Magnatab Magnetic Tablet and Stylus

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Draw freely using 361 magnetic spheres. Using the magnetic tip of the included stylus, pop individual beads to the surface of the board with a satisfying click.
Buy here: www.vat19.com/dvds/magnatab-magnetic-tablet-stylus.cfm?adid=youtube
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Kids (and fun-loving adults) will love the Magnatab Magnetic Drawing Board and Stylus.
Let your imagination guide you to draw letters, shapes, and patterns on the 19x19 bead board. And if you make a mistake, "erase" a bead by pressing on it with the tip of your finger.
Because all of the 361 magnetic spheres are encased in the board and cannot fall out, the Magnatab is a great on-the-go toy. Meets or exceeds all US and European toy safety standards. Ages 3+.
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Dec 13, 2012




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Comments 80
Reine H.R.
Reine H.R. 6 hours ago
I have it but mine is not a billion $
nibblynauts Day ago
0:39 Whoever that is: **puts it so no beads are showing** Beads: _Aiiiiiiii_
Crow_YT Brawl stars
*TheDark Angel*
*TheDark Angel* 3 days ago
There is a sticker on it that says kids O-
Orange Cat
Orange Cat 4 days ago
I could get this, or I could get 13 happy meals....
KitttyCat Lover
KitttyCat Lover 4 days ago
Looks dangerous.
Hugo Barillas
Hugo Barillas 5 days ago
But how do you put the sub Mattick in the pen pen
Kusuma Chaichumpon
I have this '-'
- skylerz world -
I wrote i h8 u. On this pad and i showed it to everyone on the. Neighborhood and i even showed to my dad mom cousin brother sister even my neighbor i got kicked out of my house...
Zoe Encarnado
Zoe Encarnado 7 days ago
Wow 😯
Zümra Keser
Zümra Keser 7 days ago
Why is it called "MagnaTab" and not "MagniTab"?
Gachapon Entertainment
Chteks a hcte?
Tory Palmeri
Tory Palmeri 8 days ago
0:45 - 0:51
Woomy Dayz
Woomy Dayz 8 days ago
My first Vat19 video lol
Vinícius Pontarolo
"Do not worry. The magnetic balls do not come out! There is no way for your daughter to egoliz- What? Did she eat the pen? Oh..."
James Smith
James Smith 9 days ago
It's a $25 etch a sketch
Raider's Revenge
Raider's Revenge 9 days ago
I need this
Iris The FREAKING Idiot
nobody: magnatab: *H*
Mahir Ali
Mahir Ali 10 days ago
I’m still here after 12 years👍
Just some guy with half a Mustache
If I got that when I was a kid I would have eaten the magnets And yes, I can always find a way to break something
Welcome to Elissa_playz Zone
I'm buying Magna tab!!!! FINNALY I made my decision
『peace & thxnder』
there’s a very faint “oof!” sound at the end
ibillisticsheep 8 days ago
『peace & thxnder』 timestamp pls
Tudor Adrian
Tudor Adrian 10 days ago
Who else asked parents to get it
MrYkwong 11 days ago
Don’t waste your money this is just nothing
Lia Kostopoulos
Lia Kostopoulos 12 days ago
I got that for my son he is in love with it
Evan.Z 12 days ago
My neighbour ally and Abby have that
Christine Alvedy
Christine Alvedy 14 days ago
I want to work at Vat19 like if you want to work at Vat19
NothingElseYT 14 days ago
“The metal beads are locked in place” Once I bought it : **THE BEADS FELL**
mara khairns
mara khairns 15 days ago
i read it as manga tab
calystahshines Fez nz
Lol I'm 8 this was when I was 1 years old o.O
Moonlight gacha
Moonlight gacha 19 days ago
Hi, this is an ad
beanpop224 aj
beanpop224 aj 20 days ago
i had this at my school lol oink
Jupiter Monstaaa
Jupiter Monstaaa 22 days ago
I have a fear of little holes and autoplay played this and i *freaked out like a horse that got kicked*
Jupiter Monstaaa
Jupiter Monstaaa 21 day ago
Plz dont
Skrt1 21 day ago
*_Trypophobia_* O0O0o0OO0O0o0O0o0o00O0O0O00O0o0OOoooooO0O0O0Oo
valmrcs 24 days ago
hello im here 8 years later
TheFreddy Show
TheFreddy Show 25 days ago
NonNoeKnowing 27 days ago
I would not pay 50$ for man. sry
jasmine curtis gaming
I miss watching this as a kid HAHAHA
Collin Milam
Collin Milam Month ago
When you realize that you watched a video were balls go in holes
LiLande IsTrash
LiLande IsTrash 7 days ago
Nah fam, they come out of holes
HARDKICK Month ago
Potato man Man
Potato man Man Month ago
Who else first thought the bells came from the pen
MePod 6
MePod 6 Month ago
3 and up(all the way up) Iuao
glendon juliano
glendon juliano Month ago
boi that much
Kakarot Month ago
Vat19: *draws a home* Everyone in 2020: how are we supposed to get this if we all in quarantine bruh.
