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dark ferrell
dark ferrell 15 hours ago
please can you do this with emilia clarke
Rolando Arañez
Rolando Arañez 21 hour ago
I always a special place for you... in my butt.
candy Day ago
Why do you hate me Natalie... (╥_╥)
T D.I 3 days ago
I would love to see Natalie in comedies. And even if she's joke acting, she's still so good
Fadil Rahman
Fadil Rahman 4 days ago
Donald is the ex of Jane in Thor
Varshan B P
Varshan B P 5 days ago
She is adorable.
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 6 days ago
I don’t get the kid insult line and Kim is not an actual celeb where Natalie is! The only funny part was the butt part
JamielovesTaker 12 hours ago
You’re taking a game like mad libs seriously? It’s not supposed to make any sense. Lol. That’s the point.!
Candy Huo
Candy Huo 7 days ago
He cheated her with Rachel from Friends. Probably Rachel thought they were on a break
Telly Brannon
Telly Brannon 8 days ago
i am offended
Sapphire Lazuli
Sapphire Lazuli 8 days ago
Natalie is the best MLT guest
Celestestation 13 days ago
*who on earth disliked this video*
Ded and Inactive
Ded and Inactive 13 days ago
3:29 Fuck!
Suhas Gowda
Suhas Gowda 23 days ago
Mad lib theatre with Ryan Reynolds would be epic
avanendra dobal
avanendra dobal 23 days ago
She is Like 10 on 10 type actress
Gabsie 72
Gabsie 72 23 days ago
Amazing, for once someone is laughing more than Jimmy.... :)
Aaryan patel
Aaryan patel 23 days ago
“We gotta fart like Mikey mouse is watching” -literally every marvel movie and superhero’s ever lol 😂
Syed Noore Rasul
Syed Noore Rasul 21 day ago
....not really
Will Mooney
Will Mooney 24 days ago
Made it out
Will Mooney
Will Mooney 24 days ago
Noe across thx for thd sampld msrth
Will Mooney
Will Mooney 24 days ago
Ask the AI if it can wholesomly plcr
DPGamez Derek
DPGamez Derek 25 days ago
3:30 FART! Finally she said it, now she just needs to do it on camera.
John Zelm
John Zelm 26 days ago
Hahahaha this is fucking hilarious, im dying xdxdxdxd
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson 26 days ago
OMG she looks good on that blonde wig. 😍
Nadiah Aziz
Nadiah Aziz 26 days ago
she looks like ariana grande with that wig and glasses! beautiful
elizabeth burton
elizabeth burton 28 days ago
She’s so pretty!!!
David Chen
David Chen 29 days ago
what is a blankstrap??
Erik Pehrsson
Erik Pehrsson 29 days ago
I love some Natalie!!
siddu akula
siddu akula Month ago
Since....😂😂😂the😂😂😂 revo 😂lu 😂tionary 😂 war😂
Yasmine Month ago
Wait did they film the mad lib before she filled out the paper? I feel so lied to
ma _910
ma _910 Month ago
Dude she straight up looks like Ariana Grande in that wig
Bokaj01 Month ago
aliya b utami
aliya b utami Month ago
"Donald" "You couldn't carry a blank strap." Get it into hers head or not, she's become obsessed with Trump.
aliya b utami
aliya b utami 17 days ago
@Jols ._. i think too far. I thought It has a subtle meaning. Turn out u have to translate it literally as a snack brand. 😅
Jols ._.
Jols ._. 17 days ago
No 😅. I thought you were pretending not to know what Cheetos are
aliya b utami
aliya b utami 17 days ago
@Jols ._. 😅 why? Because i make fun of a Hollywood star?
Jols ._.
Jols ._. 17 days ago
I was beginning to think you may be a troll 😅
aliya b utami
aliya b utami 17 days ago
@Jols ._. Hahah..of course. Plural of cheeto is cheetos. *heck, what kind of discussion is this.🤣
Lola W.
Lola W. Month ago
She looks like ariana in blonde👀
Andres Herrera
Andres Herrera Month ago
Very clever
Medinah Brown
Medinah Brown Month ago
Somethung a bartender would say. :You don't gotta go home but you can't stay here.
Stephen Juracek
Stephen Juracek Month ago
I can’t stop watching this! Natalie giggling and cracking her self up is Hilarious 😆 She is so Beautiful..
aisha ä
aisha ä Month ago
Pak De
Pak De Month ago
Fart like Mickey mouse is watching. Can't wait to see what pops up in my YT recommendations now
Abhishek Pillai
Abhishek Pillai Month ago
she said fart and went on to say "I do that with my son a lot" 3:30
DPGamez Derek
DPGamez Derek Month ago
@Abhishek Pillai what what I say?
