Ma Long vs Zhou Qihao ​| 2021 Chinese Trials (1/2)

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Ma Long 马龙 vs 周启豪 Zhou Qihao | 2021 Chinese Trials for Tokyo Olympics (1/2)
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May 6, 2021




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Comments 0
14:07 looks like Zhang Jike
Satori Freshfish
Satori Freshfish 23 days ago
I have seen many matches in my life, but I will certainly remember and bookmark this one
哲舟 杨
哲舟 杨 25 days ago
sunny Month ago
All chinese trials matches have been ruined by worse camera quality. I mean its 21st century man. Close the camera to the table make it high quality so that table tennis is promoted instead of rediculed like this. 🤨
King Cheung
King Cheung Month ago
Great allround player is Zhou qihao
Jerry Hsu
Jerry Hsu Month ago
Zhou's speed is incredible. I don't think I have seen anybody with that kind of speed. He plays a pure power game. When he can hit the shots, he is simply unbeatable.
Petru Sincraian
Petru Sincraian Month ago
7:29 ? What was that ? Looks like the ball went down but the point was given to ML. What did you see ? Thanks for uploading.
Suresh Tamang
Suresh Tamang Month ago
Zhou.. Had such a good chop blocks.. Ma long don't expected overall...awesome match..
Paul Nicolas
Paul Nicolas Month ago
How the fuck Ma long lost He was up 6-2 damn!nice game!
Данил Никитин
Эра красного дракона законьчилась
simpolang Month ago
When the world can no longer put up any challenge, your county makes its own tournament
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Month ago
There were not many challenges since the turn of the century. Wang Liqin, Ma Lin, Wang Hao, Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Xu Xin, and Fan Zhendong dominated the past 20 years. So far, don't see anybody can challenge Ma and Fan. The Chinese TT lost a WTTC Single and one Olympic Gold and that was it, so far.
rvsd44 Month ago
Ma Long is showing his age in terms of stamina
Yeotyui Leonard
Yeotyui Leonard Month ago
BLackCat Esports
Zhou Qihao looks like hes feeling the ball Full of relax and focus WP
Abhishek Thomas
Abhishek Thomas Month ago
Used Ma long's trademark chop block against him at a crucial stage.. amazing match
Sasch K
Sasch K Month ago
young zhang jike :-)
haha LOL
haha LOL Month ago
Zhou Qihao beats the GOAT, he's now the lion haahahahha
Valdo Júnior PESCADOR
As pessoas não entendem que, tirando o Timo Boll, a idade chega p todos, inclusive pro Ma Long ! 🤷🏼‍♂️
davesplatz Month ago
It is the body language and the weight shift, that made the difference in the end. ZQH was much more positive than ML. There are a lot of examples in this match.
Trent Brown
Trent Brown Month ago
ZQH is the new Chen Qi. Everyone loves to see him beat the top Chinese players
olivier883 Month ago
Ma Long is very intelligent player - he doesn't want to play Fan before Olympic final. This will give him an edge when fighting for the gold. Genius.
a y
a y Month ago
Максим Баранов
Good idea to skip game against Fan before Olympics
all 🐐 have been reduce their power, start from messi, ronaldo, kento momota, steph curry, and ma long
Олег Цыренов
Rishabh Dubey
Rishabh Dubey Month ago
Holy shit! What a play by Zhou Qihao. Totally dominated the first set and what a comback in the last one. It's very rare to see someone making a comback against the Dragon himself. But this guy did it. Amazing!!!
Tai Tran
Tai Tran Month ago
haha, isn that those chop blocks were ML trademarks 🤣
めむ Month ago
Strong back hand from Zhou Qihao
Tischtennis Akademie Main-Kinzig
Icredible strong by zhou
The Dark One
The Dark One Month ago
ML it's time to retire. Just leave everything to the new generations. It's their time.
柳橙汁 Month ago
有沒有人覺得周啟豪第六局放水阿 感覺球都亂撞 不像前幾局銜接那麼好
王乃毅 Month ago
Poseidon99Jeus Month ago
The limp of the Dragon, hope he retires
Adrien Li
Adrien Li Month ago
Zhao Qihao deserves to win. Ma played great, but Zhao hung tough and finally got aggressive like he needed to in the last game to stop Ma. No fear, took the risks and reaped the rewards!