Orion Tabita
Orion Tabita Month ago
Big brain
Aimi Nadyah
Aimi Nadyah Month ago
I get it in there is small magnet ball and the 🖊 its a magnet there so MAGNET
kinto con k
kinto con k Month ago
I had one of thoese in my school
Pauline Sylvie
Pauline Sylvie Month ago
In 1st grade. Is black and. 2nd and 3rd grade is red.
Pauline Sylvie
Pauline Sylvie Month ago
I love your outro VAT 19.
Pauline Sylvie
Pauline Sylvie Month ago
I have that in school.
Pauline Sylvie
Pauline Sylvie Month ago
kid o.
Pauline Sylvie
Pauline Sylvie Month ago
The magnet board.
Gunjan Kumar
Gunjan Kumar Month ago
Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma Month ago
Imma Write a Swatsika
Mr. Meme Stealer
I have this
somphors meas
somphors meas Month ago
Matthew Esguerra
This is fun
Colby Skinner
Colby Skinner Month ago
Just got mine
Rashid rehman
Rashid rehman Month ago
Thùy Dung Nguyễn
“The metallic spheres are locked inside the plastic case, so you don’t have to worry about those beads going every where.” Me: *says hello to my katana*
Tan Yao Yang
Tan Yao Yang Month ago
Proof that jamie is 10 years old
Lovinggd750 GD
Lovinggd750 GD 2 months ago
James Yeeter
James Yeeter 2 months ago
The other side should be able to put them back in place.
amara mercado
amara mercado 2 months ago
I have it
EnchantedPointless 2 months ago
i dont need this i need a 3D pen
Eman Shaker
Eman Shaker 2 months ago
I have one but it’s big
Cookiefan021 Cookie
Cookiefan021 Cookie 2 months ago
I ordered the Magnatab at vat19.com
BookFan2019 CloudyFanToo
Fun Fact: The beads are downsized Nanodots.
HELIX 2 months ago
This just a reverse etch a sketch Both literally and logically
_Jake Ng_
_Jake Ng_ 3 days ago
Mew Mew
Mew Mew 7 days ago
Gachapon Entertainment
TottinDrakes 2 months ago
Karis Xu
Karis Xu 2 months ago
I have the giant glow in the dark one!!
Firefoxgaming 2 months ago
the youutube algorithms have given me this video in.. 2020 ಠ_ಠ what?!?!? hecc ;-; thats a long time ago
Leona Reott
Leona Reott 2 months ago
the guy: share kid: heck no me: . . _
Chloe Chloe
Chloe Chloe 2 months ago
I have the exacr same thing but i didnt buy it from vat in but the magnet pen is red color for me and it doesnt have the word kid o
Tails 64
Tails 64 2 months ago
Gamer kid makes a space invader awwwwww :3
brawl kiddos
brawl kiddos 2 months ago
Trench 2 months ago
it sounds like you’re texting on an iphone
Roxy_roxa fox lover
Roxy_roxa fox lover 2 months ago
I want 1
Portalcrafter Productions
But what happens when you erase it? Does it just get dragged down to the void
I'm sorry but I heard one from my classmate it was "fat 19" so now I know it's Vat 19
blue chocolate
blue chocolate 2 months ago
Pls help my channel grow PLS IM ONLY AT 3
Trans World Jackson
Trans World Jackson 2 months ago
Now thats creative and clever..
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