Low head turbine - what you need to run it

Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp
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Small low head turbines (heads between 0,6m to ~3,5m) are available from different manufacturers around the world. In this video, I show you how these turbines work and what you need beside the turbine to run such a system. At the end, I show some sample pictures of such a low head installation, we done many years ago.

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Mar 1, 2016




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Gerry S
Gerry S 2 years ago
I believe there is a basic mistake in this drawing. The head is actually the height the water falls TO the turbine. Once it is past the Turbine, it is no longer of use to it. Or have I been wrong all these years?
Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp
Power (Watt) = Head (m) x Flow (l/s) x 9,81 (gravity) x eta (efficiency)
Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp
No, Sorry! The gross head is the head between the upper water level and the lower water level. Wherever the position of the turbine is, this is not so important. If the head between the upper water level and the turbine runner is lower als the head between the turbine runner and the lower water level, it´s more a sucktion turbine. As long as there are no air bubbles in the water, the full head can be used for producing power.The air in the water makes the fluid compressible, no air, no compression or expansion in the turbine of the whole system. The whole head cn be used..... understand?
Cravens Boughner
Cravens Boughner 2 years ago
This time I'll use Inplix instructions to make it by myself.
TheIsmaelIsaac 3 years ago
Thank you for sharing this awesome idea ... I know for a fact that you put tremendous efforts building this low head turbine... NICLEY done, and I hope to see more video from you. thanks again.
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