LS Swapped Miata Build Documentary. Resurrection From Start To Finish! *Turbo Beater to V8 Beauty!*

Taylor Ray
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This was a long build, so I condensed it down into one video to show you the entire transformation of my 1.8 turbo miata, all the way into an LS Swapped, Cd009 Trans, Ford 8.8 diff Monster!
V2.0 Build Video - ruvid.net/video/video-yTx_-H6kTb0.html
Full Build Cost Breakdown - ruvid.net/video/video-FkrLG-bHfq0.html
LS Miata Winning Comps and Taking Down Big Names!! - ruvid.net/video/video-P-E97oCBT7A.html
Tools Used
Milwaukee Die Grinder - amzn.to/2MoAQu9
Plasma Cutter - amzn.to/2DbijMw
Bandsaw - amzn.to/2YUSOMQ
Portaband Stand - amzn.to/2KPXf1D
Milwaukee Cordless Grinder - amzn.to/2Z9rVUH
AHP Tig Welder (Best Bang For Buck AC/DC Tig IMO) amzn.to/2VqjLTW
Everlast AC/DC Tig/MIg/Stick Welder - amzn.to/2t1PikD
Milwaukee Tool Stubby 3/8" Impact - amzn.to/2Jdirid
Milwaukee Tool Big 1/2" Impact - amzn.to/32K0CiE
Milwauke Tool 3/8" Ratchet - amzn.to/2JcpQhy
Milwaukee Tool 1/4" Ratchet - amzn.to/35VZM41
M12 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/35QVZoR
M18 Drill/Driver - amzn.to/2p6WuKJ
Thanks to all who support me on Patreon! - www.patreon.com/taylordrifts?alert=2
ME - instagram.com/taylordrifts/
ALSO ON TWITTER twitter.com/taylordrifts
Snapchat: taylorsaysdrift
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Jul 26, 2019




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Comments 100
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray Year ago
Don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed it! Spent two full days buried in my computer to put this together and I’m really stoked on how it came out! Let me know what you thought and if you want to see more or less detail for V2.0!
BUILT_1 tv
BUILT_1 tv 4 months ago
An pick up tube
BUILT_1 tv
BUILT_1 tv 4 months ago
Question do you still have the oil pan off this engine
Tyler Zborowski
Tyler Zborowski 7 months ago
Great video, Awesome build. I haven't seen your channel before this video popped up in my recommended list but I saw your car in person in January 2019 when I bought a beat up red hard top from Ben. Great content. This video made and hour of quarantine fly by 👍
Andrew McAllister
Andrew McAllister 7 months ago
You forgot to fix the fucked up front wheels... looks like dog shit when wheels all stanced like that, looks good when they are normal.
CreateFamily 7 months ago
Your best video I’ve seen
Hardway Learning
Hardway Learning 7 hours ago
What a dream, I can't wait for the next steps on my turbo miata!
0m3n 12 days ago
39:47 I almost cried with joy 😂
Doug's Fan
Doug's Fan 14 days ago
Lovely documentary
POLICE501 17 days ago
Love this man, I have learned so much!
Simon Briggs
Simon Briggs 19 days ago
Shit didnt really realise your weight loss T you look a lot healthier..
TarMax12OG Play's
TarMax12OG Play's 22 days ago
LS Miata VS Hellcat Miata, Anyone else agree?
Jeff Gzebb
Jeff Gzebb 23 days ago
Excellent build, excellent video! That's the way to learn. Just a word of advice from an old racer...drift like there's no tomorrow, 'cause before you know it, you're gonna be 60 and watching young guys build cars on YT.
Jose_MC 25 days ago
for any new subscriber and all of us in general, we get to see Taylor, literally go from kid with beard to grown man, i mean, that first clip, that's baby faced Taylor, with a beard.
Ardent_Wolf Month ago
Awesome vid, fabricating and welding custom parts is goals man. 💪
Cana box
Cana box Month ago
Welds are decent
Rob Tozier
Rob Tozier Month ago
What did it cost total to do the swap
Dr.Dripler Month ago
@ 32:40 that thing sounds like a demon
Charlie Christian
LZ looks like such a child
ENZO & ZEON Month ago
good job, cost you more hahaha!
Kobey Basom
Kobey Basom Month ago
badass build dude
Jordan N.
