Make Thermite (and testing various iron oxide sources)

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Aug 29, 2015




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Patrick Cosgrave
Patrick Cosgrave 2 days ago
Jackass: don't do this at home. Nurdrage: don't do this indoors
SuperNova 22 days ago
Y'all on the he watch list now
@NurdRage How can one capture as much of the heat released as possible and either: release it back slowly into the environment, or thermoelectric considerations. Or is there a more efficient / cost effective method to produce a lot of heat to store and trickle out over time? Thank you.
Darren Bithell
Darren Bithell 2 months ago
does anybody know what would be the smoke collected from a laser cutter cutting mild steel consist of, It collects as a super fine dark brown powder.
Shadow747 3 months ago
1:55 Lmao
Christopher Bedell
Christopher Bedell 4 months ago
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 5 months ago
Listing off the ingredients for something that could be in the anarchists cook book "and this can also be used for pottery use" not insulting, I thats great 😂
Philip Wallace
Philip Wallace 5 months ago
Potassium permanganate and glycerol is a no go. You get nasty manganese dioxide mixed with super high temperature and moderate pressure. Turns into a bomb and a chemical weapons. Not fun to clean up.
Philip Wallace
Philip Wallace 5 months ago
what 6 months ago
A really big fucking whole coming right up
240pixel 6 months ago
*_Welcome everyone to NSA watch list_*
Oxolotleman 6 months ago
"I have less rust because I didn't make enough"
Mr.Techaky 9 months ago
Well... thanks for teaching me how to make thermite... but... my Mom is now pissed cause I've officially destroyed all her flower-pots.
No_ Name
No_ Name 9 months ago
You can use a soluble basic solution to clean the aluminum with extra hydrogen
E.T GropeHome
E.T GropeHome 9 months ago
This is s terrible fucking test should have put some sort of metal to see if it would melt through
breaking bad brought me here
phuquehoful 11 months ago
Home Grown Pyrotechnics
i find that sprinkling copper thermite on top makes it easier to light seeing as the copper thermite itself is pretty easy to ignite
kig thing
kig thing Year ago
Wow that rig is pretty high tech
chu Harry
chu Harry Year ago
I think the high current you used for the electrolysis made ferrous ferrite
Blue Dog
Blue Dog Year ago
Fantastic, great work. The pyramids have more secrets to give up. I believe that the outer casing stones were repairs that king Senfru carried out, if true, this points to the pyramid being extremely old. From the building method, it looks like it was built by the same master builders of the great pyramids of Giza. Why so much red? Looks like Iron oxide? (Rust) Thermite?
Ethan Darnall
Ethan Darnall Year ago
How did u get the aluminum
Hunter Ziegelmann
im making copper oxide from salt water electrolysis i plan on mixing it with flux and iron oxide and other additives like nickel maybe make some stainless steels
When you mix fuel, metal oxide, and, metal powder in just the right way it burns at 2000 degrees Celsius hot enough to cut through nearly any barrier know to man. Throw some C4 into the mix and you've got one hell of a combination.
corgidog Year ago
Why didn't it melt the sparklers?
LondonSpade Year ago
I didn't know Xerces was making RUvid videos
WexMajor82 Year ago
Isn't the correct ratio 8gr of iron oxide per 3 gr of aluminium?
Sean Hunt
Sean Hunt Year ago
You can also use magnetite Fe3O4 for excellent results
Zeke Whisler
Zeke Whisler Year ago
Chen trails add magnesium or magnesse and rust... organic :)
Mark W
Mark W Year ago
I'm surprised that you don't have your own kiln and make your own crucibles.
TheIgors20 Year ago
Thermite + dead pig plz
Tempest XZF
Tempest XZF Year ago
DIY Exothermic Charge for cutting down steel walls
Duda war
Duda war Year ago
how much degrees does rust goes to? (thermite made of rust)
Killian Glorian
Hi what kind of electric power supply are you using and what could I use ??
