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LoveLeo’s “BOYFREN” has gone viral on TikTok and racked up more than 10 million Spotify streams to date. The single is produced by LoveLeo himself. On the track, LoveLeo tries to convince a girl to break up with her boyfriend.
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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 100
trashzly asthetics
The thing is he sounds like the song like no auto tune 🥰😍🤭💜
BlackStar* 19 days ago
He looks like a millennial mix version of Freddy Mercury and Nikola Tesla
Trevortni Desserped
"What's the song that's been in every upcoming artist playlist ever?" "Supalonely" "Try again" ".....(pastes link to this video)"
YaBrEaTh STinKs
YaBrEaTh STinKs 27 days ago
He looks like the type of guy that drives a Volvo.
The Mexican Gamer
He is the new freddie mercury
melania van aernam!
this mans mustache is probably one of the best things in the video lol
mang amak
mang amak Month ago
what is the name of your hairstyle ?
Zé Ninguem
Zé Ninguem Month ago
He looks like freddie mercury reincarnation
Daisy Hannah
Daisy Hannah Month ago
i think im inlove with him
Zoe Mattar Pullisaar
I luv how he spend 12 seconds just taking about the chicken parm 👁🍗️👄🍗👁️
Desiana Rizky
Desiana Rizky Month ago
Unipug 14
Unipug 14 Month ago
the fact that he made this song with the motivation of chicken parm is amazing
Paul Valentin
Paul Valentin Month ago
Please marry me
αηιуαlαтιση ღ
“You spend three days without talking to someone, you start to go insane” Oh honey I already have 😌🤟🏽❤️
Ella's blox vlogs
Bro he's a legend
Princess Loki
Princess Loki 2 months ago
Wait didn’t someone else write a song while making chicken parm???
-`,yugi Nay
-`,yugi Nay 2 months ago
omg i always heard him saying "i should break up with your crazy boyfriend" my life is a lie
mush room
mush room 2 months ago
Everyone : this song is definitely about him having feelings for a girl Him: this song was written on chicken parm
Yannis Florentin
Yannis Florentin 2 months ago
Ophelia Apple
Ophelia Apple 2 months ago
Na man who the fuck is the mum ? And imma say it, that ain’t John c Reilly biological son mayn
Laney Baker
Laney Baker 2 months ago
I’d love John C. Riley to make me chicken parm
addy bishop
addy bishop 2 months ago
LoveLeo: you need natural human interaction. You spend 3 days by yourself not talking to people, you start to go a little insane Me sitting in quarantine: 😬 ......is that what happened?
Esmee Ohare
Esmee Ohare 2 months ago
No one gunna talk about how he called a “l” suss 😂😂
Giovanna Marques
Giovanna Marques 2 months ago
I literally just listened to BOYFREN for 10 secs on someone's stories on instagram (someone I don't even know cause it was on search and explore) and man... That's so good!
Brenda Mayorga
Brenda Mayorga 2 months ago
Yall talking about how he looks BRUH, CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW F*CKING NICE HE IS?
Emma Guinane
Emma Guinane 2 months ago
1:18 : “ out of your HUAAYYYYYYY~~~~~”
River Freeland
River Freeland 2 months ago
Something u didn't know he's John c Reilly's son
Alexis_ Harts
Alexis_ Harts 2 months ago
I am simping SO HARDDDD
Euphoria HBO
Euphoria HBO 2 months ago
John C. Reilly done it for me in the vampires assistant.
Ashhh 3 months ago
this guy is a singer???
Trespassing areas isn’t quirky, you dumb hoe.
No offense but he looks like some sort of chef, just remove the earrings and nail polish, give him a chef hat, I’d believe that he’s a chef
James Roshe
James Roshe 3 months ago
He said 3 days without ppl... Try a year without friends.. then tell me what you think
Paleta Cervantes
Paleta Cervantes 3 months ago
Clarissa Garcia
Clarissa Garcia 3 months ago
this man viewed my story and i had no idea who he was.
Kim Couture ツ
Kim Couture ツ 3 months ago
He looking like what james charles should looked like.
Kayla LK
Kayla LK 3 months ago
He gives the same vibes as Billie Eyelash
weeb mimoxe
weeb mimoxe 3 months ago
he looks like conan gray 5 years later
moonlette 3 months ago
*"Grade A, Grade A eggs... I gotta be an egg in the video."* -LoveLeo.
Bryce Gilpin
Bryce Gilpin 3 months ago
I can’t believe this is John C Reilly’s son
Esma Küçükbalkan
Esma Küçükbalkan 3 months ago
Freddie Mercury + Conan Gray =LoveLeo
Penny Bach
Penny Bach 3 months ago
3:15 oof quarantine
Nothing but nonsense
Salawaty Suyitno
Salawaty Suyitno 3 months ago
ur the trendsetter
Super Sweetheart
Super Sweetheart 3 months ago
Listening to this man talk about chicken Parmesan for 2:00 minutes was the most unexpected topic I’ve ever heard
•MIN ARI• 3 months ago
Lol Freddy Mercury
Thalia Lecona
Thalia Lecona 3 months ago
You are perfect
Jabes Santana
Jabes Santana 4 months ago
more like loveleo chicken parm official recipe
Marselo Agachate y Conocelo
Alguien que suba esta mierda en español por favor
Natalia Rose
Natalia Rose 4 months ago
hes gorgeous omg
Laura 4 months ago
He looks like a perverted bellhop.
