Luke Combs, Brooks & Dunn - 1, 2 Many

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Listen to “1, 2 Many” from Luke Combs’ album, ‘What You See Is What You Get’, available now: smarturl.it/WYSIWYG?IQid=youtube

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Sep 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Chad Jr Pitre
I listen to this song over and over. I love this song
DE VX Day ago
Ain’t nothin like a Country song and an ice cold beer!
Jennifer Dijames
Go ahead guys. NO Swearing. Be careful with what you say. Boys, you got five minutes. Brooks and Dunn,Bring the music back guys.
dakota1102 Day ago
That is a country song right there... fuck!
Jennifer Dijames
Jennifer Dijames 2 days ago
It's 11:36 guys. Go ahead. No swearing Boys. Be careful.
The Random Gamer
The Random Gamer 2 days ago
Zhào Liǔ
Zhào Liǔ 3 days ago
Forced my Rookie to listen to this on patrol.
Trevor Anthony
Trevor Anthony 4 days ago
The absolute best concert over been to!
Unicorn Sparkles
Unicorn Sparkles 4 days ago
Who else’s watches all his add to get em some extra cash? LOL
Mel K
Mel K 10 days ago
A Luke Combs concert is something I HAVE to go to within the next year... fuck corona😭
Ryan Jirovec
Ryan Jirovec 11 days ago
Please check out my Garth and Tricia cover from a few years back! ruvid.net/video/video-64VjhOcSoE8.html
Cooper Fitzgerald
Cooper Fitzgerald 12 days ago
who loves luke and brooks and DUNN together like if u do
Carson Degonia
Carson Degonia 13 days ago
I'm really happy he's bringing back country man I love Luke Combs ur doing great and I love ur music
Jennifer Dijames
Jennifer Dijames 13 days ago
Buffalo does. Go ahead Luke and Brooks and Dunn. LOVE it guys.
Jessica Parren
Jessica Parren 15 days ago
I never really liked new country music so I was so happy when this came out cause I love old country music
Shelley Schneider
Shelley Schneider 16 days ago
Of all of your amazing songs Luke....this is my absolutely favorite!!! No matter how sour the mood......put this song on and you have to dance and it changes the mood instantly!! Thanks so much this song is truly amazing!!
SQ8warrior 17 days ago
Where’s Waldo? ... FOUND : In the booth jammin out
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 17 days ago
Hey Luke, thanks for the Covid 19 entertainment. It is great to hear some old school country music.
Molly Kensy
Molly Kensy 19 days ago
you are amazing!!!
Ture Nemesis
Ture Nemesis 21 day ago
Imagine... Midland ft. Luke Combs
Lane Kuper
Lane Kuper 22 days ago
Shame on the people who disliked this song
robert robinson
robert robinson 25 days ago
keep going luke we love you
Bella Carlstrom
Bella Carlstrom 26 days ago
You should get me and my girl some tickets for th us* 😎
Carbies Chronicles
Carbies Chronicles 26 days ago
what happens to his tour since this dumb pandemic has shut everything down?
chad amell
chad amell 27 days ago
i lov it when they bring ronnie dunn in , its like all those child hood memmories from hunten camp commen alive again
Bart Nation
Bart Nation 27 days ago
Well, I got a call from Rowdy 'round six o'clock Saying he caught a hankerin' for a honky tonk Wants an ice cold beer and a country song But he didn't wanna stay out all night long Well, I ain't the kind to let a buddy drink alone But I can't turn it off once I turn it on There's no stopping me once I get goin' Put a can in my hand, man I'm wide ass open The tick tock of that clock is like a time bomb By half past ten I'm half past tipsy At quarter to twelve, man I've done had plenty The countdown's on when the first beer hits me Five, four, three, two, one Too many After five diet Millers I was feeling loose Singing karaoke to a TL tune When a pretty little thing shot me a wink She said, "Hey cowboy, could you buy us a drink?" Well hey, baby doll, I will if you want But I can't turn it off once I turn it on There's no stopping me once I get goin' Put a can in my hand, man I'm wide ass open The tick tock of that clock is like a time bomb By half past ten I'm half past tipsy At quarter to twelve, man I've done had plenty The countdown's on when the first beer hits me Five, four, three, two, one Too many Now I've never been the kind to quit Won't stop till I get to the bottom of this And the night's still young So what you say we shotgun one? There's no stopping me once I get to goin' Put a can in my hand, man I'm wide ass open The tick tock of that clock is like a time bomb Yeah, by half past ten I'm half past tipsy At quarter to twelve, man I've done had plenty The countdown's on when the first beer hits me Five, four, three, two, one Too many Yeah, five, four, three, two, one Too many ❤️
william stinnett
william stinnett 27 days ago
i love you
Jen Watson
Jen Watson 28 days ago
Brooks and Dunn still got it in 2020. 😍😍♥️♥️
Brittany Barker
Brittany Barker 29 days ago
Luke combs. You are an amazing man. I don't know where I'd see my life without your music. Plus your a good looking man. Be safe during this quarantine, you and your fiance. Your music has impacted my life and honestly. I love your music it has a lot of meaning to me.
