Making Cookies With My Puppy!

Jordan Mae
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I made dog cookies with my puppy, Atlas, a mini Australian shepherd.

new to this channel? hi! I'm Jordan! welcome to my vlog channel!
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thanks so much for watching and supporting me!
i love you all so much!
❤️ Jordan

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Jan 12, 2021




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Audrey Grace Walden
So cuuuuut
Tyler Dasilva
Tyler Dasilva 9 days ago
Lol Jordan you can get salmonella from raw egg you get it from raw meat raw egg is just unhealthy 😂
Lailah Beth
Lailah Beth 18 days ago
Who else saw Katie? Am I the only one? Lol😂
•sunshiine• 21 day ago
Shipppp JK LOL❤️🤣
Unnathi Pacha
Unnathi Pacha Month ago
I like Oreo. atlas
Deekshu Diary Vlogs
How long do u bake the cookies and at what temperature??? I wanna try this recipe out with my mini Aussie too, to see if he likes it!!!!
Shonna Strong
Shonna Strong 2 months ago
Aussie_Retriver 2 months ago
Where do I get the instructions @jordan
R Gr
R Gr 2 months ago
No atlas no stop eating the flower you can't eat it okay
Macie Olmo
Macie Olmo 2 months ago
Will you do a video of how you trained atlas
Martin M
Martin M 2 months ago
Atlas is such a cute chef
Sana Shaik
Sana Shaik 2 months ago
Also, Atlas is adorable🥰
Manny Alvarado
Manny Alvarado 2 months ago
and loagan is so so so so so so so so so so cute love your pets and byeeeeeee
Manny Alvarado
Manny Alvarado 2 months ago
Jordan i am your biggit and hugest fan of you and atlas is sooooo so so so so sos so so so so so cute and please keep on getting the cuttest animals because i am in love with animals toooo and love you videos and see u on the next one byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Angxla•! 2 months ago
I actually wanna try those cookies
miya L
miya L 2 months ago
Mumtaz Veshmia
Mumtaz Veshmia 3 months ago
I loved the dog's reaction
Judy Bray
Judy Bray 3 months ago
XYLITOL IS A INGREDIENT IN PEANUT BUTTER IT IS POSINUS TO DOGS SO PLZ BE CAREFUL NOT ALL PEANUT BUTTER HAS IT THOUGH Luv your vids btw I just gave my dog a homemade treat to and I tried it LOL it taste so plane but she luvs it soooo much lol she's trying to jump up by the plate there on lol
melissza orulluoğlu
Jordan you are a shef. Love you❤️❤️
Lashie 3 months ago
Jordan: Perfect I should have done this from the beginning Atlas: finishes the peanut butter spoon so goes for the jar Jordan: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SOFIA IBARRA 3 months ago
give him bananas its healthy for dogs
New Buisness Applications Forshee Agencies
i want more bsndit vids
Erin Galsworthy
Erin Galsworthy 3 months ago
atlas is so cute i love dogs and hes already a pro at cooking
Stina Tylee
Stina Tylee 3 months ago
Shanelle Alezender
Shanelle Alezender 3 months ago
Dog love egg
Witchy Ry
Witchy Ry 4 months ago
I said the wrong thing I meant to say don’t
Witchy Ry
Witchy Ry 4 months ago
Jordan: do eat it Atlis: I eat
Qin Yu
Qin Yu 4 months ago
I love puppy🥰😍
Shirin Dhar
Shirin Dhar 4 months ago
youtube be like: new trend on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pennygiver_ 4 months ago
you were like i used to cook with logan then later you said I have never cooked with a dog
Darcy Grams
Darcy Grams 4 months ago
TEDDY BEAR 4 months ago
When Jordan said she wanted to be a dog Baker and so do I
TEDDY BEAR 4 months ago
Atlas is sooooooòoooooo cute😍 love you Jordan and Atlas and the rest of the family
Shortcake 4 months ago
Do you know what’s funny my dad eden The cookies
alouraria 4 months ago
Atlas is so cute!! Can I adopt him?🤣❤️🥺🥺❤️🥺😭😘😍🥰🥳
Addison Bennett
Addison Bennett 4 months ago
You can see your moms head lol
Piper Nichol
Piper Nichol 4 months ago
She is the queen I would stay up FaceTiming all night! Haha
Yaz LPS and Azz LPS
Yaz LPS and Azz LPS 4 months ago
By the way I I kind of basically just clicked on this video because I like cooking and I like dogs so I saw I might as well just watch it
soaR jack
soaR jack 4 months ago
Jordan I love your family
Clara’s lifestyle
Clara’s lifestyle 4 months ago
Clara’s lifestyle
Clara’s lifestyle 4 months ago
How long to bake
Nati Deaf
Nati Deaf 4 months ago
I swear Logan has changed a lot since atlas was part of the family,. No offenses but I have two dogs so I know what’s it’s like
Talya Rodriguez
Talya Rodriguez 4 months ago
Your mom in the background
joyce lin
joyce lin 4 months ago
I am Logan😢
Amber Vokes
Amber Vokes 4 months ago
You mean puppy hood
Evelyn Prince
Evelyn Prince 4 months ago
Jordan you ate the treat even though atlas liked EVERYTHING!!!!
lyn aguhar
lyn aguhar 4 months ago
ewwwww i triy that in my puppy she didint like it
Moufazzal Bhuiyan
Moufazzal Bhuiyan 4 months ago
Atlas and logon is soooooo soooooooo cute
Weirdoness😜 4 months ago
Is there an alternative to the flour? I don’t have the right type of flour.
Silvia 4 months ago
Im exposing something about me Expose:I have had dogs before and I used to eat from there bowl(I used to eat there treats lol)please don't judge me:(