Jordan N. Month ago
Turd tickler
41:25 holy shit thats the road i take from port richey to ocala!
Yee Thirty
Yee Thirty Month ago
Shoulda used rx7 calipurs... the go to upgrade mate 👌
Wannabe Slabber
Wannabe Slabber Month ago
5 lbs of oil pressure and lets just redline the piss out of her. Obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer
Logan Campos
Logan Campos 2 months ago
Hey taylor ray. You think you can modify my miata? Where do you live? I'm from NYC. I'd pay you to get her fix.
Logan Campos
Logan Campos 2 months ago
Make more videos like this. I have 02 mx5. Automatic. But I want it to be stick. & to drive really fast. & look really stylish. You have motivated me SIR!
Jo Tveater
Jo Tveater 2 months ago
Personal drift track?!! Whish I had access to that!!
Johan De Jesus Nunez
g shit
Parker McCool
Parker McCool 2 months ago
A year later and I’m so happy I found this it’s such a help to see someone else doing this. I’m having trouble with mine and this video helped
x Baz x
x Baz x 2 months ago
I know this is an old video but good shit Taylor, You've done an awesome job with the LS miata build. The true definition of built not bought.
JoeC_LRP 2 months ago
I wonder what they do for a living to have all this disposable money for cars.
cliff owens
cliff owens 2 months ago
Looked better on the trailer lol
Jack Dale
Jack Dale 2 months ago
I LOVED your vid, but YOU ARE SO UN-SAFE! I've had quick--jacks collapse, and I didn't see jack-stands holding you up in case you had a quick-jack collapse. PLEASE use stands to "back-up" the quick-jack, so you can continue these Awesome builds. It doesn't take 2 minutes to place your stands, so if a quick-jack collapses, you're "OK". If the quick-jacks WERE backed-up, sorry, I could SEE your back-ups. A guy in the Nash club died because his trailer crushed him, because he didn't have a "jack-stand back-up". He left a widow that had to dump several of his projects, because he wasn't there to restore them. His brain was FULL of Nash-stuff, --maybe lost forever to Nash restorers. You're probably asking, what's a Nash?
Pog Crohnie
Pog Crohnie 2 months ago
You look totally different, 9/20
Giovanni Valdez
Giovanni Valdez 2 months ago
such a great video, cant believe how fast an hour went by i usually dont wtch them the whole way through but this is my type of build video, i enjoyed this so much i even subscribed
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 2 months ago
You wouldn't have love for your car if you didn't have little hiccups on the way of being built....
tomongous 2 months ago
You guys just inspired me to go clean up our shop. Your shop you moved into is very clean and organized.
Jafuh 2 months ago
16:53 i put it in the wrong box shut up
Cory Goulette
Cory Goulette 3 months ago
And total cost ?
Harmen De Jong
Harmen De Jong 3 months ago
RE: Blow'n engines, weld in baffled partitions around the each side around the oil pump pickup tube & head. Prevent these 4 quarts from moving about. Best: Widen or lower - if you can- the bottom part of the oil pan. Modify the tube & screen Widening or lowering: 2" W - 3" H - 10" L on each side gives ya 'n extra 2 ++ Quarts.. Sorely missed I guess,watching the start of the Vid .. Bigger coolers, longer lines is more oil but won't prevent hot watery like oil from sloshing L + R Starving the pick up tube.. Cheap, worth the lowered risk factor And .. way cheaper than dry sump G-force (0.2G is enough) induced oil starvation means; sucking up lots of froth. Froth: A variable momentarily combination of air and oil mixed together.. 5-6 seconds of frothing under full power, short moments of well oiled air reduces lubrication AND FOOLES pressure sensors -- there is still pressure but way with much lower volume ... oops .... rrattattattat then: SMoKe, lots of it.. - Rapid temp gauge fluctuations could be a frothing indication.. Regards
Wesleey Sutton
Wesleey Sutton 3 months ago
i want those headlights on my firebird.
