MAGNETIC LEVITATION Vertical Axis Wind Turbine NEODYMIUM MAGNET rare earth magnets spin art

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Levitation using strong N 48 Neodymium Magnets Rare Earth Magnet Suspending a wooden Steel base acting as a bearing.
Super strong N 48 Neodymium Magnets Rare Earth Magnets Suspend a wooden Steel base and acts as a bearing.

Solar Spin art at 6:02 GreenPowerscience.com

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21 мар 2009

NEODYMIUMMAGNETRAREEARTHVAWTSPINARTWINDPOWERPICKENSVERTICALTURBINEGREENSCIENCEMAGLIFTENERGYVertical-axis Wind TurbineMagnetic LevitationNeodymium MagnetLevitation (Character Power)Wind Power (Industry)Wind Turbine (Industry)SolarSolar Energy (Industry)




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Hacı İbrahim Yildiz
Hacı İbrahim Yildiz 2 месяца назад
Hey man adamım uçan daireler in çalışma sistemini bulmuşsun farkında değilsin boya cila ile oynuyon 🙃 gitte patent al uyuma😱
Ray Anthony Brady
Ray Anthony Brady 3 месяца назад
Cool guy+good husband+inventor+prepper! Awesome!
Dennis chuckIII
Dennis chuckIII 5 месяцев назад
People wanna say magnets lose strength and all that, yea. But its worth it compared to a "perpetual motion" devices, and all we use for power today. Lets really use natural resources
bridgendesar 8 месяцев назад
You should have a look and see what is happening to the magnetic fields on those magnets!
MVS Mrityunjaya
MVS Mrityunjaya 10 месяцев назад
how long these magnets can levitate?
Romy Dial
Romy Dial Год назад
Great video
Chan Lee
Chan Lee Год назад
if i put it on a weight measurement will it waigjt as much or nothing at all
Prescott Stoops
Prescott Stoops Год назад
Id also like to know the answer to this question. Thx!
jonnie Год назад
Thanks. I needed a support bearing for spraying abrasive ceramic material on a spinning work piece so not a great environment for a conventional bearing - abrasive dust makes it a non-starter. I had thought of air bearings and magnetic but after playing with some small magnets I was troubled with the sideways tendency ( anyone who has pushed same poles together will hopefully know what I mean ) I had convinced myself that I would get lots of additional friction on the spindle because of this. I can see from your demonstration that is not the case and your weights are in the range I need to deal with. Gut feelings are not always reliable - sometimes you gotta suck it. Great - sharing something helped someone else on their way - thanks for sharing.
Rannie Castañares
Rannie Castañares Год назад
where did you get your magnets?
99% Persperation
99% Persperation Год назад
If you use magnetic levitation wouldn't the rotor magnet gap vary, in the alternator (thinking axial flux PMA).
rockymntsax Год назад
where do you purchase those magnets from?
lunatrics 2 года назад
question is the repelforce of a magnet the same as the pullforce
Thomas Heisler
Thomas Heisler 2 года назад
whats the difference between n48 and n 50. I found this..... www.amazon.com/MarbellStore-Neodymium-Earth-Fridge-Magnets/dp/B01LZ2XRML/ref=sr_1_2?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1484528774&sr=8-2&keywords=Neodymium+Magnets
gmcf7 2 года назад
been a while since video. magnets look good need to be balanced as shaft bending repeatedly. I am looking at 20' diameter 30' high. center shaft be supported top and bottom.
U day
U day 2 года назад
Will stacking up of these magnets increase the strength of neodymium e.g in case of disk magnet stacked and like poles facing will it increase resistance?
