Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers | 用绢花工艺做了套桃花发冠,带上爱人浪了一把春天丨Liziqi Channel

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Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers, and catch the spring breeze with my dear Granny.
As a spring ritual after the new year, I’ve been busy sowing recently back at home.
In the mood for some hand-made hair accessories,
I made these Hanfu ornaments with silk flowers, and had this video shot.
In this pretty spring, when peach blossoms dye the mountain,
take my dear lady to the place full of memory, where all is found,
and tick yet another one from her wish list.
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Apr 6, 2021




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黄肥龙 35 minutes ago
seputar tani
seputar tani 36 minutes ago
I love evriting. 🇮🇩
Desvita 42 minutes ago
conclusion : she can make whatever she wants
Fernando Parola
Fernando Parola 43 minutes ago
Muito bom.
صطوفة و عمورة SATUFE AND 3AMURA
احب جدا جدا مشاهدة فديوهاتك واستمتع بها❤️
flying rain
flying rain Hour ago
So pretty with the Chinese Hanfu (Han traditional clothes)! 李子柒一定要经常穿汉服哦,太漂亮了👍🏼
She's like a freaking Disney Princess over here!
عطر الزهور
الطبيعة تجنن🥰🥰❤️❤️
Nerea Jimenez
Nerea Jimenez 2 hours ago
Necesito saber que sitio es ese en el que está, es hermoso, algún día me gustaría viajar a un lugar así...
Riam Sadq
Riam Sadq 2 hours ago
Love lov here 🥰🥰 masha Allah ماشاء الله 😊❤
Dragon Booster
Dragon Booster 2 hours ago
I love ur country very much please tell which beatifull country is this beatifull places
bandi ahmad art
bandi ahmad art 2 hours ago
Wow..... 😮
alferezdoe 2 hours ago
Song name at 10:44 please!!!
michal stolarik
michal stolarik 2 hours ago
Bellissima 👍
Yvencia Simmons
Yvencia Simmons 2 hours ago
sweet eity
sweet eity 3 hours ago
Your Grandmother so lucky to have a nice lady like U..
Одинокая Сирень
언니, 당신은 모두 귀엽다. ~~
Sue Keller
Sue Keller 3 hours ago
Shes very talented but I would have just used the real flowers and a hot glue gun
Whosmiwhy 3 hours ago
wheres the subtitles??
baamboo girl
baamboo girl 3 hours ago
Adipoli super 😘😘😘
Miss S
Miss S 3 hours ago
this is propoganda lmao
K P 3 hours ago
My 5 years twin daughters like ur all videos ,they always watch ur video....I like ur attachment with environment...I think this is a life which everyone wants and actual a need of everyone for healthy life
xiao liu
xiao liu 3 hours ago
COACH ERiTch 3 hours ago
God truly created this amazing wonderful place, God is powerful, I'm following liziqi, since I found this channel and I learn a lot. 😍🥰
Martha Guimarães Mousinho
Maravilhosa não me canso de apreciar a. Vida rural. "Amo de mais tudo isso."..👍😘😘
trisha m
trisha m 4 hours ago
Omg looks straight out of a fairytale...n she is a real princess❤️ I'm soo grateful to hv found this channel
Ramón González
Ramón González 4 hours ago
Donde estas mi amor no te había visto y eres tan especial tan unica eres un amor
TEA綠茶兒 4 hours ago
PINOY Top 10
PINOY Top 10 4 hours ago
This is the kind of content we need. She is living a fairytale life in modern day so lucky.
Mhd Nifham
Mhd Nifham 4 hours ago
Mhd Nifham
Mhd Nifham 4 hours ago
You're so beautiful
Tane 5 hours ago
Are you even real? 😍 This is so magical! 💗
Тая Мальдива
Все красиво, такая природа, такая нежная девушка...одно смущает, как она работает, мужику не под силу будет ворочать валуны, строить дом, перепалывать огромные поля.. Это нереально, ей на кухне столько работы, все то она может, работы на целую адскую кухню...
nil heart nasrin
nil heart nasrin 5 hours ago
t.d.saranya Ds
t.d.saranya Ds 5 hours ago
Hi congrats liziqi for getting Guinness record.
Erica Stephenson
Erica Stephenson 5 hours ago
Liziqi, You are my hero.
ella ng
ella ng 6 hours ago
Muthuselvi Livingston
She is living in a heaven... She is an amazing girl...
B Preethi
B Preethi 6 hours ago
I want to stay with u forever..... ❤
Alice Soloviov
Alice Soloviov 6 hours ago
Such a beautiful Tiara! ❤️
Anjali Debbarma
Anjali Debbarma 6 hours ago
U are so beautiful sis
卢MY 6 hours ago
Sunita Singh
Sunita Singh 6 hours ago
Where are you from
VIVEK KUMAR 6 hours ago
Woo so nice video
Pech Sreynich
Pech Sreynich 7 hours ago
I can't believe i watch all of your videos, such a big inspiration for me.
Human Sponge
Human Sponge 7 hours ago
Is it just me, or is this sped up ever so slightly?
QTT Sài Gòn DT
QTT Sài Gòn DT 7 hours ago
Your creativity is wonderful. You are a talented person, I always admire you. Wish you and you always have good health
Urmila Patwa
Urmila Patwa 7 hours ago
You are a very buetifull girl & multy talented 😊
Thúy Nga
Thúy Nga 7 hours ago
Đẹp quá
trinh Nguyen
trinh Nguyen 8 hours ago
Chuẩn về mọi mặt
Andalia Rodriguez
Andalia Rodriguez 8 hours ago
Desde Orlando eres muy talentosa Dios te bendiga y qué bien trata tú abuelita.
