Magic Johnson explains why Zion Williamson will not be a NBA All-Star this season | First Take

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Magic Johnson, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman answer whether they believe New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson will be an NBA All-Star this season.
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 100
xShiroNekox 25 days ago
bucks lakers
Autumnal Equinox
These analyst don't deserve to talk with MJ if he was KG he might start throwing hands
Its2gud Productions
Its2gud Productions 4 months ago
Molly Just Shut Up
Joe Martin
Joe Martin 7 months ago
Well Majic was right.
Rick Ford
Rick Ford 7 months ago
Everyone riding the Zion train
Jeff Tuttle
Jeff Tuttle 7 months ago
Haha. Look at golden state now. Lmfao. They got it BAD this season. Hahahaha
Jhon Fisher
Jhon Fisher 7 months ago
Did that man say bigger then him who 285 pounds
Mike Willoughby
Mike Willoughby 8 months ago
I’m afraid the pelicans are screwed.
Art Boston
Art Boston 8 months ago
Wow Kevin McHale was great and Magic agrees with me!
Smok Biggarton
Smok Biggarton 9 months ago
Once again sleepin on Toronto Raptors..better put some respect on are team
Joan Hermoso
Joan Hermoso 9 months ago
Zion is a bust 😂😂😂😂😂
Idk Yay
Idk Yay 7 months ago
Joan Hermoso this didn’t age well
Alex Madden
Alex Madden 10 months ago
Max was lookin scared for Steven A there for a moment. And himself
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 10 months ago
The warriors will go back to being the laughed at team in the nba again!
Bane 11 months ago
WROOOOONG ! Zion all star for sure !!!
Nick D
Nick D 11 months ago
He's gonna be the top vote getter
phillip owens
phillip owens 11 months ago
Who in the NBA is as Big and Athletic as Zion Williamson???
league of legends Manatics
i dont think lakers will be on the playoffs thats what magic tryin to say
I'm wrong because,
I'm wrong because, 11 months ago
league of legends Manatics not even close
D Wnright
D Wnright 11 months ago
wrong Magic. he's likely going to be THE all-star this season.
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 11 months ago
IMHO I’m more concerned about the Pelicans winning then Zion having high player accolades. If his post play can elevate the other players on the team , he’s an all star in my book
dave0z96 11 months ago
Zion will be an All Star this year and for many years to come based off what I've been seeing .
Cronotic 11 months ago
Magic Johnson explains why Zion Williamson will not be a NBA All-Star this season | First Take
Don Schultz
Don Schultz 11 months ago
Boycott NBA
Netz Astigrockon
Netz Astigrockon 11 months ago
You gonna be very far away talking to Magic Johnson or else those flying saliva will be carrying those nasty virus in to your mouth.
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez 11 months ago
Netz Astigrockon HIV can’t be transmitted through saliva or kissing. You’re an idiot
Bit Coin
Bit Coin 11 months ago
this will age poorly
Choppa 11 months ago
Drops 29 in preseason yea aight
audiotone 11 months ago
Get out of the fog.
audiotone 11 months ago
Sports is a distraction.
audiotone 11 months ago
With all that's going on in this troubled world, all this about basketball, crazy.
Recognize Game
Recognize Game 11 months ago
This female commentator knows nothing about the game. There are hundreds of retired female athletes that deserve this job.
Khalid Mayes
Khalid Mayes 11 months ago
How many times hows Magic Johnson been wrong...
BiggQue2700 11 months ago
Zion's gonna be an All-Star because it's a lot of soft guys in the league. When he gets the ball, dudes are gonna let him slam and no one's gonna attempt to block.
Mutura Man
Mutura Man 11 months ago
"EvErYbOdY HeRe! HeY hEy HeY !!" -Stupid Donkey
2wavxy x Dorian
2wavxy x Dorian 11 months ago
That one dude sound like michael cole
BlackOut GStar
BlackOut GStar 11 months ago
kawhi lakers 99% kawhi raptors 99%
These Hoes NATION
These Hoes NATION 11 months ago
Shutcho aids up
Vince Duffy
Vince Duffy 11 months ago
Fans with vote him in...
Crisis 11 months ago
People don’t understand warriors lost more than kd , those two guys that came of their bench Livingston and igy was the heart of the bench even before or got there, then gon need more than curry , klay , and draymond ( at times ) to win
NazztyNaz 11 months ago
Who gave max a microphone?🎤
Saksham Jha
Saksham Jha 11 months ago
3:33 , truer words have not been spoken
Rodney Clutch
Rodney Clutch 11 months ago
I dont think Zion will be a all star this season, ......I KNOW HE WILL! Superstar talent! Could be a legend talent should he remain healthy his NBA career! Guard him, get put on a poster!
