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Hi guys,
So a lot of you here looove makeup. You see makeup gurus all over the world doing their makeup and looking flawless on camera so you decide to invest in some good quality products. Then you go home, you do your makeup and you realize that it's not quite the same result.
You may be using the world's best makeup , but the truth is if you don't pay attention at the technique you're using, it's not gonna look good on you.
So here I am showing you two different results that you could have using the same products and I hope that you have a better image of what's wrong and what's right in terms of makeup.
Hope you guys enjoy the video, let me know in the comments down below if you do. 😘🤗🤗🤗

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Products used:
Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer -
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 2W2 Rattan
Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer Light Medium
Laura Mercier Translucent Lose Setting Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
KiKo Baked Blush 01 Natural Beach
ABH Brow Powder Duo Medium Brown
M A C Soft Ochre Paint Pot
ABH Modern Renaissance Palette : Cyprus Umber, Realgar
ABH Waterproof Cream Color Jet -
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact - Beige
Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Coral Crush

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Jun 24, 2017




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Comments 100
Edwin Ras
Edwin Ras Hour ago
If they could give her a dollar every time someone tells her she looks like Sandra Bullock
7 awesome kids!!! !
Your make up is very pretty
7 awesome kids!!! !
I Love your make up
Liz Ryan
Liz Ryan 3 hours ago
Some people intentionally under-line their lips to correct the shape...or make them look less full. If I over-line...even SLIGHTLY, I look like a clown! If I follow my natural lip line, my lips look comically over-lined. There is no right and wrong way...you just need to know your face and what flatters it❤️
Layla Naji
Layla Naji 7 hours ago
Love it
Be Creative
Be Creative 7 hours ago
U look and sound bored i dunno ... U r not excited at all 😂 what's going on
Ayla Keskin
Ayla Keskin 11 hours ago
I just really enjoy the silly faces pulled whilst doing the wrong side...
George Calloni
George Calloni 14 hours ago
This is my first video of yours and I thought it was great. I am 57 and learned to do my makeup in the 70's. I am sad to say that I make every mistake you showed. I tried your way and I can honestly say I look 10 years younger! Of course I tone down the color of the lips. I have to show my age somehow 😉. Thank you so much for this. Only problem is I don't know how to do the eye liner. I have subscribed. I love you so much for finally answering the questions an older women has about how to do it.
Jennifer S
Jennifer S 17 hours ago
Omg yessss!! I found it! This is the lip colour I was looking for when I commented on your other video!
L A 18 hours ago
Lloyd Parsons
Lloyd Parsons 20 hours ago
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like
Laura Ingle
Laura Ingle 20 hours ago
Ali I loved your video, you were gentle spoken but also funny, I will definitely watch your videos! Thank you so much for your tips 😊 PS I had just a few mistakes lol talk to you soon!
Deepti Menon
Deepti Menon 23 hours ago
She may be giving great tips, but oh my god, what a “judgemental judy” she is. Her tone and attitude, are plain insufferable. I’d rather look a 10 years older, than have such a terrible attitude in life.
1Kerryberry Day ago
I use foundation, mascara and eye shadow only. I dont like makeup. Im just trying to hide my rosacea
Masooma Mehdi
I do the eyeliner mistake 😛
Rhea D.
Rhea D. Day ago
This is the first i actually watch a make up tutorial beginning to end no pause
Babaeng Lagawan
I do a lot of mistakes because I don't know how to do makeup hehe. Thanks for help
Smoky Laa
Smoky Laa Day ago
But how do u do the eye liner on the good side?
Smoky Laa
Smoky Laa Day ago
I need more brushes. And yes I was the left side before.... Trying the good side out. Thank you for showing us 💜
sanah Samuel
sanah Samuel Day ago
I don't even own one make up kit😅
Yesenia Cisneros
Ronny Thammasathiti
I'm so happy that I found you 💛
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Laura Wall
Laura Wall 2 days ago
Well that could've been said nicer. And zoom function is helpful... maybe try that. Geez. Beautiful result but poor delivery.
Jake van der Hoop
So funny! I noticed I do a lot wrong where I tought I did an excellent job 😆
jane kennedy
jane kennedy 2 days ago
OMG....I couldn't imagine putting all of that on my skin...shocked
Paola Quin
Paola Quin 2 days ago
how do i contour if i am very very white? browns dont look too good on me
sirirat rattana
sirirat rattana 2 days ago
I did all the mistake lol
Not Story Time
Not Story Time 2 days ago
At least i apply the mascara right
Shim Talk
Shim Talk 3 days ago
Nadine Bešić
Nadine Bešić 3 days ago
I love everything about this video, I realized I don't have enough brushes 😅 but why is she talking like she's high?
