Making Life Multiplanetary

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On September 29th at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia, SpaceX CEO and Lead Designer Elon Musk provided an update to his 2016 presentation regarding the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars.

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Sep 29, 2017




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john gossett
john gossett 8 days ago
If we can get enough people on mars and start sustainable bases and then boost the population, then we might be able to save the human race. In all seriousness, Elon may be our only hope.
Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles 10 days ago
Minimum pucker factor on landing is so funny! ❤
Johnny Month ago
why do wee need to leave our present human plane of existence, the old beauty Gaia for some other desolate hostile plane?
N'gis Stemeveiche
Elon Musk: *Runs out of things to say* Audience: *Clapping for a save*
ViniByte Month ago
imagine all the ships land except the one carrying food supplies. *fuck*
Zavy Month ago
If he just stood up there, smiled, and flipped through tabs I still wouldn’t care watching the whole hour. Keep working on your presentation, Elon!
FaqMisfits 27
FaqMisfits 27 2 months ago
He's a demigod
Antidotes 2 months ago
Anyone else been binge watching Elon videos since Starship's announcement?
Anthony Sosa
Anthony Sosa 2 months ago
This guys accent is thikkr than a bowl of oatmeal
Max Riggah
Max Riggah 2 months ago
The BFR AKA The Barfart
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt 2 months ago
Earth is nice. It’s comfortable. Mars is filled with danger. Europe was nice. It was comfortable. The America’s are filled with danger. So why go? Opportunity
Broly I
Broly I 2 months ago
I respect Elon so much I too believe in his vision.
Iks Bot
Iks Bot 2 months ago
Making Wife Multiplanetary.
Антон Буланча
"Radiation is safe" told they "don't need to worry".... I belived you,Elon...
Thomas Lehmann
Thomas Lehmann 2 months ago
8:20 Holy shot!
Chris Scars
Chris Scars 2 months ago
Chris Summers
Chris Summers 2 months ago
Multiplanetary species Falcon heavy
Science is Real
Science is Real 2 months ago
“I didn’t have enough money to pay a rocket scientist so I did it myself.” Elon Even the haters have to be able to appreciate that.
Ricardo Daniel Rivera
Amazing crazy person!
Bikerguy_ 3 months ago
I love how Elon sounds like he's more confident talking about memes than his own company xD
Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez 3 months ago
Needs a nuclear engine and reactor produce electricity
Not Sure
Not Sure 3 months ago
The introducing speaker sure IS NOT French!
totog87a 3 months ago
You can do it Elon!
JackterJack 3 months ago
No offence to Elon but he is like my 5 year old brother talking about his favorite rocket
CLOSE ABOUT 3 months ago
bro he is extremely smart, innovative and creative but he sucks at giving speeches
rm23 2 months ago
CLOSE ABOUT u just have to get used to it
SMG10 3 months ago
his mouth cant keep up with his brain
Vincent Fischer
Vincent Fischer 3 months ago
L’accent français au debut est incroyable
Niels Deckmyn
Niels Deckmyn 3 months ago
Elon was so nervous. Even tho he knows that he's the smartest on earth and knows everything he wants to say
Deep Purple
Deep Purple 3 months ago
Humanity isn’t ready yet. When every Sin possible is done in our all day life.. When war is rampaging in a big part of the word and no one cares.. And when we still have no possibility to transform garbage into something else, that doesn‘t kill our people, forests and life in general We are NOT ready. Nothing against space ex or elon, i realy like them and also the visions about the future. The thing is when we start traveling to other stars and planets, your homecountry will die.. Planet earth
Brooke Curtis
Brooke Curtis 3 months ago
Elon for emperor of earth 😆🙌🏻
Dave Parsons
Dave Parsons 3 months ago
Had to watch this again two years later after seeing the Starship prototype fly yesterday. Since this video we had the Dear Moon announcement and the first flight with 60 Starlink satellites. It is clear that Starlink will be the enabler for Starship/Super Heavy. The point to point flights for earth destinations is fanciful and won't ever happen.
Peter Danek
Peter Danek 3 months ago
i don't know what problem are having people with his speaking I think if he can explain the point of his presentation then he nailed it
Chris NoBrainz
Chris NoBrainz 3 months ago
can someone explain me why we want to colonise mars ?can humans survive there? there is no water no trees...its not a new home for humans...the only use of mars its for experiments and data retriving...its not like we can survive there for years and make familes in case we destroy earth
ŠQÛ!DƜȀRD T. 2 months ago
Laszlo Zoltan and im sure plants can grow on the sunlight there
ŠQÛ!DƜȀRD T. 2 months ago
Laszlo Zoltan im sure mars can hold an atmosphere
Laszlo Zoltan
Laszlo Zoltan 2 months ago
silly nonsense. mars is too small, the gravity is too weak to hold a breathable atmosphere, and it is too far away from the sun for healthy vegetation to grow (trees etc.). open a book and read some science instead of science fiction/fantasy. this is sales to gain investors. magic beans. elon is a remarkable pioneer, but there are limits to what is possible, k ?
ŠQÛ!DƜȀRD T. 3 months ago
They can terraform Mars by dropping nukes on it. The ice will melt and water will be released by the ice. We can plant trees. They will convert the water and CO2 already in th atmosphere into Oxygen and food.
John Thompson
John Thompson 3 months ago
Moonbase Alpha 32:23
John Thompson
John Thompson 3 months ago
Not enough DOOM players in the audience. They should have laughed at BFR and Elon even gave them space to.
Vulpes 3 months ago
Aesthetics mean a lot to me for no important reason at all, and man i love the designs of his ships and suits. I'd join spacex for the aesthetics alone as nonsensical as that is
ronenct1 3 months ago
Elon - Thank you a lot for doing all this. the biggest thing of humanity - travel to mars. Thank you !
maaz 3 months ago
If i was there i would have been died love u ellen musk from pakistan 🤗😍😍😍😍😍
Wild one
Wild one 4 months ago
I wonder how the people will get off the ship when it lands on Mars 🤔.. That thing is 50 Metres tall!
Wild one
Wild one 4 months ago
@Andy Hmm.. maybe.. Atm, I guess I just can't debate that.
Andy 4 months ago
Probably the same way he mentioned the cargo being unloaded, by crane.
Anthony Losego
Anthony Losego 4 months ago
1 year ago eh? Elon! Let's hear some more of those visionary updates and plans beyond 2022! I think we'd all love an update and more vision!
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