Machine Gun Kelly - Glass House (feat. Naomi Wild) [Official Music Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - Glass House
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Glass House. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


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Oct 30, 2019




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Comments 80
Ewby 39 minutes ago
Love this song but the line tongue kissing always makes me cringe just doesnt sound right lol
Wissal Wissal
Wissal Wissal Hour ago
This song deserve more
Sivart Kralc
Sivart Kralc 3 hours ago
Now that I think about it him and peep were similar
Nya 4 hours ago
I get worried about MGK tbh. I hope he pushes through his depression :o
Begi Enkhbat
Begi Enkhbat 11 hours ago
More like lifes been hard since 8
princess Rogers
princess Rogers 14 hours ago
Throw me in the damn flame Bury me in gold chains
Super Man
Super Man 17 hours ago
He met a lot of the legendary artists peep X Chester bennington even the lead singer of linkin park a band I grew up too that's crazy as fuck
Young Prince
Young Prince 18 hours ago
ParanormalLover 18 hours ago
Off topic but "Motives like Anna Nicole" - I just heard the "You're Wrong About" podcast episode about Anna Nicole Smith and what I learned is the gold digger myth is just a myth, she turned down the old guy for *years* before agreeing to marry him
thinh le
thinh le 22 hours ago
somebody tell me the name of mgk hairstyle plsssssssssssssss.
Joe Wiedmeier
Ella Travis mom sisters. Still here
Sylwia Jazowska
Chuj ci w dupe
Jessica Rose Thomas
This is an amazing song wow
Anna van Gelder
Anna van Gelder 2 days ago
im a real em fan and this song sounds like it should be in revival. No offence it just sounds like that.
Gabriel Farias Theml
Chester voice?
Nelson Jsy
Nelson Jsy 2 days ago
Love u 4 ever mgk..
NY Blast
NY Blast 2 days ago
Hell Yeah !!
April Collett
April Collett 2 days ago
Zeeshan Haider
Zeeshan Haider 2 days ago
Respect MGK. Love you bro!
vaughnjasont 2 days ago
I hate that him and Eminem have beef. They are my two favorite rappers. Wish they would make up and do some shit together.
seveo_ zwiux
seveo_ zwiux 2 days ago
this a good ass song fr
MGK FANS 19XX 3 days ago
This Song make me cry every time 😢🙏
Patrick Crabb
Patrick Crabb 3 days ago
Love this song! Still puts me in tears
Patrick Crabb
Patrick Crabb 8 hours ago
Reminds me of how my life has been without all the name drops.
Kristy Roopnarine
Keep your head up mgk!
Jamie Leech
Jamie Leech 3 days ago
MGK has some fire ass lyrics 😍🤭
Sidney Lewis
Sidney Lewis 3 days ago
I doubt you"ll ever see this comment MGK but thanks for making this song. This song has an enormous clutch on my heart and speaks louder then what people truly realize.
alphadog 32
alphadog 32 3 days ago
I love mgk
Nadhir 4 days ago
* zayn malik feat sia - Glass House
RandomUser :D
RandomUser :D 16 hours ago
Shut up
Nadhir 4 days ago
* zayn malik feat sia - Glass House
Ryanthebeast 4 days ago
This shit hit different!
