Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Lucifer is back and acting...strange. Get ready - this season all your desires will be fulfilled. Season 5 Part 1 premieres August 21 only on Netflix.
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Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Lucifer makes a tumultuous return, Chloe rethinks romance, Ella finally finds a nice guy, and Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing.

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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 80
JB 7 minutes ago
Aaaah why did i laugh while watching this. i would have sided with the devil, if he really was this good of a person 🤣
Saurabh Kumar
Saurabh Kumar 8 minutes ago
Bhai jaldi de do yaar dusre ki id h pata nhi kab password change kr le...
Zuza 8 minutes ago
Soo they reviled the biggest surprise of the season in trailer?
Bastien Damour
Bastien Damour 8 minutes ago
Hum.. Michael has the same power that lucifer?
CanWeGetTo10,000 Subscribers
I can't wait to finally see Season 5 of Lucifer!!!
Abigail Katerberg Colibaba
No no no no no poor Chloe. She doesn't deserve to be tricked like this.
Tomie Taylor
Tomie Taylor 9 minutes ago
Um y’all The Shining reference???
chicken girls
chicken girls 9 minutes ago
OMG I want lucifer and Chloe to get together and Ella saying "well lucifer can go to hell" Fan when he sees Michael he's like "great your back" Chloe said done with anything god related 1 sec later you got to be kidding me
CanadianLoki76 10 minutes ago
Yay, spoilers. Wouldn't it have been better to NOT spoil the plot?
Smichal Pokiao
Smichal Pokiao 10 minutes ago
Wow wow wow
TUT -The Ultimate Team
TUT -The Ultimate Team 11 minutes ago
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*Darkness* 11 minutes ago
Jesus, they spolied so much
Hayleigh Dossey
Hayleigh Dossey 11 minutes ago
No dude I want it NOW
Steven Zucchini
Steven Zucchini 11 minutes ago
Yo is this a spoiler for the Bible? If it is I'm going to be so pissed I haven't read the end yet wait hold on... how did Micheal know Lucifer's human form? Did Lucifer describe himself exactly word for word to a sibling he doesn't like? Didn't Luci get to pick what human form he had?
mr Nohax
mr Nohax 11 minutes ago
Luci is gonna hit the roof if micheal sleeps with Chloe
Martyna Bartela
Martyna Bartela 11 minutes ago
okay am I the only one who’s seeing that Chloe looks so different in this season and it’s not only about bangs?? i’m so so dissapointed
Ulaş Kılıç
Ulaş Kılıç 11 minutes ago
ı am take daily dose
Ashley Roberts
Ashley Roberts 12 minutes ago
I want to eat his ass out sooo bad!!!
Asian Giraffe
Asian Giraffe 12 minutes ago
I really hope that chloe doesn't fall in love with lucifers twin brother xD
Şerife Duymaz
Şerife Duymaz 13 minutes ago
Bekleye bekleye ölücez hadi başla artık.
Phoenix mae
Phoenix mae 15 minutes ago
Micheal and I are not going to get along...I can already tell.
Mariah MZ
Mariah MZ 15 minutes ago
I'm so excited for this!!! I hope you have more seasons coming because I know I will watch this in like two days or less ❤
Imdyinginside 15 minutes ago
Soo no one is going to talk bout the shining reference at 1:30?
iamlizzo 16 minutes ago
shrishtiha Sangee
shrishtiha Sangee 17 minutes ago
How am i supposed to wait till august 21?!
Jay Carigo
Jay Carigo 17 minutes ago
show would be better if they didnt show Lucifer's twin to add more mystery to it. damn
Ro 17 minutes ago
Milo Gray
Milo Gray 17 minutes ago
Tom Ellis’ daughter goes to my friend’s mum’s schl
Anne 17 minutes ago
Wtf! Twin brother? Wtf! Omg the last scene😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Arthur McGreggor
Arthur McGreggor 17 minutes ago
Hopefully this will be the remedy of my disapointment caused by tlou 2
Катя Зиминуля
Бляяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяя Какой Майкл блять
Atomik Nuke
Atomik Nuke 18 minutes ago
Never end this show
LazyAaron 18 minutes ago
Abhishek Khushlani
Abhishek Khushlani 18 minutes ago
Can't wait for premiere
ScheduleRocket 19 minutes ago
Frickin' EPIC! I so can't wait for this.
Grace M
Grace M 19 minutes ago
Oh no this is giving me strong Elena and Katherine vibes. Like one good, one bad. The bad trying to mess up the good ones life. Uh oh
Darryn Gullette
Darryn Gullette 20 minutes ago
See if the real Lucifer don’t come imma throw hands
Briccymations 20 minutes ago
MMMM I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW Edit: 9/10 I wish his name was Keith.
