Making a GOOGOL:1 Reduction with Lego Gears

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Building a long gear train using 186 Lego gears. Many different types of Lego gears are used. Enjoy!

Inspired by Daniel de Bruin's "universe's biggest gear reduction":

The finished gear ratio:
or 1.0342e100:1
or 1.034 GOOGOL:1

Rotation time for the last gear:
52433879932503535381614991275498187972589101825233846406570841889117043121149897330595482546 years
or 5.2434e91 years

Formula for the gear ratio:
24/8 * 40/8 * 40/8 * 40/8 * 60/1 * 12/1 * 168/1 * (140 / 8 + 1) * 141 * 20/12 * (40/8)^20 * 20/12 * (24/1)^20 * 56/16 * (36/1)^10 * (40/1)^18 * 15/9 * 56/1

List of gears used:
27x Gear 8 Tooth [3647]
1x Gear Expert Builder 9 Tooth [g9]
6x Gear 12 Tooth Bevel [6589]
2x Gear 12 Tooth Double Bevel [32270]
1x Gear Expert Builder 15 Tooth [g15]
1x Gear 16 Tooth [94925]
2x Gear 20 Tooth Bevel [32198]
23x Gear 24 Tooth [3648]
10x Gear 36 Tooth Double Bevel [32498]
49x Gear 40 Tooth [3649]
2x Turntable Large Type 2 [48452cx1]
1x Turntable Large Type 3 [18939 / 18938]
8x Gear Rack 11 x 11 Curved [24121]
1x Gear, Hailfire Droid Wheel [x784]
1x Gear Worm Screw, Short [27938]
51x Gear Worm Screw, Long [4716]

For those wondering, the visual effect I used in the end montage is called Find Edges, comes with Adobe Premiere 14.