Jispa Health
Jispa Health 3 days ago
Watch Out Exciting Natural Skin Care & Beauty Videos! ruvid.net/video/video-7ao7GEzt6kY.html
J S 3 days ago
Wow thank you Ali! I can't believe how many i was doing incorrectly! Thank you so much!!!😍
Smile Lin Htut
Smile Lin Htut 3 days ago
I was making all of those mistakes
TuLiP Crown
TuLiP Crown 3 days ago
Wow wonderful great job ma'am
tgif1207 3 days ago
A lot of great tips. Constructive criticism...background music is distracting!!!
Rosie Hinojosa
Rosie Hinojosa 3 days ago
"My cheekbones are...dropping" roflmboooo This is a very informative but hilariously sarcastic video for applying makeup the right way. Even more funny is I think she is very serious😊 Also, how do you not use a dried beauty blender?...do you dampen it?
The Rebellious Dreamer
Eyeliner , blush , eyeshadow application , using same brush for multiple things ,
Alice-Jane Mc Rae
The worg one. Omw.
Regina Musharbash
😂 I am making all those mistakes!!! You just schooled me LOL love you girl thank you for the lesson I so desperately needed 💗
Emma Baczuk
Emma Baczuk 4 days ago
no wonder i look like a blobfish....
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit 4 days ago
yes making most of them when I bother to use that much makeup. But seriously, the good side looks glamorous and the other side, like you've had a stroke..... quite a difference...this was an excellent example of application making all the difference xx
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit 4 days ago
does make a huge difference - good tutorial
CHAYMAE BOU97 4 days ago
Hira Munir
Hira Munir 5 days ago
Lol see the royalty family couse the guys name is Ali and the Girl is Andrea and there son foran lol
Dorottya Gondocs
Dorottya Gondocs 5 days ago
Amazing information,thank you for that,but your attitude...not nice at all..
Kahira Samar
Kahira Samar 5 days ago
Maryann Holland
Maryann Holland 5 days ago
I'm defo the bad side!. Every single and more. So glad I came across you!. Learned a lot already. subscribed!
Laxiyabi Vanathika
I don't even wear makeup and yet I feel called out
ijeBeauty 5 days ago
The square eyebrows should indeed be against the law 💯
Now I know why after makeup I looked even older than my age.
Britta 1111
Britta 1111 6 days ago
Ma bucur ca ai Romanian subtitles! 🤗❤️
Anne Farrell
Anne Farrell 6 days ago
Anyone would think that there was nothing important going on in the world
Penguin 6 days ago
I feel called out.
GetFit Mommy
GetFit Mommy 6 days ago
I've been doing things about 40% right 😂 Those damn squared eyebrows still get me looking crazy
Mehmet Seymen
Mehmet Seymen 6 days ago
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Катя Иванова
очень круто _))) спасибо
Sherry B
Sherry B 7 days ago
I adore you! This is the best tutorial ever. So grateful 🙂
gara t
gara t 7 days ago
Se ve como 10 años mayor en el lado incorrecto. Excelente explicación!!!! 😉
Exie Nikki
Exie Nikki 7 days ago
Ive been doin it right but i thought i was doun it wrong. I just nd work on mi eyebrows
Bee Dee
Bee Dee 7 days ago
Amazing difference! Thank you for taking the time and explaining each step. Very fun to watch, also.
Victoria O
Victoria O 7 days ago
I make all those mistakes every single one of them. Over the years I have forgotten the what to do’s by how much time I have to actually do my makeup. I was a pro makeup artist in my early 20’s and had Amnesia in my mid 30’s I can’t believe I leave the house with my makeup completely wrong . Thank you for refreshing my memory on how to apply without looking at a thousand wrong tutorials that drag and waste time. This was quick and noticeably wrong and right. XOXO btw you are gorgeous 💋
Mkwams 7 days ago
Lovely video content! Sorry for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about - Poyliviat Wordless Predominance (google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning what to eat to slow down your ageing process minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate at last got excellent success with it.
Daniela Hermida
Daniela Hermida 7 days ago
LOVE this video, I need more brushes jajaja i did wrong the concealer, liner and contour part 🙈 but now i learned!! Hope so
laura miret
laura miret 7 days ago
Anonymous Peaceful person
Gosh, she has an American accent, she looks English Andrea? She must have a lot of time to do her makeup? Can she do a 10 minute makeup help please?
