Luke Cage Season 2 Opening Scene

Arthur Syne
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Clip from Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 1




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Comments 34
This show was shit I'm glad it got canceled
James Thing
James Thing 8 days ago
Save Luke Cage.
Phillip Young
Phillip Young 3 months ago
1:09 - 1:15 😂😂 let me turn this up!! Now c'mon!!
DinoJake 5 months ago
Look Cage takes copyright law VERY seriously.
Mathias Voorhees
Mathias Voorhees 6 months ago
So they skipped over Cage getting out of jail, had Misty amputated and now Claire keeps talking about a ''Matt'' fellow? What the fuck?
geiri geirason
geiri geirason 7 months ago
2:16 scared to look he shook
Gurpal Johal
Gurpal Johal 8 months ago
Before Luke Cage season 2 used this song, there was 8 mile and Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories!
Rob Washington
Rob Washington 5 months ago
Bros on me you speaking big facts
Sufiyan Shaikh
Sufiyan Shaikh 9 months ago
can plz anyone tell me the song name
Arthur Syne
Arthur Syne 9 months ago
Shook ones part 2 - Mobb deep
Hải An Trương
Hải An Trương 9 months ago
A bulletproof black man? That’s not a superhero thats evolution.
Cora Lewis
Cora Lewis Year ago
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones
Patrick Shar
Patrick Shar Year ago
What is my name???
clair Year ago
The music sounds like the one from 8mile
Staggering 2
Staggering 2 9 months ago
You have to be the whitest person on earth
Rovery_ 11 months ago
Carl Keenan and it’s not “the song from 8 mile” is called Shook Ones, created by Mobb Deep
Carl Keenan
Carl Keenan Year ago
That's because it is 😂
George Pritchard
I like how the action is a bit more realistic
Łukasz Majewski
Z tego wszystkiego rozjebałem kiedyś typem ławę szklaną ... działo się.
Super Friday
Super Friday Year ago
Ha haaa!
DLS 3 Year ago
What a mad cunt
Film Toppings
Film Toppings Year ago
Can you post the full season 2 intro (theme)?
Film Toppings
Film Toppings Year ago
2:46 always gets me hyped
Derris Bynum
Derris Bynum Year ago
I loved the opening to that season 2 of Luke Cage.
Blas Tech
Blas Tech Year ago
00:42 to 00:47 Luke goes Flash
Dan Callahan
Dan Callahan Year ago
"This guys not a gangster his real name is Clarence"
Gurpal Johal
Gurpal Johal 8 months ago
"And Clarence still lives with his parents, cause Clarene's parents have a real good marriage!"
Gama RT
Gama RT Year ago
i X8 gamer 8X
Yaqeen Khazaleh
AGC425 Year ago
Dan Callahan it’s even more funny when u realize Clarence is in the same universe as falcon
LCPD9111 Year ago
Best fucking opening for a marvel tv show
The amazing Ballonmman
Luke cage is like deadpool, unable to die
Hamza Khaliq
Hamza Khaliq Year ago
He can die, Juggernaut would kill Luke. Elektra could have killed him in The Defenders.
ImmortalHD Year ago
Lol he can die
those gangsters got nice coats
Lucas Figueiredo
This season was fucking awesome!
Hegelian Dialectic
Rip Prodigy. Forever. Mobb Deep 4 Life. 💯
Rob Washington
Rob Washington 5 months ago
That Trife Life
Cesar Acosta
Cesar Acosta Year ago
As soon as i heard this song it immediately reminded me of the opening scene to 8 mile. Great season overall. Better than season 1 imo.
Gurpal Johal
Gurpal Johal 8 months ago
Papa doc has left this comment section
Brandon Rog
Brandon Rog Year ago
When I heard it, I started rapping the lyrics!
Iddy Yo
Iddy Yo Year ago
The Four Horsemen
Great opening to the great season!!
DaleyChips Year ago
Luke Cage Season 2x1 MVP power rankings ruvid.net/video/video-8MlOG7eaRYI.html
Tomb Raver
Tomb Raver Year ago
1:31 This motherfucker took on an SUV going at least 50mph and didn't flinch, survived a rocket launcher, and bullets and you're going to whack him with a gun. You're a fucking idiot.
alex Year ago
What is the name of this song?
Gurpal Johal
Gurpal Johal 8 months ago
There is always one person who doesn't know this classic song!
kool dawg
kool dawg Year ago
Bruh you can take a big L and that's a rapper too
Shook ones pt. 1 ruvid.net/video/video-3vN-4Xwy-Cw.html
Mexican Hitman really? Shook ones pt. 1 has a totally different beat
Iisten to Mobb Deep Shook ones pt. 1 one as well
Tchang Tsung
Tchang Tsung Year ago
best serie intro ambiance of century :)
0:42 - 0:46 Luke teleported from one side of the building to the other. What, does he have super speed now too? How in the hell did that get left in?
Mathias Voorhees
Mathias Voorhees 6 months ago
@Khalil Guerra Mamed There's literally quicksilver in the same universe.
Vigilante00 Year ago
What "Slick Jester" said. It's very obvious.
Danny E.
Danny E. Year ago
Just for the flow of the scene I guess.
Miscellaneous Year ago
It’s synchronisation of the music and camera work to fit the scene
SaberWolf Gamer
Maybe he took some lessons from Matt 😂
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