Tuomas Puputti
Tuomas Puputti 21 minute ago
I really like the 5 season trailer of Lucifer but the twin brother thing not so much
CupcakeMafia 21 minute ago
It better not be 8 dumb ass episodes
Grace M
Grace M 21 minute ago
So first umbrella academy and now lucifer!! Omg I’m so excited!!!
San Thiri Shwe Sin
San Thiri Shwe Sin 21 minute ago
I am dyinggg to watch ittt(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix 22 minutes ago
I smell some family drama in this season 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dalton Roberts
Dalton Roberts 22 minutes ago
So who is gonna be stronger Lucifer or his evil twin Michael?
Anime King
Anime King 22 minutes ago
Rahul Kalwe
Rahul Kalwe 23 minutes ago
I will pray for Lucifer and chole's intimate in this season 🙏
Shinigami Otaku
Shinigami Otaku 24 minutes ago
This will be the best b'day gift ever..
Артём Некто
Артём Некто 24 minutes ago
Всем мир и благодарочка делюсь хорошим настроением у себя на канале заходим и проявляем активность для моего душевного вдохновения 😁🙏
uwu *nuzzles*
uwu *nuzzles* 24 minutes ago
Okay so no one is going to talk about „Lucifer“ whistling his song? „Crime solving Devil; it makes sense. Don’t overthink it“
Rubel 666
Rubel 666 25 minutes ago
Ahh finally wait is over... I love this show
SpookySem 25 minutes ago
I love how Michael hums the theme song
Angelina Walker
Angelina Walker 25 minutes ago
Netflix atendeu meu pedido quando eu disse: MULTIPLICA!!!!!!
Pu Chew
Pu Chew 26 minutes ago
Эвкалиптовый косяк
Ну что,звёзды, разьеб штата Калифорния?
DumbSteeze 27 minutes ago
Tom Ellis should go on Joe Rogan 👇🏾
Litty Lala
Litty Lala 28 minutes ago
MoonPhoenix1969 28 minutes ago
Can't wait!!!!!!!!
DumbSteeze 28 minutes ago
#1 on Trending
Ritsuka Aoyagi
Ritsuka Aoyagi 28 minutes ago
OMFG!! WTFFF!!!!!! *flipping my shit* OMG!!
maestr Rogu
maestr Rogu 29 minutes ago
mahmut tuncer
mahmut tuncer 29 minutes ago
Türkler nerdesiniz beğeninde sayınızı bilelim
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 29 minutes ago
Look at the name of that series, and then people wonder why the covid 19 is in the world
Ogrematic 30 minutes ago
Fantastic show. Thanks a lot, guys. Very interested to see how and if this could tie in to Sandman.
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen 30 minutes ago
Dos lucifer 1:37
Teodora Voisan
Teodora Voisan 30 minutes ago
pause and go to 0:20 , look in the bottom left corner --- it's Mr. Said Out Bitch
Loknath Shilandhar
Loknath Shilandhar 31 minute ago
I am waiting for this be fast!!!!!!!!!
S h A d O w G u N n E r
At last season 5 trailer came
E 5
E 5 31 minute ago
Bad teaser
Anya Obioma
Anya Obioma 32 minutes ago
Bring out 21 Thunder already lmaoo
Sam Maw Roe
Sam Maw Roe 32 minutes ago
So who's gonna break the news to Ella
Moïse Beugre
Moïse Beugre 33 minutes ago
Like OMG no more delays I'll watch that series R.I.G.H.T N.O.W, got couple of seasons to watch
Taha Taşçı
Taha Taşçı 33 minutes ago
Come oon their parents, Lucifer and MICHAEL... I really wonder who is your favourite son.
Chrisstos7 33 minutes ago
Just one thing... MICHEAL IS A GRAND GENERAL OF GOD ARMY!... and here he got whoop ass from some demon? Ok thats hilarious
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 33 minutes ago
I just binge watched this show, and I think it is great. The character of Michael will be interesting new addition to the show. The lead actor has a lot of range; he can convey a lot of emotions without saying anything.
Rishabh Kulshrestha
Rishabh Kulshrestha 34 minutes ago
This is trailer
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson 34 minutes ago
Christians disliked this video. Lol
anand sarda
anand sarda 34 minutes ago
Oh, He had me at Helleo!
Soco Kink
Soco Kink 35 minutes ago
1 trending
Jackson Harrup
Jackson Harrup 35 minutes ago
Now just bring back Hannibal :(
Craig AK
Craig AK 36 minutes ago
So this Season is basically UK vs USA Lucifer...
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