Make It Right (feat. Lauv) (Acoustic Remix)

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Make It Right (feat. Lauv) (Acoustic Remix) · BTS
Make It Right (feat. Lauv) (Acoustic Remix)
℗ Big Hit Entertainment
Released on: 2019-11-08
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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 80
heba ARMYBTS⟬⟭7
heba ARMYBTS⟬⟭7 19 hours ago
FMV Kpop
FMV Kpop Day ago
Es hermosa la canción.
khalile tiffany
khalile tiffany 2 days ago
how come no one talks about this remix 🤷‍♀️
Ludov hyun
Ludov hyun 2 days ago
Conocerlos tuvo que valer la pena :')
Muary Channel
Muary Channel 2 days ago
Julie Eskander
Julie Eskander 4 days ago
OMG this version is so amazing I love it soo muchh
Margarett Dagun
Margarett Dagun 4 days ago
So its English version😳
아만다전 5 days ago
AJ 7 days ago
Was today years old when I found out this version existed. Yikes.🙃
Juhi Rastogi
Juhi Rastogi 9 days ago
BIGHIT: How many versions do you want of make it right? BTS: Yessss!!!!!!!! ;))))))
ryntgsjkv T
ryntgsjkv T 9 days ago
Best song ever
Giovanna Ribeiro
Giovanna Ribeiro 12 days ago
BTS makes it right.
한인형 13 days ago
Let be honest...... . . . . . Hobi is not only the best rapper Also a good singer with a smooth voice💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
is kpopchinese
is kpopchinese 13 days ago
3:48 the vocal in the background 🥰😭
Suga Play Dance
Suga Play Dance 14 days ago
Me Acabo de Dar cuenta que Lo Subieron 1 Día Después de Mí Cumpleaños 😊😭
BTS in MX 15 days ago
*Diooos, es tan linda :'D*
Sheron Khandekar
Sheron Khandekar 18 days ago
Why didn't i know until now that this version exists... TT
Kookie's banana milk
This version is gold 💜
Miss reeey
Miss reeey 18 days ago
Soooo beautiful😍😍😍😭😭😭
fortune fine
fortune fine 20 days ago
Tovar Fermin
Tovar Fermin 21 day ago
Natalia Lara
Natalia Lara 21 day ago
Genial,me encantó,la ame😍😍😍
Madelyn C.
Madelyn C. 22 days ago
Y aún falta la versión en japonés
Raquel Graciano
Raquel Graciano 23 days ago
my favorite part 1:46 💜💜💜
잘생겼진 23 days ago
말이 필요없다.......너무좋아ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Vinal Family
Vinal Family 23 days ago
EllaQuinnly7 25 days ago
I need the chords HUHUHU😭
Bushra Naaz
Bushra Naaz 27 days ago
Jhope: make it right Me:(making everything wrong)
Lovey Heart
Lovey Heart 28 days ago
How come i didn't know this version exist until now 😩
Manu Bu
Manu Bu 29 days ago
Jhooooooooooope 😭😭😭😭
Bushra Naaz
Bushra Naaz 27 days ago
H F 29 days ago
How can I didn't know this existed!!🤣🤦‍♀️
Mochix Month ago
I promise. I can make it right. I can make it better. I can put more effort. I can love myself. I can try harder. To be happy. To love. To live. Thank you,the seven of you. You are the light on the way that guides me when i lose myself. #latamarmy
velveteen Month ago
I think I cried from hoseok's vocals I-
TaeKook es real JK TH
I Love You BTS
TaeKook es real JK TH
I Love You Park Ji Min
TaeKook es real JK TH
I Love You Min Yoon Gi
TaeKook es real JK TH
Jeon JungKook
TaeKook es real JK TH
Kim TaeHyung
TaeKook es real JK TH
Jung HoSeok
TaeKook es real JK TH
Min YoonGi
TaeKook es real JK TH
Kim SeokJin
TaeKook es real JK TH
Kim NamJoon
Nikki Niks
Nikki Niks Month ago
Sheron Khandekar
Sheron Khandekar 17 days ago
You'll find me here in 2030 as well.. ♡
Bushra Naaz
Bushra Naaz 27 days ago
ARMY X BTS Month ago
Good song
ARMY X BTS Month ago
Joselyn Cuadera
Joselyn Cuadera Month ago
i didn't even know that they have this ....
