pokes 16 days ago
Two years to go before 2022!
Daniel Lehnert
Daniel Lehnert 16 days ago
Just imagine... We are living in the age when humanity is going to colonize another planet. For the first time after thousands of years. It drives me crazy.
J'aime le tarama
J'aime le tarama 16 days ago
Zeu frènch ahkssènt iz rili kyutt
SplatterShotJr m
SplatterShotJr m 17 days ago
"all of our resources will turn to the BFR" Elon finally made this change just recently. fascinating to watch.
Michael Havers
Michael Havers 17 days ago
Congratulations Elon Musk, your accomplishments are breathtaking!
Sociable Netw0rker
Sociable Netw0rker 18 days ago
Watching this on 2020 in amazement, who's watching this from a lunar base in 2024?
Anderman 18 days ago
He is my role model!
Raymond Saint
Raymond Saint 18 days ago
This should have 1Billion views.
Geist Lerner
Geist Lerner 19 days ago
Me and my Al-Qaeda jihadi bois start to make a plan for the 2nd 9/11 hijack through SpaceX Cargo. Boom!!! Vacuum Fireworks.
Elvin Naruto
Elvin Naruto 19 days ago
39:38 is it only me because I hear a person saying "OOF"
Edi Rozen
Edi Rozen 20 days ago
Blue origin.... Why bother?!😃😂🤣🤔
Jan ŽATECKÝ 21 day ago
Ok to sent a rocket to iss no big deal but to go on mars? I dont want to be negativ but its very hard mission and people who go there have to count on maybe they wont comme back. I think next 50 years it will happend for sure but not now in 2025 like I think.
Haloheld 23 days ago
You can do it!
Thomas Foulon
Thomas Foulon 24 days ago
cet accent français au début >
indian 25 days ago
China will colonize in mars before US or russia.. Chinese must already have one factory running in mars..😃
indian 25 days ago
I think it’s better to use mars and moon as dump yard .. we can dispose all our wastes.. rather than spending billions to make people stay there..
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Sandman 23 days ago
coming from the people who shit in the streets and dump their waste in the ocean and rivers this comment makes sense.
reactions 4u
reactions 4u 26 days ago
I like that he's not very good at these speeches, everything that you see with him is genuine. I have total faith that he will lead us to Mars
Benyam Ephrem
Benyam Ephrem 28 days ago
He’s just nervous. He is a fine speaker.
Christian Nilsson
Christian Nilsson 29 days ago
Always fun to go back in time to watch Elon presenting his ideas and visionary plans.
Jack Baron
Jack Baron Month ago
his mouth cant keep up with his brain
Chicago Made
Chicago Made Month ago
Wish more CEOs was like him...think beyond and get us there
Chicago Made
Chicago Made Month ago
He talks like they pulled someone random off the street and told him to read these keynotes
Vousie V
Vousie V Month ago
26:40 The brilliant quote "and often I'll be told 'but you could get more payload if you made it expendable'. I said 'yes, but you could also get more payload from an aircraft if you got rid of the landing gear and the flaps... and just parachuted out when you got to your destination." The second amazing bit is 25:30 when he compares *buying* a single engine turboprop plane (which is like current single-use rockets) to *chartering* a 747 plane (which is like having a fully reusable BFR). It's just a brilliant demonstration of the massive cost difference between single-use and reusable.
David Month ago
That dude has Mexican Jumping beans as thought streams.
Niteesh Jain
Niteesh Jain Month ago
I am here after the successfull human Falcon 9 Space X lunch #30May2020🌍 🥰🥰🥰
Globy Month ago
ArloC Month ago
elons brain: thinks rapitly elons mouth: what the hell are you doing up there? i cant keep up!
Eric Ligas
Eric Ligas Month ago
Stage 1: collect underpants
Vijay Visweswaran
I have total trust and belief in Elon and SpaceX to bring this to light.
Archilab - Architecture Lab
Genius people are usually not good speakers. This guy is a true genius !!
Teegroo Month ago
We can see he’s 100% French, the first person that talked.
Shams Qamer
Shams Qamer Month ago
He is a genius!!!
Ryan Month ago
In Adelaide? Struth!
glenn keaveny
glenn keaveny Month ago
Are there follow up video/articles today?
