Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


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May 20, 2020




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Comments 80
Gabe McGinnis
Gabe McGinnis 7 hours ago
god i love the classic blink drum fills.
Coco 7 hours ago
My man Tommy Lee hasnt change even a bit.
Coco 7 hours ago
Tommy Lee sings and plays guitar? Daang.
Pat the mat
Pat the mat 8 hours ago
Personally I love this song
walter white
walter white 8 hours ago
michael bay hate this song
pack 89
pack 89 8 hours ago
Only watched cause Megan fox is so hott, song sucks
SANTANDER FC 7 hours ago
You don’t know good music, everyone here for Machine Gun Kelly
Jonathan Côté
Jonathan Côté 8 hours ago
When your not rapper anymore because you pissed off the worng guy but the song is still good
SANTANDER FC 7 hours ago
When you don’t know good artists and realize it’s a rapper/rockstar and can’t get over a beef 2 years ago
Geerangs 8 hours ago
Man I miss this kind of music
Gabrielle Sell
Gabrielle Sell 9 hours ago
RM and MGK need to collab
Brenden S
Brenden S 9 hours ago
Good you have a cool sound
Nite Driv3r
Nite Driv3r 10 hours ago
2:30 Me when I do PCP!
Shaylee Van Beuge
Shaylee Van Beuge 11 hours ago
Fun fact for today, me and megan fox both have dwarf thumbs!
Hidden Espeon
Hidden Espeon 11 hours ago
Please keep making more music like this rather then Rap its SO MUCH BETTER!
Tayshauna Alectus
Tayshauna Alectus 11 hours ago
im really liking this new direction of Mgk. MGK had to re invent himself ever since the rap battle between him and Eminem. Some people are mad that he challenged Eminem.
scott stubblefield
scott stubblefield 11 hours ago
It's not a bad bubble gum pop song, but he is so talented and could do so much better.
Katirvana 12 hours ago
How does one get silenced by Eminem but then end up with Megan fox? Explain.
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 10 hours ago
He made a comeback and Em never silenced him because he responded to Killshot and the hate he got back then in his 2019 album hotel diablo in a track called floor 13.
Shligy 12 hours ago
I didn’t all the way fw mgk before but I think the rock lane is perfect for him and has made me like him almost 100% more lmao
512 PIxel
512 PIxel 12 hours ago
here for megan fox
lol die
lol die 12 hours ago
Am i the only one who thinks that mgk deserves moreeeeeee
Reddit Stories
Reddit Stories 12 hours ago
enjoy the content :)
wadafup 12 hours ago
Emo music making a comeback eyy🤘
Corbyn Brown
Corbyn Brown 12 hours ago
Dude this is definitely top 10 songs I’ve heard in my like, and my life is surrounded by music
lars lindberg
lars lindberg 12 hours ago
april oneil
da tosuta
da tosuta 12 hours ago
This song hits different. Respect
ᴄᴠ op
ᴄᴠ op 13 hours ago
This is what happens when you make eminem mad
Matheus Henrique
Matheus Henrique 13 hours ago
Megan é uma deusa kkkkkkkkk
Gianni Alessandro
Gianni Alessandro 13 hours ago
That drums is Travis Barker I know he Style!!!
K Ross
K Ross 13 hours ago
This song reminds me of the early 2000's
Distinguished Muzic
Distinguished Muzic 13 hours ago
gringo gringo
gringo gringo 13 hours ago
Enemies United
Enemies United 13 hours ago
You were meant to ROCK, MGK! keep it up!
Geortz 13 hours ago
I came for the song,stayed here for Megan
Tony Fetuccini
Tony Fetuccini 14 hours ago
Now this mgk i can listen to
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 10 hours ago
He has a lane for everyone, I prefer his hybrid rap linkin park style music.
Michael Riffle
Michael Riffle 15 hours ago
Make meets adtr. I've never liked mgks music more 😍😂
DanDaManGamin 15 hours ago
I came for Megan Fox and only Megan Fox!
Hangmei Asao
Hangmei Asao 16 hours ago
Feels like listening to 2000's music... Ain't shit! This is real music!
8 Ball
8 Ball 16 hours ago
2:33 so finally MGK turned super saiyan rose
M0ln 17 hours ago
I must say, this version of MGK is better than the rap one.
Brian DiVincenzo
Brian DiVincenzo 17 hours ago
Sounds like somethin off that Lil Wayne "rock" album 😂😂
Van Life With Baylife
MGK should not rap this is much better, feels like im listening to blink 182
Forrest Myres
Forrest Myres 17 hours ago
This is why I'll never stop listening to Machine Gun Kelly🔥🐏
Руслан Беляев
Меган лучшая )))*
Tha Feline
Tha Feline 17 hours ago
Lol lol Eminem killed his career!!! This song is sooooooo lame!!!! Megan Fox tho!!!
