makeup therapy two.

Alissa Ashley
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Jun 14, 2019




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Comments 100
Disha Raleaa
Disha Raleaa 11 days ago
This look is EVERYTHING I didn't know I needed
aarti gupta
aarti gupta 13 days ago
Your smile seriously Sooooo.... Lovelyyyyyy🤗
Booperella Month ago
Ligma Balls
Ligma Balls Month ago
I'm just here to say you look like a Bratz doll
Jayee Monet
Jayee Monet Month ago
Just go to 8:30 and pause! You’re welcome! I love seeing joy on Alissa!
Ganimet Sahan
Ganimet Sahan 4 months ago
You look like Rihanna
Eno Young
Eno Young 5 months ago
Is it just me or this "unplanned look" ended up turning out so fire?
sydney wood
sydney wood 6 months ago
can we take a second to appreciate how gorgeous her eyes are? like wow
Zipporah Harry
Zipporah Harry 11 months ago
You are amazing at what you do sister, and you’re damm pretty too.
Diamon Symonè
Diamon Symonè 11 months ago
I loved this video ❤️🙌🏽
AM Degroat
AM Degroat Year ago
Princess Makeda
Ughhhhhh your soooo fuckin bomb
Macy Johnson
Macy Johnson Year ago
i love it ahh do these all the time
This is so stunning 😍 you’re gorgeous
The Life of Kaye
You are so freaking goregous 😩 like your smile is everything 😊 & I'm so glad you did step out of your comfort zone & did this look bc it was literally BOMB AF 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
kodie schroeder
I always did the opposite for myself. When I absolutely hated myself, my weight, my cystic acne, my mental health, my drinking, etc I would go crazy with my loud personally, makeup, hair, clothes. Anything to stand out and draw attention away from the things I hated about myself and to the other loud things about myself. Now that I’m managing my mental health, 19 months sober and managing my skin and weight, I finally love myself. I now wear foundation free makeup or no makeup at all and show off my skin and I’ve really toned down the rest of myself bc I don’t feel like I have to use all those bells and whistles to make myself feel pretty. I still love makeup, I love a bold eye or a bold lip or both, but before I used it as a mask to hide myself. It’s just so funny how everyone manages things differently. I’m just so glad you you’re doing well rn bc we all deserve to be happy no matter what that means 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️
Erica Renee
Erica Renee Year ago
Yesss I love when you do videos like this🙌🏽🙌🏽
LonnieB Year ago
The applying of the foundation is so satisfying to me.
Martina Hewitt
This is the type of ASMR I need, just a soothing voice. This look reminds me of Lola from shark tale, but in the best way possible; just the vibrancy of the colors and how empowered and bold Lola was. Absolutely strong in her femininity and not conforming to others' view but only her view of herself. It's really inspiring to see you be so bold and recognizing that no one really dictates your beauty but you!
Stated nothing but facts! I love these therapy videos ♥️
Shantalle McCurdy
I love this❤️
nati sanz
nati sanz Year ago
Freaking phenomenal
Synystersa N
Synystersa N Year ago
Love this🤩 but I need that SKIN CARE ROUTINE, you have gorgeous skin!❤️
E.chinacea a
E.chinacea a Year ago
this makeup look gives me rihanna vibes it’s so gorgeous!!!
Cassandra Year ago
your skin is sooo amazing and smooth omg
Reneé Smith
Reneé Smith Year ago
makeup helped with my postpartum
Brittney Cheri’
‘Tried to wear baggy clothes to look like my version of unattractive’ 🗣 Didn’t work sis! You’re still attractive! 🌟💕💖
Jelani Asia
Jelani Asia Year ago
I really love your openness in this video. Definitely relatable and I understand how you feel. So glad you were able to share. Been following you for awhile and I adore you and your channel. Continue growing and being you!
The Jiff
The Jiff Year ago
Heeeeey RiRi! Alissa....You've always been such an absolutely gorgeous woman to me. Those godly lips you have! Oh my lord. Your features are just stunning. Beautiful. So many people think make up is about everybody else. But sometimes it reflects how we feel inside. By the way our application is almost identical!