Angie King
Angie King Month ago
The best of country U.K. love ya x
Andre Getter
Andre Getter Month ago
This is me to a T. Luke Combs Makes America Proud!!
The guy
The guy Month ago
I really need to see him live i really do
georgette debuhr
Pamela Poole
Pamela Poole Month ago
Brooks and Dunn is neon moon and Luke comb beer never broke my heart
Craig Jones
Craig Jones Month ago
That was awesome
Austin Lemmer
Austin Lemmer Month ago
this guy is bringing country music back!
Samantha Wood
Samantha Wood Month ago
Love country
Kenneth Weidenback
What a great song luke
Brenda González_29
New favorite song!👍
Jafreysi Paulino
i love itt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 2222222222222222 me encantaaaaa
Phillip Curtis
Phillip Curtis Month ago
If song doesn’t make you want to dance. You are dead inside.
Dan Nickel
Dan Nickel Month ago
That's a country song!!!!! !!!!😍
Nope not that guy
This great love me luke combs bro wish Johnny cash was alive that you two did a collaboration
KT Month ago
Blues Rock! Blues progression.....
Charlie Copsey
Charlie Copsey Month ago
I wish to meet you your my biggest country music fan I live in bloomington 4 th street in a red house
Bailey Stevenson
This is one of those songs that you just see everyone in a bar just start singing together
Krystal Arnold
Krystal Arnold Month ago
Leo from frog leap studios should do this song!! This is one jamming was song!!!
Amanda Cypert
Amanda Cypert Month ago
My dream is to open for him I sing on tik tok @bluegummybear
Luke has Country Soul running this blood!! 💪💞
Psychic Month ago
Who else is listening with your mic and camera off while your teacher is talking on an online class
Jeremy Blakley
Jeremy Blakley Month ago
Hopefully the worlds back in order by nov 5th cuz ive had tickets for months now cant wait to see luke!!!
Raphael Werner
Raphael Werner Month ago
Letts us just have a small party also with corona and everiting we still can here the soungs and drink a beer
Jennifer Bebonang
Tyler McGee
Tyler McGee Month ago
Bethany Ausley
Bethany Ausley Month ago
This song came out on my 20th birthday. and it will be played n my 21st!!!
Azeeza Mohammed
Azeeza Mohammed Month ago
Love from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹
Nickolas Lamont
Nickolas Lamont Month ago
Luke combs is one of thee best country singers in my opinion. He is the reason i am listening to country i feel hes got great talent and i come from listening to screamo and old stream rap and old school heavy metal so very far from country and luke combs got me up at 10 am singing an dancing
Kevin Crandall
Kevin Crandall Month ago
Why the hell is this song not on the radio?!?!
chad amell
chad amell Month ago
hey any body else got a beer on ???? !!!
Fishing bros
Fishing bros Month ago
Love the song best so far
Red Man
Red Man Month ago
Listen here everyone I gave up beer for Lent. 4 more days and it is on and this will be the first song!
Brandy Clark
Brandy Clark Month ago
When i turn Luke on chores are done lol dancin and cleaning haven a ball kisses thanks for awesome tunes bud
Christina Stanley
Christina Stanley 17 days ago
Luke Combs is the only reason my house is clean 🤣🤣🤣
Barb Asbury-Pruitt
Renee Lawhead
Renee Lawhead Month ago
I love you Luke Combs 😍😘
Bennjy Kerridge
Bennjy Kerridge Month ago
Kellen Kirkpatrick
Heck ya I like drinking songs!
Shawn Hamrick
Shawn Hamrick 2 months ago
mmm yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Vanessa Hinds
Vanessa Hinds 2 months ago
THIS!!!! ❤️❤️❤️.
Kieren Lomas
Kieren Lomas 2 months ago
Turn it up!
Courtney Lloyd
Courtney Lloyd 2 months ago
Courtney Lloyd
Courtney Lloyd 2 months ago
This is real country music
Steady Clapping
Steady Clapping 2 months ago
One of the best country songs ive heard!
H Lee
H Lee 2 months ago
I love your video and me and my dad came to see you in Sept and you are the best we live u Luke ❤😍
wyatt plays
wyatt plays 2 months ago
Best song # time to party all night long
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie 2 months ago
Yess baby😍😍😍😍
chad amell
chad amell 2 months ago
seen thta guy in a car shape shiften . winkiy ...
Ture Nemesis
Ture Nemesis 2 months ago
So...i opened a beer...i opened that song...where's my beer tho...can is empty...
Matthew Shatford
Matthew Shatford 2 months ago
The Chorus sounds a lot like Brand New Man
Sean Scanlon
Sean Scanlon 2 months ago
I thought the whole song sounds like this: ruvid.net/video/video-H6gI7Ts14Qw.html
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