MAJOR REVEAL! We've Been Keeping This a Secret for a Year!!

Mr. Kate
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OMG, are you ready for this?! The pandemic delayed our announcement, but we're SO excited to share this with you!!
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May 30, 2020




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Comments 80
Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker Month ago
I made an assignment for myself to watch like every video on this channel
Sueann Sherman
Sueann Sherman 14 days ago
Gis 168
Gis 168 25 days ago
W ****
W **** 28 days ago
Mr. Kate I have started doing things at home by myself after watching ur videos
sophia brown
sophia brown 28 days ago
@Mr. Kate I just wanted to tell you how your videos have helped me so much, Thank you!
Infrontoftheyes Month ago
Good luck
Dara Cooperation
Me Katie hi is Dara Hey I was going to ask if you can come and help me do my room my whole room
Eloise Pritchard-Barrett
Do you two do stuff in England I really want to redo my room but I don’t know where to put the furniture becuase of the shape of my room
Adriana Gaucin
When are you launching your furniture line !!! I’m so excited!!! I’ve started following just recently and I’ve hooked to your videos for weeks now !
diana dudzinski
you guys are the reason i’m inspired to be an interior designer when i grow up!! ❤️❤️
Kim Krushinsky
Kim Krushinsky 3 days ago
I have to say I just love your collection, the versatility of how each piece could be placed into everyone's style outlet is great. My daughter is moving soon and wants new furniture. I am hitting the link so I get notified when this comes out. I honestly don't know what piece I liked best they all offered something unique. Great job putting these styles out there and yes it has always been about the small details that make such a huge impact! I can't wait to see more! Congrats on seeing your dreams come to fruition! Oh I forgot the affordability too!!!
Eloise Roberts
Eloise Roberts 3 days ago
Omg I’m so happy y’all deserve the world this is amazing!!
TheCrazieCat 3 days ago
I really hope you'll have stockists outside of the US, I'd love this in the UK!!! Stellas my fave!!
Hegde phenomenon
Hegde phenomenon 3 days ago
Baby stuff?
BLB CASE 4 days ago
Moon looks like daddy's mini twin!
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas 4 days ago
Names their baby moon and their cat winston... I love them 😂
Maralin Owens
Maralin Owens 4 days ago
Stuff for the office
Kristi Woody
Kristi Woody 4 days ago
Congrats!! This video helped me realize my decor style is vintage/eclectic, which will be helpful while I'm trying to decorate my new house! Also Moon is so cute, it's unreal. My Liliana has a couple of banana outfits too, so they're little twinsies.
Vivian Hernandez
Vivian Hernandez 5 days ago
Love love the furniture like everything you do. Congratulations...
Jessica Espuelas
Jessica Espuelas 5 days ago
Im so happy for them!!!
King Rosa
King Rosa 5 days ago
Amy Fallon
Amy Fallon 6 days ago
Omg I love all of these furniture items I am only 15 but this is making me so excited to when I get my own house and get to decorate it I am sure by the time that is (3 years) you guys will have so much more different items also we all know there is going to be a rug cause yall love rug cuddles ❤️
Nevaeh Chan
Nevaeh Chan 6 days ago
Could you make the Effie chair in pink too? I would love that!
Miri Haron
Miri Haron 6 days ago
Love this!! So excited for you guys and want to see the whole collection, wish I could buy and support you but I live in Israel..
Alana Reynoso
Alana Reynoso 7 days ago
Karen B
Karen B 7 days ago
Xurtchill Combate
Prisilla Cope
Prisilla Cope 8 days ago
Congratulations!!!!!! Ah!!!!! You guys are the greatest!! 2 shout-outs to the underdogs!! Hip Hip Hooray!! Hip Hip Hooray!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Zoe Clark
Zoe Clark 8 days ago
primrose and effie... anyone else think hunger games?😂
barbara Walling
barbara Walling 9 days ago
Wow good for you guys! You’re the best and co cute.moon is beautiful
barbara Walling
barbara Walling 9 days ago
New desks and counters for the office
Djam La Randonneuse
Congradulation. I love all of them 😍😍😍
Julie Hill
Julie Hill 9 days ago
I would love the Chair in Houndstooth and in Ticking Stripe. All the feels!!!
