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Hey guys, I'm really excited to share this animation with you. We've been secretly working on it for months and I think you'll love it! Welcome to the world of Magical Cat Emporium.
Created by Evon Freeman

With the voice talents of
LDShadowLady - LuvCat
SmallishBeans - Hamlet
Vixella - Space Fighter Cat
Noodlerella - Tutorial Cat / Grandma
SeaPeeKay - Lava Cat
TheOrionSound - Portal Cat
Samantha Sheftell - Various cats

Creative team
Written by Evon Freeman and Jillian Ogle
Storyboarded and directed by Evon Freeman
Edited by Q. Bryce Randle
Animated at DeTuco Estudio
Recorded at Steelworks Studios
Music by Jose “Choco” Reynoso
Twitter: twitter.com/LDShadowLady
Facebook: facebook.com/LDShadowLadyFB
Instagram: instagram.com/ldshadowlady
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ldshadowlady
Snapchat: LDSnapLady
Check out Joel's gaming channel:


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Aug 19, 2017




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Comments 80
LDShadowLady 2 years ago
Please let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more!
Lexi Bingham
Lexi Bingham 19 days ago
Lizzie please we need more Magical Cat Emporium it's been 2 years
Minecraft and more!!!
LDShadowLady more pls
Moonshy Playz
Moonshy Playz 2 months ago
LDShadowLady l love it
James Lamberton
James Lamberton 4 months ago
Give us more it’s been two year’s
cindy 5 months ago
alexa Hour ago
and we're back at this time of the world
LatsypieYT GACHA 0w0
Yes please
Lyn Aives
Lyn Aives 15 hours ago
Who else wants part two?! 😻😸😼🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱👵😦 🐱😼😸😻=cats 👵=grandma 🐈=LIZZE VOICE 🐱 CAT 😦=Joel voiced gamer
Butler Sebastian
Butler Sebastian 21 hour ago
2:24 oh god 😂😂😂
Sunny Studios
Who ever disliked is jealous they can’t draw like that-
Ruxandra ioana Dan
It's 1 am and weke up my mom HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP😭😭
DemonKitten 95
DemonKitten 95 2 days ago
Portal cat is best cat. Precious boi
Steven Stephenson
Joel with long hair....
Potato Productions
Okay okay here me out Main character... ... *BUT MAKE THEM NON-BINARY!!!*
Snow Whyte
Snow Whyte 2 days ago
this is ADORABLE!
Preet Buttar
Preet Buttar 3 days ago
This has to be an anime 😂😂😂😂
The adventures of Ava unicorn
Who’s here in 202o Lizzie did a magical cat emporium on build versus
C.D.C Claudia
C.D.C Claudia 3 days ago
Its like Joels voice the one of the green haired guy
Moon Beamqs
Moon Beamqs 3 days ago
Omgg thatsss soooooo cuteeeeee
Penguin_pal Rabbit_pal
Pleeeease make more!!!!! It’s sooo goood!!!!!
•Lí'l Łávéndér•
Oh mah gawd the voice of the green haired boy is jorel(aka smalishbeans)And Lizze(Aka LDshadowlady)is the pink cat!
temporalArtisan 4 days ago
Monica Metz
Monica Metz 4 days ago
It's been 3 years, can you make a whole movie or series please or ill put a 😢 emoji on every comment on every one of you video, not really but it would be nice (ding!) MAYBE YOU'LL MAKE IT TO THE THEATERS!
Tall Giraffe
Tall Giraffe 4 days ago
This is what the build vs one came from
Grace Knight
Grace Knight 4 days ago
Who knew all my fav RUvidrs were all such great voice actors?!
Jemma Jens
Jemma Jens 5 days ago
2:26 uuuuuh😂😂😂
LJ Crazycat
LJ Crazycat 5 days ago
More. Please
Lazy Bish
Lazy Bish 5 days ago
4:23 Sailor Joel!
DragonFries 12
DragonFries 12 6 days ago
Nearly 3 years and still a fantastic animation.
Miku Hinasaki
Miku Hinasaki 6 days ago
Uh ya I’d like to see more! 😂
Emma Koch
Emma Koch 6 days ago
Who else saw this after watching the shop theme on build vs XD
TheBigGreenBunny 5 days ago
Yea XD
An_Octopus 6 days ago
Its been three years but wow its BEAUTIFUL!!
Prepare Yourself
Prepare Yourself 6 days ago