Music (used with permission):
Alpha Centauri B by Anders Enger Jensen

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May 16, 2020




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hernandezmarzal 5 hours ago
The music at the end😍
Consent of the Governed
Multiple cycles of creation will occur before the gear lash is removed from even half of the system!
Alejandro Chico
Alejandro Chico 11 hours ago
wtf.. video ends too soon! not a single rotation of the guy whit wings, make part 2!.
alosツ 12 hours ago
7:26 my brain burn
Random stuff idk
Random stuff idk 13 hours ago
nice outro
Crimson 20 hours ago
*Rotates the final gear manually*
Bingley Family
Bingley Family 22 hours ago
What's the theoretical torque produced?
Oliver Chan
Oliver Chan 22 hours ago
That's an insane clock
DzyMsLizzy 23 hours ago
Pretty cool...BUT....given that these are plastic parts, I predict that the rapidly spinning gears will shred themselves and be long gone well before the end piece has a chance to rotate even once... ;-)
K M 23 hours ago
All this and it still requires batteries to run that will have to be changed long before some of these gears even turn.
Яша Day ago
Why am-I watching this at 3 am?!
Kevin Sanders MD
watching paint try is half a googl better than watching that last gear spin
best channel ever
Imagine one of the gears is slipping so the end gear will literally never move.
wait yea im wondering could you spin it from the other direction, what would happen please show
Mr Werauchimmer
Based & redpilled.
Rostislav Zboril
one life rotation (head down) make pleas.
Miguel Lacsa
Miguel Lacsa Day ago
You should use this for oncefor o’clock
gaming, building and cubing
Ahhhh just look at the 8 tooth gear in the first few secs it's perfect FPS!
Shubham's Fan
Will the last gear turn? Watch till the end(Of EVERYTHING) to find out!!!
Anthony Andriatsimba
What would happen if you spin the last one? 👀
Dark_Knight_ Day ago
Fun fact : It will still not rotate the Viking if put at a speed of 10000000x
Jordan Palmer
“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”
Roger Froud
Roger Froud Day ago
That's going to take millions of years to even take up the backlash.
Bat Man
Bat Man Day ago
After seeing this, computers are no longer amazing
AJL Day ago
Now spin it backwards
Chaniel Mays
Chaniel Mays Day ago
Please do one like this in reverse.
YharonJD 2 days ago
To put it in perspective... That contraption will degrade into iron before it ever spins once. And if for some reason it never does the universe would be reduced into nothing before it ever finishes. So there would be nobody around anymore to witness the holy lego relic complete its cycle.
Frosted Bacon Flakes
nice. now run it in reverse.
Артур Пирожков
Большой минус быстрый износ первых деталей в системе всего миханизма. Да и одной батарейки будет мало для полного цикла.
Caroll Bernadette
demorará 5.2 x 10^91 años en rotar?
That Guy
That Guy 2 days ago
I’m sure RUvid will recommend this again in a Googol years. See you then!
Regner6 2 days ago
Class today were playing with legos.. Johnny what did you build.. I built a minecraft hut! Julie what did you build. I built a princess castle. Alright Jimmy what did you build. I made a watch!
Jaroslav Váňa
Jaroslav Váňa 2 days ago
Tak na to si počkám až se aspoň jednou otočí 😁
O.A 2 days ago
I have no idea about gear ratios, torque or even how this thing will work/what it's doing. If someone could dummy-it-down for me, that'd be great
Raisul Islam
Raisul Islam 2 days ago
Fun fact, he probably was the one kid that stayed inside during recess
Merle Trisch
Merle Trisch 2 days ago
Make a gear box that's 11 to 1. And 4 -11
Tommy Sanchez
Tommy Sanchez 2 days ago
Next vid: How to open the 6th dimension with Lego plates
Mygro Conner
Mygro Conner 3 days ago
3:21 all I hear is Doggy, Doggy, Doggy, Doggy, Doggy, Doggy, Doggy, Doggy, Doggy,
obama.hamburger 3 days ago
Ok but what if it had (somehow) 1 million SSC Tuatara motors connected to that thing?
Саша Говрилов
The ancient canoe opportunely label because beauty fortuitously nod toward a far week. dependent, safe shears
Merk _A_Jerkk
Merk _A_Jerkk 3 days ago
Blue Blue
Blue Blue 3 days ago
3:20 sounds like it is saying "cog meat" Edit: also sounds like "cosby"
Elexi Harris
Elexi Harris 3 days ago
And It’s more powerful than all the generators, ever made, in all of time ever.
Elexi Harris
Elexi Harris 3 days ago
This is the one efficient hand generator
Elexi Harris
Elexi Harris 3 days ago
That will be in 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 millennia
Elexi Harris
Elexi Harris 3 days ago
When the god turns around completely, his life is finally over
Elexi Harris
Elexi Harris 3 days ago
Spin it backward
RAZREXE 3 days ago
Just look at those gears, waiting to spin
Jack Daone
Jack Daone 3 days ago
The amount of energy required to spin the last gear is greater than the entire known universe.
obkb1 3 days ago
At 3:22 it sure sounds to me like "Lego Lego Lego".
adlwilliams 3 days ago
I live by one rule: if the math has more than one squiggly line, I aint doin it
Negasonic 3 days ago
my man be building big ben with legos while I sitting on my charge looking at my screen while eating doritos
Tue Kempf
Tue Kempf 3 days ago
Lego is from my land: Danmark
VIDEO CLIP 3 days ago
I wish i had those i only afford small ones
Gustavoo Arias Holguín
La verdadera pregunta es que tan fuerte es
xorbe2 4 days ago
