Luke TheNotable's Hardcore Minecraft World Tour + Seed

Luke TheNotable
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
SEED - 4351894313394332808
World Download - (Link is broken again sorry)
Dropbox was hosting the download but I'm pretty sure we broke them. I'm looking into it.
Follow me on Twitter!! - twitter.com/LukeTheNotable
Thumbnail Art - Maeder (Commissions OPEN)
Editor - Tors




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Comments 80
Victoria Brannon
Victoria Brannon 5 minutes ago
The seed didn’t work for me. Spawned me in a completely new world, there was no trace of your work anywhere
TheGamingEwok Playz
TheGamingEwok Playz 43 minutes ago
Who else was having OCD and cringing over the fact that he didn't place the stuff he broke back and didn't break the extra stuff he placed? Anyone?
the real sonic fan 2 Stinker
U oofed on 300 days
Sanjaya Tennakoon
Sanjaya Tennakoon 5 hours ago
why r u alex
[ZERO] Blackjack
[ZERO] Blackjack 5 hours ago
What are the Coordinates of the Main Base/House ? Plz give me a answer want to Build at the Same Location as you.
AteyPlayz - RBLX
AteyPlayz - RBLX 5 hours ago
Awesome world ima use the seed
Jason Shlez
Jason Shlez 5 hours ago
Does Th is count as day 301-305
senka frazier
senka frazier 6 hours ago
i love his vid
I watch YouTube videos
Bruh 9:39 though
me name SOaP
me name SOaP 14 hours ago
you stun me first you kill a villager that sells you Perls then you drop your enchanted diamond sword
a Lonelypen
a Lonelypen 15 hours ago
Luke if you don’t upload the 400 days within the next month I heard your kneecaps will fall out
Shubh Maheshwari
I know the sunset isn't setting
Standbyme Doo
Christopher Draper
Luke TheNotable looks like ProJared’s long lost twin brother 😳
BIG Forehead
Drafty Green
Drafty Green Day ago
u can tell what day ur on by pressing f3 btw
Memes Best
Memes Best Day ago
I downloaded the world and play in it.I love it
Cade Luckett
Cade Luckett Day ago
what's the seed
Hermit craft Gacha
wen in you 100 day with the tors you say I blah the bloke bind the Chas but I don't see 1000 day
Jakolin Kross
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph 2 days ago
wheres the seed
Blapa Dipers
Blapa Dipers 2 days ago
When is 400 days coming
AL - 01AD - Chris Hadfield PS (1204)
what is seed code
john doe
john doe 2 days ago
i made it throw 2483 days (i drowned)
Julie Smith
Julie Smith 2 days ago
pause the video then click here and look at his smile 3:05
Angel Isaac M M
Angel Isaac M M 2 days ago
Do 600 days in hardcover minecraft
Alinked 2 days ago
When is 400 days
Gunner Norwood
Gunner Norwood 2 days ago
You just k***ed your only way to get Ender Pearls and now you have to k*** Ender Men!!!
Cr4zy 322
Cr4zy 322 2 days ago
luke, quick thing. just upload files to google drive
ZARIF AFnan 2 days ago
Ws Cuber
Ws Cuber 2 days ago
I thought when he said “tour of the entire world” it would be like ‘here’s block one, and over here is block 2’(so on)
tardster 2 days ago
any idea of when you will get the link to the world download back up?
bomber bomber
bomber bomber 2 days ago
Its level 11 not 12
Karl Benson
Karl Benson 2 days ago
@Luke TheNotable will you ever make the save file downloadable again?
Cloxx 2 days ago
I wanna play on your map D:
Darren Chen
Darren Chen 2 days ago
it is imposable to get mending by enchanting table!!!!
H I 3 days ago
LTN: i guess its uh free real estate memes:its free real estate
Kerrie Guarino
Kerrie Guarino 3 days ago
I love Minecraft!