Matthew Garnier
Matthew Garnier 4 days ago
All alone in the glass house Lie awake 'til the sun's out Pink sky when you come down M3 in the driveway Caffeine for the heartache Never wanna have it my way Yeah, I fuck up and lose control Burned so many bridges, got nowhere to go Bitches got these motives like Anna Nicole I'm smoking cigarettes alone until it burn a hole In my lungs, in my soul, in my denim coat Same place I'ma keep that knife if I'ma slit my throat This shit ugly, I was just with Nipsey, now he ghost They even got my homie Pete out here, like, fuck the jokes Damn All alone in the glass house (just keep it going) Lie awake 'til the sun's out Pink sky when you come down Sometimes I wanna fuckin' scream or run away, I don't know Ayy, life's been hard since seventeen I've been through hell, I think I'm somewhere in-between Caught in purgatory, I could paint the scene Everything turned to a nightmare from a dream, look Wish Lil Peep and me had spoke, but I can't get that back Just came from Pittsburgh, damn, I'll miss my homie Mac Yeah, last time I got off the stage, I looked Chester in the face But now he gone, and ain't no going back, uh Why don't you throw me in the damn flame? Bury me in gold chains Throw me in the damn flame I'm waitin' on the rain to come and wash it all away Why don't you throw me in the damn flame? Bury me in gold chains Throw me in the damn flame Lately, I've been sick of livin' and nobody knows how I'm really feelin' I always hated to smile, but it keep what is killing me hidden inside I didn't sign up to be the hero, but I don't want to wind up a villain I put my daughter to bed, then attempted to kill myself in the kitchen Yeah, I should've screamed, but nobody listened So I passed out with the blood dripping In this glass house, feelin' like a prison Me and death keep tongue-kissing I just fell out with my lil' bro The life getting to us, the drink getting to us, the drugs getting to us It's highway to hell and everybody knew What the fuck were we doing? I'm feeling like Why don't you throw me in the damn flame? Bury me in gold chains Throw me in the damn flame I'm waitin' on the rain to come and wash it all away Why don't you throw me in the damn flame? Bury me in gold chains Throw me in the damn flame All alone in the glass house Lie awake 'til the sun's out Pink sky when you come down M3 in the driveway Caffeine for the heartache Never wanna have it my way
Gigi cecere
Gigi cecere 4 days ago
Pittsburgh loves u 412!!!! RIP MAC
Ooom Goom
Ooom Goom 4 days ago
At this time 10k people who disliked this video were jerking off to Wilbur and Mr. Ed reruns. Don’t like me. just know.
Austin Francken
Austin Francken 5 days ago
“Wish LiL Peep and me had spoke but I can’t get that back”
Myfortnite Account
Em is good but mgk is even better
Truly too Real
Truly too Real 5 days ago
Truly too Real
Truly too Real 5 days ago
Shout out kells
Truly too Real
Truly too Real 5 days ago
My glass house
Truly too Real
Truly too Real 5 days ago
tayietu g
tayietu g 5 days ago
art... art
Mande insertlastname
To this day i love the hate he gets, because he disses eminem. Plus "mumble rapper", he isn't even a rapper, don't even talk about mumble, get your head out your ass. I love em too, i mean who doesnt, but this man makes solid music and you just hating out of pride
Cari Sunshine&Rain
This my jam! Love you MGK! My life been hard since I was 17... True story
Salem Ramzi
Salem Ramzi 5 days ago
Hi I made my own version of this song, Please check it out on my youtube channel and give me your feedback on it, thank you ❤️
Gasby pro
Gasby pro 5 days ago
Good bro respect 🇲🇦
Larry Anchor
Larry Anchor 5 days ago
"I should have screamed but nobody listened so I passed out with the blood dripping" Underrated lyric
Peachy Jade
Peachy Jade 5 days ago
RIP Poppa Kells. Guess the doctors were right about him not being here a year from now. Song just got that much more heavy💔
ITS NiixZyy
ITS NiixZyy 5 days ago
He wants to kill himself, that's what you get for talking shit bout em, depression
RandomUser :D
RandomUser :D 16 hours ago
Oh so depression is funny to you?
nabil memo
nabil memo 4 days ago
Fuck off get alive
NorthSideAjay L
NorthSideAjay L 5 days ago
i put my daughter to bed & attempted to kill myself in the kitchen, yeah i should of screamed but nobody listened so im passed out wit the blood drippin in this glass house feelin like a prison
Jackson 6 days ago
I’ve probably heard 1000 mgk songs for every Eminem song I’ve heard
ERICK ERICK 6 days ago
I wish me and peep spoke damn that hits hard for some reason
Shay Heide
Shay Heide 6 days ago
anyone here or on the hotel Diablo album after his dad died?🥺
TrIpPiN 2 days ago
Jeep Freak yeah
Double G Roxy
Double G Roxy 2 days ago
@Jeep Freak yes MGK's dad died 3days ago due to cancer
Jeep Freak
Jeep Freak 2 days ago
Whos dad mgk?
Nicole Pico
Nicole Pico 5 days ago
ME 🙏🥺🙏
TrIpPiN 6 days ago
I got the chills from reading this 😭💔
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith 6 days ago
Is the glass house a metaphor for his mind
RandomUser :D
RandomUser :D 16 hours ago
I think so
Profit Of Ola
Profit Of Ola 6 days ago
Music is similar to Happy now by Zedd
Keshitha AKT
Keshitha AKT 6 days ago
Literally Every night i listen to this and it reminds me how life was before 17😪
D Z 6 days ago
noop singha
noop singha 7 days ago
Why so much hate for this guy. Just 22M views.