Anam Afsar
Anam Afsar Year ago
Karol Barol
Karol Barol Year ago
You’re literally radiating from your happiness and positivity (and makeup) happy looks great on you 💕 I love the bold lip matched with the bold eye’s btw
Lyn Knittle
Lyn Knittle Year ago
i just subscribed to your channel tonight and i came across this as i was going thru your videos and i just. was surprised by how genuine this was, and by how much your message of self acceptance and self improvement resonated with me. and i think you've inspired me to become the best version of myself. this comment is really more of a reminder to me that tonight i felt empowered to do what i wanted to do, and the whole time i thought about finally coming out to my family and coworkers. i think its time for me to transition, and to do that i need to be out. so i think i'm going to do that. i don't know how you feel about the trans community, and i don't know a lot about your channel. but i do know right now i feel like i can do anything, and that means that i can tell people who i am and how i want to be treated. if there are any trans people reading this, maybe now is the time. if you've been looking for a sign, a sign that says its time to transition, its time to be honest, a sign that says yes your questioning is true and you are trans, this is that sign. that's what this video was for me, and i don't wear makeup. but i do wear a mask, and its time to stop hiding behind it. tomorrow morning i start my process. i'm going to tell the world, i'm here, i'm trans, and i can be happy. thank you for this, i hope you have a wonderful night
Fariha Faruk
Fariha Faruk Year ago
this was just so beautiful and you completely KILLED the look too. when you follow your heart you can do wonders and this was an example of that. your standards for your own content are very high and you create art and beautiful pieces that captivate people its just something you're wonderful at
MonicaB195 Year ago
aww that was really nice! and the look is absolutely stunning
I honestly love everything about you. Your voice is so lovely and you’re just so gorgeous to look at. Love your videos ❤️💋
farrah:/ Year ago
Thank u for making me smile ❤️
Yasmin Hamilton
Alissa your videos make my heart so happy. I remember when you talked to us about feeling sad and uninspired for the first time and please keep doing videos like this because we all go through things and we wanna know! This look came out beautiful as always and I hope you keep experimenting with more bold looks! 💕
Tania Thomas
Tania Thomas Year ago
So freaking effortless!!!
Tea Time
Tea Time Year ago
Makeup was my therapy too but then I got acne. Makeup over bumps really looks so crusty so now when ever I’m sad I just want to do makeup but it just brings me down even more because of how my skin looks. I really love this Alissa and I hope you’re doing good.
Karlkeyz 26
Karlkeyz 26 Year ago
Wow I never really recognized that about myself I wear ugly clothes and won’t do my makeup on purpose cuz I don’t want anyone to notice me on some days and on other I love wearing a full beat and lashes 🤯 it took Alissa Ashely to help me realize this thanks girl and I really loved this video
Shareefah Shamsiddeen
You are motivating ❤️ I love your channel so much! Love this look kill em doll
A J Year ago
I love that even though the makeup community is blowing up but you keep it positive!!!! I LOVE this vibe!!! P.S- Your skin is FLAWLESS!!!!!!
Brittany Lien
Brittany Lien Year ago
Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia Year ago
Wow Alissa loved it tku
MJ W Year ago
Almost at 2 mil! Woot, woot!
Isabel Year ago
What’s the other product you used on your brows? 3:20
Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone
WORK 👏🏽 IT👏🏽 GIRL👏🏽 I love your makeup therapy videos. And this look....magnificent. 🧡
Kemi Osundina
Kemi Osundina Year ago
Off topic... and I’m not sure if you did it before you started filming but SIS where is your SPF?? I know aunt Jackie would not be pleased 😂
bby Year ago
When you talk about this stuff, I always cry because I am so insecure about everything of myself and knowing I am not alone just makes me feel so much better and you talking about this stuff genuinely helps me so much. I just want to thank for you doing these videos, Alissa. 💛 I love you so much girl! 💛💛💛😭
Presley King
Presley King Year ago
I love these videos sooo much they make me feel good 💙 and this look is sooo beautiful I love it 💕
Classymab DatsMe
This video was soooo on time cuz my anxiety is at 💯 right now. It’s because I fear being out of my comfort zone even tho everyone believes I’ll be great. So afraid to fail them.
frog Year ago
your lips are so beautiful
iamenmotion Year ago
I know I comment this over and over and over AND OVER, but girl where is the lippie collab? NOBODY shows lips like you! NOBODY, NO WHERE, NO HOW! I don't know why these make up brands aren't taking notice.
Steph LuVa
Steph LuVa Year ago
lovely and look came out nice good for you
Angel Nieves
Angel Nieves Year ago
I love this look💕
Girl so flawless you got me over here feeling like I can just go sit down and slay ma makeup right now lol
Karina Bishko
Karina Bishko Year ago
i love this❤️❤️so mf much
Tyronza Smith
Tyronza Smith Year ago
Beautiful look Alissa 😍
Soy Una Rosa
Soy Una Rosa Year ago
More looks like this ‼️
Heather J
Heather J Year ago
The bolder I feel the bolder my lashes are. You are stunning and wise. Great video.
