Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Eminem's Disses On New Album... "Ur Still Mad & The Album Is Garbage"

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Jan 19, 2020




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Comments 3 699
jr 2607
jr 2607 2 hours ago
Binge was trash stick to ur pink tops and man bags cant even slap a mic out of a bloggers hand never mind compete with em
Red River
Red River 2 hours ago
You know you're a complete douchebag when you wear a shirt with your picture on it......how is Kelly even a thing?
BOyka 4 hours ago
"MGK has prepared a diss track on Eminem but when he heard Kill shot he didn't release it because kill shot was bad" Lies
Johnny High
Johnny High 11 hours ago
Lmao “no one got hurt” you obviously haven’t seen MGK’s career
Nathan Rosser
Nathan Rosser 13 hours ago
Was there even a real battle to begin with. In Rap Devil all I heard was (age, sweats and your my fav rapper)?
Dirty Dog
Dirty Dog 14 hours ago
MGK too funny said killshot wasn’t all that didn’t respond his album flipped hard Em drops MTBMB goes straight to No1 MGK says it’s trash If that’s trash what was your album?? 🤔😂😂😂😂
Prime Time Hockey
Prime Time Hockey 18 hours ago
Really?? Nobody got hurt??? Last time I checked MGK switched genres and has been in depression😂. Also, he hasn’t hit a high since that beef, so clearly it affected MGK career wise, and personal wise. Poor MGK😂😂.
Prime Time Hockey
Prime Time Hockey 18 hours ago
The only reason Em mentions anything bout his beef with MGK is because a lot of people wondered whether the beef was done or not. MGK clearly didn’t get the memo here.
Written Squad Official
Why he didn't respond?? No Diss track??
DKS 001
DKS 001 Day ago
no ... not interested ... MGK is a pimped up flop down wanna-be. No matter what he does, Em (GOAT) wins with just a simple stare down from Heaven.
akash saxena
akash saxena Day ago
Lol he legit performed Rap Devil in India, even after saying he won't 🤷‍♂
Ultra_Gam3rr YT
Throw back a diss track mgk not a Twitter update 😂 he is clowning his ass now and mgk still has his head between his knees
blanko tony
blanko tony Day ago
How can MGK even say 1one word to eminem??? MGK is done he's is f*** looser brah he has not even 1 good record ore somthing that close to be "Good" ...no matter how bad MGK's music is...he wont stop this garbage dude he's like many Fuck wanna be rapper that don't stop with rap🤦‍♂️ EM should realy give them Killshotssss
When I Was Reflect
He never gave the killshot, he just tickled him
Jessie Gerdes
Jessie Gerdes 2 days ago
Still out selling mgk lol
Jose Betances
Jose Betances 2 days ago
Maxine bum smelly better chill he don't wanna relive that shit.
Θεά 2 days ago
Oh please MGK, please keep sacrificing your dead career so that we can recieve some awesome song from EM .... Killshot was just a small appetizer, we the fans of Eminem know he can serve you a 6 course meal.
Joseph Pennimpede
Mgk is pretty delusional
Casey Edwards
Casey Edwards 2 days ago
Listened to all them, album is hard asf 🔥pause
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 2 days ago
He'd rather be 80 year old Em than 20 year old Kelly. Funny but so true.
Nice jacket if you are a black alcoholic and lived in harlem in the 80's lolz
Samuel Mann
Samuel Mann 2 days ago
no he's a #1 STAN
Always Teste
Always Teste 3 days ago
Nice plugs MGK
Kezholeto Zao
Kezholeto Zao 3 days ago
And MGK himself is still the Stan. Will always be. 😂😂✌🏿
Skylar Richardson
“They both released good tracks”. That’s false. Anyone who knows about rap can tell rap devil was trash
ItzJustMeh46 3 days ago
So how is MGK acting as if he is no longer a em fan when he clearly heard his entire album at the release date. . .dude really. And since MGK already admit he use to look up to him *cough cough he still does* y is he dissing that em is mad if that's the type of music MGK looks up to. And if it was BS y he listen to the entire album, and MGK STILL isn't even big, walk to a random stranger most will be so lost well unless u r very specifically looking for someone who looks like they heard of him. If u walk to a stranger and ask em about em or song of his songs it will ring a bell the only song ik from MGK was rapdevil, before that I didn't know he existed
JacKal_STUMPY 3 days ago
He ain't no machine gun, he a fuckin water gun that outa water
Yerik Yards
Yerik Yards 3 days ago
Guys what if Eminem makes a song WITH MGK 🤯
frank juankno
frank juankno 3 days ago
Keep it going... i love how mgk claims he had a song but decided not to release it cause he thought killshot waant that bad... yea keep telling ya self that bud ya garbage
unsainted one
unsainted one 3 days ago
Fan girl stans up in this mf
YamiRenegade 3 days ago
Eminem's album is garbage? MGK, your album is binge! Explains everything.