U day
U day Год назад
Thank you
mcarsonnn 2 года назад
Yes I was trying to make a handmade magnetic carosel for my nephew for Xmas but failed B4 seeing your superb video. I see my mistakes now & am inspired to try again. MERCI ! Mark Summerland BC Canada
jungojerry 2 года назад
My first turbine worked great - (see previous note below) - but I had trouble building the generator because I didn't have machine tools to get the close tolerances req'd. But since one can buy a generator, I decided to focus on building a very good turbine and just buy the gen to couple to it. I would use the "Freedom II PMG" from Missouri Wind and Solar. I suggest you watch Jeff's video on it - on You Tube. Skewed coils so NO cogging for a couple hundred $$'s.
jungojerry 2 года назад
Neat idea. I've been playing with Neo magnets for a long time and see how useful they would be in this application. I have also built a tangent bearing by drilling a hole partially thru a thick alum plate of a dia slightly larger than my shaft. Then drop a steel ball bearing into the hole for the shaft to ride on. Thus, the only contact point is the top tangent of the ball meeting the shaft. My first turbine would spin like crazy with practically no friction. The only prob was replacing the ball occasionally because it would rust in the weather.
Solar Lizard
Solar Lizard 2 года назад
Talking about science and using imperial untis. Pick one
Solar Lizard
Solar Lizard 2 года назад
Nice video tho
hermenutic 2 года назад
Wow, that was great!
Chad Gainor
Chad Gainor 2 года назад
Does this mean the resistance force of the magnets is less than the pull force of one of the magnets? Thought it would be the other way around...
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 3 года назад
hmmm...neodymium shock absorbers. or forever shocks.
Keith Reynolds
Keith Reynolds 3 года назад
Two opposed spin VAWT is an interesting idea to increase the velocity between the magnet and the coil. Doubled velocity will produce twice the voltage per same number of turns in a coil, or one could half the number of turns and produce the same voltage as well as half the internal resistance in the generator's windings. Halving the number of turns in the windings would allow one to use thicker wire in the windings were space was an initial constraint. And using a thicker wire would further reduce a generators internal resistance. A Magnetic bearing between opposed spinning VAWT might be difficult to control the distance between coils and magnets. With magnets on one and coils on the other, the VAWTS will be unbalanced by weight with respect to each other and might respond differently in different winds, though this shouldn't be much of an issue. The biggest issue for the home builder will likely be designing the commutator. The attraction to coils on a stator is you do not need a commutator.
Richard isdorky
Richard isdorky 3 года назад
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 года назад
just to clarify with the strip magnet under the wheel and six balanced and spaced properly below the strip would give you no ware and tear. We could have done this years ago. What gets me is the scientist caught in a box. The earth has been spinning on its magnet for 4 billion years we know anti gravity is the answer to space travel and faster than light speed. The only thing to escape a black hole is gravity weird but the answer has been staring us in the face for decades. Tesla knew about zero point energy and a thousand more inventions and died poor with the FBI taking all his work when he died. Free enterprise only if you know someone and kickbacks can be passed on. Sorry for the rant.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 года назад
Hey Dan if you would put a strip magnet around the wheel or the table under the wheel and use magnet reversed just like the center to balance and have almost no friction or cut grooves in the wood near the center and make them opposite of a center and again no friction. I have a million Ideas but no one to help. I have a bad back and enjoy you guys sharing your ideas we should have free energy by now.
Don Mars
Don Mars 3 года назад
Thank you. This is very helpful, I'm trying to build a vertical PMG to get free electricity
Danial Soozani
Danial Soozani 3 месяца назад
could you my friend? i'm going to build and seeking for ideas... wanted to check if anyone could before me and still not taken by fbi or oil companies ;)
Schaun Mack
Schaun Mack 3 года назад
What would the result be if you used concentric doughnut magnets larger and smaller without a rod? Could the same results be achieved?
hrcnlz 4 года назад
Could you tell me how do you build the magnetic levitation bearings? It's just two "donut" magnets and one axle?? Thank you in advance!
Keith Reynolds
Keith Reynolds 3 года назад
+GREENPOWERSCIENCE to minimize loses from lenz's law one would increase the space between the metal rod and the levitating magnets. theoretically, one could use many thinner rectangular magnets forming a rough circle on the outside of the disk. A similarly designed magnets below would oppose the magnets above. their power to repel adds with each magnet. If the top and bottom magnets differ by length, your less likely to have reinforcing concurrent vibrations from differences in magnetic fields. Ideally arc shaped magnets forming a circle would be best. Care must be taken to eliminate as much space between the magnets in each ring.
