Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


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May 20, 2020




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Comments 100
Rylins channle
Lol spaming but.. glove or love god kells🤣
Seth VanNes
Seth VanNes Hour ago
He has an amazing voice I really enjoy the genre change with his punk and his other soft rock songs too
Piero Chillè
Piero Chillè Hour ago
He was a punk, she did ballet
Ashton Rowe
Ashton Rowe 2 hours ago
All the people saying this shit is fire is the exact reason why there is no longer a music industry with phenomenal rare talent or integrity.
Ako 29 minutes ago
i mean this is fire lmao
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez 3 hours ago
Love love love!!! So much YES in this song and video ❣🙌
Gypsy SnowWolf
Gypsy SnowWolf 5 hours ago
I came here from "Glass House".
Pawas Saxena
Pawas Saxena 5 hours ago
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 brought me here and i'm thankful
Machine Gunkelly
Machine Gunkelly 5 hours ago
Thank you every body
Jonathan La Porta
Jonathan La Porta 6 hours ago
Love this, reminds me of blink so much
Callum D
Callum D 6 hours ago
Fuck he's got me
Mr Joe 90
Mr Joe 90 6 hours ago
Thank you Tony Hawk for introducing me to this! First time I heard MGK's music was during a Wrestlemania, and now this?? Awesome!
Butcher Big Balls
Butcher Big Balls 7 hours ago
Great tune for the thps combos
mark kelly
mark kelly 7 hours ago
the next tragic drug alcohol story. wow-ee
Kristina Rezack
Kristina Rezack 8 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-WpbpNH3xEfg.html My better memory .
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 8 hours ago
Wow he needs to stick with rock alternative!! Sounds awesome.
i Hiiixsts
i Hiiixsts 9 hours ago
Ok but megan fox is so pretty like o-0
aline pilet
aline pilet 9 hours ago
TheShiner 9 hours ago
This mother fucker made a believer out of me. I thought he was just some bad boy wannabe rapper taking on a titan like Eminem. Turns out that was the best thing he could have ever done because that blossomed him into this. Where hes meant to be in my opinion. Good fucking job MGK. Mad respect
lumbago h
lumbago h 10 hours ago
My god, the things that people try to pass off as punk is hilarious, go listen to some sex pistols, Dead Kennedys, circle jerks or black flag, you will be better off. Now i need to erase this foul memory with some Judge.
Ako 3 hours ago
well this isn’t punk lmao, its pop punk.
Pedro Mendoza
Pedro Mendoza 10 hours ago
This song made me think of Blink, Plus44 and a lot of cool bands I used to rock 15 to 20 years ago. Very good change.
Adam Torres
Adam Torres 11 hours ago
What a poser
Hyuny 11 hours ago
I didn't really know how to react when I heard they were in relationship but now I hope they last forever and wish them happiness. Megan Fox is a QUEEN.
Little Table Talks
Little Table Talks 11 hours ago
Its more blink 128 than blink 128
Trma_dM 12 hours ago
Gotta say, the genre transition is sorta random but I really like this! 👍🏾
Rylins channle
Rylins channle 12 hours ago
This vid is great!!
George Molina
George Molina 12 hours ago
Machine Gun Kelly is bout that stepdad-life 😂
B Sim
B Sim 12 hours ago
when eminem ends your rap career so hard you have to switch genres
Ako 3 hours ago
he still raps lmao. hotel diablo was successful and so was all the rap stuff he released during his quarantine sessions
juicygoddess97x 13 hours ago
something about him just gets me ;)
Insanity Killzz
Insanity Killzz 13 hours ago
Never listened to MGK before and this song is such a banger
Ryan Dyess
Ryan Dyess 13 hours ago
If he started with this back in the beginning, imagine where he'd be at now....dayum.
Joe 13 hours ago
This song is so horrible... I swear, I put that on everything, Like MGK just did with Auto Tune.... I mean listen, He's Auto Tuning EVERYTHING... It's horrible, Also, I lost mad respect for Megan Fox.. Both of them are gonna be working at McDonald's in a few years..
Ako 12 hours ago
@Joe okay then lmao. you gonna eat your words when hes still winning and everyone is finally giving him his recognition
Joe 12 hours ago
@Ako talk to me in 2 or 3 years about MGK's fame....
Ako 12 hours ago
@Joe eminem didn’t even end his career lmao. hotel diablo hit #5 on the billboard 200
Ako 12 hours ago
@Joe okay you went dark at the end of this lmao. first off bloody valentine isn’t even emo or alternative its pop punk. a lot of people listen to that genre, not just emo kids. second off, the rappers you mentioned aren’t even that popular, honestly there’s a lot of new rappers that are willing to work with mgk and id rather have them do a song with him instead of the ones you listed.