I know that zhou q. Played well he is not going for Olympics because the team is selected this was a match for chines ranking and in that z.q Is 2 1.Fan 2. Xu xin 3.ma long 4. Fang Bo Because malong has lot of experience and he can face top 10 world ranking player and the main threat is harimoto and z.q. this guy has not so much experience and he can lose because in Olympics mental pressure is very high
soul desire
soul desire Month ago
Wow, never seen ML miss so many easy forehands..Something is off, he's missing certain shots at times that are a bit surprising..
Chuan Shan
Chuan Shan Month ago
16:33 LGL and other coaches: this guy playing ML style chopblock+finishing FH
무풍지대 Month ago
chop block
Rocky s
Rocky s Month ago
ML was always fighting from behind. ZQH played great!
Table Tennis Breakdown
I can't help but feel that Ma Long has been holding back this whole tournament as to not injury himself before the Olympics. Great match by Zhou Qihao though.
tk1ngatk1nga Month ago
Ma Long's forehand top spins failed him far too many times, weird as both players seemed confused as to why they were missing "simple" shots, the ball seemed to dip into the net way too often.
Ghulam Ghous
Ghulam Ghous Month ago
never seen ma long this much frustrated during a match a rare sight indeed.
空悟 Month ago
Yudhistira Sulaeman
Zhou Qihao a little bit far from the table and he can generate big power to offence with his forehand meanwhile his backhand contribute to get point in near the table ... I think he will become another rising star in china table tennis and replace Malong and Xu Xhin position whic will retaried soon :-)
Max Power
Max Power Month ago
what does this mean for Ma Long? He still gonna be at Olympics?
Lucas Lima
Lucas Lima Month ago
Obviosly! He is the Olympic Champion, World Champion, Grand Finals Champion, Runner Up in World Cup, 3 of the world, Capitain of Chinese Team and GOAT. If he is out, who are in!?
たんふぐ Month ago
Yadu Yugaantar
Yadu Yugaantar Month ago
I really hope that Ma Long can win upcoming Olympics to secure his double Grand Slam. I think he can do it if two things stand in his favor namely his health (no injury) and mental game.
Nicholas H.
Nicholas H. Month ago
thanks for uploading. its great seeing the best of the world battle it out!
dan pitt
dan pitt Month ago
Zhou Qihao look like a young Ma Long style!
Priya Balkissoon
Hats off to Zhou. Hard to see Ma Long lose. However the final will be a thriller because Fan wont have the "weight" of playing Ma on his shoulders
Вадим Уторов
Ма лонг расслабился в седьмой партии или устал, начал допускать ошибки которые раньше не допускал, факт молодежь наступает...хоть я был за мал лонга, молодость берет своё
william yeh
william yeh Month ago
Ma played tentative at the end. Zhou was playing aggressively the last few points in the last set.
tomas yoon
tomas yoon Month ago
Qihao's chop block , Many times comes no spin balls, this ball is terrible for any player even to Malong level players
Zizo01 Month ago
Brandon Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen Month ago
Ma Long out of shape!!! he's not good any more...lots young players eager want to win badly, but ma long it's getting over the hill.
Lucas Lima
Lucas Lima Month ago
Ma Long is in great shape! Actually beside of FZD are the 2 Best players of the world. Make a great tournament!
OS HO Month ago
zainal arifin
zainal arifin Month ago
The Best Match Ma Long 🏓🏓👋👋
Lütfullah Beşiroğlu
Ma long! pls no more chop block.
i watch tube
i watch tube Month ago
Ma long knows when to win ..he was focus on f.z in this game next game
macdevign mac
macdevign mac Month ago
Zhou Qihao, the Dragon Slayer
Imperial X
Imperial X Month ago
Zhou Qijao is the future 🔥
Anson F-Clef
Anson F-Clef Month ago
@Lucas Lima Darko Jorgic, Hugo Calderano, Qiu Dang??