+hrcnlz Yes, that is all there is assuming the turntable is balanced. This video has a steel rod but a stainless steel rod will have better results. You will still have a bit of resistance from Lenz's law but it works great. For a heavier load, add more opposing magnets. There is a limit as the higher the stack, the more top-heavy the structure becomes.
DMonZ1988 4 года назад
hi dan. your videos are great, been watching for ages. i hope you're well and start to make more again when the weather gets better. just rediscovered this, but can't find anything on the suggestion made by another commenter regarding two vawts spinning in opposite directions. did you ever try it?
Antonio Salerno
Antonio Salerno 4 года назад
visualizza i miei video motore generatore magnetico eolico fai da te
Clint Young
Clint Young 4 года назад
Great explanation, Thx... ;) It will help my friend understand my project I want him to help me build... ;)
Lync 4 года назад
I want magnetic bearings for my longboard. is that even possible?
Mr.Kristian252 4 года назад
or do you mean on the trucks? to have a smooth ride?
Mr.Kristian252 4 года назад
GREAT IDEÁ!! Tips the developments !!
Jason Dossett
Jason Dossett 4 года назад
they do exist, but they currently require speeds of 15000 rpms to work. so unless you wiley coyote a rocket on your board they won't make a difference.
Jimmay Timmay
Jimmay Timmay 4 года назад
its what you spin,and that antimater jet,iwould say a supperconductive diamond.
RedLightHitter 4 года назад
There should be no friction with it. If that is an aluminum shaft, the magnets should create Eddies Current causing it to also repel away from the shaft.
Chorkaloopa 4 года назад
Dig the garageband tunes. :)
John Meisenheimer
John Meisenheimer 4 года назад
Spin art Lol u might as well be ribbon twirling
Kanoee64 4 года назад
Where did you get the magnets?
Gary Stinten
Gary Stinten 3 года назад
+GREENPOWERSCIENCE do you have a link? looking to try a hho experiment..
Applied magnet
Harold de Mure
Harold de Mure 4 года назад
Cool, I like your maglev. I ain´t no expert but the magnetic force would stay for a very very long time, practically forever..... until it gradually looses its power by self emitting particles (quantum physics)?
NikTheFix 3 года назад
+Harold.not.the.Barrel Yeah and I'm really glad they do. It makes them so darn useful for engineering projects. I use them for holding things to RC aircraft. It's like a free lunch. Mr Velcro must be pissed :)
Harold de Mure
Harold de Mure 3 года назад
+NikTheFix Of course, it´s all that simple: entropy increases (I forgot basic thermodynamics and well... I´m just a retired gardener). But with neodymium magnets, the magnetic force lasts a lifetime :)
NikTheFix 3 года назад
+Harold.not.the.Barrel No, the magnet contains many tiny magnetic dipoles which are aligned by the manufacturing process. Over time these dipoles revert back to their normal chaotic alignment so there is no longer a magnetic "consensus" within the metal. This is caused by the internal jostling of the dipoles (heat). Entropy increases and the magnet becomes useless. For neodymium I heard 10% weakening in 100 years. Not bad.
explosivefreak666 4 года назад
Damm.!. Why don't people like You work for the govrnm.?... Oh yeah, you don't have high intrest bond's in oil, do you.? And actually giving a shit about the enviroment is not Thàt high up on "their" list aswell.! At least we're all glad they don't kill "your kind" no more.! keep it up mate, love what you're doin' for ALL OF US.!!
Jean Belmont
Jean Belmont 5 лет назад
Oranger37 5 лет назад
chikala cor
chikala cor 5 лет назад
This particular Hydro is built by Alternative Power And Machine, you can find their website at ABOUTSOLARCELLS. COMXA. COM
Magnet Tricks
Magnet Tricks 5 лет назад
science meet art!
piedpiperz80 5 лет назад
Dan I love you but that friction less friction less broke my brain.