John Johnson
John Johnson 3 days ago
Nice 👌
DiamondNeko2020 3 days ago
Wait.. LTN has a ring on his finger... IS HE MARRIED?
kareless draws
kareless draws 2 days ago
Yes his wife's name is tors she edits his videos and is in 100 days with tors in minecraft and in fortnite split screen
John Haddad
John Haddad 3 days ago
u can see the green screen through his shirt
Hawa Naqiah Makmor
It's first floor not second floor and the first floor that you said was ground floor.
Kwal GU
Kwal GU 3 days ago
is the link available today??
Saraharu Matatabi
When he jumped off the building I got so scared
Chirag Rai
Chirag Rai 3 days ago
19:45 Did he just say "I was just farming weed?" XD
Ur mom 785
Ur mom 785 4 days ago
The mob farm might not be as efficient because maybe you didn’t light up the caves
Lukas H
Lukas H 4 days ago
“Three chicken nuggets per eat” I’m dead 😂
Isaac Edwards
Isaac Edwards 4 days ago
Did you name the creeper after the tours
The problem Starters
why does luke look like Poe Dameron
Mathis Gilbert
Mathis Gilbert 4 days ago
Ho else saw a village in the corner of the map
kareless draws
kareless draws 2 days ago
Yeah he has another village he doesn't go to
itzgabriel91382 MinecraftPE
What's the speed?
Gramze 4 days ago
I thought ur green screen was broken. Turns out your shirt has some holes and you are a GHOST!
Mickaëlle Bujak
Mickaëlle Bujak 4 days ago
the first fish i have ever fish me:w0t d4 h3ll d03s th4t m34n
עידו אברג'ל
please give a downlaod link!!
DaanPlayz 4 days ago
Come on get the link I want it
Ann Coady
Ann Coady 4 days ago
19:05 the turtles haved hatched
張小明 4 days ago
張小明 4 days ago
HMmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm this is great
Chazz_ 12
Chazz_ 12 4 days ago
Luke don’t incinerate the stone swords until u put them in a grind stone and disenchant
captain_nugget 4 days ago
Look at the captions, it thought you were speaking dutch XD
DampedUniform10 Games
Just in case you didn’t know. You can get mending from the enchantment table
Jonah Bentley
Jonah Bentley 14 hours ago
Nope, you’re wrong. Better luck next time.
JM 2026Ujiie
JM 2026Ujiie 4 days ago
eyy this day :D
Angelie FC
Angelie FC 4 days ago
The dog l don't talk about
Evan Martin
Evan Martin 4 days ago
When's the video going to come out??
Phoenix Lol
Phoenix Lol 4 days ago
Put a space between warthogs name War thog
Antonio Garza
Antonio Garza 5 days ago
400 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonio Garza
Antonio Garza 5 days ago
400 day!!!!!!!!!!
Antonio Garza
Antonio Garza 5 days ago
400 days
Antonio Garza
Antonio Garza 5 days ago
400 days
Antonio Garza
Antonio Garza 5 days ago
400 days
Antonio Garza
Antonio Garza 5 days ago
400 days
BlueThunder0817 5 days ago
Also I don't know where the seed is
BlueThunder0817 5 days ago
When is 1000 days coming
『Silvie Playz』
18:21 look what the creeper is doing
Luke Woodcock
Luke Woodcock 5 days ago
What is the seed
marco omarco
marco omarco 5 days ago
Its literaly next year and where is tha 1000 days??????
The shadows in my soul.
Can anyone help me find the location of the base in Coordinates?
I'm_only 15_lol
I'm_only 15_lol 5 days ago
Yo Luke looks kinda like Malcolm from "Malcolm in the middle" is it just me?
MehNameIs_pee 69
MehNameIs_pee 69 5 days ago
u have a big brain (no offense) maybe thats why u so pro lol i cant even go 2 days in minecraft hardcore
Myst1c Phantom
Myst1c Phantom 5 days ago
My survival world is 300 days and I barely found the end portal And he just used a totem of undying in front of me without caring
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