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This magnetic cannon gives me great satisfaction, it is very powerful and does not fear the sculptures of magnetic balls
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On my channel you will find all the ways to have fun with magnets divided into 3 main categories:
Classical magnetic experiments such as magnetic levitation, homopolar motors, small magnetic weapons, Gauss cannons, gears, magnetic field viewers and much more.
Satisfaction video like the construction of magnetic sculptures, slime and magnetic putty and product review.
ASMR relaxing videos to watch but above all to listen preferably with stereo headphones to be able to appreciate the particular sounds of the magnets
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About Magnetic Games:
All ways to have fun with magnets.
The magnetism has always intrigued me. The strength of the magnets is scientifically explainable but there's something "magical" about its interaction with the world. My Channel offers you curious experiments and fun games to do with magnets.
Magnet Cannon VS Rainbow Tower out of Magnetic Balls | Magnetic Games
Magnetic Games
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Dec 7, 2019




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Mir Baquir Ali Ali
Just take a gigantic magnet to this guy's home and boom! His house is getting dragged with you 😂
Aditya Tiwari
इस का नाम क्या है
muhammad naadzirussalam
hai im your subcriber i like your creation im really like it you make its super wonderfull
Sir Naczy
Sir Naczy 4 days ago
This Rainbow
Aslam Shaikh
Aslam Shaikh 5 days ago
Amaan6 😘😃🤗💌💖👍👏
Jaeron Zayd
Jaeron Zayd 15 days ago
12121212121212121212121212 Qoooq A,alqalpq Qpww 112211192022911919199192919
Сима Калинина
Where to buy
Magnetic Games
Magnetic Games 14 days ago
you can find the links to the products in description :)
Xuan Duong
Xuan Duong 15 days ago
Ịhcijnmmmjjiuyhgygvf. Gyygg vggbgbiygvighvgf v gì v ghi ha ha ha ha g ha. Uuh
Rex Yang
Rex Yang 16 days ago
Shut the fuck up
محمود الحمادين
محمود الحمادين
خخخهززززهززز خخخهززززهززز هلا ههههههههه ههههههههه لا تبعتي ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي القدير أن يتغمد الفقيد في هذا المنتدى مجاني في
JaysonPlayz 17 days ago
The least i can do is just a magnetic tower like yours °^°
Daniela Michaelis
Daniela Michaelis 18 days ago
Boa meeega cool
Arab Games العاب العرب
Are der sooi To 3iyae gy Are NOOB
Ivone Amincio
Ivone Amincio 19 days ago
Marcus Vinícius
Marcus Vinícius 19 days ago
Felix Alvarado
Felix Alvarado 20 days ago
abubaker alsaied
abubaker alsaied 20 days ago
From where did you get all this magnets
Magnetic Games
Magnetic Games 20 days ago
Link in description 😀
Kasen Skeens
Kasen Skeens 20 days ago
Chris yadach
Chris yadach 21 day ago
Where do you get the magnets from?
Magnetic Games
Magnetic Games 20 days ago
Link in description 😀
Solange Francisco
Elian Veras
Elian Veras 21 day ago
Adonde lo Vende
zsolt gamer
zsolt gamer 21 day ago
Samandar Nusratov
Oooo very good👏👏👏👍👍👍
Starr Dum
Starr Dum 22 days ago
Roblox Tower of heck getting banned for having a bad word be like
The dolphin Buddies
Do Minecraft creeper next
cuscino morbido
cuscino morbido 27 days ago
Che bello... passerei le giornate a guardati mentre crei questi capolavori... mi rilasserebbe troppo...
cristov dumitru
cristov dumitru Month ago
Bravo foarte frumos🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌
Albert Manuel Kusch Kraemer
en la casa tengo 200 piezas de bolititas magneticas
Afnan Saad
Afnan Saad Month ago
ZODY was my first day at this moment and I wanna was a ya ya know ya ya girl ya ya know ya ya girl ya ya know ya ya girl ya ya know a ya ya girl ya ya know ya ya girl ya ya know ya ya girl ya ya know ya ya girl ya ya know ya ya girl ya ya know ya ya girl ya ya know
moni money
moni money Month ago
Preator_Vallum Month ago
Okay but what if bigger
Steven LegoMaster
Steven LegoMaster 2 months ago
If you keep shooting the bottom of the tower, the whole tower will fall down. But, if you shoot the top, then only the top will fall down.
Republic of pig Mapper and gamer
so satisfying :D
MUHAMMED SEYİD 2 months ago
Bundan almak isteyen +1 like
Kendrick Kanney
Kendrick Kanney 2 months ago
Minecraft man I don't know why I said that?
Parker Hayes
Parker Hayes 2 months ago
Wait, how does that cannon even work?
Ok gaming
Ok gaming 3 months ago
This guy would probably hate the month of june
Ok gaming
Ok gaming 2 months ago
@Matthew Soucy no
Matthew Soucy
Matthew Soucy 2 months ago
Don’t we all
Matthew Soucy
Matthew Soucy 3 months ago
He has done god’s work
Matthew Soucy
Matthew Soucy 3 months ago
The dislikes are the lgbt community
Cooper Banks
Cooper Banks 3 months ago
so satisfying :D i love your vids :D
Giovanni Pescio
Giovanni Pescio 3 months ago
Is a LGBT reference?
Matthew Soucy
Matthew Soucy 2 months ago
Seems so and the tower got knocked down because of it
Yu-Xiang Tam
Yu-Xiang Tam 3 months ago
Magnetic cannons are just rail guns, right?
