Luke TheNotable's Hardcore Minecraft World Tour + Seed

Luke TheNotable
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This video is intended for audiences 13 years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
SEED - 4351894313394332808
World Download - (Link is broken again sorry)
Dropbox was hosting the download but I'm pretty sure we broke them. I'm looking into it.
Follow me on Twitter!! - twitter.com/LukeTheNotable
Thumbnail Art - Maeder (Commissions OPEN)
Editor - Tors


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Dec 14, 2019




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Comments 5 588
EpicOGnamE YT
EpicOGnamE YT 11 minutes ago
Link to map please!!!
NathanAvery Hour ago
Is it just me or does he look like that guy of or lock and key series on Netflix
Jordi Crowe
Jordi Crowe 2 hours ago
when will the world download be available?(love the vids XD)
DCToppo playz
DCToppo playz 7 hours ago
can you please make 400 days?
Joseph Sterle
Joseph Sterle 9 hours ago
Cant download world..... Love your vids
ellahound 10 hours ago
you are cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Beans. com
Beans. com 11 hours ago
You should make a railroad on the horse road, abduct a villager, make a breeder in the abandoned village and make the village great again.
ᴀᴘᴇ Inevitable
What version of MC is this?
CrappyYouTuber Boii
CrappyYouTuber Boii 11 hours ago
hailey marie
hailey marie 13 hours ago
it’s so satisfying to be able to see this world progress!
CrappyYouTuber Boii
CrappyYouTuber Boii 13 hours ago
Someone plz reply does this seed work for bedrock?
Gewish Worm
Gewish Worm 14 hours ago
iv'e tried hardcore 6 or 7 times after watching this video and can honestly say its hardcore
maximus 478
maximus 478 16 hours ago
Just brings out 39 emeralds and makes a emerald block casually
Jack Adams Daniels
Jack Adams Daniels 16 hours ago
Relic Keeper
Relic Keeper 17 hours ago
Will it work on Xbox tho or did I put it in wrong
JT Chad
JT Chad 22 hours ago
So can u do 1000 days??? 😃
Lissy sherwood
Lissy sherwood 22 hours ago
James Bonse
James Bonse Day ago
put unbreaking 3 on the elitra
boi company
boi company Day ago
Why do you look like projared's long lost brother who was left in russia who sells potatoes at a modest price.
Phillip Kunze
Put hoppers under the chicken because it can catch the eggs and fill up a double chest and you can slaughter all the ones on the ground and just use the egs to bring them back
Evie Crofts
Evie Crofts Day ago
With the Mob Farm, use soulsand, hoppers and chests
Hoge Thicc
Hoge Thicc Day ago
Ian White
Ian White Day ago
His face looks so bad
Adomas Dvilaitis
My guy get some sleep
Mon Mon
Mon Mon 2 days ago
Were did you get the totem of undying
Mary Green
Mary Green 2 days ago
Does the seed work on Xbox?
Random Person
Random Person 2 days ago
for is next video
Random Person
Random Person 2 days ago
i hope he does hardcore up to 400 days
Synthia Ogbuabor
Synthia Ogbuabor 2 days ago
Use phantom membranes to fix ur elytra.
lycan wolf
lycan wolf 2 days ago
whats the save name ?
lycan wolf
lycan wolf 2 days ago
whats the save name ?
Ernesto Vasquez
Ernesto Vasquez 2 days ago
I'm going to do PlayStation 4 Minecraft hard mode if I die I got to delete it
Janel Mueller
Janel Mueller 2 days ago
Lulu moon1234
Lulu moon1234 2 days ago
Where is 1,000 days
Legendary LAN
Legendary LAN 2 days ago
What is the seed?
I AM CRAZY GAMEZ 2 days ago
It sad if you dead and you beutiful world just gone
De’Avion Frias
De’Avion Frias 2 days ago
Says he never died but then proceeds to die in the first 100 days
Ezra Ratner
Ezra Ratner 3 days ago
is 400 coming soon?
Guminer's Gupii's
you sound like a narrator 🤩😤
Bryce kitty
Bryce kitty 3 days ago
400 and 500 Des
This Kid Animates
please tell me he copied the world and this isnt his main world
Jesús Hernández
Day 400 plese
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera 3 days ago
Lilo Wazula
Lilo Wazula 3 days ago
the seed doesnt work :(
Marissa Mae Sayers
The seed dose not work
George Miller
George Miller 3 days ago
Does the seed work on mobile or ps4?
arpita1shrivas 4 days ago
21:10 Pig : mE BeLonG tO cOW
Frisky 4 days ago
can the seed work on tablet?
Hunter 4 days ago
At 11:00 he finally said village instead of villager town
Theiganayeet done hi
400 days like if agree
Theiganayeet done hi
500 days
Sam Glennon
Sam Glennon 4 days ago
Does anyone else think of master chief when hearing 117
whyhat3n8 4 days ago
does this work on xbox?
Turtle toes
Turtle toes 4 days ago
You can see through his shirt
Conor Alsopp
Conor Alsopp 4 days ago
Who would love to see trixyblox to transform this world
sonia salazar
sonia salazar 4 days ago
Were are the 400days
ToxicXx 4 days ago
Lol 666 dislikes the devil obviously hates luke
Rxbxxm Gaming
Rxbxxm Gaming 4 days ago
What is the seed????????!!!!!
Alisa Schwartz
Alisa Schwartz 4 days ago
What is the seed again?
AREG 4 days ago
When link
Orion Blevins
Orion Blevins 5 days ago
What is the perimeter of your actual house? 5x5 blocks, 6x6, 7x7, etc...? Also, what about the last fence's perimeter?
Orion Blevins
Orion Blevins 4 days ago
@mich Thanks.
mich 4 days ago
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