Getting some real Bee and Puppycat vibes
Berryfrost 6 days ago
We need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Furry Creative
Furry Creative 6 days ago
We have truly been blessed with this short animation.
yell hoe
yell hoe 7 days ago
when’s the show coming I’ve been waiting almost 3 years
its kaeru lee
its kaeru lee 7 days ago
Joel Daniel
Joel Daniel 7 days ago
Steven universe wishes
Sofia Elise
Sofia Elise 7 days ago
Lizzie you should re-upload this 👍💖
Youdonotcare 7 days ago
b r u h n o p a r t 2
• Imholywater •
Lizzie, *iTs BeEn 2 YeArS gUrL aNd ThErE's StiLl nO ePiSoDe 2!*
Serena Sleek
Serena Sleek 7 days ago
2020... anyone.. anywhere....ok
Dagul Comiaaa
Dagul Comiaaa 7 days ago
Lizzzz plzzzz makezzzz partzzz 2zzzz!!!!!!!
Evie Bell
Evie Bell 7 days ago
Lizzieeeee doooo mmmooorrree
CocoSapling 7 days ago
Still waiting for the next episode *d i e s*
AzNas 8 days ago
Is it just me or Beary looks like Grizz from We Bare Bear
AngelKitty0911 8 days ago
is so cute
Delia Pinero
Delia Pinero 9 days ago
You should make another one
//BellatrixandBelle12 \\
Is this steven universe related?
Michael Buitizon
Michael Buitizon 9 days ago
looks like its from disney, this video can be a series
Mm Giselle
Mm Giselle 9 days ago
Its been 2 years and yet, *IM STILL WAITING FOR MORE*
Kitten Love
Kitten Love 9 days ago
This gives me bee and puppycat vibes
Cartoon Toon
Cartoon Toon 9 days ago
Honestly Joel is such a natural voice actor
It'z Ace Wolfe
It'z Ace Wolfe 9 days ago
Oh my god Lizzie and Oli are cats
Julie Caligan -Gilliam
Vixella sounds SO different xd
Marlin Fish
Marlin Fish 9 days ago
Bro remember this it was and is awesome
Adyl Enzo Mama
Adyl Enzo Mama 10 days ago
Darcy Nguyen
Darcy Nguyen 10 days ago
Please make another one of these little animations, it’s almost been 3 years..🤣🥺
Todoroxi kun
Todoroxi kun 10 days ago
*Build vs?*
COOKIE DRAGON 10 days ago
Joel is so funny in this
COOKIE DRAGON 10 days ago
Lizzie is such a tsundere in dis
Lucky Bucky
Lucky Bucky 10 days ago
These just pops in my recommendation💗💖👁👄👁🤘
Moonstruck Hatter
Moonstruck Hatter 10 days ago
I'm so sad there wasnt a part two 😭
Fox Queen
Fox Queen 10 days ago
Joel was mistaken as a girl!!!! 😹😹😹
Fox Queen
Fox Queen 10 days ago
Ommg Lizzie plays a cat!!!!! I'm screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!😹😹😹😹😹😸😸😸
Jeff Romero
Jeff Romero 10 days ago
It’s been 3 years
Sasha Kostyukovsky
Sasha Kostyukovsky 10 days ago
2:28 ummmmmm Lizzie wtf
olivia sharon
olivia sharon 10 days ago
poor joel...
Athena 10 days ago
its back, lizzie. we need part 2
Da_ Wierd_Sunflower
We need part 2 lizzie!
ᑕᒪOᑌᗪY_ᗪᖇEᗩᗰᔕ 1610
It’s in my recommended again it’s been 2 years.
One day...maybe one dayyy
The Mexican Kitsune
My favorite part is when Lizzie said you missed a stop is my favorite part my bff loves this because she is a cat child.
elizer 11 days ago
where’s the show
XXluna ShardsXX
XXluna ShardsXX 11 days ago
Plz more it so good
Krazii Vibez
Krazii Vibez 11 days ago
2020 5/25/20 anyone lol
🐼Panda chan playz🐼
It’s almost been 3 YEARS please make a part two or a WHOLE SHOW either options is fine just PLEASEEEEEEEE Amount of people who want it: I I I I I I V
Lola Wilson
Lola Wilson 11 days ago
Plz do more thank you ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Sunny_Rose 11 days ago
This reminds me of bee and puppy cat
Oofer Doofer
Oofer Doofer 11 days ago
And she has never made a second part...
BaseDex 11 days ago
Anika Lynn
Anika Lynn 11 days ago
He was playing overwatch....I think.
Chocolate •w•
Chocolate •w• 12 days ago
At 2:30 though LMAO
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 12 days ago
This looks like Bee and Puppy cat for some reason..
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