Hobbit Onamotorbike
Nope, not an American accent. She is speaking English, but that is not an American accent
sharon monster
sharon monster 8 days ago
You are the best. Your bronzer tip of using the brush lightly right underneath the bone instead of the lower hollow part helped me a lot.
K S 8 days ago
Why are you offering tutorials if you‘re feeling such a pain bc of all the wmn who wear their make up wrong? If you are offering help you shouldn’t talk annoyed when showing „the right way“ to use products. To me it occurred as if you were having physical pain by even showing the faults on your left side. To me that was quite arrogant. Would have wished more empowerment than slaps on the head. Be kind(er). You are beautiful either way but that’s not the focus when offering help to others.
Willow Benson
Willow Benson 8 days ago
Damn I wish i could do make up like her but I don't even have the patience but I'll try🤣
Rosie Hunter
Rosie Hunter 8 days ago
Wow! What a difference. I dont wear makeup often... Thanks for the lesson. 😂
Elena Montilla
Elena Montilla 8 days ago
I have so much fun! I was not sure about were the iluminator should be. And know I know what I can do with the japanese brush I have! Long time ago I lernt that we need so many brushes but how big difference since I got several of them!! Many thanks! Regards from Germany!
Miss Mysterious
Miss Mysterious 8 days ago
andrea rodriguez
andrea rodriguez 8 days ago
I feel attacked 😂😅
Prissy Dinglehoffer
I agree, no square eyebrows, they are not right. The "right" side is very nice.
Akanksha Atrey
Akanksha Atrey 8 days ago
Honestly, I am growing to hate these "makeup mistakes" videos. Let people do whatever they want. There's no one way to do things and what looks good on you really depends on your face (i.e. eye shape, jawline, etc).
Leslie Gaines
Leslie Gaines 8 days ago
Great tutorial! I do all of the wrong things. Thank you. By the way...what’s the music playing in the background?
Teresita O'Brien
Teresita O'Brien 8 days ago
Not fair. You're still beautiful right and wrong! LOL Great tutorial and you're funny in a subtle way. So cute!
Nadine ‘t Hart
Nadine ‘t Hart 9 days ago
thank you
The Pore Company
The Pore Company 9 days ago
We want to work with you ❤️
Tatiana Portnyagina
I make even more mistakes 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Main Tain
Main Tain 9 days ago
Wonder if she's staying awake in the middle of the night bc of ppl with bad make up 😄 and how's she's talking, swear I am laughing my ass off
Pocket Minx
Pocket Minx 9 days ago
Good Eye and Liner is fabulous - not easy to see exactly how you lined without a closeup
my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn
If life is a bowl of cherries, why do some people end up with the pits. Brooklyn
my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn
I am going to do this Today. Brooklyn
MrsFlooosh 9 days ago
Best video ever! Blunt in your face help as I like it haha. So so helpful!
Laurie Duncan
Laurie Duncan 9 days ago
That square brow.....lort!
Christine Sanou
Christine Sanou 9 days ago
I read the title of the video and I saw at the bad side normal lips. And at the right side bigger lips. So today is it a mistake to simply follow your natural line exactly? Jeez... Makeup artists influence the women so much...
Lorri Meyer
Lorri Meyer 9 days ago
Who made her an authority?
Noor Abdullah
Noor Abdullah 9 days ago
👋🏻 Ali,how do you do,first of all,I would thank you for this useful application 😭👌🏻, iam doing the mistakes of shadows,lightning,rouge and without a doubt the eyeliner mistake ☹️
Maryke Reichel
Maryke Reichel 10 days ago
I make about 90% of these mistakes. Hahahaha. Thanks for this!
Niki Reynolds
Niki Reynolds 10 days ago
That was an excellent video.
Gwgsfwhgshsgsh Ufaystsy
ఆ ఆi love u girl
At Penny’s Place
At Penny’s Place 11 days ago
Thanks great help your the best 💕💕
Alloniya 11 days ago
I think foundation looks better on right, because face looks more alive, more natural. I mean for everyday i think it is much better for your skin. And the powder under eyes? You just said there is no need too many foundation there. You probably not using scarfs, if you covering your neck with foundation too)
Rosa Monteiro
Rosa Monteiro 11 days ago
Gostei muito da sua explicação.
Elunicorn 11 days ago
Most useful make-up video I've seen on here so far, had to like it to go back to it
Mariana Dias
Mariana Dias 11 days ago
All of them 😓 I’m shame 😔 !!! Thank you!
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts 11 days ago
Mother of God!,. I got lost at the cheeks demonstration, how many products do I need to use?😲
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