Machine Gun Kelly - What's Poppin Freestyle

Machine Gun Kelly
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Lockdown Sessions Day 17
Audio available on Soundcloud: tinyurl.com/rjd9pwy
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Apr 8, 2020




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Comments 80
John Garcia
John Garcia 5 minutes ago
That’s not freestyle
Adam Lowery
Adam Lowery Hour ago
His music is getting better
PaIdBOI 69
PaIdBOI 69 3 hours ago
I dont hate mgk but freestyleing is not supposed to a reading section
Tripp Sjsndj
Tripp Sjsndj 3 hours ago
this shit is fire
Kaylib Doughty
Kaylib Doughty 5 hours ago
"toosie slide in her booty hole" has been my pickup line for the past month.. let's just say i'm basically in the bootyhole nonstop lately.
Steven Salazar
Steven Salazar 11 hours ago
his flow switches tho-
Lashelle Tv
Lashelle Tv 12 hours ago
Michael Ebersole
Michael Ebersole 13 hours ago
“Freestyle” yet he’s reading the words off his phone??
Young Sinatra
Young Sinatra 4 hours ago
This is a pre-written freestyle. This is one of the types of freestyle when you need to adjust your flow to the bit and change it. You don't seem to know anything about rap
gabriel h.
gabriel h. 20 hours ago
Put this on Spotify, please!
April Nicole Hill
April Nicole Hill 21 hour ago
jaan shrestha
I just loved it how he is switching genres like nothing too good!
Heny Ben Ayed
"I'm an OG now I do not pay homage" Sick bar but Naaaaah.
Bananapig9 7
Bananapig9 7 Day ago
The flow reminds me of the Lace Up ep mixed with Bloom
lucio mockler
Beginning was shit but damn he went off💯💯
Don Yella
Don Yella Day ago
How is MGK not Insanely Famousss
Jesse Goodyear
Em mad he didnt discover MGK. instead mans has trash yellawolf or whatever that guys name is ahahah
He never wanted MGK dummy
Jab Happy
Jab Happy Day ago
God dayyum! 🔥🔥🔥
Anthony Armstrong
Really needs to make a part two this
Melvin D.
Melvin D. Day ago
Is it just my feeling or you feel that too that an artist need to delevope from Album to Album. And he ja doing it so got damn. Thats art and thats just entertaining right
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza Day ago
"Toosie slide in the bootyhole" Stuck in my head lmao
smnko 2 days ago
Troche długi ten hot16challenge
Francois Labuschagne
Freestyle off yo phone?
ALL IN ONE 2 days ago
Bradley Hetrick
Bradley Hetrick 2 days ago
Magic the Gathering is a better card game js lol
Bradley Hetrick
Bradley Hetrick 2 days ago
Imagine seeing mgk at the yu gi oh world tournament winning??? Lol
Bradley Hetrick
Bradley Hetrick 2 days ago
Anyone else listen to this 10 times a day?