Joe Olson
Joe Olson 3 months ago
9:40 I cringed so hard
sethwilliams463 3 months ago
i never realized how long I've been watching you and Adams videos until now.
timothy white
timothy white 3 months ago
How much you spend total on that car
Alp Scarlett
Alp Scarlett 3 months ago
Of all engine swaps you choose ls over 13b
trillrif axegrindor
trillrif axegrindor 3 months ago
Thomas Lochner
Thomas Lochner 3 months ago
I really like how Taylor's workbench used to be a door lol 7:01
Hot80s 3 months ago
could have refreshed the bearings when you had it upside down but then who would have known right
South7Bois 3 months ago
Are you still happy with the LS or do you wish you went with another drive line now that other swaps are becoming more common place? Kmiata is doing some awesome stuff right now and I'd argue a boosted K24 making 300-350ish would be the best Miata experience possible. Love the videos and cars regardless brother!
Jeremy Utley
Jeremy Utley 3 months ago
I really like your make it happen attitude.
Brian Proffitt
Brian Proffitt 3 months ago
I’m as big of a muscle car guy as they come, but I love miatas
Jafuh 2 months ago
well it technically isnt a miata anymore and it is a muscle car, with just a Miata body.
kj mahanna
kj mahanna 4 months ago
My gosh this is such a throwback
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 4 months ago
The welds looked good brother,good job.but I wonder if it's loud enough being straight pipe with no type of baffling.god wear ur ear plugs man.
Logan 4 months ago
I got goosebumps just from the pure joy in his voice at 39:46
Anton Schoepflin
Anton Schoepflin 4 months ago
3200 how?😫😍
That Dude
That Dude 4 months ago
This is amazing to watch! Only question I have is WHY would you not tube the front end? Give yourself allllllll the room you need!?
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 4 months ago
Can we just talk about about how much weight Taylor lost over the years 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 foreal tho I it’s like a whole diff person in the start of this video!!
Seth N.
Seth N. 4 months ago
Damn man you slimmed down a lot
Joshua Salazar
Joshua Salazar 4 months ago
around how much was that tag me please
32:51 when you get so excited about your car you turn into shaggy😂
Ashton Emerson
Ashton Emerson 5 months ago
did... cardboard aided design? lmao its computer, but i like cardboard more
Sloan Kettering
Sloan Kettering 5 months ago
oof adam lz is the worst big yikes
Jeff Hoggle
Jeff Hoggle 5 months ago
Whats being used to clean the block deck?
Jim Hiscott
Jim Hiscott 5 months ago
You could have installed a s2000 honda k series engine boosted, made 600hp at the same cost, been 300 pounds lighter, a hell of a lot easier to fit in and had incredible reliability.....well, maybe next time.
テケテケ モータース
I have Miata NA8,too! ruvid.net/video/video-H2UtHj7plPY.html
FREN - OGY 5 months ago
I'm not a fan of ANYTHING LS swapped. But the time and care that went into this build I can totally respect.
David Luis Ramos
David Luis Ramos 5 months ago
What year is his Miata????
TIM CANIZARES 5 months ago
Taylor do you and Ben sell miata parts.... I need parts for my NA
Thomas Carrillo
Thomas Carrillo 6 months ago
I hate Miatas. But I would luv to get this one or the Blue one. Sweet cars bro!
YellowWorld 6 months ago
25:35 "We used some CAD - Cardboard aided design" nice one
Stefan 6 months ago
25:07 "clutch pedal, it's KINDA firm, feels like my cock". i died, perfect timing for that corny joke haha
Vlad Gluhov
Vlad Gluhov 6 months ago
36:15 Sounds like a rotary xD
Jim Scheltema
Jim Scheltema 6 months ago
So you guys used an adapter on the original trans? Most people use a Tremec 6 speed. Roughly how much $ did you save?
Christopher Claure
Christopher Claure 6 months ago
its funny how it looks like they did it fast and smooth but only real car dudes know the pain and time he they mustve put in PROPS
Help3r 6 months ago
Dope as hell, you should be a build help3r
Mohamad Abbasi
Mohamad Abbasi 6 months ago
Bro 9 months ago? U were doing all this before corona! What are u making now with all this free time ?
White Night Demon
White Night Demon 6 months ago
This all looks easy how you explained stuff and watching you do it but I bet when you do it yourself, it's hard as fuck!
Dean Scott
Dean Scott 6 months ago
Just found these videos. Brilliant viewing bud. New subscriber.