Brownin4lyfe 10 days ago
🎉Congratulation on your furniture collection!!!! 🎊💐 I am so happy and proud to see your dream coming to full fruition after a long wait. I can see how much thought you both put into your collection, with the names of the each pieces, design and thinking of the functionality of the piece. God Bless you Mr Kate family and your new collection. I am so proud you, the pieces are beautiful. So much love and God bless.😘🤗
Keeping up with Kelsey
I love allllll the pieces!!
Madina The Mortal
Madina The Mortal 11 days ago
I love the affordability, thought, designs😍😍 Yall are so thoughtful, and quite literally some of the most wholesome people on RUvid and in life 💙
Madina The Mortal
Madina The Mortal 11 days ago
But the Stella piece though 😍😍 the piece was gorgeous on its own but the fact that it's convertible 😯🥰🥰 I am a whore for multi purpose/convertible furniture OMG
Ingrid Lopez Salazar
You can do a purple tufted velvet daybed because I’ve been looking for some but they don’t have like a dark purple so it could be something unique
vanessa escalera
vanessa escalera 11 days ago
In what sizes is the bed going to come in?? Hopefully in twin or full🤞🏽
AdorkableLiz77 11 days ago
The Stella couch is so cute and classy!
Katrina Sarmiento
Katrina Sarmiento 12 days ago
I'm moving to a new apartment & i plan to wait for your collection to release before I buy a new sofa (:
Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson 12 days ago
I was thinking new furniture or merch but not your own line of furniture. Thought you were going to redo your offices lol so excited to check it out! 💜💜💜💜
Valerie Included
Valerie Included 12 days ago
Thats so exciting!!! I definitely love miss effing ❤ im so proud of you!!
Tracy Garrett
Tracy Garrett 12 days ago
Very cute family, but I'm truly concerned what happens to their son MOON in school. Kids can be brutal. Is there anyone not doing edibles that think this is a good name for a boy that will one day be a man?? Why do parents not think this through? Perhaps this is a nickname? I hope so.
Siri Reddy
Siri Reddy 12 days ago
Congratulations Mr. Kate 😍 whole and soul credit to Joey 💞
Scans Megatron
Scans Megatron 13 days ago
Kate referring to a gingham pattern as plaid made me real sad, love that chair tho
Vinita Mahaale
Vinita Mahaale 13 days ago
Wow....Mr.Kate Furniture Line.....wowwww....it’s just amazing.....this is the best news....☺️☺️☺️ Congratulations guys...soo happy for you.... That’s so sweet of you, to name this sofa after Tess...☺️ Can we get this in India ? Omg..didn’t know about Winston...such a cute baby he was...RIP baby... (*Lots of Love from India)
Andrea Meade
Andrea Meade 13 days ago
I want the blue couch and black and white chair!!!!!
TikiDawl 14 days ago
I'm so excited and happy for you guys!
Proverbial Woman
Proverbial Woman 14 days ago
No clue.
777s nile river
777s nile river 14 days ago
Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉😍😍😍this 1st specific couch i’ve been dreaming about this color💖💖💖💖💖 Question:do you have overseas delivery📦??? Appreciate if u answer plz😘😘😘
Elise Strydom
Elise Strydom 14 days ago
Awesome furniture! It is really great! Congrats!!!!👏🥂🎊💐💐
Dorota Borowska
Dorota Borowska 14 days ago
I'm so happy for you! Wish you all the best! Greetings from Poland!
kerem campos
kerem campos 15 days ago
I’ve been rewatching this video so much please make an update video like pleasssssssse
Symone Hadorn
Symone Hadorn 15 days ago
I feel like the Stella sofa is TOTALLY Molly Burke’s style!
