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im letting you in you're letting me down
i swear when you talk you just like the sound
one too many times i let you ruin my life cause
i thought you would change but i see it now
all the yelling and kissing and fighting
we never could see eye to eye cause
you might seem like a man but you're not one
in your mind
yeah im back on my shit and it's tempting
to call you and see how you're doing
but i couldn't understand ya if i tried
i dont speak boyshit
you're always coming back but your loves poison
so i think that i would rather just avoid it
i can't understand ya
cause i don't speak boy no
i don't speak
i don't speak
i dont speak boyshit
don't know how to talk or communicate
were so on and off to you it's a game
if you don't level up im leaving you in the dust yeah
so i'm moving on until you start trying to act your age yeah
i dont speak boyshit
you're always coming back but your loves poison
so i think that i would rather just avoid it
i can't understand ya
cause i don't speak boy no
i don't speak
i don't speak
i don't speak
all the yelling and kissing and fighting
we never could see eye to eye yeah
you might seem like a man but you're not one
in your mind
yeah im back on my shit and it's tempting
to call you and see how you're doing
but i couldn't understand ya if i tried
cause i dont speak boyshit
cause I don’t speak boy no
cause I don’t speak boyshit
So tryina get through to you is pointless
you might have a way with words but i'm a woman
i can't understand ya
cause i don't speak boy no
i don't speak
i don't speak
i don’t speak boyshit
i don’t speak boyshit
i don’t speak boyshit
i don't speak boy no
i don't speak
i don't speak
i don’t speak boyshit
(C) 2020 Madison Beer/Access Records under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
#MadisonBeer #BOYSHIT


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Jan 21, 2021




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Comments 100
Madison Beer
Madison Beer Month ago
no more BOYSHIT 🏹let me know your favorite part of the video x
Audrey Roblox
Audrey Roblox 9 days ago
It looks great so proud of her hard work
Kiwis Lov
Kiwis Lov Month ago
Mrittika Babu
Mrittika Babu Month ago
Ryaplier Month ago
PureUnwindASMR Month ago
The Tuscan, Desperado, and at the same time Elizabethan vibes. And you. Seriously us girls know-do not change a thing. Don’t do the blow up injections until you need fillers for wrinkles, 30 years from now, not for looking crazy blown up. Sunscreen all day errday you’re a masterpiece that shouldn’t be changed
Bombenj 39 minutes ago
Silvia Carolina Medina Acosta
riri zearustu
riri zearustu 5 hours ago
What i see is madison 0.0000001 % And ariana vibes 1000000000%
royce nazario
royce nazario 13 hours ago
is it just me that madison look like liza soberano in a badass version?
Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx
Just you
Jimin Park
Jimin Park 13 hours ago
This song deserves more , it is so underrated
Marika Agho
Marika Agho 15 hours ago
TVd based?
your crackhead friend
Imagine being that guy in the beginning, touching madison beer's face 😍
léu 17 hours ago
The first scene reminds me of Modern Family, I'm not sure why
Harry 20 hours ago
Harry 20 hours ago
Ima go listen to Ariana grande
Harry 20 hours ago
Only 12 year olds listen to you
Harry 20 hours ago
Get out of here with your lane boring love music
itshananz 20 hours ago
Hey, im a small artist i produce and write all my songs alone, right now i uploaded only one song becouse i dont have money for better production, it would mean the world to me if you listened to it😭💖
primadonna girl
primadonna girl 22 hours ago
girrrl this is good!
George Harizopoulos
George Harizopoulos 22 hours ago
Those who dislike this beautiful music video every time you view it subscribe to a beautiful channel OneSonicSociety. You’d absolutely love the videos. I’m really sorry that you lost someone in your life.😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻
Jordanlovesstuff 3D
What is this title?
Ms. L
Ms. L Day ago
Marta Broseta
can I just say, QUEEN.