Louiee 11 months ago
Molly is the little sister 😂
chua xuan jie
chua xuan jie 11 months ago
Because he is not drafted by lakers
Tay James
Tay James 11 months ago
First rookie allstar..
William Leonard
William Leonard 11 months ago
“We haven’t seen anyone that Big and that athletic” Ummm... Wilt Chamberlain was vastly more athletic and larger! Lol
Patrick Jaegers
Patrick Jaegers 11 months ago
@William Leonard Where did you see that he holds the official NBA record? There was no record when he played (not really an official one even now that I can find), so it was never officially recorded. Wilt himself uses pictures from track events in HS and college to try to show that he must have jumped that high, because no other proof exists. But he was a beast for sure, especially for a 7 footer. I consider him perhaps the most gifted athlete of all time considering his size, but unfortunately his feats weren't recorded and measured like they would be today, so it's all hearsay.
William Leonard
William Leonard 11 months ago
Patrick Jaegers I’m fairly confident in the vert 45-50 since he holds the NBA record
Patrick Jaegers
Patrick Jaegers 11 months ago
@William Leonard Absolutely! The 50" vert, and 600lb bench are suspect because they weren't ever officially measured, but no doubt he was otherworldly. He was also a high jumper in college who had Olympic potential (only ever got beat one time, and it was to an Olympic champion), and he BEAT an Olympic shot putter IN the shot put. Guy could do anything. Was a professional volleyball player after he retired from basketball, and was one of, if not the best player in the world into his 40's! He was quite possibly the most dominant physical athlete the world has ever seen. Maybe not the best basketball player ever (probably Jordan IMO), but definitely the best physical specimen. He even wanted to box Ali, but Ali's corner never let it happen (I think because Ali actually thought he would lose.)
William Leonard
William Leonard 11 months ago
Patrick Jaegers When you are 7’1 with a 50 inch vertical and he claims in his prime he could bench 600lbs!!!
Patrick Jaegers
Patrick Jaegers 11 months ago
Totally agree. Of course, saying Zion will be an all star because he's big AND athletic and using Chamberlain as an example of someone who was there before does underscore the point. Chamberlain scored 43 points and grabbed 28 boards in his first NBA game as a rookie! I don't expect Zion to make anywhere close to the impact Chamberlain did, but he still might easily make a big impact right away. Dude is a freak! Not like Chamberlain, but still freakish.
JeremyFacelift 11 months ago
Dont get his blood on you SAS... just sayin
jay apple
jay apple 11 months ago
Never been someone that big and that athletic... lebron... dwight Howard... shaq.. giannis... and maybe a 100 more over the years...
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 11 months ago
Z will be an all star.
John Sim
John Sim 11 months ago
Stephan A got punked by Magic
Lewi Love
Lewi Love 11 months ago
That no look pass tho 02:25
ThatBoiChris 11 months ago
Y’all hyping this kid so much he finna end up like Lonzo with all the pressure 🤦‍♂️
RealDriver 11 months ago
Magic what????????
Choua Vue
Choua Vue 11 months ago
He ain't because the West is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stack.
RunDa Mic
RunDa Mic 11 months ago
.......Sorry I didn’t hear a single word anyone said in this video. Are they talking about basketball?😏😉
Ryan Rashad
Ryan Rashad 11 months ago
You don’t want to make magic bleed
easuz _
easuz _ 11 months ago
He's the second biggest player in the nba 😂 stfu magic ain't nobody else 280lbs with a 40 inch vert 💯
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez 11 months ago
easuz _ That means he’s overweight lol. That’s not good.
MrMuis06 11 months ago
I'm glad magic checked Stephan A Smith, he don't know when to fall back, he be feeling himself way to much.
AboveTheClout 11 months ago
Did anyone see that dime pass Magic gave to SAS?! 😳
hahahhahha they funny asl hahahahhahahahaha
King Gibb
King Gibb 11 months ago
How is he gonna talk
Alogain 11 months ago
I still have love & respect for Magic but, I don't put much faith in anything he say's anymore.
Nicholas yaj
Nicholas yaj 11 months ago
Why!? Cause he can't shoot. Dude gonna be 🧱 all day.
steven Hughley II
steven Hughley II 11 months ago
And we suppose to trust magic Johnson
Nathan Barnard
Nathan Barnard 11 months ago
Careful Stephen! He’ll inject you with AIDS
Erezell Huddleston
Erezell Huddleston 11 months ago
It was about to go down lol
febbra2 11 months ago
Dončić legit earning the job of all star, Zion gonna be all hype.