Joe 12 hours ago
@Ako dude... Rappers won't even work with MGK anymore because of what happened with Eminem... TechN9ne said he will never work with MGK again. Joyner Lucas said MGK used to be in his top 5, now he's trash... Hopsin said he was working on a project with MGK, but instantly stopped after all that... MGK made a huge mistake making comments about Eminems daughter(that was underage at the time)... Then picking a war, against someone who ruins people's careers... The only people listening to this Blood Valentine song, are people with piercings all over there face, that wear the color black, grow there hair ling, cut there wrist, and bang heroine in there veins... That sh*t is trash
Sarah Haney
Sarah Haney 14 hours ago
I love this song! Can def tell Taking Back Sunday was an influence. 😁
Tyler Will
Tyler Will 14 hours ago
Am I back in the mid 2000's?? I dig it.
Daniel Deborin
Daniel Deborin 14 hours ago
Megan Fox will look the same when she's 50.
Bianca DeMagio
Bianca DeMagio 14 hours ago
Bringing back the feeling of the early 2000s punk rock
the carrl ́s diary
the carrl ́s diary 15 hours ago
His bulge tho
marcus24000 15 hours ago
some media say megan is youre gf now is this true? btw this is actualy a pretty desent song.
geison 14 hours ago
yep, it's true!
Sugar Kush
Sugar Kush 15 hours ago
Bro MGK dates Megan fox, put some respect on his name ✊
Alone OficialMx
Alone OficialMx 15 hours ago
Este cabron era de los pocos que me plantaban cara a Eminem, debería de seguir haciendo rap también.
Lala Grounds
Lala Grounds 15 hours ago
its crazy how my childhood girl crush, Megan Fox and one of my man crushes, MGK are dating...I just am in love.
Lucas Carvalho
Lucas Carvalho 15 hours ago
David Thomas
David Thomas 16 hours ago
Megan Fox has quite the Adam’s Apple.
phoni.beats 16 hours ago
As a kid born in the early 90s I never could've even dream of a rapper who dissed childhood hero Eminem to bring back the best lost rock sound ever to the 2020. Thanks MGK, MVP of 2020 already.
Charles Victoria
Charles Victoria 16 hours ago
Dude, screw and trash the rapping aside. This pop punk sound feels right.
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 16 hours ago
I hate that I like this song...thank you THPS 1&2
Alexi Luffy
Alexi Luffy 13 hours ago
was shocked to find this song in the game!! so far i've only heard the old school songs
Oisin McGrath
Oisin McGrath 16 hours ago
If you’re back 4 months later admit that it’s not for Kelly or the song.
XFS540 18 hours ago
She really didn't need the plastic surgery.
fishing with Sam
fishing with Sam 19 hours ago
This dude knows how to play music this dude rocks he's so f****** badass
Kev D
Kev D 19 hours ago
I’m 50 years old and I love this song this is Kid Rock for this generation
BLAKE Vega 19 hours ago
Col said he wanted to bring 90s punk rock back!! And im here for it yaas.
Raven Toombs
Raven Toombs 19 hours ago
they look so happy🥺
Brandon Hilliker
Brandon Hilliker 19 hours ago
Wasn’t really a MGK fan but this full out 100%!!!!!! Love this shit
Natalia kowalska
Natalia kowalska 20 hours ago
Nice adhesive tape, is it a gift from YUNGBLUD? ;)
Sugar Kush
Sugar Kush 20 hours ago
Bro gave baker Mayfield that guitar after the dub!! 🎸
Stap 20 hours ago
I heard this first on the Tony Hawk remake. I immediately thought this was an old song that I used to in my emo-music 2000's phase. Nope, it's new! Nice job.
Richard Rawlett
Richard Rawlett 20 hours ago
Just do this instead of rap bro
Nemo Tramp
Nemo Tramp 20 hours ago
That's where Reagan was
Charlie Snail
Charlie Snail 20 hours ago
love all the punk purists that are so pressed in these comments 😍 Why are you here baby boo 💖
Michael Banks
Michael Banks 21 hour ago
Dude's mom is pretty good looking
FIRE2H4L Reactor
FIRE2H4L Reactor 21 hour ago
Who else watched this just for Megan fox?
Hannibal Lee
Hannibal Lee 21 hour ago
best choice for "THPS 1+2" refreshed ost :)))))))))))))))))))
Aryan Morady
Aryan Morady 22 hours ago
Big eminem fan here. Absolutely loved this and tbh I really like his sense of fashion. he just got a new fan++
shad3y H
shad3y H 22 hours ago
sick of this mf autotune.... let talk about it jelly
Ako 13 hours ago
i honestly don’t know why you stans keep mentioning autotune so much lmao. they probably pitched the vocals in the song, but there is no autotune
Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez 22 hours ago
solo la escuch por megan fox ... like si tambien piensas lo mismo
wever ton
wever ton 22 hours ago
Her date Megan?
Highwind1989 22 hours ago
I just found this song and I'm a big fan of pop punk stuff like Blink 182 and Sum 41 and I really like this song so whatever music you are doing other than this( judging by comments) I think you should consider doing more punk songs.
black water
black water 22 hours ago
Tony Hawks pro Skter fez eu chegar aqui
Swarup Hajong
Swarup Hajong 22 hours ago
Did u quit hiphop
Ako 13 hours ago
no, he still raps
Wenotmemusic13 23 hours ago
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better..
The Hexicle
The Hexicle 23 hours ago
servitium amoris. Tibullus approves.
