Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker - Misery Business (Paramore Cover)

Machine Gun Kelly
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Lockdown Sessions Day 11

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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
CiCi MissJacks
CiCi MissJacks 35 minutes ago
Idc what anyone says, but I really wish this version was on Guitar hero🥰😂🔥🎸🎸
TJ. ZEN Hour ago
Pussy builds Strong Bones
Doctor Spidermin
Doctor Spidermin 2 hours ago
Not one part of this vocal track is real. WTF? Standards for music are so fuciing low.
William Rocquelay
William Rocquelay 4 hours ago
Benjamin R
Benjamin R 7 hours ago
why is travis barker such a fucking god
it ain't me
it ain't me 9 hours ago
This cover is everything
Cassidy McHugh
Cassidy McHugh 9 hours ago
Idk how I’m just finding this it’s making my heart so happy. Maybe it’s the dab i just took. Either way. I love this.
Brandon wuzhere
Brandon wuzhere 13 hours ago
His music hits different
Emilio De la Torre
Emilio De la Torre 13 hours ago
The man is talented.
peanutbutterisfu 14 hours ago
Didn’t become an mgk fan till recently he can do it all acting, rapping and guitar truly talented. Not to mention he is the only person to diss Eminem with any amount of success.
Coco coco ocio coco ococococoocococococococococ
I feel like mgk like all kind of different type of music genre
D R 15 hours ago
Hes a sexy beast
Ryland Louvierre
Ryland Louvierre 17 hours ago
He should cover a blink 182 song.
st3phenJC 18 hours ago
I liked MGK as a rapper and I like him in the rock genre as well. Artists should expand their horizons more like MGK. His vocal notes in the chorus seem reminiscent of Andy Biersack.
Afton Ahrens
Afton Ahrens 19 hours ago
I love Machine Gun Kelly so much he’s the best singer
Dean Raney
Dean Raney 21 hour ago
I know I'm not the first to say this but...nice shirt travis.
Rachelle Gregorio
Rachelle Gregorio 21 hour ago
I love Him and Travis Barker you both are so amazing 😉
Ruined it
Op Mister
Op Mister Day ago
"PUSSY BUILDS STRONG BONES" Indeed it does Travis 😏
Steve D.
Steve D. Day ago
the machine gun boy cant sing ... what a worst voice .....
Ruby Day ago
I never cared for the original song but oh my god i love this version, also MGK looks like a punk rocker in this and it fits him
Brian Nicholson
Love to watch Travis on the drums
best version ever
Dustin Gant
Dustin Gant Day ago
Ill drink to that
Michel Kolic
Michel Kolic Day ago
MGK killing it. Better than the original. Travis Travis Travis.... Love you man. Still My nr 1 drummer of all Time. You two should start planing a world tour. This Will Go crazy. Open Up for blink or maby bad religion
Carter Bane
Carter Bane Day ago
Painfully horrible
Luke Richardville
Does Barker just drum for anyo- @ 0:37 me: 😦
Tyson Douglas
MGK and yungblud need to do some Blink 182 covers. Sign the petition below.
she crimson
she crimson Day ago
Travis your shirt is rad
she crimson
she crimson Day ago
Franz Ivan Ventura
Got slayed on hiphop, but now rockin on
Ohhhiya Rea
Ohhhiya Rea Day ago
What about I kissed a girl
Jenn Belair
Jenn Belair Day ago
Is it bad that I prefer pop punk MGK over rap MGK. Like he’s a cool dude and I was lucky enough to see him live at warped a few years ago but idk this cover is sooooo hot 😍
i know ive already commented on this video once awhile ago. but i still just have to say they actually did a really good job on this. this a great cover. the main reason i say that is because MGK, even though he can pretty much do/play whatever the hell he wants, hes still primarily a rapper by trade. and this song is not an easy one to sing. i know because i covered it years ago with a friend of mine & i remember being surprised at how hard it actually was. not to mention hes also playing guitar at the same time. 🙌😍🔥👌PLZ, name ANY other rapper out today who can do that & do it as well as he does. ill wait....................... good fkn luck! lol 👊#LACEUP
Mgk you are one talented mutha f@#(er! Keep up the amazing work. You can do everything & anything!
buenoisbuen Day ago
More autotune please x
Khalifa SoundS
Fire ...
Cee Vee
Cee Vee Day ago
Please cover more songs like this omgggg
kris tongeman
Yo Mgk What does it say on your Guitar ...Im selling Tickets To My Downfall ???
ODD TV Day ago
Damn. Eminem knocked Kelly into another genre
Fitry Hakim
Fitry Hakim 2 days ago
His true calling
Jaydee Calizo
Jaydee Calizo 2 days ago
What? Im shocked!
