Making It RAIN PIGMEN in Minecraft Hardcore!

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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 13 137
DD LL 17 hours ago
Fill a wonder chest with dirt THAT IS MORE USELESS
Brynn Bortree
dan is straight up addicted to them golden carrots
meemer h
meemer h Day ago
“UGH! thats PEasent minecraft food!” lol
Sarah Adji
Sarah Adji Day ago
Danton I just went on a cruise ship that was so blue so I called it the💎Cruise!!💎🛳please respond
Marihah Suhaimi
Bring a nametag everytime you go to the nether
stacie g
stacie g Day ago
it is super lama
Couch Pumpkin23
Couch Pumpkin23 2 days ago
Golden Carrots suck dude, what do you mean about them being the best Minecraft food, beef and pork chop give you 8 whereas golden carrots get you only six, this whole episode was a waste of time.
Xx ZillaQ xX
Xx ZillaQ xX 2 days ago
Also, did you not see that the sheep escaped?
Xx ZillaQ xX
Xx ZillaQ xX 2 days ago
Last episode: I will kill all your friends. This episode: wut hav I dun
Selina Rienert
Selina Rienert 3 days ago
Do a emerald form
Preston Harmer
Preston Harmer 3 days ago
Waxing Moon Work
Waxing Moon Work 3 days ago
Most useless way to use a ender chest is in a texture pack and the ender chests look cute
Gamez for dayz All day
Dan smelt a stack of green dye in each furnace it gives you so much more XP!!!!!
David Bianchi
David Bianchi 3 days ago
Dan:let me know about an even more useless way to use an ender chest Me: place it and not use it
Richard Beasley
Richard Beasley 4 days ago
A feather in one
Blythe Fadlen
Blythe Fadlen 4 days ago
EnderGaming73 4 days ago
He should make a mob xp farm but for Zombie Pigmen
TheGamerBros 4 days ago
how does the egg hatch?
Big Nig
Big Nig 5 days ago
*endermans* The More You Know
Daniel Littlefair
dan you could turn your afk pigman farm into an active farm by adding a fall-breaker down by the hoppers and killing them with your sword btw you can make a water fall-breaker by lighting sponge on fire and then putting water on the fire before the flame goes out
Andy Pang
Andy Pang 5 days ago
It’s funny how dan thinks that golden carrot are good because they give 3 hunger points. That is not the reason they are good. It’s because they give 7 saturation points
acarlstrom213 6 days ago
John Asmus Videos
sup danTDM
cotton tail
cotton tail 7 days ago
Who else remembers Dan always getting stuck in the iron door in his old lab
Hermie Dionio
Hermie Dionio 7 days ago
Ye i say that vid it shocked me
It’s Lps toy factory
You said that what is the most useless way to use an ender chest because you think that cobblestone is the useless but Dirt is really the useless
Rey Oh
Rey Oh 7 days ago
me: hey mom u know that ppl only use 10% of their brain every day mom: no they don't me: "get's I pad opens youtube shows dan getting turtle eggs" mom: .....
GJ Studios
GJ Studios 8 days ago
You said you’d name a Baby Zombie Pigman Chicken Jockey and take him to your house in the Overworld, so do it
AndrewgamerTV6 9 days ago
Gold is what the zombie pigmen's sword is made of
Chris Miller
Chris Miller 9 days ago
Ssunday has a better way to get the gold pices
Alyssa Murphy
Alyssa Murphy 9 days ago
VSCO girls:SAVE THE TURTLES Dan:I need to steal some turtle eggs! VSCO girls:😮
internal plaz
internal plaz 9 days ago
Tou could do it in the reguler world check out ssundee
Lazy Gamer
Lazy Gamer 9 days ago
Dan:let's have some fun Me:whoa whoa whoa,what kinda fun you talking about,this is a family friendly channel OK
Space Drizzy
Space Drizzy 9 days ago
Dan: WhY iS tHeRe CaCtUsEs Up ThErE?
sultan sadat
sultan sadat 10 days ago
Just farm cows they give more hunger bars and use the golden carrots for breeding horses
sultan sadat
sultan sadat 10 days ago
Dan u nedd over 600 gold nuggets for a stack of golden carrots
Ninja G
Ninja G 10 days ago
Dan can you just make a staircase for the nugget farm
kyle preston
kyle preston 10 days ago
Nice kills
Latasha Rouell
Latasha Rouell 10 days ago
8:45 maybe the shears broke
Nathan Hercik
Nathan Hercik 10 days ago
Dan, it takes 81 pieces of regular ice for one SINGLE piece of blue ice so 6 emeralds for one blue ice actually a good trade and that’s considering how bad trades are usually with wondering traders so, Dan if you see one who has that blue ice trade kidnap him so you can put him in the villager hole. The crafting recipe for blue ice is 9 normal ice in a 3x3 area of the crafting table that makes 1 packed ice,now craft 8 more blocks of packed ice then put it all in a 3x3 area to get one blue ice so that wondering trader’s trade is actually pretty good. /\ I I You hit read more! Look above to know the crafting recipe for blue ice.
Diego Benjamim Pastor Vasquez
Dan, why didnt you think the egg could hatch
F M 11 days ago
Dan: "Why is there dirt in here? IMPOSTER!!!!"
Onur Ozan
Onur Ozan 11 days ago
He dident even have a break since the last vid, look at his shirt, its the exact same!
John without a K
John without a K 11 days ago
WhatYourLooking 4: 18:22
Jacob is The god
Jacob is The god 11 days ago
I’ve seen a most useless way filling it up with water and then breaking out with the wrong enchantment
Silas Sloan
Silas Sloan 12 days ago
Mathew Varghese
Mathew Varghese 12 days ago
add a banner to it
mzmapes 12 days ago
Send the titles free
Emily Howells
Emily Howells 12 days ago
How do you make a less
Emily Howells
Emily Howells 12 days ago
I said lesh
Keanu X
Keanu X 12 days ago
Wow you must be patient and you have seen this comment 😉WoW! Hit this button if you've seen this comment and you will get luck 100 4ever trust me.😉😆 ⬇
Dalu Alozie
Dalu Alozie 12 days ago
Read more
Dalu Alozie
Dalu Alozie 12 days ago
Will the egg crack?????????
Dalu Alozie
Dalu Alozie 12 days ago
It's pigmen
Dalu Alozie
Dalu Alozie 12 days ago
Mr Wolfy
Mr Wolfy 13 days ago
People think this is a clickbait Well ur wrong
The Minecraft stickbot
THE SHEARS BROKE DAN so make new ones
Badon Jahanam
Badon Jahanam 14 days ago
dan seems much enjoying minecraft than before..i luv it
Jesse D
Jesse D 14 days ago
"We'll call this the 'Nug Factory'"
MatchSmatch 14 days ago
ANSWER FOR 8:46: the shears in the dispenser might of broke.
Thefantasticpug 14 days ago
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