the truth h
the truth h Month ago
This shows that kpop doesnt even need mv to be popular
jeon taehyung
jeon taehyung Month ago
fatima lazarte
fatima lazarte Month ago
I LOVE Jhope's voice
Bethannie Yuen
Bethannie Yuen 2 months ago
ENGLISH TRANSLATED Lyrics: I was lost, I was tryna find the answer In the world around me I was going crazy All day all night You were the only one who understood me And all that I was going through Yeah I just gotta tell you Oh baby I I could make it better I could hold you tighter Cause through the morning Oh you’re the light And I almost lost ya But I can’t forget ya Cause you were the reason that I survived You were there for me through all the times I cried I was there for you but then I lost my mind I know that I messed up but I promise I Oh oh I can make it right... All right All right Oh I can make it right All right All right Oh I can make it right... I, who became a hero in this world The great cheer that searches for me My hands, the trophies and the golden mic All day, everywhere But everything, all of this is to reach you [You are] the answer to my journey I sing to find you, Baby, to you... At this height, a little taller than before With this voice that became a bit more solid/firm For everything to return to you So I can widely open this map that is you My rehab Look at me, why can’t you recognize me? I don’t want to hear things like others’ yelling and such Your scent/fragrance still pierces through me and knocks me down Let’s go back, to that time... Baby I know I can make it better I can hold you tighter All these roads Are going towards you There was no purpose (to have something) That’s not you Comfort me, like from back then... This everlasting night that can see no end You are the one who gifted me with the morning Is it okay for me to hold onto that hand now? Oh oh I can make it right All right All right Oh I can make it right All right All right Oh I can make it right You, who remains beautiful Just hug me, like that time from that day, without saying a word I stayed alive in this hell Not for me, but for you If you know, don’t hesitate and please save my life Being without you is like being thirsty from enduring in this desert So, hold me, quickly I know that the sea without you is just the same as a desert All right I can make it better I can hold you tighter Oh I can make it right There was no purpose (to have something) That’s not you Oh I can make it right All right All right Oh I can make it right... ALL CREDIT GOES TO BIGHIT AND lyricskpop.net/lyrics/bts-make-it-right-english-lauv/
Joy Abigail
Joy Abigail 2 months ago
How have I only just discovered this?? LOVE IT ♥️
†Ꝉìʂ ąɾʍʏ†
Un pinshe cumbion bien loco, wuuu ahre :v
Purple Noona
Purple Noona 2 months ago
woah! this exists! 💜💜💜
Rosalba Bautista Guzman
Un montón de sentimientos encontrados , mucho amor, BTS ARMYS lloro mucho aún si saber la letra lloraba , cuando lo traduje ni hablar, en cada mv no puedo , I love you!!!!!!! Thanks you!! OMG sigo llorando
행복한 빵빵이{ARMY}
한국인없나 HOXY~?
Angelina Dimitrova
Angelina Dimitrova 2 months ago
I'm happy this song got all of the remixes and attention, it totally deserves for it's just top class 👌🏻
Твои правила
I like this one the most
Nurbaidah Hanum
Nurbaidah Hanum 2 months ago
I like this song
joaninha do nordeste
eu tô chorando sim
Thank u GOT7
Thank u GOT7 3 months ago
Русские я шот потеряла вас вы где?
kim Malak
kim Malak 3 months ago
فديت أصواتهم اني يجننننننن أحبكمBTS!! I LOVE YOU BTS!! أحبكم BTS!!! I LOVE YOU BTS!!!
Moto G5
Moto G5 3 months ago
Oooh all rigth
Lina ;-;
Lina ;-; 3 months ago
I wish for more acoustic versions ohmy.. the way this is so calming and beautiful to me.. :(
HeyImRiala cz
HeyImRiala cz 4 months ago
3:40 ara ara 😏😎
HOONEY. J 4 months ago
Very good
Sheepy Qureshi
Sheepy Qureshi 4 months ago
0:47 I love this part. I always love those little note thingies that sound so cute idk why
Gianna Kim
Gianna Kim 4 months ago
I get emo Everytime I listen to this😢
Alba Caballero Navarro
Parece flamenco XD
Suki Nae
Suki Nae 4 months ago
The acoustic remix is so good ohhh god
Raquel btspnvav
Raquel btspnvav 4 months ago
BTS 💜💜🇧🇷
Reema Reema
Reema Reema 5 months ago
oh Baby l 😭
Una Army Nicaraguense
ARMY nicaragua 😍😘😘
army army
army army 5 months ago
Orlanys María Sánchez Figuera
Me encantaron las voces de todos nmms
Deku San
Deku San 5 months ago
I hate laughing cuz he jogged a huge portion of the song
탈리 5 months ago
Qué temazo, señores. QUÉ TEMAZO.
Alejandra Guzman
Alejandra Guzman 5 months ago
Dude I love this version
Lina ;-;
Lina ;-; 5 months ago
Why is this version so addicting to me.. :(
stan daechwita for clear skin
i don't care that a.r.m.y.s may be annoyed with there being four versions of make it right, this is so beautiful, i might cry in class listening to this.
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