Xinister 2 days ago
When eminem dissed you so hard and made you retire rapping. P.S this is so auto tuned
dilbhar chougle
Bruh check out his other quarantine vids
kole morgan
kole morgan 2 days ago
I think this is about Megan fox
Jinji Drelles
Jinji Drelles 2 days ago
boobbob 00
boobbob 00 2 days ago
Gotta say... I fuckin love this cover of this song. Especially from a guys point of view. Excellent work
kmewborn360 2 days ago
who else laughed hard as frick when the read travis barker's shirt? 😂🤣😂🤣😭😭😭😭
kmewborn360 17 hours ago
@Katelyn Pardun HE'S GONNA LOVE IT!!
Katelyn Pardun
Katelyn Pardun 17 hours ago
I bought one for my bf literally 2 minutes ago😂
Franky G
Franky G 2 days ago
Thought this man died after Eminem.
Brooke Cookie
Brooke Cookie 2 days ago
I don’t hate this
HANNAH 2 days ago
You’ll never find another me💯this is great💯absolutely love it💯
Gavin Shepard
Gavin Shepard 2 days ago
Yo he fucking killed that shit
Ricky Austin
Ricky Austin 2 days ago
Mfer....yet again another fuking damn good song hoss
Jeremy Boulerice
Jeremy Boulerice 2 days ago
Kinda pimpin
Matt A
Matt A 2 days ago
The first time I heard this - I just didn’t get it. I’m now on repeat number 50+. Sold 🤘🏻
Jonathan Anderson
Mgk is now making anime intros
Brandon Milliken
Brandon Milliken 2 days ago
Holy shit watching travis barker on the drums is siiiiickkk
Alexander Carlson
You guys know the bassist from guitar hero? Lmao i knew i saw that bassist before
noah stump
noah stump 2 days ago
Travis on drums is Mesmerizing
Sparky Light420
Sparky Light420 2 days ago
I actually like this better than the original. His. Oice in this is amazeballs.
juniper berrie
juniper berrie 3 days ago
Amazing! I love Paramore... u did it better!!! I love ur voice!!
juniper berrie
@Barnab Fingerstyle and I assume ur a.... male? I am a female yes but I'm also pansexual I love both men and women. I preffer machine gun kellys voice when singing this song, where as u preffer, Hayley Williams, the original. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. This also doesn't mean that I like Paramore any less or that they suck.
Barnab Fingerstyle
No one can do this better than Hayley Williams
Reeha Choudhury
Reeha Choudhury 3 days ago
Please do Paramore decode next!!! I’m loving all of these covers
Karma X
Karma X 3 days ago
I really need to like this twice.
Tim Padilla
Tim Padilla 3 days ago
Eminem bodied this dude so hard he quit rapping become a mediocre RUvid cover artist that can't sing😂😂😂
Travis In Canada
Travis In Canada 3 days ago
HOLY SHIT did I just see Travis Barker do a double stick flip?!? Bruh... 0:27
ORonni Hackney
ORonni Hackney 3 days ago
SLP Camaro LT1986
Travis Barkers shirt
Chantelle Quinn
Chantelle Quinn 3 days ago
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson 3 days ago
I thought barker had a overdose hell maybe they all will
ashley mendez
ashley mendez 3 days ago
I love this man too much
Jamie Winnipeg
Jamie Winnipeg 3 days ago
Song doesn’t work in this key. At all
Mr Bears
Mr Bears 4 days ago
MGK literally just talks. Homie can't sing.
Mr Bears
Mr Bears 4 days ago
like this is actually terrible lmfao.
Izayah Williams
Izayah Williams 4 days ago
I want to see him do a cover of one of his old songs to see how it terns out like “wild boy” or “chip off the block” that would be cool
Jinji Drelles
Jinji Drelles 2 days ago
Jake Ellwood
Jake Ellwood 4 days ago
Not gunna lie mgk could be a good rock singer
kuku ruku
kuku ruku 4 days ago
I actually prefer this over the original Fight me
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 2 days ago
I actually never listened to the originally and went get to listen to it. This is way better.
jacqueline villarreal
Boipelo M
Boipelo M 4 days ago
This is so hard!
palito con punta
palito con punta 4 days ago
I love this version, but any experienced guitarist knows its edited. You can't palm mute with a sweater covering your hand.
Forsaken Mist
Forsaken Mist 4 days ago
Start making punk rock instead your way better at it
Jesse Pingleton
Jesse Pingleton 4 days ago
And travis barker ... as always... killed it. 💪💪💪
Jesse Pingleton
Jesse Pingleton 4 days ago
MGK really killed every song he put out in quarantine....... WELL DONE
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