Abhishek Pillai
Abhishek Pillai Month ago
@DPGamez Derek wow your reply is so cool. you are so cool.
DPGamez Derek
DPGamez Derek Month ago
Ale Grunberger
Ale Grunberger Month ago
She looks like ariana grande
eastcoastartist Month ago
We love the Disney Dolphin documentary!!!
FrostByte Month ago
Body part: *knees* She said the same thing as Dakota Johnson!
Kavya Kinjalk
Kavya Kinjalk Month ago
What is it with girls and knees?
Victor Choo
Victor Choo Month ago
Jimmy keep queuing his guest
This one is my favourite after Benedict's.
Angela Green
Angela Green Month ago
I would so much love to do a madlibs with you. Lol. I do these things all the time. I'm sitting here sick feeling craptastic and legit watching all your madlibs.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Month ago
05:32 "...raised by Llamas." Jimmy: :-) #Classic
פיג'מה Month ago
היא משלנו!!!
pop5678eye Month ago
Still more dignified than all my breakups.
pop5678eye Month ago
Disney must have sued them. You cannot use Mickey Mouse in any media without their written permission!
Shady Evergreen
Shady Evergreen Month ago
if you want to be surprised more so by the words, skip to 3:58
Liz Month ago
She kinda looks like Anne Hathaway in the wig
Francesco Fabio
Francesco Fabio Month ago
chapinero017 Month ago
She looks like Ariana Grande's sister with that wig :D
Luna Dimotrijoska
Luna Dimotrijoska 2 months ago
jimmy:”give me a pet name for a rabbit” me: rabbi
GE VY 2 months ago
Uh oh ! 0:34 hahaha
Marthy Nicolas
Marthy Nicolas 2 months ago
So that's explain jimmy's hair
Noor Alzeidi
Noor Alzeidi 2 months ago
She looks like Kristen Bell
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon 2 months ago
Could've said ' hmmm, this apple is bananas'
Yousef Alnady
Yousef Alnady 2 months ago
Fart, I do this with my son alot 😂😂😂
DPGamez Derek
DPGamez Derek Month ago
So she Farts with her son
Gerard Castro
Gerard Castro 2 months ago
Am I the only one looking at her legs!?
“Fart like Mickey Mouse is watching, and love like nobody’s sniffing”
Freedom Seekers
Freedom Seekers 2 months ago
Natalie Portman would look good in bin bag with hairs stuck to it - ok the hairs are taking it too far but you get the point!
kaila m.
kaila m. 2 months ago
bill930505 2 months ago
And so they were the geeky Eternals
Blue Table Painting
Blue Table Painting 2 months ago
"Love like nobody's sniffing." Words to live by.
DeSco 2 months ago
But last call!!
Julia Detmer
Julia Detmer 2 months ago
“I’ll always have a special place for you in my butt” - Thanos to Ant Man
tongueinthebutt 2 months ago
I want to see natalie portman's sex dungeon
Zarahemla Dela Cruz
Zarahemla Dela Cruz 2 months ago
He looks like college ted mosby haha
rndmusr 6969
rndmusr 6969 2 months ago
I don't mind being in her butt too.
Zuzuka Egge
Zuzuka Egge 2 months ago
Before watching this kind of videos please don't read the comments. I just did it and i regret it!
Nahuelucho26 2 months ago
My favourite normie
Syrenne 2 months ago
soooo good
Killgarragh Forever
Killgarragh Forever 2 months ago
What if one of these actually made sense?
Kentut Berdarah
Kentut Berdarah 2 months ago
Natalie portman 😍
Aishee Biswas
Aishee Biswas 2 months ago
"watching RUvid videos of Kim Kardashian eating bananas". That was so accurate...😂
Sharon Sharn
Sharon Sharn 2 months ago
I love how she didn't make a face when she mentioned Kim k.. Not over acting just normal genuinely nice person..
getyourecon 2 months ago
There’ll always be a place for you in my butt, Mr. Fallon.
Audrey Bray
Audrey Bray 2 months ago
When she said she did this with her son, all I could think about was “Does she play with Luke Skywalker? Or is it Mark Hamil” either way, that’d be a fun game.
iigamingkinq 2 months ago
only the og's remember her from star wars
mekkiepoo 2 months ago
Now i really need to tell someone they will always have a special place in my butt.
George Montebruno
George Montebruno 2 months ago
those legs!
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