celticmoon2 15 days ago
melodeeforbes 15 days ago
It’s so beautiful!! Congratulations!! Stella is my favorite!!! 😍😍😍
Emma Gilbert Art
Emma Gilbert Art 15 days ago
Why did I know it
Emma Gilbert Art
Emma Gilbert Art 15 days ago
Ezgi Zeynep Tataroglu
Hey guys congratulations! I am in the 6:50 min in the video but I hd to write this right now. You guys did a great job and you work so hard! You deserve this! I am a interior architect an designer and I can’t wait to support you designing with your new furniture line!😍😍❤️❤️ lots lots of good vibe and love to you all! Keep it up!❤️❤️🧿🧿
Farnaws Khojastehfar
Furniture line? Omg yes😭😭
Carolina 15 days ago
How exciting!! Congratulations 🎊🎉
Zaa Ar
Zaa Ar 15 days ago
April Ann Emotin
April Ann Emotin 16 days ago
Joey is like the prince in the Cartoon Disney movie called "Beauty and the Beast".
anita Caines
anita Caines 16 days ago
Omg I love all of it! 💜💜
Life with Carter Gregg
under 500 dollars??? oh my goodness. where where? online? SOLD!! you guys are fantastik!
Alexandra Brasil
Alexandra Brasil 16 days ago
Can I get Stella in a grey tweed?!
Alexandra Brasil
Alexandra Brasil 16 days ago
But like a soft tweed... not itchy
Rhona Patrick
Rhona Patrick 16 days ago
Ummm I think merch or a paint brand that u teamed up with to make merch
jissett quintero
jissett quintero 17 days ago
I need this 😍😍😍
jissett quintero
jissett quintero 17 days ago
I love this 😍😍😍
elarhy 17 days ago
RIP the office plants.
elarhy 17 days ago
Congratulations Kate and Joey¡¡¡ Everything looks amazing¡¡¡
Meal Blaze
Meal Blaze 17 days ago
This is so exciting. Happy for you guys ! Love the furniture and can't wait to see the final collection
Carla Eplin
Carla Eplin 17 days ago
OMG, my cat and the iron bed have the same name!
Luna Reina P.
Luna Reina P. 17 days ago
I want that Tess couch so bad now and I’m moving out soon so fingers crossed the drop is soon ah so excited
Natalie R
Natalie R 17 days ago
for a second I was like "why would they be hiding a couch for a year that doesn't make sense"
Savannah Dennis
Savannah Dennis 17 days ago
I think they’re full of chicken nuggets
Janica Torculas
Janica Torculas 17 days ago
2:43 I'm guessing you now have a furniture line and the boxes have your "samples" or something like that of stuff you plan on selling
Janica Torculas
Janica Torculas 17 days ago
toybox6 17 days ago
Congratulations for the new furniture line!! ❤️❤️❤️
Angie Rios
Angie Rios 17 days ago
I'm so excited for you guys! I love this all the way around & can't wait to purchase that beautiful blue sofa (1st one)! God bless you all for all the greatness you've done!
Silver Tune
Silver Tune 17 days ago
I have absolutely no clue what this could be, not a house, not their tiny house, maybe a new series or a show? I don’t think that fits what they’re been saying tho... WAIT I HAVE A GUESS (at 4:15 tho) is it their own furniture line
Daddy Duck
Daddy Duck 17 days ago
In love
valencia pandavill
valencia pandavill 17 days ago
Congratulations to you guys!! You've come such a long way 🥺 Love ya Kate and Joey!! Oh and moon too!! :)
Neck Rolls
Neck Rolls 17 days ago
I want a makeover after lockdown, but I live too far away!
Amrutha Narra
Amrutha Narra 18 days ago
Can wait for them to be available 😁 congratulations 🍾
tina wang
tina wang 18 days ago
Furniture is what I expect honestly
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