U day
U day 5 лет назад
where can I buy those online? anyone plz
ahmed ibrahim
ahmed ibrahim 8 месяцев назад
From e bay or Ali express. .
Hemal Rajput
Hemal Rajput 5 лет назад
If it doesn't stop spinning he's in limbo
laloelchocolate 5 лет назад
What i want to know did stoped spinning in any time or it just keeps going.
Kevin H
Kevin H 2 года назад
Air friction would prevent it from spinning forever
Thank you for the nice comment.
Argo Tammemae
Argo Tammemae 5 лет назад
8:00 im drippin out
Top Spin + this
Iamnotanumbernr1 5 лет назад
what strength and size neodymium magnets did you use? If I was to build a wind turbine what would you reccommend me to buy in neodymium? size, strength form?
Hi, This rod was steel but a stainless steel rod will have less resistance. You will still get some resistance from Lenz's law with any metallic rod but not an issue at RPM below 1000. The weight and diameter of my turntable makes the resistance a non-issue. Smaller diameter flywheels and lighter weight tables would need stainless or carbon fiber/ fiberglass fishing rod.
John Precourt
John Precourt 5 лет назад
Dan, I got some Neodymium ring magnets to create a magnet bearing for a kinetic sculpture. The problem appears to be that the rod itself seems to have some pull to the magnets which does not allow the rod to turn freely in the magnet. Does the rod have to be a non-magnetic material? The rod you are using appears to be a steel rod. How is that not causing a problem?
Ricky Supriyadi
Ricky Supriyadi 5 лет назад
in this video it has neodium on Y axis to reduce friction what will happen if ... neodium on X & Z axis too?? will they float X, Z, Y ?? just wonderin...
sounduser 5 лет назад
How much are these magnets?
taquionAtemporal 5 лет назад
He's master
Arrow Racing Products
Arrow Racing Products 5 лет назад
Would still need a bearing on the shaft to stop it grabbing the shaft and to get the balance..big potential though!
Arrow Racing Products
Arrow Racing Products 5 лет назад
Does the magnetic force fade over time..?
I have a teflon addition and a stainless rod for the newer version.
Chuck B
Chuck B 5 лет назад
That type of magnetic thrust bearing idea has been used on watt hour meters so theres no mechanical thrust washer to wear out letting the disc drop, and drag and make the readings slow
roborovsky 5 лет назад
That friction could be solved by a bushing replaced with an electromagnet? Or w/e , it can be done.
Nicu Irimia
Nicu Irimia 5 лет назад
I can see one problem there. There is friction between the top magnet and the rod. Friction = heat, and heat and magnets don't mix.
flashavoc69 5 лет назад
I sketched a design in 2003 for one. But it is frictionless. A lot of the same principles as this. Has anyone made one via a levitated field without any contact points yet?
keroskopos dexter
keroskopos dexter 5 лет назад
Glenn bressette
Glenn bressette 5 лет назад
hope run 1 million mile age wear out bearing
serialthrilla42 5 лет назад
you can tell this guy is fucking smooth when he shags bitches
paverop 5 лет назад
Check out wiboater4 on you tube. He has a video of such a wind generator. Counter rotating with one on top of the other. It uses one generator and set of magnets. It's a good idea. Twice the speed of rotation,
jon more
jon more 5 лет назад
Dan. I envy your lifestyle. Fly me out to Cali and accept me as your apprentice?
Shishira Rams
Shishira Rams 5 лет назад
wow oh wow. awstrucked. really superrrrrr
Random Man
Random Man 5 лет назад
Check this out. Copper exhibiting super conductivity when cooled with LN2. It reminds me a little of non-newtonian fluid behaviour. /watch?v=8uYqxhlObHg
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 5 лет назад
sir I think you need to remove your wrist watch when dealing with those strong magnets :/
Mulix98 5 лет назад
lost a 2 x 2 inch neodium magnet at my gaming pc and guess what happned? It dragged all the fucking part and screws out of the shit and broke my gaming equipment to 2k Use magnet with care kids!
mastermenthe 5 лет назад
He said that he would do a video about having two windmills, one spinning coils, the other spinning magnets. Where is that video?