Rene Cruz
Rene Cruz 23 hours ago
Whoever’s idea it was to have mgk rockin out on the lawn while tied was genius #musicvideonerd
Salim Bhai
Salim Bhai 23 hours ago
Eminem dissed MGK soo bad he changed genres looool
Ako 13 hours ago
this comment is becoming so old, mgk didn’t switch genres at all. hotel diablo came out after the beef and he released like 4 rap songs during his quarantine sessions. not only that, but this is a one time album
tyler helton
tyler helton 23 hours ago
everyone talking about keeping 2000 pop culture alive but all i can think about is how lucky mgk is to be with megan fox
Sérgio Silva Drums
Sérgio Silva Drums 23 hours ago
Check out my new drum cover of this song!!🤪
Park'd 23 hours ago
love his new punk direction
Myles Day ago
He needs to stick to this genre of music ngl
Nunes Day ago
[Verse 1] Okay The simulation just went bad But you're the best I ever had Like handprints in wet cement She touched me, it's permanent [Pre-Chorus] In my head, in my head I couldn't hear anything you said, but In my head, in my head I'm callin' you "girlfriend," what the fuck? [Chorus] I don't do fake love But I'll take some from you tonight I know I've got to go But I might just miss the flight I can't stay forever, let's play pretend And treat this night like it'll happen again You'll be my bloody valentine tonight [Verse 2] I'm overstimulated and I'm sad I don't expect you to understand It's nothing less than true romance Or am I just makin' a mess? [Pre-Chorus] In my head, in my head I'm lyin' naked with you, yeah In my head, in my head I'm ready to die holding your hand [Chorus] I don't do fake love But I'll take some from you tonight (Take some from you tonight) I know I've got to go But I might just miss the flight I can't stay forever, let's play pretend And treat this night like it'll happen again You'll be my bloody valentine tonight [Bridge] I can't hide How I feel about you inside I'd give everything up tonight If I could just have you, be mine Be mine, baby I can't hide (I cannot hide these feelings, no) How I feel about you inside (I cannot hide these feelings) I'd give everything up tonight (I'd give up everything for you) If I could just have you, be mine (I'd give up everything) Be mine (Ayy) [Chorus] I don't do fake love But I'll take some from you tonight (Take some from you tonight) I know I've got to go But I might just miss the flight I can't stay forever, let's play pretend And treat this night like it'll happen again You'll be my bloody valentine tonight [Outro] Na-na-na, na-na-na Na-na-na-na-na-na-na (Just tonight) Na-na-na, na-na-na Na-na-na-na-na-na-na (Just tonight) Na-na-na, na-na-na Na-na-na-na-na-na-na (Just tonight) Na-na-na, na-na-na (In my head, in my head) Na-na-na-na-na-na-na (Just tonight) (Were we on time? Should we try-)
Anna Witt
Anna Witt Day ago
Aww he had to go to punk music cause Eminem kicked his ASS in rap!!!
Ako 13 hours ago
@wiseguy 26 facts bro
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 Day ago
He's been rapping the past 2 years since the beef hold this L.😆😁
latino_lopez 98
MGK would’ve avoided all that beef and embarrassment if only he had started with this genre from the start.
Ako 13 hours ago
@wiseguy 26 even bigger facts bro
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 Day ago
No the beef had nothing to do with him just rapping and mgk's never leaving hip hop.
Joel Oquendo
Joel Oquendo Day ago
Can't wait to see this song played live!
Julia Flannigan
I absolutely love this song and the video. Seeing Megan so happy is the ultimate best thing. I’ll actually listen to mgk if he wants to start this!
Radu Niculescu
This song is actually pretty good 👍.. keep it up
Zachary Jones
I'm sorry I don't hate mgk but this is bad man come on lol, he's singing like Tom DeLong hahahaha
Ako 13 hours ago
well he was trying to make it sound like a old blink song. i mean travis literally produced and drummed on this track
Brandon Bui
Brandon Bui Day ago
This is LEGEND behavior!
Filipina & Hungarian Duo
Megan Fox ❤🧡💜
LG Day ago
this genre of music suits him so much better
Dalton Cook
Dalton Cook Day ago
Damm dude wtf your killing it!!!!
Zach Lock
Zach Lock Day ago
The question is did he smash for real?
Greg AP
Greg AP Day ago
This feels like the early 2000s and I love that
DrBakedBeans Day ago
i want that duct tape
Pug Rito
Pug Rito Day ago
Megan fox was my babysitter back in port saint lucie. She went to the same highschool as me. Such a baddie. Great ass times no pun intended
Medical Marion420
Eminem made this mf switch from rap to punk rock huh.. lol wtf MGK 🤔
Your Average FolioFriends
the fact youre still caught up in that 2018 shit though its been 2 years is so fucking funny.
KOOPZ Day ago
THPS Sent me
Bineabble Day ago
Shit bops my guy
Enda Dorgan
Enda Dorgan Day ago
Jesus Pop Punk has really changed since I was younger.
Charlotte Higgins
The foot 👀
Sheesh. MGK's pop punk shit is incredible
miamiow26 Day ago
This piece reminds me of Blink182!
jose moreno
jose moreno Day ago
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