KURT BENNETT 6 months ago
Man, I SOOOOO RESPECT what you did. BUT, if I'm being honest, and I most times am, all that work, the time, the sweat, the tears and knuckle busts...the money, frustration...and utlimately, the joy of having something all your own...etc. etc.....for.......mid-300hp when, you could have put a K24 block, with a k20 head, all the goodies and built the engine and had over 600 hp or more, with less weight, and less frustration. Having said that, you did wonderful, such a great accomplishment, I just wish there was more ponies to be had with less work. But man, mad respect to you but I just wish the return on investment, from an HP standpoint, was more.
John 6 months ago
Always refresh a swapped motor especially a used motor. New bearings seals rings and so fourth. Not really sure why you would do all that work just to have to tear the motor down to replace things after you were done?
Daniel Harrell
Daniel Harrell 6 months ago
Beautiful job I came from cleetus channel happy to be here
Music Lover
Music Lover 6 months ago
Jumped over to your channel from F.F crew (watching you tare it up with McFarlen) Best thing I have done in a while !! Killer build vlog.. Subbed and getting ready to watch V2 “Hell ya brother” 🤟🏼
Gethin Isaac
Gethin Isaac 6 months ago
I sure you are all over this now but, if you get a bearing race stuck internally again a great trick is to run a continuous weld around the inside of the race. When it cools and contracts, the race will pop out easy!
shawn jones
shawn jones 6 months ago
another ls swap
CircleCityWhips 6 months ago
Every asshat that tells me to LS swap my Miata needs to see this video.
VET Tyler
VET Tyler 6 months ago
I'm blaming Taylor ray for the rising costs of shit box miatas lmao
Jake Westin
Jake Westin 6 months ago
outstanding production
KungFuJordan 6 months ago
what spoiler is that. any one know???
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 6 months ago
Carbon miata
Van's Best Friend
Van's Best Friend 7 months ago
Taylor... because of you, from now on I will keep my mouth shut about having never seen a millennial hipster-type guy worth a God-damned shit when it comes to fabrication, hot-rodding, creativeness, gutsiness, and sheer tenacity when it comes to a build! Dude... you're just as good as any old-school hot rodder I've ever seen and I've been doing this stuff for almost 58 years!
Tomasz Adamczyk
Tomasz Adamczyk 7 months ago
Mx5 . whATS MIATA??
Kyle A
Kyle A 7 months ago
moral of story: not buying things for your girlfriend is a good investment
300zxdriver 7 months ago
Should be way more views.
Charles Lowe
Charles Lowe 7 months ago
Great work! Too bad for the rod knock, I lost oil pressure in my Grand National after spending $15k on a rebuild. No rod knock, but the valvetrain is noisy. Since I live in MI and now with COVID I have to wait until after May 15th to have the valvetrain looked at. Great video, awesome swap. Turbo engines are fine as long as they are tuned correctly. My Grand National has ran fine, never a problem because of the turbo, but with a turbo a little less forgiving if another component fails. Like the fuel pump.
Ski Town Street Cred
I love how the OEM engine gave the front of the car, one more goodbye kiss!
Ritchie Walker
Ritchie Walker 7 months ago
you built the motor 3 times, did you ever get it tuned in those 3 times xD
KuKa GaNG 7 months ago
What year is it
Carbon Fiber Creations Washington
No one over 5ft tall may ride in this ride
PJ Morrison
PJ Morrison 7 months ago
An hour of my life... And I do NOT call it a waste🔥 This video was so dope! Can’t wait to get more in depth with my Miata build!
Hunter Jessup
Hunter Jessup 7 months ago
Name one porn video better than this
321Catboxnwc 7 months ago
Well done on the video! all around top shelf. That said I think every broken part /failure you had coming from abuse thru reckless abandon , but you know it . I suggest you get a rev limiter on every thig you drive and that its hooked up to a tazer mounted in the seat. You are too big for that car. I'm looking forward to checking out more of your videos . take care and be sure to wash your ass.
Larry Krause
Larry Krause 7 months ago
What part of Florida are you in?
Rubin Hester
Rubin Hester 7 months ago
The "Leg Jacking" method is the best part
john martin
john martin 7 months ago
That center tombstone dash with all the gauges looks epic, beautiful, awsome, badazz, cool, stock, custom, professional, expensive and/or great. I didn't want to use just one description word for it Cause it deserves so much more lol
john martin
john martin 7 months ago
Okay the way that cage was built is amazing...the way it extended into the doors is what was amazing to me. It was a true 10/10 build
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