Luis Severino shut down with forearm soreness

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Yankees starting pitcher Luis Severino has been shut down in early spring with forearm soreness. Expected to see doctors tomorrow. Subscribe for daily sports videos!
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Comments 80
cucho1967 Month ago
The team dr must have munchenhausen syndrome.
REAL TRUTH Month ago
Tommy John surgery is now Reported !!! Too bad ,they need more steroids which is legal in The Ottoman Empire of NY!!! Just bribe everyone!!!
The Pope Of Sports and Entertainment
ruvid.net/video/video-l4dWjj5iMEA.html severino reaction. Go after clevinger and bieber in july I recommend
Arthur J
Arthur J Month ago
Not looking good ... Hopefully he’s not going to be another Greg Bird 😳
cjr1881 Month ago
These guys just do nothing on their own during the offseason? That is on them.
Wolf Williams
Wolf Williams Month ago
Severino is doing his best Carl Pavano impersonation... and it''s a little too good. Toughen up, Sevy.
Ethan Pond
Ethan Pond Month ago
And they say that the Red Sox don’t have pitching 😂😂😂
OnePlus7Pro IsBoss
This guy is soft as shit. Yankees need to get his ass of team first chance they get..
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa Month ago
Here we go again
Love seeing the Yankees struggle to be honest. Especially with this dumbass Michael Kay hahaha
Josh L
Josh L Month ago
Surely 2019 was a freak year, we’ll come back strong and healthy in 2020 2020: laughs in MRIs
C & C Fun Factory
Why not juice him up like the Skan Kees are accustomed to doing?
Sruli Roth
Sruli Roth Month ago
Get Deivi and Schmidt ready
James Redbow
James Redbow Month ago
Fire the entire medical and training staff and start over. This is fucking absurd.
vgymgy subscrimchi
Ok guys im placing bets here i say Stanton is next to go
Johnnie Harrison
I blame the Astros cheating! It has to somehow come from them!
Mikel Cividanes Bertini
Injured king...its sad but every year! Yankees suffer too many injuries
Frank Of Course
Frank Of Course Month ago
These players today have no heart. Any slight pain or discomfort and they’re out. How sad. smh
Itz Gotham
Itz Gotham Month ago
So Paxton's and Sevy's imnuries dates back to the playoffs last yr? SMH!
Yasha Month ago
that guy is made out of glass
Jasper Scooby
Jasper Scooby Month ago
Here we go pick up where we left off last season
Craig O
Craig O Month ago
It's not too late. Cashman should pursue Joba Chamberlain. Offer him 20 years, 1 Billion, guaranteed of course. Why not extend Ellsbury too ? ? ?
Craig O
Craig O Month ago
Today's pitchers are a bunch of weak primadonnas. They are not trained for endurance, but only 100 pitches a game. Many can't pitch 150 innings in a season. And they get paid huge bucks. After 25 years of having 2 very expensive season tickets, I am done with Fraudball.
Edwin Rivera Ortiz
Forearm pain is caused by damage to the muscles, tendons, bones, or other tissues that make up the forearm. Forearm pain is usually the result of injury, such as a sports injury, or inflammation. Forearm pain may also be related to an infection, a growth, a nerve problem, or even cancer.wow
Jim LaGuardia
Jim LaGuardia Month ago
German’s personal life comes home to roost.
MrQbenDanny Month ago
Here we go AGAIN... That's what all the boot camp drills and workouts starting at 6am during the winter got him. As I said before, "The DAVID WELLS workouts brought him great results". He never got up before noon.
Zack Month ago
Its pathetic, all the players in the clubhouse talk about is "championship" lmao try staying on the fucking field first
MT Month ago
How is this possible??!! This team is made of glass.
Raytown17 Month ago
Chad Green would be a better choice over JA Happ
Jason Mistretta
Jason Mistretta Month ago
Friggen hell!! Judge didn't hit yesterday because of arm soreness.....UGH!!.......
Point Blank
Point Blank Month ago
Get a permanent replacement for him and let him go for good...way to many injuries
Jr Villanueva
Jr Villanueva Month ago
Season hasnt begun yet and already we have Paxton, Severino, Judge already injured.
Jr Villanueva
Jr Villanueva Month ago
@MT good news
MT Month ago
Jr Villanueva Judge is swinging tomorrow.
R&J Mooothical Show
Please let this be minor I’m really feeling like sevys gonna be like this for the rest of his contract
Sneaker Dad CT
Sneaker Dad CT Month ago
Luis “Chien-Ming Wang” Severino. :(
Luis Valentin
Luis Valentin Month ago
Bruh... really? Is this dude made out of paper or something?
Guido Feliz
Guido Feliz Month ago
Break the contract. Get him out. Bring healthy players to the team. Gerrit Cole cannot do it all.
Guido Feliz
Guido Feliz Month ago
Severino needs to go!