安神 Month ago
It's common for China's first team to lose in domestic matches! This can only show that Zhou played a good game!
Lucas Lima
Lucas Lima Month ago
The Future with 24 Years old!? The Future is Harimoto, Yun Ju, Chuqin, Moregard.
Financial Liberty
WHAT A FUCKING MATCH!!😮😮😮 I didn't believe I would see a better matchup than Ma long vs FZD but this one might have been better than any ML vs FZD match I've seen. Incredible level particularly in the last 2/3 sets
Jimmy Month ago
Zhou can be next Jike, amazing fitness!
Tommy Morgan
Tommy Morgan Month ago
Congrats to Zhou! It was a great match! It’s sad that someone had to lose
тимур молчанов
Super match👍
george pisla
george pisla Month ago
That was fantastic! Super match!
Eric Ye
Eric Ye Month ago
14:05 remarkable rally ! 14:47 another one.
Robert Larsson
Robert Larsson Month ago
Someone that cheat in a match never deserve win, well done Zhou! KARMA!
Robert Larsson
Robert Larsson Month ago
@Kamoranesi ruvid.net/video/video-8_LKSLYmtzE.html If it had been Samsonov they would have replayed the point, atleast if they could rewatch it. He consider one of the most fair player.
Kamoranesi Month ago
@Robert Larsson Okay I interpreted his reaction differently. However Ma Long is a fair play guy. Just because a ball goes downwards, doesnt mean it doesnt hit the top
Robert Larsson
Robert Larsson Month ago
@Kamoranesi Zhou pointed out that it was wrong...
Kamoranesi Month ago
Ma Long is known for his fairness. The ball hit the top, even Zhou saw that and admitted.
Ru eL
Ru eL Month ago
A little more grip and Ma Long is back,but,ZQ is a monster today! Wow!
Fortun Hashoongo
Am so happy for Zhou yu we need new blood new champions in table tennis new generations
A Eisenberg
A Eisenberg Month ago
Браво браво браво!!! Спасибо обоим за великолепную, выдающуюся игру!
_DaLeX_ mopnex
_DaLeX_ mopnex Month ago
Реально как будто играли 2 Ма Лонга, один более опытный, а второй более молодой и быстрый!
backspacer92 Month ago
I thought TTR was gonna be a thing by now so we could finally know if edge balls were edge balls or not.
sergegrebnev играет в [Настольный теннис]
Я думаю, ML чуть чуть сил не хватило, на полпартии
Артур Ларшин
@_DaLeX_ mopnex да еще поверил в себя )) 11-4 выиграл сет и 8 -4 повел. Решил наверное что все. А не тут то было
_DaLeX_ mopnex
_DaLeX_ mopnex Month ago
Да, было заметно, как он чуть просаживался по физике в концовке каждого сета и начинал делать "невынужденные" ошибки, а на концовку последнего его совсем не хватило.
ranggaiq Quellejoey
zhou mentallity is awesome
Rafael Canut
Rafael Canut Month ago
Very bad shape ma long but still the best 💪🏾💪🏾 its happen
yekta terzioğlu
Ma Long missed many balls that we wouldn't expect from him. Hats off to Zhou Qihao.
Prince Basket
Prince Basket Month ago
@Hate Truth Has so much spin from Zou it's so difficult for Ma Long hitting the ball. Ma Long is not as fast he was these last years. He getting older.
Максим Баранов
I'm really happy he is skipping game with Fan.
Learn Chinese with songs
@Hate Truth yes! It's true! Because of Zhou's defend skills is damn good!
M. L.
M. L. Month ago
@Hate Truth that's not correct. He does many unforced Errors, which is not normal for his level
Hate Truth
Hate Truth Month ago
Ma long miss because the other guy play better. No excuse!
TableTennis KMW
TableTennis KMW Month ago
what blade does it play Zhou Qihao?
Vincent Rhoode
Vincent Rhoode Month ago
Zhou Qihao is a good player and he deserved this win. Not sure why ML got the side table point as well... looked clear side and straight down. I'm still a fan of The Dragon but, ZQ was the better player this match.
