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The Ultimate Dupetorial on my Identical twin sisters! Can you tell the difference?
xo's ~ Tati
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Aug 12, 2019




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Lauren Dang
Lauren Dang 2 days ago
did she ever do a makeup tutorial on the makeup look she has on in this video? with the sparkly eyeshadow? ITS SO BEAUTIFUL
Saja Abdelkarim
Saja Abdelkarim 4 days ago
I’m seeing triplets it’s cute how all three of you look a lot
Aya Aya
Aya Aya 6 days ago
There triplets
Jennifer Rhoades
Jennifer Rhoades 6 days ago
I actually knew erica was on the right! But wow so much alike 🥰🥰
Jennifer Rhoades
Jennifer Rhoades 6 days ago
Omg twins 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Claudia Angel
Claudia Angel 6 days ago
This freaks me out. They all like the same
Tú Póg?
Tú Póg? 6 days ago
The intro is gold
Miraculous Reeva
Miraculous Reeva 11 days ago
Not to be mean but tati is the prettiest and nicest out of the three love ya tati
Derrick Elias Infiniti
Holy crap!!!!! I thought this was some trickery
Flowery Alchemy
Flowery Alchemy 24 days ago
Omg when I saw her identical twins, I got freaked out so much I froze on the spot. They are so uncannily similar! Omg the 3 of you are so cute together! I wanna see more of the 3 of you!
Grace Nordic
Grace Nordic 26 days ago
“Cuz I’m lazy” I felt that
KIQUE SOCIETY 29 days ago
Nice video 👌
Austin Tayler
Austin Tayler 29 days ago
Wait wtf triplets?
mayra lopez
mayra lopez Month ago
They talk the same way!!
Daniel Pyza
Daniel Pyza Month ago
Why do they speak in the same way? Lol
Edgar Ontiveros
Edgar Ontiveros Month ago
If i don't pay attention for a sec, I don't know who's talking... Even their voices are sooooo similar it's impressive
Green Scenery
Green Scenery Month ago
They all sound the same!!
The ending 😭
Sabrina Legierski
@Tati!!!! Tati my name is Sabrina!!! omg im the only sabrina in my school
Lemon Lime Time
Lemon Lime Time Month ago
Lemon Lime Time
Lemon Lime Time Month ago
Xyz Xyz
Xyz Xyz Month ago
You rock Tati 💜🤍
Savannah Shepherd
Antonio Simancas
Lottie J
Lottie J Month ago
Your comment is 🤢🤢🤢 Get out of here please
89gummybears Month ago
Your sisters are the EVES from The X-Files! WHAT?!
jenna rotella
jenna rotella Month ago
Great sista action going on and Sabrina, Erika are identical but Tati is defo a twin
Christina Willson
Growing up did you guys ever pull pranks on there boyfriends?
Dihara Hossain
Dihara Hossain Month ago
I’m shooketh at the sisters
Kaumadie Wickramasinghe Nugawela
Tati's Merch should def have a Tshirt that says "Holy Smokes"
laurahiebs 2 months ago
Omg I just saw Erika and Sabrina as little girls in X files! Aside from natural aging they look exactly the same!
Melanie Lynch
Melanie Lynch 2 months ago
Your both adorable omg🌴
Luu Wu
Luu Wu 2 months ago
okay i was so f confused at first
LaciAlysia 2 months ago
Tati and her sisters are like the natural Kardashians. Lol
Stephanie Preston-Mullins
This video is so awesome, I love Tati, but her sister's are awesome too! ❤
Emily 2 months ago
This video made me wish i had a twin :(
Colleen Arvelin
Colleen Arvelin 2 months ago
This was great. Thanks 😊
Luna Perić
Luna Perić 2 months ago
Why can I tell which ones which
Candle Carrie
Candle Carrie 2 months ago
This was such a fun video with the identical twins!!!
Danielle Fayett
Danielle Fayett 2 months ago
Just from watching the Scott video with Erika I knew she was on the right
Amelia Forster
Amelia Forster 2 months ago
I don’t see twins, I see triplets
EW 3 months ago
so cute!
Caterina Minach
Caterina Minach 3 months ago
It s creepy
General High Ground
General High Ground 3 months ago
Are you sure you guys aren't triplets?
Judith Garcia
Judith Garcia 3 months ago
Awww! beautiful family :) Thanks for all your tips.
Reece Sobotka
Reece Sobotka 3 months ago
Wait this is kind of scary to see.
Tanya Bonell
Tanya Bonell 3 months ago
I was definitely thrown off at the photo😂 but I definitely noticed Erika and Tati have the same mannerisms of talking with their hands 😂
Gnassa Syanna
Gnassa Syanna 3 months ago
My vilenne
Sarah BR
Sarah BR 3 months ago
So I'm a new fan of Tati's, never seen her twin sisters til now. I think Sabrina is hysterical! Ericka is fun too!
Marisol Gonzales
Marisol Gonzales 3 months ago
Tati you did an awesome job!!! They both look great!!!💄💄💋💋
Marisol Gonzales
Marisol Gonzales 3 months ago
I enjoy this video every time.❤️❤️❤️
Rosemary Spirlioti
Rosemary Spirlioti 4 months ago
How is that even possible;😳
Joseph Fernández
Joseph Fernández 4 months ago
They have such a soft sense of humor, i dont know if that makes sense lmao.