Jonathan Bandiera
when you mix fuel metal oxide and metal powder in just the right way
Shadow747 Year ago
Test it on top of an old broken car motor
Shadow747 Year ago
1:57 lmao
Tyler Can't Swim
Soo, which burnt the hottest, to melt through things
Time to make a new door
PigMine 7
PigMine 7 Year ago
Add in a rock tumbler with brass rod cuttings, and mill it for a couple days and see what happens!
Riley Batzer
Riley Batzer Year ago
Is black iron oxide the same thing?
Xavieros A m3n goen hes wae
Make Thermite Hot Again
Billy Andrew
Billy Andrew Year ago
Permanganate and glycerine works well. Sugar can be substituted, but requires friction to activate.
Gabriel Rogers
how about dead hand warmers?
Derpster Year ago
How much thermite needed to burn through flat earth?
Marco Leccese
Marco Leccese Year ago
hi there, i just wanted to ask if during the chemical reaction between the iron oxyde and aluminum there could be the production of dangerous gasses, i know that of course if you inhale for a long time the gasses producted you'll feel sick, but i'm talking about little portion of gasses inhaled
voodoogroove Year ago
Would adding carbon enable making cast steeL?
ConradRoRo Year ago
“A really big fucking hole, coming right up.” -Thermite
Land Rover Addict
Your channel is so good, I never really took to chemistry at school I found it quite boring. Your mastery of this science really inspires me to put some effort into learning more about it, thank you for that. I wonder if a little carbon was added to the thermite could you produce steel? If this is a viable method of producing steel maybe you could hook up with one of the guys who do black smithing and produce different grades of steel that could be forged into a blade or a sword. I know the back yard scientist did a pour of thermite into a mold but that's not the same as forging dissimilar mixtures of steel. If it's possible please do it; this would be so cool. Can you point me in the right direction to learn about chemistry from the ground up, I really want to understand what is going on in these experiments and not just copy them. I don't even have the vocabulary understanding of chemistry so I need to go back to the very start with it. Thank you
David Arbery
David Arbery 2 years ago
Which muppet is this?
Delta Zip
Delta Zip 2 years ago
When you mix fuel, metal oxide, and metal powder in just the right way, it burns at 2000°c, hot enough to cut through nearly any barrier known to man. Throw some C4 into the mix....and you've got one hell of a combination. Where da C4 at tho
Paulo Naval
Paulo Naval 2 months ago
Where da EMP grenades though?
brakett 6 months ago
*_A really big fucking hole, coming right up._*
TheLoneWolf 2 years ago
Anybody know how to measure grams with powdered aluminum and iron oxide
NurdRage 2 years ago
use a scale,
AA Productions
AA Productions 2 years ago
Is there a way to get only pure iron from such a reaction? I'm guessing, a tall and narrow tube perhaps.
NurdRage 2 years ago
yeah, look up "thermite welding" that exploits to process.
AA Productions
AA Productions 2 years ago
Is there any fear of using a ball mill with steel balls to mix it well? Is any form of crushing or mixing, fine for thermite?
Ignes Andros
Ignes Andros 2 years ago
Potassium nitrate, not chloride at 7:49
Jerry Udonneedtoknow
Well you can use potassium chlorate, I think he messed up saying chloride instead of chlorate
Kaisar Akhmad
Kaisar Akhmad 2 years ago
soo iron oxide and alluminium ?
WeBe Flexin
WeBe Flexin 2 years ago
When you mix fuel, metal oxide, and metal powder in just the right way, it burns at 2000 degrees C hot even enough to cut through any barrier known to man. Throw some C4 into the mix.....and you have one hell of a combination!
greenjoe420 2 years ago
666k subs
fabts4 2 years ago
Could you ignite it from the bottom and have "fresh" thermite pour onto your melted iron to keep it at temperature?
Stephanie Phelps
Stephanie Phelps 2 years ago
I have some tree stumps I need to burn out. this may shorten the time needed...
Alex Wang
Alex Wang 2 years ago
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