Irene Day ago
Madison looks like a doll omg love her
Leora Skye
Leora Skye Day ago
I loved the concert I was so excited when she asked me to be her baby
Rohit Chauhan
When you always attract boyshit
Bombenj Day ago
Madison is so beatufull
Jamelle Marie Rosete
She looks like Liza Soberano from philippines 👍
Nacho Cheetos
She’s making a women empowerment song and some women are bashing her cues she’s pretty
Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson Day ago
What’s great is that she’s not just another pretty girl trying to get famous by singing, because she actually has an amazing voice 😍🔥
Daniel Ford
Daniel Ford Day ago
Writing the track listing in the book is such a creative idea. I love it, but imagine if the video was released on the day the track listing was revealed and that scene _was_ the track listing reveal. It would be the most creative track listing reveal in music history!
Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx
Same with the release date of the album on the dashboard
Rachel Johnson
now she copying sabrina carpenter huh
Ivan Rey Zayas Lim
Megan Fox + Ariana Grande = Madison Beer ahahhkk am I the only think like this hahaha...
Blackpink In your area
seems like she got inspired by Ariana from her song „position“ I-
anne onymous
anne onymous Day ago
even her handwriting is gorgeous
eellie om
eellie om Day ago
And people say she can’t sing
Chipmunk Park
Chipmunk Park 2 days ago
Respect this woman, she writes and participates in the production of her songs
Nicola H.64
Nicola H.64 17 hours ago
​@Erin I mean, you're wrong, but why the fuck do people have to constantly pit women against each other? Chill out and shut up if that's all you have to say
Erin 21 hour ago
Unlike Ariana!
Vamsi Krishna
Everybody does that
Lucas Hensch
Lucas Hensch Day ago
Aivy Liu
Aivy Liu 2 days ago
This song is EVERYTHING
Scyluh Grey
Scyluh Grey 2 days ago
Let's make this the la dollar bean anthem... 😌😌
soo safarpoor
soo safarpoor 2 days ago
چ ریتم شیش و هشت ایرانی داره
CODE OWL 2 days ago
surface level innit 😴😴
AdbeatS 2 days ago
Very bad lyrics. Really dont get the story behind the video. Your pretty yeah. Bout it.
Keloya 1
Keloya 1 2 days ago
The life support is supporting my life
Why is she not valued even though she is so good
Haya Alhason
Haya Alhason 2 days ago
the first clip literally reminds me of despacito
Jagson Moggach
Jagson Moggach 2 days ago
pls comr to india we love you here
Jagson Moggach
Jagson Moggach 2 days ago
ur cute 😍😋
Emilea Cabezas
Emilea Cabezas 2 days ago
The song is such a bop!! And the video is amazing!! Madison looks great!! Everyone looks amazing!!
Sophia Foisy
Sophia Foisy 2 days ago
Can we talk about the black woman??? She was BEAUTIFUL
pierina •
pierina • 2 days ago
nah I don't think u understand I'm obsessed 😳✋🏻 stream life support
Jojo Santana
Jojo Santana 2 days ago
Getting that Ariana grande vibes ahahhhhh
Kübra Öcal
Kübra Öcal 2 days ago
So underrated
li2 2 days ago
Melania Trump and Sofia Vergara had a baby
Rocuma Cumenator
Rocuma Cumenator 2 days ago
You'd suit a Māori corset. Koru lacing and greenstone choker, with octagon fishnet stockings and Māori Louis Vuitton shoes.
Laura Santos
Laura Santos 2 days ago
Farida Hashimi
Farida Hashimi 2 days ago
Alexis Bell
Alexis Bell 2 days ago
She reminds me of ariana grande
karim 2 days ago
Crikeydile 2 days ago
It seems 7k people misclicked on the dislike button
Anastasia Dinu
Anastasia Dinu 3 days ago
aye I there going to be any more kda songs?
zara H
zara H 3 days ago
I just like watching her
Cliffea Mitch Yanoc
She looks like liza soberano, an actress from the Philippines.
Sorting Out My Clothes
Anyone else offended at how gorgeous she is?
Emely Zuniga
Emely Zuniga 3 days ago
Melanie Martínez is that you ? Oh never mind is cause the video look so familiar
Dylan Gonzalez
Dylan Gonzalez 3 days ago
She's actually a fan of her
Pragati's dance
Pragati's dance 3 days ago
Wishing you a many many happy returns of the day Madison Elle beer .
