Magic Johnson wants Kevin Durant to find happiness | First Take

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Magic Johnson wonders where Kevin Durant will find happiness if winning back-to-back championships with Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson on the Golden State Warriors didn’t do it for him.
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 100
Angelia Bledsoe
Angelia Bledsoe 10 months ago
KD bevballing ..he got bunch HATERS...we love u Kelvin...okc!!!!
BIG DICK Year ago
Adam Year ago
Maybe I'm a dinosaur but can you imagine Larry Bird or Michael Jordan being so soft during their playing days?
Mike Letterst
Mike Letterst Year ago
Magic Johnson what's the CD4 count on that thing
Outer Year ago
Durant never gonna be the same prime KD ever again, he is getting older and slower not faster, he is coming off the most devastating bball injury which will slow him down further and take away some of his hops as well. You will see a noticeable difference in his game next year
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick Year ago
KD summed up: “I’m not as good as Lebron, never have been and never will be, period, EVERYONE knows it, and I can’t handle it.” KD will not be happy until he realizes and accepts the undeniable fact that he simply isn’t on the Lebron. MJ level. Perhaps if he LEADS two different teams who weren’t good until he got there to 8 straight Finals them we MIGHT consider mentioning him somewhere in the same vicinity or ballpark as GOAT James. But not until then. And KD doesn’t like Kerr because of Kerrs statement that MJ and Lebron are the two best players that he’s ever seen.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor Year ago
happiness isn't alway's there it's a constant pursuit.
Guy Gilliam
Guy Gilliam Year ago
durant just want to hoop and get stats, kyrie too; winning no longer matter!
Moe Year ago
KD the greatest and Kylie a killa the nets ain’t gon b nothin to fk wit once they get right...
Kd I think is in a retirement state.. that might be his only happiness..Still got a lot of life in him but if you mental state ain't there, then your game not either
Jorge Salas
Jorge Salas Year ago
One day Kevin Durant will come out gay.
Zachary Solomon
KD is Gay. He needs to comeout of the closet.
Karen Kordei
Karen Kordei Year ago
Stop sleeping on Golden State I'm sick of it also I really do hope KD find happiness like magic said a lot of the team step back for KD
D. League
D. League Year ago
He wants adulation, and that comes from play and personality. He only has one of those.
Michael Gray
Michael Gray Year ago
SAS is stuck on stupid. The Lakers are NOT the favorites.
Andrej Lorenci
Ego never finds happiness.
Drone 24
Drone 24 Year ago
Please What ego do you see... Besides that Draymond incident at the Clippers game You had Bob Myers at the championship parade saying What he Said Was Disrespectful to KD...Who didn't say anything, That man stated he just wanna play
fully dunce
fully dunce Year ago
It's hard to be as great as he is and find happiness we bmneed the puss and the drive
Alan Bustillo
Alan Bustillo Year ago
KD ... it’s not going to win another championship..... without the Warriors ... KD... at best would be like TMAC.... phenomenal player but would have never won no championship ..... I mean KD ,Westbrook and harden with serge couldn’t win one..... Nuff said.... you’re different from the rest of the Warriors cause you’re not a winner....be forever grateful to chef curry KD!!!!!!!
manny lopez
manny lopez Year ago
It works cuz there was 4 allstars on the floor in there prime
Reiq Year ago
She looks bored shitless
Tim Williams
Tim Williams Year ago
Magic may want him to find happiness, but I want him to find a woman and stop being such a mommas boy !!!
Mark Joe Flores
KD wants to have a balance conference,! west is stack stars! he will be the number one player in east aside giannnis
clipside Year ago
Lol its funny because KD benefited the most with the spacing provided by klay and steph... lol soon he will realize scoring wont be as easy once hes out of golden state..
Well said Magic about KD.
Fizzyphafacts Battlerap_Life
He said it’s not a bad thing idiot why y’all so concerned with how another man feels
Drone 24
Drone 24 Year ago
Facts Brother.... It's about putting yourself in the best position to win and Give you Pleasure to be there...Stephen A Act to emotional Alot
Patricia Ashley
Why Ate You So Loud. His Name is Jesus. Trust Him. Read: Isaiah Chapter 59.
D Ray
D Ray Year ago
Durant is so sensitive that he can't even stand people wanting him to be happy
Jeffrey Jorge in new york city
Them titles dont mean nothing he should of just bought them
Jeffrey Jorge in new york city
Just speaking facts even if those sound stupid
Jeffrey Jorge in new york city
💘 everyone
Jeffrey Jorge in new york city
I wonder if the people in the stands got paid to sit threw this
johnnie rod
johnnie rod Year ago
if the 🐍 isn't happy @ all,then he should go to the rockets & reunite with westbrook & harden ...... & ask ibaka to join them too ........ 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 ......
josh Year ago
Warriors even offered him the super max. Not enough.