Henry Harrah
Henry Harrah Month ago
I'm excited for the future. Aren't you?
MysticJimmy7 2 months ago
The most important man in our generation ✊
Mallaeng-i Mu
Mallaeng-i Mu 2 months ago
I want to work for SpaceX
The launch cost chart at 25:36 is interesting, but does it account for the size of the payload of the rocket? Put another way, a small rocket might cost less than a big rocket, but if the big rocket delivers more payload, maybe that's better?
Guillaume Nobody
Guillaume Nobody 2 months ago
thank you Elon, great technical info :) can't wait for starlink to go live !
Third Eye
Third Eye 2 months ago
Musk has the innocence of a child with the mind of a genius. He imagines the outcome and plows ahead like a horse with blinders on, dragging the dream right along with him, trampling everything that gets in his way until he gets the job done. Then the seeds grow and multiply.
Karl Heinrich Marx
Karl Heinrich Marx 2 months ago
2:44 the code name is BFR. Yeah, Elon, Big Fucking Rocket. I get it.
YaBoiSP 2 months ago
he sounds like me trying to give a presentation to my high school class, but way smarter
Auke Kaptijn
Auke Kaptijn 3 months ago
For the first couple seconds i thought the public speaker spoke French.
Max P
Max P 4 months ago
In video its better to use the passengaer WIG vehicle, flying over water boat with wings
KsNoz 4 months ago
well, 2 years to go, i watch this every year until we really land on mars! :)
CastellaV 4 months ago
I came for the stutter and stayed for the speech
CastellaV 4 months ago
He sounds SO nervous, like not even the stutter but his voice just sounds shaky
Todd Smith
Todd Smith 4 months ago
Earth orbiting solar-powered space-based lasers, beamed to, power ion engines, nasa-esa-roscosmos-cnsa controlled. added benefit redirecting comets/meteors
Bullshit Stomper
Bullshit Stomper 4 months ago
I heard he’s changing Mars to Musk Polosie purple monkey dishwasher
Ontrekin 5 months ago
Ontrekin 5 months ago
2020- Elon is doing good creating the Spaceship
RollPier 5 months ago
I get anxious when i hear him speaking, i just want to breathe By the way great man
chaztech 5 months ago
I have to wonder if he knows something the rest of us don't.. Its a proven fact the sun is getting old and hotter also that if it turns into a red giant earth will be cooked! Mars would be the best hope, did nasa share that with Elon? Elon isn't wasting any time getting there either.
Dheeraj K S
Dheeraj K S 6 months ago
Introvert ❤️
hulkpayne 6 months ago
he did not explain how humans would be able to sustain zero gravity for months, normal humans not perfect astronauts... also, how will normal people be able to withstand increased g-forces during ascend??
VAIBHAV KARN 6 months ago
I admire you alot Elon musk.... would love to do things like you do...u r a true hero for me....
John G
John G 7 months ago
If we can get enough people on mars and start sustainable bases and then boost the population, then we might be able to save the human race. In all seriousness, Elon may be our only hope.
Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles 7 months ago
Minimum pucker factor on landing is so funny! ❤
Loketrätan 7 months ago
why do wee need to leave our present human plane of existence, the old beauty Gaia for some other desolate hostile plane?
NG1 N3
NG1 N3 8 months ago
Elon Musk: *Runs out of things to say* Audience: *Clapping for a save*
ViniByte 8 months ago
imagine all the ships land except the one carrying food supplies. *fuck*
Zavy 8 months ago
If he just stood up there, smiled, and flipped through tabs I still wouldn’t care watching the whole hour. Keep working on your presentation, Elon!
FaqMisfits 27
FaqMisfits 27 8 months ago
He's a demigod
antidote-_ 8 months ago
Anyone else been binge watching Elon videos since Starship's announcement?
Zelda_Smile Month ago
L H 9 months ago
Are the numbers shown in the Delta-V-Budget/Payload-Mass diagram (27:25) still up to date?
Anthony Sosa
Anthony Sosa 9 months ago
This guys accent is thikkr than a bowl of oatmeal
Max Riggah
Max Riggah 9 months ago
The BFR AKA The Barfart
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt 9 months ago
Earth is nice. It’s comfortable. Mars is filled with danger. Europe was nice. It was comfortable. The America’s are filled with danger. So why go? Opportunity
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