Steve Dobbs
Steve Dobbs 5 лет назад
Hi, the two magnets, being metal also produce eddie currents in each other - so it will damp any up and down movement
A Drop of Truth
A Drop of Truth 5 лет назад
If you then equally placed some more Neodymium Iron Boron magnets on the circumference of the lower circular frame (with their pole faces ALL the same e.g. North Seeking facing outwards) then as they pass a transformer (or multiples thereof ) around the periphery you would achieve ELECTRICAL POWER! You may also consider re-wiring the transformers with bifilar (two wire) coils to capture the BACK E.M.F effect as many 'free energy' buffs recommend. I do too ;) Keep up the good work!
YouTube5000 5 лет назад
No wonder those freakin' UFO's can flight at the speed of light... I'm betting they know something we don't....
mastermenthe 5 лет назад
That's normal practice.
CRYPTO COMPARE 5 лет назад
If you doodle with something long enough you will discover something beautiful or ugly.
Garfyre 5 лет назад
Most DIY stores, and, I bought about a gram of neodymium for $1.50
David Pauldevale
David Pauldevale 6 лет назад
whare do you get your NEODYMIUM MAGNET and how much do they cost.
pablof59 6 лет назад
How long will the magnets support that weight before loosing their magnetic energy ?
Rennie Ash
Rennie Ash 6 лет назад
How long would the magnets last under that load? Technically it is still a sleeve bearing with very sloppy tolerance, I think something would be needed to reduce wear on the magnet. If you had a ball bearing with light oil to reduce lateral forces, while still having the magnets support the weight, I think that could last quite a while and be more stable (may have a bit more friction than just magnets, but will be less than just ball bearings since the magnets hold the weight) :)
Robert Paegelow
Robert Paegelow 6 лет назад
How long will it spin with those weights on(30pounds), if you give it a good spin?
cip315 6 лет назад
another way to save your penis???
Loco Roco
Loco Roco 6 лет назад
make it fractalic maaan
Maximilian 6 лет назад
The future is not in this but in quantum locking, google it. There's a good show on TED about it.
Maximilian 6 лет назад
Have you done any math on how long the magnets last when they are constantly exerting a force to hold a freaking wind turbine...I'm guessing...not very long.
Maximilian 6 лет назад
There is no such thing as permanent magnets. It would violate the second law of thermodynamics.
Francois Frizat
Francois Frizat 6 лет назад
Get a tri-pod :(
Влад Петров
Влад Петров 6 лет назад
this video are best!!!! Brilliant idea!!!! I believe that magnets save the world)))))))
Jerry Maulden
Jerry Maulden 6 лет назад
permanent magnets are forever man...Man made magnets can last along time, the rubber ones and ceramics for refridgerator doors eh, yeah thy can loose it.
gerald summers
gerald summers 6 лет назад
if you heat them hot enough
Thanks you:-) watch?v=ic9xifdDkyI Denise and I painted and curated art shows before GreenPowerScience
Wally West
Wally West 6 лет назад
oh mate you are artist, I like it
Pieter Verbeke
Pieter Verbeke 6 лет назад
im going to make a concept drawing for a piece of art with this :) im not really into physics but the effects of these cool things are really interesting.
Pieter Verbeke
Pieter Verbeke 6 лет назад
hi, if i put two of these magnets on each other and the one on top is attached to the ground with a construction and the one thats under it is pulled up by a helium balloon so its floating. the magnets are not going to touch each other because of that anti-magnetism between it right?
SuperMagnetMan 6 лет назад
Joel The expected life of neo magnets is 400-500 years but they have only been around since the early 1980s so we will have to get back to you on how long they really last. See you in a few centuries:)
SuperMagnetMan 6 лет назад
GreenPowerScience - Hey, you might want to check out the VAWT levitation - Jim Rowan of Canada got the patent on this about a decade ago and scammed a lot of people and stole lots of money from myself and others trying to bring these to market. We have actually built the turbine with very large ring magnets but his alternator and turbine design never produced useful power. We have since developed much better systems.
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