Intan Ersyah
Intan Ersyah 8 hours ago
wow..its fantastic.. 💓👍
Swaran Sidhu
Swaran Sidhu 8 hours ago
So beautiful I LV nature and natural goods❤️❤️
Meowx L
Meowx L 8 hours ago
Ayesha Rashid
Ayesha Rashid 9 hours ago
Today I found this channel I always want this type of life with happiness and nature but I think that in this world all people are running toward money they don't like these things But now I find it ❤️❤️
Célia Rose
Célia Rose 9 hours ago
Congratulations for your Guiness world record. I'm so happy and proud of you sister ❤️❤️❤️
Không Đẹp Mà Đọc
Trung Quốc đẹp quá 😍😍
María Seda Sosa
María Seda Sosa 9 hours ago
Qué belleza!
Zanzan Alydrus
Zanzan Alydrus 9 hours ago
Akhirnya nenek liziqi pergi ke gunung juga.... Sehat selalu ya nek...big love from indonesia
Thảo my Lương lê thụy
Em thật là tuyệt
qing zheng
qing zheng 9 hours ago
Yokkuking 9 hours ago
Fans dari indonesia koment disini donk.. hehe
Asna Farhin
Asna Farhin 9 hours ago
everytime i watch your video you remind me of Twice Mina... so beautifull ..
Asna Farhin
Asna Farhin 9 hours ago
super talented tho ....
Channel Pinggir Kali
Cuma pengen absen berapa banyak orang indonesia yang menonton video ini..
Liliana Duran Torreyes
Wow, love this video. :) Really lovely and worker and sweet person. =)
bella nbbn
bella nbbn 9 hours ago
MswishWash stoning
MswishWash stoning 9 hours ago
I wish we could see more sewing videos from her!
Htin 10 hours ago
very simple that i envy , you prepared all of these beautiful outfits and food to hangout with Grandma alone and enjoy the life.
Hải GMA Channel
Hải GMA Channel 10 hours ago
Hoa đào đẹp quá
Mila Salamah
Mila Salamah 10 hours ago
aaaa TwT
FiXx 10 hours ago
Myanmar's military has been cracking down on human rights with support from china. china should be excluded from the UN secretariat 🇲🇲✊🏼✊🏼🔥
Magecca Adel
Magecca Adel 10 hours ago
Liziqi thank you for inspiring us ❤️
John Smith
John Smith 10 hours ago
A country hillbilly girl trying to live some kind of fantasy up in the mountains in China. Fancy clothes. No man. No friends. No pets. Just grandma. A real head case. Doesn't matter how much money she gets from RUvid. Sad and lonely little woman hiding in the mountain. Comparing her to Dianxi is like night and day.
Sammy Mamoto
Sammy Mamoto 10 hours ago
this video is full of inspiration, cinematic - I feel like I'm there. help grandmother, and feel like picking flowers with a smart and humble princess...
Bai Sopheak
Bai Sopheak 10 hours ago
To me she is an angel 😇
Сания Жакина
Как же красиво все вокруг!!! 😍Какая талантливая, трудолюбивая! Не перестаю восхищаться! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Gwn5555 10 hours ago
SPEECHLESS ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
白姣云月恩 10 hours ago
Years of quiet good appearance, the same Chinese woman, I do not have this good time
Maria Julia Almeida de Souza
realattea 11 hours ago
all videos that she made are so relaxing (*˘︶˘*).。*♡
Senjuti Paul
Senjuti Paul 11 hours ago
Just wow
RAJU MHETRE 11 hours ago
RAJU MHETRE 11 hours ago
Eva Rahman
Eva Rahman 11 hours ago
It been 6 years I've lost my grandmother 🙂 missing my grandmother when i see her videos
刘洋 11 hours ago
多美的景色啊 我想我知道为什么我的祖先在看风景的时候会写诗😃😊💕
조경태 7 hours ago
조경태 7 hours ago
조경태 7 hours ago
조경태 7 hours ago
Cockroachinese coronavirus
Hong Tuyet
Hong Tuyet 11 hours ago
Xinh dã man
Jameel Abbasi
Jameel Abbasi 11 hours ago
Lovely traditional clothes ❤
Bay Hakhi
Bay Hakhi 11 hours ago
Music For Relaxation
Greetings from Russia Dear Friends!
Manjula Manju
Manjula Manju 11 hours ago
Your so talented , you can do every thing
Music For Relaxation
Greetings from Russia Dear Friends!
Manjula Manju
Manjula Manju 11 hours ago
When you wore that dress with crown your so beautiful like a princess
Music For Relaxation
Luminous City
Luminous City 12 hours ago
This seems like a dream, and I love it dearly.
Deti Sryn
Deti Sryn 12 hours ago
Hallo i'm from Indonesia I feels like watching a Disney movie in real life,I want to stay there with Lizqi😭🌻I love nature and I like plant🌱🍀🌾🌿
Savita Singh
Savita Singh 12 hours ago
Hi, I’m big fan but can we please get subtitles for your video before it use to be with subtitles but not anymore 😔 I really wanna know more
dads angel
dads angel 12 hours ago
I am feeling like inside nature ..really awesome u r vedios and beautiful nature and family love and caring
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