Low Head Turbines; Intake shape

Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp
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A short desicription, why we don´t use the spiral shape intake on the MHG-LH turbines! With an retangular intake, you´ll get better results! But see yourself!
Edit: at 1:12: Air bubbles are, comparing to water, compressible and will expand! Sorry for this writing error!

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bhaskar dhiman
bhaskar dhiman Год назад
for 3 m head 100 L/Sec what you will suggest ?
Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp
Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp Год назад
Depending on flood situation, a crossflow turbine
Derek Bloomfield
Derek Bloomfield Год назад
Is this a like-for-like comparison? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the unit you show in the spiral box clip is the 200W unit. By contrast in your rectangular box clip you're showing the substantially larger 750W unit (as shown elsewhere in another of your youtube videos). Could it be the case that the rectangle works better for the larger units whereas the spiral is more suitable for the smaller 200W unit? The reason I'm asking is I've been in touch with Dave from powerpal about obtaining an LH unit and I've been considering my options for the intake box as well as other aspects of the project. Thanks for the videos.
Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp
Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp Год назад
Dave from PowerPal sell these spiral shape intakes, that are okay, if you do not have enough space. They are okay, but have the risk of sucking air into the turbine. From the hydraulical standpoint. the correct and best intake situation is, to "drill" a hole in the bottom of a lake and put the turbine in. than you have the best intake flow situation from a "standing still" enviroment, but you need space. the retangular intake shape is much wider, than the spiral one, but seems to be more the hole in the lake! You cannot see any vortex in this kind of intake as long as it is wide enough!
Danny Taipe
Danny Taipe 2 года назад
And wich is the additional width if a MHG-1000LH is considered?
Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp
Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp 2 года назад
Hello! for the 500LH, the recommended width is 600mm, for the 1000LH you should have 1000mm
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