Bradley Hetrick
Bradley Hetrick 19 hours ago
@Russ P aww man your killing me I love this song lol guess it's like how I hate country music and lots of people love it
Russ P
Russ P 21 hour ago
No its whack
O 2 days ago
Exilory 2 days ago
Aye lets go Colson
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar 2 days ago
What's poppin'? Just fucked my ex, I rawed it Two X in the mushroom chocolate Two X on neck, I'm frostbit Stay dressin', no balsamic Got commas Comme des Garcon'd it Cup got ice cubes like Compton Chef Nobu, cook me raw fish Long beards but the squad's not Amish Just bosses, dropouts and convicts Wallets bigger than Chris Wallace Dead presidents inside, it's haunted Yellow tape where I'm from, stay cautious Made mixtapes wearin' shirts with the horses It's been a minute since I gave a fuck about a critic's Opinion but they keep forgettin' where the bars went Old timers, damn, y'all got Alzheimer's? Can't say what your subconscious think Be honest y'all hate that I switch genres Fuck models, switch condoms Eat beef like McDonald's Eat rappers, Jeff Dahmer Top five of the young rhymers Been sick, no virus I'm an OG now, I do not pay homage Look, I'm a Cleveland Cavalier Drivin' foreign engineer At the Fashion Week in Paris Cinderella on my terrace Glass slipper on the stairs Ass fatter than Shakira's I saw her live at the Super Bowl I was in town for a movie role Toosie Slide in the booty hole Smokin' woods, eatin' tuna roll Playing cards like its Yu-Gi-Oh! And I was only in the studio I wake up, I'm moody, I roll up some fruity That have more colors than a Coogi coat I'm not a rapper that talk 'bout designer But this is from Virgil and Louis though Inside my closet's a million options I put on all black like a funeral I hop out the plane in pajamas I do this shit daily, I don't even plan it, whoa What's poppin'? Just fucked my ex, I rawed it Two X in the mushroom chocolate Two X on neck, I'm frostbit Two eggs with cheese and sausage On the bed, she fed me topless Three X's next to the names Of the three last hoes on my missed call list, yeah yeah Red eyes I can't see clear, whoa whoa My bricks so white, they glow, damn damn She made an OnlyFans, ugh ugh Can write my life in books I'm back to my old ways, I been Alright, fuck it I'm good
Saphe Metal
Saphe Metal 2 days ago
D R 2 days ago
When we gettin a jack Harlow and MGK collab on this instrumental ??? 🔥
Hamza Gulzar
Hamza Gulzar 2 days ago
Stan but still salty?
Ahsan Awan
Ahsan Awan 2 days ago
This freestyle has more lyrics than Lil Pump's whole career
HasH DasHZz
HasH DasHZz 19 hours ago
Dylan 20 hours ago
@Seek4 Beats his statement still stands
Seek4 Beats
Seek4 Beats Day ago
@ivan kovacevic still for me raping something written is not freestyle. From my perspective when i write anything down its become lyric. In my opinion freestyle is something like you hear beat and you just start raping. But feel free to think different.
ivan kovacevic
@Seek4 Beats 1st of all u have to know what u talkin about this is freestyle u r probably talkin about of the dome i believe its called there is a big difference between of the dome and freestyle freestyle can be writen of the dome cant...
jerry arvilommi
@Ahsan Awan thats bullshit are you stupid you can clearly see that he had written this
Jaiden Beck
Jaiden Beck 2 days ago
Colson you're the man for your beats, raps, guitar and singing. It would be cool to buy a mgk 2 CD 1 cd of rock and the other of rap.
WidmoCiała 2 days ago
eyeamvirg 2 days ago
When MGK SAYS UR NAME IN A TRACK🔥🤷‍♂️ - Virgil
Random Child
Random Child 3 days ago
This sucks ass
Samuele Contini
Samuele Contini 3 days ago
Fareshi tutti noi sappiamo chi è il vero boss del poppin yay
Arts 3 days ago
most talented rapper ive heard in a while
Fortz 3 days ago
Idk if this qualifies as freestyle your reading it off your phone
dexx44 3 days ago
I want a 4min version on your next album. Please.
Eric 3 days ago
Please release on Spotify! I need it
Lovaina Lesc
Lovaina Lesc 3 days ago
Adam Shiah
Adam Shiah 3 days ago
This boi can rhyme with anything
thisoneguy171901 3 days ago
He's reading lyrics this is not a freestyle
H Y 3 days ago
freestyle huh 🤨
Alex Rush
Alex Rush 3 days ago
MGK on the way to GOAT status
Jared smith
Jared smith 3 days ago
Why dafuq does he paint his nails..
Steven Barnes
For his daughter
Richard Richard
Richard Richard 4 days ago
Damm he's still doing his thing keep smoking 🚬 the weed Kells ✌️ rep rep
Casey R
Casey R 4 days ago
What's poppin the other song what's poppin there the same beat and everything
Connor Mcseveney
Connor Mcseveney 4 days ago
How is this a freestyle when he’s got lyrics in front of him ?