Guido Feliz
Guido Feliz Month ago
Severino on the bench for another season making FREE BIG BUCKS.
Michael DeMaria
Michael DeMaria Month ago
Oh god no HAPP number 3 starter
who Month ago
Bring back CC!
Sean Harris
Sean Harris Month ago
Here we go again!
Eddie Hults
Eddie Hults Month ago
Here we go again
K A Month ago
He has fallen off since after the all star break two seasons ago. They were going to have to figure out something to to,with him anyway. That’s just a fact.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Month ago
This is getting to be a Big Problem! Why are they so injury prone!!
simon daughtry
simon daughtry Month ago
Severino is done...
Wat Pho
Wat Pho Month ago
Kay’s headphones are too small for his gigantic head, can someone assist ?
Neal Mac
Neal Mac Month ago
Good thing we didn't trade happ
Der Bingle
Der Bingle Month ago
Oh for fuck's sake
The Pope Of Sports and Entertainment
Trade Shane Bieber to yankees lets go. Indians are finished clevinger and carrasco 😢 hurt
Michael Paul
Michael Paul Month ago
Get ready Devi...
Michael Paul
Michael Paul Month ago
And the injuries keep piling on 😔
MMAALL Month ago
This stinks. Mid-February and Yankees season already unraveling. Looks like another long year. You know Judge and Stanton aren’t playing a full year and how long before Cole gets inflammation? He doesn’t have the Astro pitching coaches and training departments. Unbelievable. Mid-February and the injuries are starting. Rays and Jays are the teams to beat now and don’t give up on the Red Sox.
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen Month ago
Looks like an opportunity for Devi?
Electro Ball
Electro Ball Month ago
Get a different changeup grip!
jeremy r
jeremy r Month ago
Jesus dudes warm up & stretch more
jeremy r
jeremy r Month ago
Please don’t let this injury stuff start again please.... last year was rough
Mike III
Mike III Month ago
Wow!! Severino is down with a forearm soreness and judge shoulder has soreness weak players.
B Smith
B Smith Month ago
Yep, here we go again.
Rick Stenson
Rick Stenson Month ago
40 Mil in the toilet. I hope they have good insurance on the that contract.
Chino Don
Chino Don Month ago
I mean 40 mill over 4 years isn't alot , especially for a guy who would be a number 1 for 20 other teams.
Nigel Bacon
Nigel Bacon Month ago
It would be stupid to put lasagne in to be the 5th starter. Why wouldn’t they put Green in to be an opener.
Chino Don
Chino Don Month ago
Cus it's not something they wana do every 5the start , they only wana do that to give guys an extra day off through out the year
Rick Stenson
Rick Stenson Month ago
Are you frigging kidding me? WTF is it with the team and injuries?
Shayne Month ago
Here we go.......
pdamfireman Month ago
Not surprised.
Guess What Expect THE ENTIRE TEAM on the DL before April 1
This Fu....... team can never be Healthy this shit is Unbelievable Fu......::: Weak Ass Players
JJ C Month ago
Typical season situations right on schedule
Wingman1977 Month ago
Here we go again.
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez Month ago
Here we go again! Now Paxton's injury is significant
Feddy von Wigglestein
Schilling isn't more or less of an expert on "other things" than the rest of us. Get over the fact he's not a "guud demokwat", Mike.
Chino Don
Chino Don Month ago
Mike is a Republican 😂😂😂 so much for you comment
Kopy Kat
Kopy Kat Month ago
Team isn’t who you all think they are. Talent means zero when it cannot be displayed. I’m not hating. I’m not a ‘fake fan’ either. Just calling it how it is. And that’s very unfortunate.
Cameron Goldberg
It's better then watching the Knicks and I'm a Knicks fan by the way.
Billy Branch
Billy Branch Month ago
Sure am glad the Yankees paid him last year. He’s been so dependable since then....
Bruce Cruz
Bruce Cruz Month ago
Seen vids of Sevi working out in DR with all the advances in sports training they were doing old workouts
WeRightNow Month ago
That's because he has guys on the payroll.. Expecting that severino money... So they had him convinced that they are the way
Bruce Cruz
Bruce Cruz Month ago
Severino is put together with cheap glue smdh
Adam Michael Ray
Jesus Christ 75% of our team is injury prone, this is getting ridiculous you’d think we’re playing football instead of baseball
Jwanie Month ago
At this point, I'd be surprised if the Yankees DIDN'T have any injuries to start off a season.....
James Epstein
James Epstein Month ago
This team needs Ichiro to teach em how to stretch
anton1207740 Month ago
40% of the rotation gone before the first spring training game...
Jim McCourt
Jim McCourt Month ago
Are these guys made of glass? They fired the previous conditioning coach, but still having issues.... something's wrong here.
Fastboy478 Month ago
It’s time to roll out Deivi
Roger Kremer
Roger Kremer Month ago
here we go again
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