Amy Gonzalez
Amy Gonzalez Year ago
Alissa, you posted this right as I got out of my last final and I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear this. I struggled so much this quarter seeing all my friends and classmates celebrate and prepare to graduate and earn their degree. I still have two more quarters left and while I know that seeking out higher education is a personal journey and I shouldn't be comparing myself to others I still had an extremely hard time accepting this feeling of being left behind. My self confidence was taking a hard hit. It prevented me from speaking up and participating in class even when I know more on a topic, it prevented me from going to office hours and engaging my professors and using all the resources I have available, and just overall I kept holding myself back for fear of making things worse than I already imagined them to be. But being reminded that I can fight for my dreams confidently and be bold and believe in my talents has brought me to tears. I had to rewatch this video a second time to feel strong enough to comment. Honestly, on some of my hardest days I would sit at my mirror and just play with makeup and perfect different looks. Some people may think that makeup is not very versatile in this way but for us, and many people out there, it is a way to sit and be in the moment with yourself that you wouldn't have had otherwise. I'm glad you waited to post this video because the timing was perfect for me, I also absolutely loved the look lol. This video was simple but very powerful, thank you Alissa
Rebecca Paramo
I love EVERYTHING about this video. You, your thoughts, your confidence, your advice, your makeup! 💕💕💕💕
Mariam Tayyab
Mariam Tayyab Year ago
Can you please do a house tour plzzzzz
Stephanie Garcia
You have the best skin
Superbonnuit Year ago
giving me rihanna vibes
Ventura Umaña Camila
Well I gotta say that you are so beautiful and just watching you makes me feel better and like at home with myself. And OF COURSE that red lipstick suits the makeup brightness!!😛😍
Mz Lady Tee Rolla
Babygirl just like you said spending time with yourself is important which I agree 1000% call me a hermit I love it...just know that you have to realize the attention you said you seek by doing bold colors, seek that attention only for yourself because then you'll realize that bubbly, radiant ball of excitement and confidence is coming from within and reflecting outward and you don't need makeup for that either you're ray of sunshine will beam regardless, makeup just creates more color...also at this point you'll know you don't care about what people think about your appearance cause a the end of the day it's for YOU and as long as you like it and feel comfortable that's all that matters
Lalena G
Lalena G Year ago
This look is amazing. 😍
Itz Coya
Itz Coya Year ago
This look was 🔥 love this tutorial
Yari Ruiz
Yari Ruiz Year ago
Ur heart is the purest Alissa ❤
Obsessive Jeon
I’m living for this energy 😍😍
Natalia Ojeda
Natalia Ojeda Year ago
So beautiful!! This look and you girl! Lot of love from France 🧡
Paris Cook
Paris Cook Year ago
This video is amazing and so powerful
Emelia Grace
Emelia Grace Year ago
Love this
Josh Mackenzie
Thank you so much with for this video! Also I'm in love with this background music. What is it? I would love to check the artist out.
maria cruz
maria cruz Year ago
I love it!!!!
Leslie sugarbear bigelow
I love this look on you, BEAUTIFUL!!!
HN 98
HN 98 Year ago
Its a makeup porn
Faith Farrell
Faith Farrell Year ago
I 💖 you. (no homo lol) You're super inspiring to be not obnoxiously real.
Christina Villatoro
Drop dead gorgeous Alissa ♥️
This is literally therapy. I know how you feel about just making videos for logistics. I love how you talk about personal reflection is so important and it’s funny how we avoid it. But eventually when we stop to check in on ourselves it’s like a happy session. 💕 and yes girl when I put on red lipstick I feel powerful.
Tesia Smith
Tesia Smith Year ago
I love this .being 8 months pregnant I have to push myself to get ready sometimes and makeup is my therapy as well so I really enjoyed watching this thank you
Brizard Delices
You are gorge !!! Very inspirational ..
iamvanessalee Year ago
Im really glad you posted this video!! Everything you said made me feel so much better about myself. I literally have been doubting my abilities of being able to do much or learns things that i know i can do but just don't try because i'm afraid of failing. I'm going to push myself out of my comfort zone and do what makes me happy even if that means failing. Thank you for being such an amazing and inspirational influencer!! you really use your platform for restoration and not everyone can do that! love you!!!
Raven Elizabeth
This was so incredibly calming. Thank you
Adriana Mendoza
watching you put foundation on is so satisfying in this video, idk why
Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson Year ago
I looked away from this video for a second and when I looked back my brain literally went RIHANNA!? 😍 love you Alissa!!
Krys_tal Year ago
This look is giving me tropical mixed drink realness. You look amazing. Beautiful inside and out!
Assyetou Ba
Assyetou Ba Year ago
this is by far one of the best makeup look ive ever seen
Lola And Sofia
I actually subscribed to you bc of that video
Kat T
Kat T Year ago
this is so incredible! positivity shined as bright as that highlighter 😍
Olorato Lekgetho
This is fantastic❤
Lorraine Ayala
Thank you I needed this 😣💕
A Photographer's Life
Thank you so much. I really need to hear this. Love you girl 🥰
Lo Lo
Lo Lo Year ago
You sound so at peace with yourself ❤️ sending you love and positivity today.
Michielue Year ago
Love!!!! Everything about this video!!!!
ines henriquez
This was sooo relatable! And very much needed !
Cici Lawson
Cici Lawson Year ago
Snatched jaaaaaaw 💖💖💖💖
Hailey Year ago
Loving this!!! 😍
gianna rose
gianna rose Year ago
love love love this look
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