George Banks
George Banks 11 months ago
Go ! Magic Mann ! One of The All Time Greatnesses !
rcho 22
rcho 22 11 months ago
If Zion doesn’t average 20 ppg and dominates the league. Everyone is gonna say that he’s a flop. Poor kid has too much expectations
Austin 11 months ago
Warriors too slept on
PharaohLawLess1 11 months ago
I don’t think Zion will be an All Star this season
jordan tony
jordan tony 11 months ago
He’s gonna find out real quick in the west kawhi James curry. Mayb in east
John Boi
John Boi 11 months ago
Many people seem to forget that Iquadola is a threat on both ends of the floor during crunch time when he needs to be............
Jay Goodman
Jay Goodman 11 months ago
Pelicans won't make playoffs until 2022😏
Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez 11 months ago
He's just saying that so nobody else grabs him otherwise he wont be talking about him
Yaboy Mc
Yaboy Mc 11 months ago
Who else that magic was gonna ball hog the whole segment after he said he was gonna keep it
bribay 11 months ago
Gayest thumbnail
Aziz Alborr
Aziz Alborr 11 months ago
I hate this guy Zion already . Stop promote him until u actually see him in action during NBA ges
Cheif Osa
Cheif Osa 11 months ago
Click bait
Peco Pecovski
Peco Pecovski 11 months ago
Anthony Bennet 2.0
Keyrhon King
Keyrhon King 11 months ago
All duke players r trash in the nba
Naswa Pranks
Naswa Pranks 11 months ago
Magic Johnson is so mature in his analysis
Git Gud
Git Gud 11 months ago
Lebrun wasn't an Allstar in year one, Zion will?
Mathias Cavalcanti
Mathias Cavalcanti 11 months ago
If doncic didnt make it, no other rookies will
Jay Company
Jay Company 11 months ago
I think Zion is going to be a all-star and rookie of the year.....he's the best basketball player to come out in a while, he's going to make the pelicans better.
KevinProNOW 11 months ago
Magic that's where your WRONG!
Jake Facchinato
Jake Facchinato 11 months ago
🤜🏼🌰 🤜🏼🌰
Riley 11 months ago
He judging him too early... he just got drafted 3 months ago 🤣
Braden Morrison
Braden Morrison 11 months ago
Ronnie nah man no matter how good he does he ain’t making it to much star talent is west
Senor Bit
Senor Bit 11 months ago
Zion won't put up a better rookie stat than Doncic or Ayton did last season ..
MacArthur Park Va
MacArthur Park Va 11 months ago
Love Steven A. but sometimes he is a pure clown, there were some good questions about Lonzo lost in this segment. Magic and Lakers high and unrealistic ecpectations ruined at least 5 young players' careers. The Lakers biggest opponent is History and Lebum will find out this season.
Big Nagurski
Big Nagurski 11 months ago
I can't believe magic is still alive! Didn't he get aids 30yrs ago?
Nunya Bizwacks
Nunya Bizwacks 11 months ago
Millions can work miracles lol
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes 11 months ago
Tho I agree Zion won't be an all star... But Zion won't be playing against player's that are more athletic than him on a game to game basis in general. Zion is an elite athlete. Not to many players in the NBA have the athleticism that Zion has, not to mention Zion thrives on playing Defense.
nutt nutt
nutt nutt 11 months ago
How's magic still alive with aids must be the blood game they play right
Andrew Lin
Andrew Lin 11 months ago
Luka better get All Star. He had the numbers and the fan support
MrDonsullivan 11 months ago
If Magic says he's not an all star, then bet the farm, Zion will be an all star.
Bo 2 4. u.
Bo 2 4. u. 11 months ago
Lorenzo Bontorin
Lorenzo Bontorin 11 months ago
1:13 Man U can't not love Magic
Jay Machado
Jay Machado 11 months ago
Zion plays like Charles Barkley when he was younger.
keyboard warrior
keyboard warrior 11 months ago
That was so cringe
NOW WE CAN SEE if Steph Curry is on a Prime Lebron James level(No Klay, No Durant). Let's see if he can carry this team to the playoffs. If he even tries to carry this team, he's going to find out real quick how physically demanding it is to go all out every night. That's literally what it would take. Let's see if he can make Golden state better than all the teams in the Eastern conference, and/or at least 6th seed in the West.
@Diego Velazquez I bet you didn't complain about the Boston 3 party
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez 11 months ago
Yisra_el_awakening_400 Lebron formed two different super teams in a weak conference
Alexander Kennelly
Alexander Kennelly 11 months ago
2:48 Security guy on the right side behind Stephen A playin it cool 😅🤣😂
Funky Goose World
Funky Goose World 11 months ago
switch gears Molly at it again...
Mister Jack
Mister Jack 11 months ago
"Just as athletic as him"? Well that may be a stretch. I'm not even a follower of zion, but his athleticism is not easily found. He's a phenom.
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