Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season

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Maisie Williams shares her top five iconic moments portraying Arya Stark on Game of Thrones and gets upset when she accidentally lets a major spoiler slip about a big death while trying to describe the show's final season.
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Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season


Published on


Apr 2, 2019




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Comments 24 426
Borahae Tae
Borahae Tae 42 minutes ago
thats a big oof.
Priyanshu Dhingra
WhyNot_YT K
WhyNot_YT K 8 hours ago
omg she SOLD IT
Angie Chen
Angie Chen 9 hours ago
I’m so glad I watched till the end before going to the comments
VICE BABIE 10 hours ago
it’s really staged omg
Bríanna Collie
Bríanna Collie 10 hours ago
Awwww my heart Oooo never mind
The Bourgousie
The Bourgousie 13 hours ago
this gives me such anxiety
Noodle Rice
Noodle Rice 13 hours ago
Bruh . Imagine if this wears real
Samillion 13 hours ago
Fantastic actress 🥰
•• Tricky••
•• Tricky•• 15 hours ago
Poor Baby😩😭😭😭 she looked so nervous😩 so glad it was a joke❤️🤡
ece su
ece su 15 hours ago
Omg when she accidently gives spoiler, her hands are shaking. She was really scared.
R4C00N 15 hours ago
Damn they really got me good probably you too lol
Ami Bondx
Ami Bondx 15 hours ago
Wait I don’t watch game of throws dose she die ???
Andrew Sike
Andrew Sike 15 hours ago
Andriod Boi
Andriod Boi 16 hours ago
Fucking hell
Poppy La143
Poppy La143 16 hours ago
Her acting is amazing
Luiza Jernigan
Luiza Jernigan 16 hours ago
Miha Vidmar
Miha Vidmar 16 hours ago
My gooood I soooo belived it She really is an exeptional actress
Nooa Salminen
Nooa Salminen 18 hours ago
We can edit it out they said Ouuu got baboozeld
A Psvita Owner
A Psvita Owner 19 hours ago
Guys why would Jimmy Fallon be acting, he's simply being himself in his own name titled show, give him a break!
GG LazyRival
GG LazyRival 21 hour ago
Fucking hell broo.
Aadrit 21 hour ago
She should get Oscar just for this. And Jimmy should get Razzies.
Lolo fait de l'art
Lolo fait de l'art 23 hours ago
Roses are red Violets are blue The part you came for Is 1:50
Noradexplorer TM
Lol i thought it was Melanie Martinez on the thumbnail
Playing Time
Playing Time Day ago
Good prank👍🏻😂
King Vince
King Vince Day ago
I just cant believe people still think this guy is funny.
Supreme Paris
She asked to edit that out. They never did Maisie. They never did.
Supreme Paris
alex bomasomdi
Wow she really threw me through a loop
Thats how uk some actors fake their reactions or apologies to certain situations
Monica&Bethanyy mEmEs
I didn’t know she was actually joking lmao
Nayeon Kpop
Nayeon Kpop Day ago
You lair
Nayeon Kpop
Nayeon Kpop Day ago
I hate this prank
Bobbie D.
Bobbie D. Day ago
😂 that was so good
billxxx 50k
billxxx 50k Day ago
Wtf im stupid i read comments and didnt even notice it was fake lmaoo
Kylee's Korner
Plot twist. It was an actual spoiler and they said to act like it was a joke
Troy Kelly
Troy Kelly Day ago
She might as well just told us the ending was gonna be trash
R. D.
R. D. Day ago
When she says the "spoiler" you can clearly tell that is on purpose, but her reaction to that is perfect...she looks genuinely terrified!
sleepZzy Day ago
Well that's actors for you
Limelight Lopez
I felt so bad for her
Jaad Day ago
Lilly’s Pop1234
It's the 17th of September Hahaaaahah
UnKnOwN dUdEツ
This was published 2nd april not 1nd april
UnKnOwN dUdEツ
@RUvid Liker oh
Youtube Liker
Uploading time
Marissa Mole
Marissa Mole Day ago
It looks like she about to ball awt crying 😭 bless a
Censored Toast XD
I actually felt so bad for her until it turned out to be a prank ;-;
Phat Albert
Phat Albert Day ago
Bro look how genuinely terrified she is
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Day ago
I love how she ran out abd he was like "......umm.. is she ok?"
Sentinal Gaming
I didn't see the trailer but was it out before the air that littlefinger would be killed by them
simarjit singh
she is so real
Kaya Panikovski Helms
I thought this was real and then saw the comments yEyE
Abby Gomez
Abby Gomez 2 days ago
Yeah I did not believe it 🙄
Und1sputed Fire
Und1sputed Fire 2 days ago
“We can edit that out right”
Ha P.
Ha P. 2 days ago
This is why they had like different endings written just in case someone spoils something lmao but this sells so much omfggg
CrazyCurlyFry 2 days ago
Too bad idc about Game of thrones
jimjam 3267
jimjam 3267 2 days ago
Take a bow young lady.
Isabella Beltran
Isabella Beltran 2 days ago
don’t watch got but...idk. i just wanted to watch this ig.
caresful 2 days ago
Jacqueline Diaz
Jacqueline Diaz 2 days ago
Is there another Tom Holland
pumpkin lol
pumpkin lol 2 days ago
1.59 is where the action happens, 😂😉
Feven Grinberg
Feven Grinberg 2 days ago
Its so sad
Alyssa Viera Glenn
R u serious?!!!
Courtney Louise
Courtney Louise 3 days ago
the fact that i fell for it even AfTeR lOoKiNg At ThE uPlOaD dAtE
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