Respect Knuckles
Find happiness ninja,!! 😂😂
Eric Cendejas
Eric Cendejas Year ago
Durant lacks the champion gene, he’s not a leader and never will
Benjamin Pectol
Translation: Magic is happy KD is out of the Western Conference. Magic gave the entire Laker team the hiv. Dwite Howard came back for seconds.
Big H
Big H Year ago
Kevin Durant is one confused brother
TheTlewis3074 Year ago
I lost some respect for Magic.
Jessica Knowles
KD needs to comb his hair, perhaps he will find happiness. KD. wants it all KD. need inner peace ☮️ with him self to be happy 😃 l hope he don’t win. another dam championship. To ungrateful. Go GSW. Champions 2020. much love S.Curry . Honey Golden State is your team.
Don M
Don M Year ago
He is justifiably unhappy. What he did was unprecedented and therefore people who think to do the same in future need to observe and take note....Its makes you happier when you build things yourself rather than jump on what others were building before. Which doesnt mean he should not be happy, it is good he is not happy as it would not be a good look for him to be happy with just being given 2 easy titles!
Don M
Don M Year ago
@Sydney Cole What wuld have been more impactful Ewing and Barkley joining and putting 2 losses on Jordan or KD Joining GSW and putting 2 losses on Lebron? Add to that KLAW Joining TOR and do what Lebron wasnt able to do
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole Year ago
Don M wade won finals mvp before lebron got to Miami
Don M
Don M Year ago
@Sydney Cole And what did Wade/Bosh win together before? They formed a team not join a championship team that held season 73/9 win record. Two different things all together, thats not even a strong as two champions like KD and KI linking up! They all built the team just like KD will have to do now with KI
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole Year ago
Don M So lebron joined wade and Bosh........
MikeyLuves777 Year ago
I wanted the same for magic but instead he found aids
Highlemon Year ago
He knows he didn’t earn those 2 rings
Stiggle77 Year ago
Let's all gather around to figure out how to make someone happy who is a millionaire. I think we should make this a running series.
BigSi 2017
BigSi 2017 Year ago
The key to happiness is staying true to yourself. Stand and fight like a man and lose every year with Westbrick like everybody else!
Sidonio Figueiredo Jr
He needs Jesus
bledzone231 Year ago
Durant need to find his real happiness team, by not going other team.
Ricardo Blake
Ricardo Blake Year ago
magic talk truth
Chris Y. Kim
Chris Y. Kim Year ago
How tf you gonna find happiness if youre not happy w/ yourself?
李善德 Year ago
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Fire Storm
Fire Storm Year ago
He is not happy with himself inside and shows
Keith Edwards
Keith Edwards Year ago
Having a conversation like that in front of such a huge crowd doesn't seem a bit....idk....cringey?...or its just me?
Brian Roiger
Brian Roiger Year ago
Nobody is happy.
Charles Brown
Charles Brown Year ago
How did this become about happiness???
Benji 2logX
Benji 2logX Year ago
SAS: that’s good point Max but you are wrong and this is why lol
Ricky Runks
Ricky Runks Year ago
Durant should just come out & say how he feels, all this double talk got him looking dumb. He hates Steph Curry, his place in basketball, his image & the way ppl praise him. Durant said he hated "ball movement offence" translation just give me the ball. He hated being "part of the team" and really thought by now he'd eclipse be THE guy in GS. His plan was to divide & conquer, to dismantle GS as we knew it. He wanted the Warriors staff & team to praise him & felt away when they kept it moving, considering they were all already winners.
Ricky Runks
Ricky Runks Year ago
@Sydney Cole Ahh -ha, he's a better at doing what he does, but Steph is definitely better than KD in terms of importance to a team/any team.
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole Year ago
Ricky Runks Kd is WAAY better than curry
Vimi Year ago
Bring back seattle sonics where he first started his career and was happy playing ball.
Jr G
Jr G Year ago
Clippers coming out before the lakers do 🤷🏽‍♂️sorry magic
Derrick kennedy
Kevin and kyrie are gonna win a ring together , Russ and James are gonna win a ring together , Kawhi and Pg are gonna win a ring together & Bron and AD will win a ring together . I don’t think we will see anymore back to back champs it’s gonna be a new finals each year for the next 5 years
Artur Rofi
Artur Rofi Year ago
I agree with you Mr Johnson with exception of if it's not Golden State than there is no place else.. I think the Nets have a good shot to flourish with KD and he could lead them to that stage. But yes, Golden State is loaded and this makes move makes NBA More COMPARATIVE.
ankevious oliver
KD is gonna pull a Robin William's out here. Someone reach out to that man.
Internet troll
Nah kyrie gonna take care of him.