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog 3 days ago
I she basically judging men who say that is too complicated to understand women
조은수 Day ago
Yup. It's so sad there are so many men who say that.
Ella Thorpe
Ella Thorpe 4 days ago
Maddison beer happy bday for tommorow you are my idol love you-
Can you help me reach 5 000 views video challenge?
For the 1% people reading this - I hope you become successful in your life.
megbro 4 days ago
I wouldn’t know how to act if I looked like her
Gaurav Khati
Gaurav Khati 4 days ago
Is she Lisa
MrSimuel 4 days ago
too unchristian
Duke Ristick
Duke Ristick 4 days ago
Ggg Ggg
Ggg Ggg 4 days ago
I love this new video of Ariana 😍
Pretty Poison
Pretty Poison 4 days ago
Does anyone else think she looks like Trump’s wife? Is it just me 🙄
Dylan Gonzalez
Dylan Gonzalez 3 days ago
Just you
Lyna L
Lyna L 4 days ago
omg I really love this song, if someone could recommend songs that are similar or have the same vibe I'd soooo appreciate it and shes so pretty wtf
Pasta 4 days ago
Im rlly starting to question if im gay or nah
Hercules JASM
Hercules JASM 4 days ago
I can see why u are Evelynn
drake frid
drake frid 4 days ago
This is a hit
اليان حسن
Every part its my favourite 😭❤️❤️
Izzie Paepke
Izzie Paepke 4 days ago
Is the video black for you to??
اليان حسن
It’s amazing 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Harry Music/AMVs
Harry Music/AMVs 4 days ago
don't get why they even compare her to ariana 1. It's not like ponytails didnt exist before ariana 2. She is much prettier than ariana especially without make up🤷‍♂️
sara 15
sara 15 3 days ago
And their music is nothing alike lol
marko petrovik
marko petrovik 4 days ago
how can someone be this fine
sofia giordano
sofia giordano 4 days ago
2M de suscriptores aaa
ninaaa 5 days ago
shes so gorgeous i could dieeee
Mrseasy143 5 days ago
Theo 5 days ago
I like the song
Kinda 5 days ago
Pretty face and nothing more.
sara 15
sara 15 3 days ago
Dylan Gonzalez
Dylan Gonzalez 3 days ago
Pretty face and talent
Nadz 5 days ago
Aupé Tan
Aupé Tan 5 days ago
Liza soberano?
DefineSquishy 5 days ago
Remove the cake face clown maybe u won't look like such a alien 🤣👽
Tia Dunn
Tia Dunn 5 days ago
happy birthday on 5th march xxxxxxxxx
purrr bestie
purrr bestie 5 days ago
Who is here after the release of her debut album Life Support 👀👀
Moonlightsquad 5 days ago
Damm she is so beautiful
Vince Kirby Babila
She Looks like Liza Soberano
Faisal Harbi
Faisal Harbi 5 days ago
Jake Santos
Jake Santos 5 days ago
Prince HK
Prince HK 5 days ago
EVery song She sing she will remind you one artist you love Like it if it’s true
Rina Sky
Rina Sky 5 days ago
Danielle Salerno
Danielle Salerno 5 days ago
can she not copy ariana grande for one minute. the white outfit, the hair and the list of songs. ugh
Dylan Gonzalez
Dylan Gonzalez 3 days ago
It's always the basic white girls complaining
Cherry Piece
Cherry Piece 5 days ago
Is it just me or she looks like liza soberano?
Divas K-pop
Divas K-pop 5 days ago
OMG Madison was all Denise Richards in her earlys on the MV *___* GOOOOOORGEUS GIRL!
forever insFired
forever insFired 5 days ago
I didn’t realize this was a play on ‘bullsh*t’ until the song was almost over yeah I guess I’m pretty slow
Ασπα Μπουλουγουρη
Pause at 0:41. That`s a strange subliminal message or something? It is kinda creepy actually...
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