Summer Stone
Summer Stone 4 months ago
Awwww cute dog
Shawna Peachy
Shawna Peachy 4 months ago
Atlas saw a mess and cleaned it up
Potato 4 months ago
Hi Jordan if you see this can you answer my question? How big is Atlas going to get and what type of dog is it?
XTREME 4 months ago
What is Katie doing on the floor??
MIRANDA PARK 4 months ago
my dads friend has a puppy that runs a lot and steal stuff he is a pomeranian/poodle his name is hoochu
Amandine Grendon
Amandine Grendon 4 months ago
Hi Jordan by the way you can't give dogs salmonella
jbrewer822 4 months ago
My moms friend give her dog pees and carrots and a egg on top i love you
millie gamer and k-pup
Jordan!!! I'm young but my company is a dog treat company!!!!!!!💖
LISA Janke Couillard
i don' t see the link to the chanel
LISA Janke Couillard
to atlas and jordan
CanadianCow 4 months ago
I just got a Australian Shepard puppy named jester today and jester just attacked his sister Zelda
shireen mahmood
shireen mahmood 4 months ago
Is it just me but there isnt a link to jordan and atlases chanel i love atlas and he’s soooooo cut
Emily Leon
Emily Leon 4 months ago
that so funny when he barked at you
Safah hussain
Safah hussain 4 months ago
I love your videos and I love Altas Too😎😎
Safah hussain
Safah hussain 4 months ago
Want are you put a new videos💜❤
Kidz Gunn
Kidz Gunn 4 months ago
This is so cute 😍 😍😍😍😍
Arelia Ruiz
Arelia Ruiz 4 months ago
Jordan:do you like it? Logan:😡
Kate S
Kate S 4 months ago
So jordan still tries a cookie with her dogs slobber in it, what a mum 😂❤️
Tri_nny ke_lly
Tri_nny ke_lly 4 months ago
hi jordan i love atlas ik ik u have had him for a while but congratsssssssssssssssss im getting a puppy just like atlas soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope Bonds
Hope Bonds 4 months ago
Fun fact: dogs love peanut butter
Hope Bonds
Hope Bonds 4 months ago
AWWWWWWWWWW!! atlas is so adorable!!!! Your lucky u got dat dog U-U
Maisy MOO
Maisy MOO 5 months ago
im jelous of a dogs eyes
doddlebug jam
doddlebug jam 5 months ago
Did you see Katie on the floor in the beginning 🤣🤣🤣🤣!
Skylight   Beckman
Skylight Beckman 5 months ago
Whare do you live
Darlene Nelson
Darlene Nelson 5 months ago
Me did they get a new dog Jordan oh that's Katie hair me again whattttttttt 🤣😂
joyce lin
joyce lin 5 months ago
He literally just licked everything except eggs 🥚 😂🤮
joyce lin
joyce lin 5 months ago
Did you say eat the dogfood ingredients 😂😂😂
Myra Bella
Myra Bella 5 months ago
Atlas got so big 😢❤️❤️😍
AnimalZ 5 months ago
Do they ever punish atlas for biting
JustLJ34 5 months ago
🙋‍♂️u❤u 🗣be my💑crush
Uni Cat
Uni Cat 5 months ago
I wonder what Atlas would look like when he/she is full grown
Olivia and jesse
Olivia and jesse 5 months ago
When will yoi give logan enough attention in his videos before atlas came he was sticking his tongue out and now he is not even wagging his tail also POST ON LOGAN THE ADVENTURE DOG NOT ATLAS
Emmy Knight
Emmy Knight 5 months ago
Make atlas a Chanel
Lia Rodriguez
Lia Rodriguez 5 months ago
Ugh 🙄🙄🙄
Madelynn Wilkey
Madelynn Wilkey 5 months ago
I love them they make a great relationship of mommy and doggy
Alayna Cardona
Alayna Cardona 5 months ago
You should have used peanut butter as the frosting
Team Fortnite Guzman
Jorden you know how you said you can’t taste the cookies 🍪 and I’m thinking about COVID
Kathlen Narcisi
Kathlen Narcisi 5 months ago
I’m going to get a dog just like that but he is so big ohhhhh so cute I love dooooggggssss love you guys
Ashlynn Creamer
Ashlynn Creamer 5 months ago
Dogs can’t taste
Meghan Russell
Meghan Russell 5 months ago
He is so smart tho
Tanesha Nugent
Tanesha Nugent 5 months ago
I’m allergic to peanut butter
Jaena Nicole Duenas
Jaena Nicole Duenas 5 months ago
Can atlas get a chanel and can you ask audrey to also get a dog
amaya la la episode 2 and 3 and 4 and 5
I followed your dog atla on tik tok
cookieville 5 months ago
This was soo cute 🥰
addyson judy
addyson judy 5 months ago
hi atles
Severus Snape Duckieees
When they take their food away it means they are trying to protect it or they might be lonely so they are trying to find another dog to eat with.
SUZANNE'S VLOGS 5 months ago
Atlas is so cute
Molly Karim
Molly Karim 5 months ago
Why is jordens mom sitting on the floor if see her give me a thams up or leave a comment who ever is reading this your the best person what ever any one seys who cares all that matters is what you think a but you
Molly Karim
Molly Karim 2 months ago
@Grace Roschel I know hi how are you
Grace Roschel
Grace Roschel 5 months ago
@Molly Karim she said that why her mom was there
Molly Karim
Molly Karim 5 months ago
@Grace Roschel what's that mean
Grace Roschel
Grace Roschel 5 months ago
Reese Platz
Reese Platz 5 months ago
Atlas is a great chef
paul dunhill
paul dunhill 5 months ago
I agree about that I have always been an animal lover
Makensie Brown
Makensie Brown 5 months ago
Also Atlas is so cute
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