Didn't even show how many gears were observably affected in say 1 minute.
Arvin Dale
Arvin Dale 4 days ago
This guy truly mechanic 🙂
HeyItsCozple 4 days ago
A portion of this video’s sponsored by GOOGOL 1
PKSHOX 4 days ago
Me calculating the amount of time I want to sleep every day
Seth Action
Seth Action 4 days ago
Queen Elizabeth:hmmm interesting
drew 4 days ago
hook 2 togother so at eather end it is a 1 to 1
Daymian Gamer
Daymian Gamer 4 days ago
this, would make a a horrifying torture device, remove alot of the things and make it so its only like, a year, you have to turn the crank to not drown from the slowly dripping water
Samuel Brancaglion
Love how at 4:00 he jsut said: "Fuck it!! I Ain't gonna make a bunch of uniques gears" ans procceed to just put a bunch of gears together
Magnetosphere 4 days ago
The motor would not be able to move the man at all because of efficiency losses, after a few minutes after a certain amount of gears biting the motor would give up: Every gear induces small efficiency losses due to friction.
Nothing 4 days ago
this is just how the gate of some dungeon really work
Patriot of Pureblood!
Dude brings “Gearhead” to a whole new level. 👍
Caleb Maittlen
Caleb Maittlen 4 days ago
What will happen if u spun the last gear Plz like this so he/she will see this thx
Arunesh Bharti
Arunesh Bharti 4 days ago
Add sevro motor
xomyako love
xomyako love 4 days ago
jonathan schor
jonathan schor 4 days ago
where does he get those lego parts? i never seen them in any lego store
Todd Daugherty
Todd Daugherty 4 days ago
I like the part where he connected the gear to another gear.
CEM ON 4 days ago
When you turn the Angel-Knight-Lego-Man one time with your hand, the whole thing will explode like a nuke bomb, this man got the power, I'm sure bout that...
A M 4 days ago
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 4 days ago
How does the gear ratio 375 exactly amount to the 375 rpm? The gear ratio is based on the number of teeth? I'm not trying to say it's wrong I'm just confused
Athanasios P.
Athanasios P. 4 days ago
This would make a great sci fi movie, like there is a civilization somewhere in the cosmos with almost 0 modern technology like the mwdieval times that worships the mechanical god that is a huge machine that is working for thousands of years non stop and the prophecy says that once the statue makes a full rotation something big will happen and change the whole world but in reality the "government" knows of the gears and the machine and is something that they use to control the people religiously until the hero finds out somehow and saves his people from the low key tyranny.
juju_wyx 5 days ago
make it so it doesent run out of bateries and doesent decay and the last gear wouldnt have mouved by an atom that our fucking universe vould have mostly died ...
Mizrata Mizrata
Mizrata Mizrata 5 days ago
I used this videos and others from this channel to start understanding how gear ratios work, I built my own because of it, thank you: ruvid.net/video/video-UL0pkEWlQRE.html
Ricardo Gobin
Ricardo Gobin 5 days ago
I don't think there's any material that could withstand the force of turning from the other end
Gek ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
it would be perfectly accurate if you just didn't hook up two gears.
Bill Nye the Russian spy
Imagine someone finding this in a Google years
Karen McLennan
Karen McLennan 5 days ago
This will do 100 rotations before my horrible laptop will load the latest game
That Dragon
That Dragon 5 days ago
This right here.. the math behind it leads me to believe this man is actually some genius playing with children's toys
Nguyễn Quốc Toản 6/10
Dude got some Matrix in his house
calamariari 5 days ago
Spin the last gear 😳
Tammy 5 days ago
gow do you get your gears i wixh i could have some :(
O C E A N M A N 5 days ago
Even if the first gear can spin at the constant speed of 100 quintillion rps (assuming there's something that can make it go THAT fast for an infinite period of time) then it would still take the last gear 3.2 sextillion eons (given that 1 eon = 1 billion years) to complete one single revolution. And for that long, trillions of universes/multiverses/dimensions could've been created and destroyed millions of times.
Knoll 5 days ago
We will all die of old age before the backlash is even taken up
Vanaparthi Aruna
Vanaparthi Aruna 5 days ago
*dear future mens, welcome to the world of gears*
dragons fury
dragons fury 5 days ago
I just used a calculator to see how long it would take to move one Planck scale and now I'm crying because of how small I feel. fun fact it pry wont spin before our whole universe is destroyed
Margaxem 5 days ago
Someone gotta make this into a bike
Son Goka
Son Goka 6 days ago
А если покрутить это механизм с конца, то всему настанет конец)
Khurshid alam
Khurshid alam 6 days ago
You never see this rotation in life 😜😂 but very nice work
tnp 311
tnp 311 6 days ago
legend says that when you hook up a tank engine to the lego man at the end it will break the laws of physics
TRENDING TIME 6 days ago
Not understand
Please how can I get Lego tools project engineer, if possible I need
Yuri DC
Yuri DC 6 days ago
Why is the ENTIRE comment section is at war?
Arpit Parekh
Arpit Parekh 6 days ago
I bet the last gear will rotate before my crush answers my message.
Wei Shen
Wei Shen 6 days ago
Seem like so much fun due.
Ben Bellett
Ben Bellett 6 days ago
pulling trains with legos
Spinning a Lego Wheel FASTER