Hewwo me sylveon OwO
Rainbow tower... nah it’s G A Y. T O W E R
stom yed
stom yed 3 months ago
alternate title: metal kills a tower of gay
Jaymin Pohlman
Jaymin Pohlman 3 months ago
Balls: hey Rainbow tower: hey hey hey hey hey hey oof🔫
Strasny zerg
Strasny zerg 4 months ago
You are reincarnatin of Stalin. 😪🔫
KOCMOBOY 2.0 4 months ago
Да, это жёстко
Jorge Alegria
Jorge Alegria 4 months ago
Quiero 5
Marcus’s Minecraft dragons And king
I am so glad they did not make the balls look like airplanes and they did not make two of these
-지건- 4 months ago
이거 만든사람이 한국인인가요?
Gui Plays
Gui Plays 4 months ago
Filou_ 0306
Filou_ 0306 4 months ago
Cool 👍🏻
Hans Meier
Hans Meier 4 months ago
Reported for homophobia!
FOX TV 4 months ago
Я один русский?
Щеголев Прохор
Русские идут
gehpoodie 4 months ago
Fact: You did not search this up
Ub1 Duck
Ub1 Duck 4 months ago
you seem like the dad from the Lego movie
NiKiCh Games
NiKiCh Games 4 months ago
Donbass. Our days.
Щеголев Прохор
Hello from Russia. Is that a bad thing? Especially Donbass on both sides against lgbt and others. There's an explanation for that, and there's nationalists.
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez 4 months ago
sycOwood 4 months ago
Its like looking at an old cannon from the colonial times, only powered by magnets After watching the whole thing, I see how the cannon works, the lead bullet is magnetic and when you insert the magnet, the bullet attracts the magnet with so much force that it pushes the bullet out the other end, magnets are awesome
Ram 4 months ago
Какие красивые магнитики
Xia Wolf
Xia Wolf 4 months ago
Hit Monkey
Hit Monkey 4 months ago
What song is this?
Dunkler 4 months ago
Meanwhile in Russia...
Данила Вармаков
Ня пон
MrNacho814 4 months ago
Whoa thats cool. How does the cannon work??
Brandon J
Brandon J 4 months ago
I wish I had magnet balls...
_ Ukyo
_ Ukyo 4 months ago
government: work at home terrorists:
Huney 4 months ago
Gay panic
Supuh Mapno
Supuh Mapno 4 months ago
He has a rail gun...
Jack Denny
Jack Denny 4 months ago
Alternate title: man singlehandedly destroys homosexuality
pawelYT Aka. Pawelit
With his steel balls
Rhett Paul
Rhett Paul 4 months ago
0:16 sonic speed
SkyManta 4 months ago
Better name: Using handheld railgun to magnets into more magnets.
Ok gaming
Ok gaming 3 months ago
RedGamersGd 4 months ago
How to summarize dommspire brickbattle robloxians in nutshell.
W1 Sans
W1 Sans 4 months ago
Magnet building:Incoming!!The cannon is made of lead! We're doom!
Literally just a picture of a Wall
Companies after pride month be like
Nattakritta Buranasing
Donnie Cordero
Donnie Cordero 4 months ago
It's a mini rail gun
Tatkook Fire
Tatkook Fire 4 months ago
The god
Yaqoob Rahmaty
Yaqoob Rahmaty 4 months ago
you you yioo\
you’r channel makes me want LOADS of magnets...
Arab Games العاب العرب
@A Scp Fan no same
A Scp Fan
A Scp Fan 4 months ago
Me: mom can I have angry birds Mom: we have angry birds at home Angry birds at home:
Fernando Achikita_
Fernando Achikita_ 4 months ago
This guy hates LGBTQ+ community (of course i'm kidding)
Haha No!
Haha No! 4 months ago
@Ким Чен Ын ok no one asked
Ким Чен Ын
Ким Чен Ын 4 months ago
I to hate..
Sylveon Eeveeloutionbros
Do not try this at home
Mortal kombat gaming YT
Your videos are amazing
AC - 06PL - Thomas Street MS (1654)
Where u buy this?
Vero Rodriguez
Vero Rodriguez 4 months ago
2:53 the music matches with the ball hitting the tower
Nicolás Ladino
Nicolás Ladino 4 months ago
Has un titanic
Equipo Animal
Equipo Animal 4 months ago
Wow amazing
Luka 4 months ago
Me going to the CEO of gay
Andrei Ryabov
Andrei Ryabov 4 months ago
This is the future Mike Pence wants.
Lol Ma đê
Lol Ma đê 4 months ago
1:56 headshot
Fumperdink Boi
Fumperdink Boi 4 months ago
This is porn but without the people, just some really satisfying magnet action
Indo 4 months ago
AReallyCoolRat 4 months ago
that's enough RUvid for today
이댓글은빌런 4 months ago
Undergame 4 months ago
LGBTQ+ People: *Am I a joke to you?*
Undergame 4 months ago
If that’s what you were saying
Undergame 4 months ago
No I respect LGBTQ+ people
Undergame 4 months ago
Cloudy Moira what
Fernando Achikita_
Fernando Achikita_ 4 months ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH am I a joke to ya?
Totally Hyped
Totally Hyped 4 months ago
The magnets said gay rights lol
A Person
A Person 4 months ago
F in the chat for the ball that didn't make it at 3:32
samu marte08
samu marte08 4 months ago
He is italy i'm italy
Rick Borghuis
Rick Borghuis 4 months ago
Imagine the tower being filled completely. Then it would have eaten the bullets
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