Kendall Foreman
Kendall Foreman 7 hours ago
Lol how if he's trending and gaining new fans everyday ?🤔 Hes always loved rock music and wanted to do it before the Em beef. Don't hate on the fact that he can be good in different genres of music unlike eminem 😂 who talents is only rap.
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 10 hours ago
You big mad lmao stop hating.😆
Mr. Kitranu
Mr. Kitranu 17 hours ago
How old is she now?
Natthy Angel
Natthy Angel 17 hours ago
Gente esse clip ta mt boooom
customvideo454 17 hours ago
All lives matter.
Bernardo Trevino
Bernardo Trevino 17 hours ago
Aye aye aye
xPhantom 18 hours ago
When Dissing eminem doesnt go well as expected and you have to change music genre for your own good...
Hunter Kneifel
Hunter Kneifel 17 hours ago
xPhantom Whenever you don’t realize he still puts out rap songs 😳
ThePoloKing 18 hours ago
Damn I like indie rock MGK way more than rap MGK, and rap MGK is pretty damn good! That was dope.
Bohniman 18 hours ago
When others want a 20yr old actress to play the girlfriend MGK is like: Hold my beer, I got Megan Fox.
x. J9
x. J9 18 hours ago
Punk rock has my soul forever 🖤 This music makes me feel all the things... also Megan Fox 🔥
En Jill
En Jill 18 hours ago
Megan looks so hot🔥
Lokana 18 hours ago
Power couple
kevin perugachi
kevin perugachi 19 hours ago
night and day
night and day 19 hours ago
let's be honest, we all came here because of megan fox
Kendall Foreman
Kendall Foreman 7 hours ago
Let's be honest your just a hater.
Makhrifatul Moerdhita
semacam poo punk 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
Faeem Ahmed
Faeem Ahmed 20 hours ago
We all clicked cuz of Megan fox.
Bea Gabrielle
Bea Gabrielle 20 hours ago
megan fox doesnt age bruh dafuqqqq
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix 20 hours ago
I have a few tickets here bud
ThEkOnArTiS 868
ThEkOnArTiS 868 20 hours ago
Reminds me of 2000’s music videos
Univ.s Fell
Univ.s Fell 20 hours ago
Megan fox looks like she still straight out of 2014 again
Classy Subs
Classy Subs 20 hours ago
uwu Rabbit Senpai
uwu Rabbit Senpai 20 hours ago
Kind of a lame video tbh
Luke Vern
Luke Vern 21 hour ago
This ain’t my cuppa tea but I watched it while I drank a cup of tea just to see Megan 🔥🤣👌🏻
Maximus Augustus
Maximus Augustus 21 hour ago
I came to see Megan not this idiot, never heard him before now I know why, he sucks.
Bloopy 21 hour ago
Lu ga
Lu ga 21 hour ago
This emo blonde princess dissed em for real?
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 20 hours ago
Stuck in 2018 still I see.😆
Gabe Scriven
Gabe Scriven 21 hour ago
Omg quarter chub but an innie instead of an outie lmao
Shannon Hoadley
Shannon Hoadley 22 hours ago
I love this song ❤️🔥❤️
eSports Bulgaria
eSports Bulgaria 22 hours ago
The billboard is rigged against MGK. This video got 14 million views and the spotify version got 8 million for the last week of May. That's close to 10,000 units which was enough to put him on the hot 100 and that's without counting other platforms and pure sales. According to billboard data the songs from 91-100 all have less than 5000 TOTAL units.
Brendan Fisher
Brendan Fisher 22 hours ago
"In my yead, in my yead" I wonder if this is a nod to Tom DeLonge.
Andy Slick
Andy Slick 22 hours ago
Fuck this a good song
77 Azama
77 Azama 23 hours ago
Megan Fox is Perfect!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜
The Word Of Sean - Sean Hill
So this is where the dead goes! Eminem has a lot to explain hahaha
Krezcely Borja
If Megan Fox ties me up and drags me around.. i would literally thank her the entire time.
DuRag Dan
DuRag Dan Day ago
I used to never like Mgk but honestly I’m looking forward to this album, he’s gotten so good and unique I guess, nobody does this anymore and he’s tryna bring it back
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 20 hours ago
@qopoy dnon He never stopped rapping tho. After Killshot he dropped a rap album in 2019 called hotel diablo. He also has always dabbled with rock music. Em won but rap devil slapped him so hard he was forced to respond. Also he's been rapping all quarantine.😆
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 23 hours ago
It's funny to see how em destroyed his rap career and now he has decided to move his ass to another genre.
Karolina Jagusiak
Super Mgk 🖤 !!! Pozdro z Polski . 🥰🇵🇱
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 23 hours ago
So... MGK is Avril Lavigne now?
Robert Przybylski
Feel 15 years younger while listening to this
Deejay Lee
Deejay Lee Day ago
Man I bet Sam whitwikey is gutted he lost his fox
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix Day ago
The visuals the music the TIMES you are the real deal complete all around musician
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