Jonathan Carletto
10:13 crazy top from Zhou Q
Muhammad Asad Fareed
what a match! Ma Long facing himself in the shape of zhou qihao
Аяулым Анарбаева
я же вам говорил он уже второй раз уже выигрвает Ма Лонг этот молодой Джоу Кихао он истинный будущий чемпион
Carl Chuaquico
Carl Chuaquico Month ago
Ma long throw
WwwKalaDendraGr Month ago
Trungkd Gaming
Trungkd Gaming Month ago
Cant beileve Ma Long led 8-4 and down to 8-11, 7 points in a row. Well play Zhou QIhao, you deserve this !
Prince Basket
Prince Basket Month ago
Ma long look tired my man
Dmitry T.
Dmitry T. Month ago
Пора увеличивать размер мяча ещё на 2мм :)))
Евгений Дробинин
@Dmitry T. Согласен!
Евгений Дробинин
@_DaLeX_ mopnex ааа, понял, спасибо
Dmitry T.
Dmitry T. Month ago
У ребят физическая подготовка, какая то невероятная , 7 сетов на такой скорости. Молодцы.
_DaLeX_ mopnex
_DaLeX_ mopnex Month ago
@Евгений Дробинин Размер мяча увеличивают, когда игроки настолько хорошо начинают владеть старым мячом, что его становится не видно при ударах!
Евгений Дробинин
Не понял прикола. Объясни, пж=)
tlkx1 Month ago
Zhou's equipment?
劉송이 Month ago
but i still love ma long
roydon dsa
roydon dsa Month ago
Very cheap from ma long ..the ball was clearly hitting outside of table ..karma is a bitch
Gustavo C
Gustavo C Month ago
Nice to see Beavis winning this one! But I'd like to watch ML vs FZD.
Stalvio Month ago
Ma Long wasn't himself mentally. Even if he won he would be crushed in the final with the game like that
Sancho Huncho
Sancho Huncho Month ago
When did LJK and LGY lose in the tournament? And against whom?
backspacer92 Month ago
@Sancho Huncho Yup, only 1 so we went from group stage directly to QF.
Sancho Huncho
Sancho Huncho Month ago
Thanks. So just 1 from each group went on? Crazy pressure in each match
backspacer92 Month ago
LJK lost against Zhou in the QF and LGY lost in the group stage and was 2nd after Fang Bo.
iii o
iii o Month ago
看的熱血沸騰!!!!!! 周啟豪打出巔峰代表作
LongTimeTTFan Month ago
Trailing 2:6 in the 7th game against Ma Long, who would have thought Zhou Qihao could come back and win it? Zhou did.
DQ2121 Month ago
Zhou Qihao has a ridiculous backhand.
George eAgLe
George eAgLe Month ago
Another youngster Lin Shidong as well
DQ2121 Month ago
I wish they would let Zhou Qihao play internationally. He's consistently good against the top Chinese players.
haha LOL
haha LOL Month ago
@backspacer92 yup because it would not be fair. They're counting medals there, so the more players one country has, the better are the chances to get medals, especially in games like this and you out more Chinese. Hahahaha
Максим Баранов
They do he played several pro tours, you can google it.
Learn Chinese with songs
@Jq X just like agaist Kanak Jha in 2020!
Peter Cheng
Peter Cheng Month ago
Yes, at least he deserves a spot in the tournaments. How is he going to be consistent against foreign players if he doesn’t get to play them?
德瑞克 Month ago
W Month ago
我還注意到 可能快十多年前左右 蔣澎龍 VS 王勵勤 那陣子總有一個 破聲破音+尖叫+嘶吼 的女觀眾 只要尖叫破音喊 蔣澎龍 下一球 蔣澎龍就必輸那一顆 非常好笑!!!!^_^
easy troll
easy troll Month ago
I hope they send ma long to the olympic
Roger Nguyen
Roger Nguyen Month ago
Ma Lpng Fan Zhendong for sure unless injuries Xu Xin have a chance !
Stanis Month ago
I've seen this exact same situation 10-15 years ago against vs samsonov
Magic X
Magic X Month ago
Zhou, a typical teammate killer, often losing to foreign players.
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