Nel Manelo
Nel Manelo 3 days ago
Mgk got under Eminem skin😂, he just mentioned him in 3 songs on the same album
Keeping it Real
Keeping it Real 3 days ago
Theres no mercy for mgk he never shoulda went there in the first place. He’s no match for the GOAT!! He needs to know his place.
Fabiaan Vergara
Fabiaan Vergara 3 days ago
MGK is a fan
Fabiaan Vergara
Fabiaan Vergara 3 days ago
MGK really thinks that he could be the next eminem 😂😂😂 It’s only one white man who can destroy everyone in rap and it’s EMINEM
MGK didn't have no diss track, regardless of what he says. Dude only said that because he got owned by Eminem. He knows it, we know it. He lost and he doesn't want to accept it. Not saying MGK isn't a good artist, I own a couple albums of his, but Eminem slaughtered him. Hell, Not Alike was enough, Em didn't even need to respond to Rap Devil, but Killshot basically ended the beef.
reza jafari
reza jafari 4 days ago
if this album was bullshit his whole musics are bullshit
Hunter Morgan
Hunter Morgan 4 days ago
LOL if he thinks em album sucked he should go listen to Binge! lol MGK So Shit lol
Sharmila Gurung
Sharmila Gurung 4 days ago
Neo the choiceone
We want to see 2nd round bby
Melvin Hart
Melvin Hart 4 days ago
Bro you dumb af if you think mgk released a good track towards Eminem 😂😂😂. The whole binge shit was fucking trash. Also no I can’t support if you think mgk stands a chance against Eminem 😂
Jake Wissink
Jake Wissink 4 days ago
Em > MGK.
xavier van de Laar
The new eminem is trash. He raps fast and thinks its good but his lyrics and flow suck. It isnt about rapping fast but 14 year olds will think its fire.
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva 4 days ago
Em isn't mad, he is just mentioning a past beef, like he always did
Neyu 4 days ago
just realized MGK said he was dressing better, the dude looks like he just got out of fashion week parade from Paris or some shit. I'm on Em's side but got curious after the beef and listened a bunch of MGK's songs... that was meh to me, i'm just not feeling the style it's linear.
CZseventyfive 5 days ago
I’m not even an Eminem fan but saying this album is trash is denial. I prefer 80s and 90s hip hop.
Amadden mind
Amadden mind 5 days ago
Wow eminem still makes music 🤣🤣🤣 I'm black so i wouldn't know 🤣 good for him
Bravo Tells It All
That album is 🔥. One of Em's verses is better than this scrubs whole career.
Brad Harris
Brad Harris 5 days ago
What does mgk expect does he not know history Em is going to be busting shots at him till the end of time
Alex 20MILLIONS 5 days ago
He dig a well when he wanted water and told the world that he has a own well
Tomas 5 days ago
If Eminem's has been mad 20 years,let's hope he's even madder this time around. MGK IS A REAL WANNA BE EMINEM. HE LOST. THE END!!!
Tom Moreau
Tom Moreau 5 days ago
this guy making the video can fuck off
Jay Dave
Jay Dave 6 days ago
"My biggest flops are your greatest hits!" ~ Eminem
Will G
Will G 6 days ago
MGK loses all credibility when he says Em’s album is trash. Just sounds like a hater.
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 6 days ago
MGK Who...🤨🤨🤨
cicirunner 6 days ago
Eminem's new album is so fire, that even anyone says it's trash it makes them look jealous or idiotic
Jorcario x
Jorcario x 6 days ago
MGK never had a diss track ready to counter killshot, he was chatting shit he lost the battle that's why he didn't respond. He didn't respond because he couldn't, he lost.
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood 6 days ago
Mumble rap what a load of shit you twats listen to make bloody sense.tupac murdered every fucker past and future,this generation are called muppet rappers.
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood 6 days ago
No cus mgk is so corny man I dont thi k you know rap if you think that was a battle no it was awful mgk sounded the same like the modern trash out their it's like tupac said I'm hear to take out the fake rappers out their he was talking about this modern shit like mgk let's face it you youth cant rap for shit you've got no charisma or anything new we havent heard before.
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood 6 days ago
Mgk is a shit rapper I can rap better than him no he didnt do a good battle what do you know about battles that guy is shit you sound like a shit steamer.
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood 6 days ago
Mgk got slaughtered like m said corny ass rap.
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