Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Lucifer is back and acting...strange. Get ready - this season all your desires will be fulfilled. Season 5 Part 1 premieres August 21 only on Netflix.
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Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Lucifer makes a tumultuous return, Chloe rethinks romance, Ella finally finds a nice guy, and Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing.


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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 60
Isabela Garcia
assisto esse vídeo quase todo dia, até decorei as falas! chaga logo dia 21!!!
Savitar Arcanis
Because of crisis all the worlds are one now right which means Lucifer’s mom is back right?
Dart world
Dart world Hour ago
Tom Ellis is so perfect !! OMG
Anish Bhethanabotla
wtf twin brother man come on wtf is this shit, still gonna watch it anyway but the twin brother shit cringe asf
Angel Ojeda
Angel Ojeda Hour ago
ahora si se viene lo chido ~~
Naqeeb Munshi
Naqeeb Munshi 2 hours ago
They need to show us hell properly not just in small clips n without demons running around
Alaa A.
Alaa A. 2 hours ago
Alaa A.
Alaa A. 2 hours ago
Alaa A.
Alaa A. 2 hours ago
This is actually happening?
Alaa A.
Alaa A. 2 hours ago
I’m freaking out
M. Adeel
M. Adeel 3 hours ago
I desire to see more action than drama this season 😛😅😈
McRinne Vera Cruz
McRinne Vera Cruz 4 hours ago
Finessed - ii
Finessed - ii 4 hours ago
i can not wait- I-
Luke 4 hours ago
getting this show from Fox(right?)was the best decision Netflix has made! Kudos!
The Soaries Twins
The Soaries Twins 4 hours ago
Swayam Patel
Swayam Patel 4 hours ago
After watching the scene where Lucifer goes to hell in 4x10, made me want to go to hell instead of heaven.
JP Palamine
JP Palamine 5 hours ago
Is there a fast forward button in life? I wanna skip the rest of my days up until the 21st
JP Palamine
JP Palamine 5 hours ago
Potang ina I can’t wait!
TheForceOfMusic101 5 hours ago
Just finished marathon-ing the whole show on Netflix. I am ready.
Yahya Mirza
Yahya Mirza 5 hours ago
"Hilarious" 🤣🤣
Chamika Senevirathna
I thought its hillarious and then she said the same "Hilarious 😄😄😄🤪🤪🤪
This was one of my favorite shows. Glad season 5 is coming
Moral Comedians and Vines
Lucifer 2.0 bulshittttttt
RioJay 7 hours ago
Is that kid in the tricycle charlie??
UncleUglyBigMac 7 hours ago
Is it just me who thinks Lucifer/Samael is the one who broke Michael’s wing?
Ariana Sirzhant
Ariana Sirzhant 8 hours ago
Кто на меня подпишеться и лайкнет этот ком, на того подпишусь😘, кто всё пишите "+"
MoODy85 8 hours ago
Kinda spoiled a lot in this trailer didn’t they ?
Wolf jrjr
Wolf jrjr 9 hours ago
The first time we see Lucifer it is Lucifer
Bhupal Rai88
Bhupal Rai88 9 hours ago
01:30 A Stanley Kubrick touch?
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 10 hours ago
Imagine if Lucifer gets his brother in hell to rule over hell so Lucifer can stay with Chloe on earth that’s would be great!
nick corbacho
nick corbacho 11 hours ago
Imagined if Michael has sex with Chloe before Lucifer ....
Oralia Trevino
Oralia Trevino 11 hours ago
Congrats to all the casting of Lucifer that made this possible. Of season 5 and possible season 6, i personally think this is the most closely version of the story of lucifer. Tom Ellis cheerios mate,you are a great actor and singer,lauren german what kind i say,you have the most beautiful eyes ,great acting really the best, but most of all nextflix saw these actors have a story to tell to the audience something that fox didnt see.because of that the show continued,where the fans,audiences was able to continuing seeing this amazing show. Thank you guys,for allowing us the audience to see,your best acting.i cant wait !!! For season 5 thank you all the joy the tears, the happiness of all time. All of you in the show Lucifer, has become my family. Really really loved the show.. ,
Matt Nar
Matt Nar 11 hours ago
Not so sure about it, twin brother is a boring cliche in movies and TV, let's hope they pull it off.