Heathcliff Year ago
KD is just a sensitive giraffe
john doe
john doe Year ago
Magic Johnson is still alive ?!? did he have HIV, AIDS ??
AltCtrlR Year ago
Kevin Durant’s attitude is the reason he’s not happy. If he changes that, then there is hope for him. If not, he’s not going to find it, especially not in Brooklyn.
VaShaun Year ago
Kareem is an introvert
Silas Osano
Silas Osano Year ago
Dono why I think magic should just stfu
Mr SS Year ago
If you making millions and winning, who cares "who tean" it is because in reality its the owner(s)
Mike the bone crusher
2:56 that one poor warriors fan who only cheered for golden state
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Year ago
#23 on trending
Sickles197 Year ago
Yellow Supercar
Watch kd come back and nets be a bust , he’s not a leader like Jordan or magic
Jean Pompee
Jean Pompee Year ago
KD you’re selfish brat, you lost your mind fool.
Gods Pinkyring
Lol I’m sure that man is pretty happy.
It's donald cheadle
Happy sit "
avocado o
avocado o Year ago
Durant needs to buy a tuna fish sandwich on a bread stick
308328928 Year ago
Why is this out loud with the audience?
DEN E.V Year ago
This guy does not look like a guy with the mental fortitude to be able to battle back from this very serious injury. He could very well be done.
MikeRocks25 Year ago
The boy, Kevin Durant, needs to man-up and shake that matriarchal energy off of himself and stop being in his feelings so much. Tell that boy to be a leader and play ball, get paid, and win NBA championships.
JaMaurae Birden
Question: When did KEVIN DURANT say he WAS NOT HAPPY?
Magnet Jay
Magnet Jay Year ago
Durant best offensive player o the NBA Probably top 10 defender
Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons Year ago
Durant is an absolute embarrassment to the sport.
TheTlewis3074 Year ago
If Magic is so concerned with player happiness he should be concerned with the guy who's played with 4 different teams in less than 10 years. What's up with him? Stop the hypocrisy and the bullying.
Jaime Uh
Jaime Uh Year ago
Louie D'angelo
I just hope KD and kyrie can gel good, brooklyn need this Championship . Add dinwiddie , harris, d jordan, levert, thats one awesome roster.Defense should be tight also with allen in the middle and kurucs doing all the dirty work.
Taylan Ertan
Taylan Ertan Year ago
I mean, at this point, KD is actively trying NOT to find happiness.
Jonathan Nelson
KD is in the closet, guys. Wait on it.
Aarond Anton
Aarond Anton Year ago
I'm a Trailblazer fan born and raised but I knew Durant was in for a ride when they took the lumbering Oden over him. Great guy seems he is seems humble and kind so he never gets the respect he deserves I always thought he could be a franchise player to build on. In two weeks I'm moving to Oklahoma from Oregon so come on OkC. Home is where the heart is brother where do you want to be?
The Observer Melanin
Kevin Durant has deep Mental Issues. It's all on his face. It's all in his Look as a Grown Man with a lot of money, a clean cut look goes a long way I think. It's a old sayin, When you look good , Ya Feel Good.
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Year ago
Then talk to the Dali Lahma
qazi faisal
qazi faisal Year ago
Lakers are the favorite to win the 8th seed 😂😂😂😂😂 and possibly make the playoffs . Lakers are over rated.
Jonathan F
Jonathan F Year ago
KD real talk... we will be alright without you in GS, maybe that’s why you had to go... I just hope you succeed in you’re endeavors in Brooklyn and I Hope hope that ACL heals up because you’re one of the best of all time. Thanks for everything, wish you the best.
Be Awakening
Be Awakening Year ago
He is guilty as fucked for leaving thunder
Be Awakening
Be Awakening Year ago
He feel different because he is closest.....
He needs to stop being bitter over the raptor fans that “cheered” when he went down.
Maurice Markray
I hate Steven A Smith
Davey J
Davey J Year ago
How you ask that man does he have a problem with another man's comments
Nia Iman
Nia Iman Year ago
KD: I'm not like other girls
Laly Gmoney
Laly Gmoney Year ago
Foot boll
Billy Golden
Billy Golden Year ago
Kevin Durant went to Golden State to play for an unselfish team. He ended up fucking up playing selfish basketball
BZ Year ago
They wanted KD. if he’s greatest put respect on his name. He wants to do it on his team not Curry’s.
Where Brooklyn at, they sure not making the NBA Finals!
Jonathan Year ago
The day magic Johnson dies there will be millions of hiv jokes
Kiki Enric
Kiki Enric Year ago
Google “Andrew Yang “ !!!
Lee Lee
Lee Lee Year ago
U a NBA player... The best pro athletes aren't even on tv. They never got established... You mad?... You sad?... Dude betta tighten up!
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