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez 2 days ago
It’s pre recorded dummy
ImSubtle 2 days ago
Freestyle does not mean off the top.
Ian Desousa
Ian Desousa 2 days ago
It’s a free verse
Nikkei Pvck
Nikkei Pvck 3 days ago
ur an idiot
patrick sovereign
Og now keep dreaming
The Mofo Boys
The Mofo Boys 4 days ago
need another rap album MGK is killing the game
GUN143R 4 days ago
He "does this shit daily, he don't even planet" that superman line nobody caught.
Wilda Beatz
Wilda Beatz 4 days ago
this for everyone saying his rap career was over
Nobody'sHero 15 hours ago
@Collab Bros Quarantine sessions ! Think you need to go listen to Hotel Diablo .. Song Floor 13 .. lyrics " I just spent the winter living after someone trying to send a Killshot , missing me!
Collab Bros
Collab Bros 2 days ago
Just a RUvidr now
Tejasram 3 days ago
Shweta Official
Shweta Official 4 days ago
MGK is LITERALLY killin' it!!!💕💕💕 #WhatsPoppin
Aneesh p.v
Aneesh p.v 4 days ago
I think EM diss wrong guy..
what 5 days ago
This man can’t put out anything less than absolute fire. He is all I’ve been listening to since i discovered him a week ago and every single one of his songs is so so good.
Wilda Beatz
Wilda Beatz 4 days ago
yeah fax but please stay away from binge 😂
Cail Lang
Cail Lang 5 days ago
Mgk sucks
T Spits
T Spits 5 days ago
He like the only one to not even be phased after Eminem beef. Gotta love this dude. 💯 Especially since I been on this road with him since chasing pavements and see my tears. 🤙
matthew banks
matthew banks 5 days ago
Don’t think you can call it a freestyle if he’s reading it off his phone?
Wilda Beatz
Wilda Beatz 4 days ago
its a free of style verse, if it was off the top it would be freeverse
Antony Jeeva
Antony Jeeva 5 days ago
nobody cares , you are still trash
Coroy G
Coroy G 5 days ago
Free style? he wrote it
Fouad X
Fouad X 5 days ago
Dude could of got the instrumental off youtube ,but still chose to call him directly 🔥 🔥 🔥
Shawn Tracey
Shawn Tracey 5 days ago
David Nam
David Nam 5 days ago
Finish dat man finish dat man AY!
Rudy Marquez
Rudy Marquez 5 days ago
You dumb ass !!!!!that shit was sounding good to0 ....you had to fuck his beat up! and u an idiot for lettin him!!🥱🤮
am migo
am migo 5 days ago
Whats poppin jack harlow sub español ruvid.net/video/video-78s-SCDsCtQ.html
Get Yo' Funny Back
MGK needs your help! : ruvid.net/video/video-i_-Qy_O7iNU.html
Nwobodo Ekene
Nwobodo Ekene 5 days ago
You just got a new Subscriber. Goat!!!!
Jacob Newberry
Jacob Newberry 5 days ago
“Wake up I’m moody , I roll up some fruity that’s got more colors than a coogi coat” 🔥
Crafty Claudine
Crafty Claudine 5 days ago
he can't remeber his own words ??? Please....
Luke Eemia
Luke Eemia 5 days ago
So you just scrolling through his vids leaving bad comments? You sound fun
bryson martin
bryson martin 5 days ago
Starpiers 5 days ago
Did anyone notice jack Harlow said which one before mgk said send me that instrumental real quick?
vitor careta
vitor careta 5 days ago
its writen down, in which part does this classify as a *freestyle*?
Alexis Vogel
Alexis Vogel 5 days ago
Eminem smoked him
Anna Danilava
Anna Danilava 6 days ago
Don't attack me but I think mgk is as good as eminem if not better
t k
t k 6 days ago
Not feeling this 1
Justin Klassen
Justin Klassen 6 days ago
I thought freestyles werent written
Bryan L.
Bryan L. 6 days ago
Jack harlow shit is nice!
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