Jeanne Tarrade
Jeanne Tarrade 7 days ago
revenger2 7 days ago
This is music ......Eminem tracks are pure noise !
Jason Kissner
Jason Kissner 7 days ago
I’m glad you called out Em. I probably wouldn’t have listened to you otherwise. Never knew who you were just like nobody knows who I am. Keep doing what you are doing, you’re a fucking gem. Ive been binge watching/listening to all of your content as well as Pete Davidson. My god is Pete the hero we need but don’t deserve.
Trav.is.ll7 7 days ago
Thank you Richie... nuff said
KiddJames09 7 days ago
See money isn't everything. MGK came from nothing to a star with money.... This world is still hard.... Depression is a horrible disease seek help if you have it. Feeling alone is the worst. I feel alone sometimes when people are all around me......MGK be strong Bro...
ꯔꯥꯍꯨꯜ ꯑꯆꯣꯝ
He got balls to diss Eminem
princess Rogers
princess Rogers 8 days ago
Legends never die said juice world xxxtection and mjk
Syed Hammad
Syed Hammad 8 days ago
This song hits differently💔
ACID TASTE 8 days ago
naomi is such a beautiful talent we should make her made more songs
Latest on Lyd
Latest on Lyd 8 days ago
u save my life daily MGK please don't go ...@lydiaannr on Instagram
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 8 days ago
Not even a hip hop fan but Machine Gun Kelly's lyrics cut me deep. Struggled with feelings of inadequacy and self hate for too long. This is a beautiful song on every level and I love trance.rock
Aiming Zone
Aiming Zone 8 days ago
This era is of these 5 rappers - MGK , NF , NEFFEX , JOSH A , DAX.
Mario Stans
Mario Stans 3 days ago
I don’t rate this comment. Those are trash rappers apart from mgk
Shishir Karki
Shishir Karki 4 days ago
Ever heard of Kendric and Cole?
Pier Luigi Moriconi
this is poetry. there s nothing better than meaningful rap songs.
Jules Gaudi
Jules Gaudi 9 days ago
RepEat. Thank you man. I earned so much respect for you for this. Thanks for soul speakin
Luke Broes
Luke Broes 9 days ago
Damn he’s cute
John Doe
John Doe 9 days ago
Hmu bro
Gannon Tucker
Gannon Tucker 9 days ago
RIP to my boy Mac, rest easy brother💯😇
Mike McDonald
Mike McDonald 9 days ago
Dude hes telling my rucking life right this moment!! I'm 33 and he knows the struggle is real.
TDV ish
TDV ish 9 days ago
Lham Wangdi
Lham Wangdi 9 days ago
I love mgk too
Bamon Hanjangdili
Amazing song bro
matthews mtonga
matthews mtonga 10 days ago
dope its lit as fuck
Danny Brothers
Danny Brothers 10 days ago
Feel the vibe of the song I keeping playing it good song stay humble take care
Nikki Mariah
Nikki Mariah 10 days ago
I felt this song deep. When he said “life’s been hard since 17” when I was only 17 I had major depression, anxiety disorder, adhd. I was extremely depressed growing up and I didn’t know why I started experimenting with almost every drug. When I was 18 one of my best friends died of a fent overdose and he was only 18 as well. I started using fent after that to block out the pain of his death and to also numb my ptsd(I was physically abused by an ex for three years and it was bad it was black eyes, choke marks, he almost slit my throat by putting a blade up to my neck and saying he was going to kill me) I wanted to numb everything - my family are very good people and I felt ashamed I felt like the fuck up. I eventually sold everything I owned for fentanyl and I had overdosed twice on it. I then got clean from fent and then another one of my friends died when I was 20 (he was only 20 as well). I felt so depressed and started using Xanax to cope because I felt like no one understood my ptsd, the loss of my friends.. I had also tried to kill myself three times ending up in the hospital drinking charcoal to spit everything up. I’m now trying my best to stay clean but my anxiety eats me alive. This song speaks volumes to me. I cry every time I listen to it because I can relate so much. Edit: Sorry for the depressing rant lol
Ashwaghosh Kurane
I feel your pain
Nikki Mariah
Nikki Mariah 9 days ago
Liam yeah for sure I’ll add you cos I def do 😓. Mines nikki.mariah jus so you know who is adding you lol
Liam 10 days ago
You got this I hope things Get better please message me to talk my snapchat is liamlittle22
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