Lisa Moren
Lisa Moren 5 hours ago
Read the Comic
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 10 hours ago
Ethan P
Ethan P 12 hours ago
I really hope that scene figures it out happens really early (like, the first episode) and she tells Chloe right away. I'm not usually a fan of these stories where a doppelganger comes in and ruins the protagonist's life, but I feel like as long as Chloe finds out rather quickly, it should be more tolerable than usual.
Ryan 12 hours ago
Has anyone realised Amenadiel got his powers back? 1:19 to the end of the fight no one moves.
Abhishek Shrivastav
Abhishek Shrivastav 12 hours ago
The best part is when he says hello bad guys ❤️❤️❤️
Jareth 12 hours ago
The 21st of August is my birthday, this Leo couldn't have asked for a better birthday present, thanks Luci and welcome back.
Swayam Patel
Swayam Patel 12 hours ago
1:45 is that Lucifer or Micheal?
Sonal Anjana
Sonal Anjana 13 hours ago
Devil come back himself
Sonal Anjana
Sonal Anjana 13 hours ago
Waiting for this 😈😈
The God
The God 13 hours ago
6.9 dislikes.... well that’s ironic
venkatesh arun
venkatesh arun 16 hours ago
Did anyone notice... Recent months.. This the only series got more than 10 million views for trailer in netflix... thats huge
Apex Predator
Apex Predator 16 hours ago
And people will freak about this show who haven't even watched, too much hypocrisy.
Dreamers Kitchen
Dreamers Kitchen 17 hours ago
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Emily Starr
Emily Starr 18 hours ago
So, 1:29, no one's mentioning The Shining reference. That's not Trixie, is it?
tiktok tea
tiktok tea 21 hour ago
Mitch Wood
Mitch Wood 21 hour ago
This honestly looks like it could be a bad season... Tom does not suit that american accent. And the fact that they have brought in the Archangel Michael in as basically an anti-Lucifer secret twin feels... cheesy. Either way I'll still be watching every episode with glee and super happy to see we have a season 5
Mitch Wood
Mitch Wood 20 hours ago
@Hello Hello if it's the Michael I think it is then he is who led Gods Armies against Lucifer during the rebellion.
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 21 hour ago
Michael looks evil though...Is not suppose to God best Messenger or General?
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ERA Blind
ERA Blind 22 hours ago
Lucifer vs Michael , comparing combat power lucifer with his wings almost defeated the archangel back in the rebellion and now he has his devil face/form that makes him even stronger
ERA Blind
ERA Blind 22 hours ago
Lucifer vs Michael , comparing combat power lucifer with his wings almost defeated the archangel back in the rebellion and now he has his devil face/form that makes him even stronger \
venkatesh arun
venkatesh arun 16 hours ago
Ya true lucifer is strong... but when chloe near lucifer he will more vulnerable. That's advantage for Micheal 😞
Abdullah Alnasrallah
The only reason I still watch this show is because of Amendiel and Lucifer. Everyone else is Meh.
The God
The God 14 hours ago
Yüksel Daşdelen
Yüksel Daşdelen 23 hours ago
I love it when the Tom says "hello bad guys" 😅
Rutul Malvaniya
deckerfakestar is back
Costy Day ago
I want to see Mr.Said out Bitch in season 5 too :)))
Lalo Day ago
"This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them."
Vibes Tees
Vibes Tees Day ago
Super super movie , i really love this movie. Anyone who Subscribe to my channel i will do the same and subscribe back.
Daniel Alviar
I have just been reborn to watch thus new season. 😳
Ozan Deste
Ozan Deste Day ago
I hope Chloe and Lucifer go back to their old state like in the season 1. I can't see any sincerity between them anymore, as before. Netflix made this show a little darker, they reduced Chloe and Lucifer's intimacy. I watched season 1 when I finished the last season. They are so different. I wish, we see more the Deckerstar in this season.
They turn this legendary Make shit,
And I'm still waiting for the moment Lucifer tricks Michael into create a second Big Bang to his own Universe to scheme against God. I really hope when the Sandman gets adapted, they'll do Lucifer right next time.
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