Abdul Muhaimin
Abdul Muhaimin 4 months ago
ngl, conan gray vibes
Cup!d_ XaNX
Cup!d_ XaNX 4 months ago
Him and conan would be actual besties-
Calista Freeland
Calista Freeland 4 months ago
I just discovered you today and god this is amazing 🤩😂
I can't KMS but I tried to burn myself
What I understood was that he loves poultry
Jesus Alberto Barron Jasso
No te entiendo ni verga , no se inglés 🤣🤣
just lane
just lane 4 months ago
This really that dude from step brother kid
Coconut '
Coconut ' 4 months ago
Freddie Mercury?
Olivia Jackson
Olivia Jackson 4 months ago
He is Freddie Mercury reincarnated
penny adams
penny adams 4 months ago
he reminds me of my brothers freind joe ;-;
shahrul ok
shahrul ok 4 months ago
nice earrings
spooder mon
spooder mon 4 months ago
He has one blue eye and one brown eye
souptidepod 4 months ago
Bro I can't believe this is John C. Reilly's son.
Teddybear_plays 4 months ago
The next time I listen to boyfren I’m gonna eat chicken Parm
Indy 4 months ago
hear me out... loveleo looks like a mix between Freddie mercury and Conan gray....
Ayanna J
Ayanna J 4 months ago
He reminds me so much of Conan Gray and Freddie Mercury is it just me? ok.
ROSETRBL 4 months ago
i was just watching for any hints if he liked girls or boys and he just made it clear so casually JSLDKAJMDKLA
Oxeye 4 months ago
I didn't expecting him to act so Straight
Tena Petrović
Tena Petrović 4 months ago
If creativity was a person:
nanai 4 months ago
Jada Castillo
Jada Castillo 4 months ago
3 days with no human interaction and you're complaining? I haven't seen my bitches in 2 months. I'm going insane :( !
Virgina Andrade
Virgina Andrade 4 months ago
so we just gon ignore the fact he has 2 diffrent eye colors thats pretty rare
Pablo Alexis López Hernández
s o f i a
s o f i a 4 months ago
Me over here not being able to whistle at all
pigeonwaev 4 months ago
My man wrote an anthem over chicken parmesan
Uche Akabogu
Uche Akabogu 4 months ago
Why did he only have an hour? Couldn't he have continued after dinner?!
Tasnim Tabassum
Tasnim Tabassum 4 months ago
I am sad the lyrics said be instead of B and see instead of C and boyfriend instead of boyfren.🥺
Christian Waterloo
Christian Waterloo 4 months ago
BROOOO he fr sounds like a younger wreck it ralph 😂😂
Mabel Mng
Mabel Mng 4 months ago
conan grey + freddie mercury = loveleo
[ S T A N D U S E R]
My dude legit was like "okay this shits grade A, Its egg time"
Amber Henderson
Amber Henderson 4 months ago
Ugh he is precious
Cole Smelly
Cole Smelly 4 months ago
so, we not gonna talk about how he is john c reily’s son
Rae Rodríguez
Rae Rodríguez 4 months ago
He explaining how he wrote this in hour sounds like he would be a top A procrastinator 😄
Angel G
Angel G 4 months ago
He looks like Freddie Mercury...that’s it that’s the comment.
It be like that sumtimes
He is one of the most gorgeous men ive ever seen
MASH 4 months ago
Leo, if you're reading this: you're dope.
Sleepyhead Daria
Sleepyhead Daria 4 months ago
I don’t really understand dislikers
Sleepyhead Daria
Sleepyhead Daria 4 months ago
Cuz I’m dumb what do u say ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Yxngkyoto 4 months ago
Sleepyhead Daria why
『 bagel squid 』
『 bagel squid 』 4 months ago
wow freddie mercury looks different here
Hailey Todd
Hailey Todd 4 months ago
freddie mercury looks different here
Kelley Thompson
Kelley Thompson 5 months ago
Try soending 4 months by yourself 😅
Tvoja Mamka
Tvoja Mamka 5 months ago
Fucking freddy mercury lol :D
Snowy Turtles
Snowy Turtles 5 months ago
Emily S.J
Emily S.J 5 months ago
How does he sing so perfectly with or without autotune
Isa Legend
Isa Legend 5 months ago
How come he doesn't mention that end bit of the song where he's playin with some lighters?
Michelle Loyi
Michelle Loyi 5 months ago
How do people! Whistle! In! Tune!
Julia Grabke
Julia Grabke 5 months ago
The fact he has two different colored eyes and I didn’t notice makes me see him hotter then I already did
cookie nyaam
cookie nyaam 5 months ago
wft he sings like a fricking angel
Fay Morr
Fay Morr 5 months ago
He’s the son of dale from step brothers I would have never guessed
vaporrerror ¿
vaporrerror ¿ 5 months ago
This man should collab with CUCO
jessica 5 months ago
yo he's hella fine
Sydney C
Sydney C 5 months ago
“Spend three days by yourself you start to get a little insane” *Now:spending over 2 weeks away from everyone* ;-;
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