90sDRgirl 4 months ago
I can tell them apart from the beginning the bone structure is a bit different
Tahrir Jasim
Tahrir Jasim 4 months ago
They look like triplets
Crystal Delamora
Crystal Delamora 4 months ago
Omg you are all so freaking adorable!!
SparkleinSac 4 months ago
What a beautiful family!
Cestlavie That’s life
I love Marc Jacobs eyeliner have you tried Tati I think you would love it too
Rebecca Trzecki
Rebecca Trzecki 4 months ago
Lol I saw the tumbnail and I was like that is not her jaw line
Isabella B
Isabella B 4 months ago
Okay wait did anyone else not know Tati had identical twin sisters?? I only knew of Erica! Wow, you're all so beautiful!!
Myah Andrews
Myah Andrews 4 months ago
Sabrina: 'If I could play In highlighter all day, I would" Me: same
Veronica Medina Sanchez Medina Sanchez
If 11 follows you everywhere, you should meet eleven (millie bobby brown), that would top it all off
Nella Mignone
Nella Mignone 4 months ago
Omg ! 11 is my number as well! 🍭
leah calladine
leah calladine 4 months ago
you all have perfect skin!!!!! jelly!!!!
Malia Jade
Malia Jade 4 months ago
I loved this episode!
Linda Mueller
Linda Mueller 4 months ago
I was born 31 days early
Yolanda Ingram
Yolanda Ingram 4 months ago
Seriously... are they the twins on the X-files???? they do look like them!
codybear4you 4 months ago
Ha , going to Gelson’s. For those who don’t know that’s a grocery store.
Aviva Israel
Aviva Israel 4 months ago
ParoAcharya1860 4 months ago
This is scary
Sienna 4 months ago
How come this is like drugstore makeup, and I go to Walgreens and everything is like over $10????!!!!!🧐
Sienna 4 months ago
No they don't look exactly identical, earring difference.
Donna Jenkins
Donna Jenkins 4 months ago
Omg love you even more now! Your sisters are awesome!
deziray v
deziray v 4 months ago
Oh my
Angelina Huynh
Angelina Huynh 4 months ago
5:22 she looks like she’s going in for a kiss 😂
Satomi Woogie
Satomi Woogie 4 months ago
what a beautiful family :)
HailNevnEtheysMom80 4 months ago
thiis is so fun!! love your vids
Michael Marasigan
Michael Marasigan 4 months ago
Am I the only one that notices the difference XD
sneha reddy
sneha reddy 5 months ago
Tati: I need brrrusshes...... Erica: She has like 500 brushes here . lol
April Kai
April Kai 5 months ago
This was so damn fun to watch!!
Brittney Grimes
Brittney Grimes 5 months ago
Erika has more of a ran and a lil more volume in her hair
LaPorchia Davis
LaPorchia Davis 5 months ago
You all look like triplets! Wow!!
Alicia Miszewski
Alicia Miszewski 5 months ago
I had no clue your sisters were actually twins! That's awesome
Hannah McCormick
Hannah McCormick 5 months ago
Oh my god, you guys are all so gorgeous!
Rogue Miss
Rogue Miss 5 months ago
I LUV this video Tati, I'm new to your channel.. Probably a de case late 😅... But luv this comparison between brands. Also I'm a mum of twins myself ❤️ I can't wait to see my "babies" when they're young ladies like you girls 💖💖
Jessica Rahal
Jessica Rahal 5 months ago
Gorgeous Family
Laurine van der Linden
Erika and Sabrina are easy to separate Erika has a more broad face
goodgrief joseph
goodgrief joseph 5 months ago
they played the twins on X-files - EVE!!
Ivy Lloyd
Ivy Lloyd 5 months ago
I have never seen any one with such perfect cheek bones and here are 3 of them
Ghanwa Shahid
Ghanwa Shahid 5 months ago
YOU Guys LOOK the SAME 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Black IS Beautiful
Black IS Beautiful 5 months ago
Wait, I thought Tati had twin too?
That One Weird Girl
That One Weird Girl 5 months ago
I feel like having a identical twin for like a couple hours would be so cool to just see what you actually look like
Alexis 5 months ago
I was trying to figure out why there was 3 of you...
Shirley V
Shirley V 5 months ago
They should be models ....
TechMediaMark 5 months ago
wow. those are some expensive lights!
Nadya Clarissa Yumana
SO... MANY... TATIS!!!!
Ally A
Ally A 5 months ago
Are the twins both nurses?
Megan Downey
Megan Downey 5 months ago
I can only tell them apart by their foreheads! They are so gorgeous xx
Lynse Her
Lynse Her 5 months ago
Landon Fise
Landon Fise 5 months ago
Is it just me or does Sabrina and Erika actually look different. I mean they look alike but I’ve been binge watching videos with Tati and Erika and wanted to guess which one was Erika before she mentioned her name in this video and was correct. I see the difference now
LmaoRoshi 5 months ago
Am I going crazy
noneisneeded 5 months ago
When the drugstore products aren’t actually drugstore but sure go off... 😂
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