Love Is Blind: The Dumbest Dating Show Of All Time

Jarvis Johnson
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Love is blind is a netflix dating "experiment" that is not an experiment at all and also quite silly.

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Mar 13, 2020




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Comments 5 275
Jarvis Johnson
stay healthy everyone just don't go outside and binge my youtube videos
greg Month ago
Imma go and spread covid by having a party and bit wearing a mask with covid!!! Covid parties y'all!!!!
honeybat Month ago
wait so can we binge them inside tho?
Whiplash `
Whiplash ` Month ago
Furbaby is a thing
broady morden
broady morden 2 months ago
Am I the only one outraged at the use of comic sans for “spoiler alert”
【blitzylizzy!】 5 months ago
aged well
Sarah Munson
Sarah Munson 16 hours ago
- Mark was cheating on Jessica during their time in the apartments before the weddings, which she didn't know about until later. (After the show, he dated LC and cheated on her - both she and the other woman got covid, allegedly from him). Jessica asked to leave the show early, but the producers wouldn't let her. She tried to break up with him multiple times on-screen, and he kept telling her that she was making up that there were problems, that if she just tried harder then she'd be attracted to him and in love with him. - Mark and Jessica agreed to say no at the altar before the wedding - Mark said yes, and you can see Jessica's frustration with him. Plus, he crossed, ignored or didn't bother to check her boundaries multiple times. Jessica did some really shitty things on the show - let's not pretend Mark is better. He's worse. - Barnett is the source of the drama - he led Amber, LC, and Jessica on for as long as he could. He DID imply that he wanted to propose to Jessica. It's reasonable that, in her desperation for love and approval, she didn't analyze the exact words he used. His intent was clear - to tell her he wanted to marry her, without mentioning that he also wanted to marry 2 other women.
Arianator Gaming
Arianator Gaming 2 days ago
This way I hate dating show its gross
TELETUBBYofDOOM 2 days ago
“My heart’s, like, beating.” 😂
Leonie Müller
Leonie Müller 5 days ago
updatee: Mark not a saint no more
Hannah Rau
Hannah Rau 7 days ago
Barnett sold his house to pay for Ambers debt and moved into her apartment with roommates ?!?!! That’s ridiculous
Dread_wolf 8 days ago
12:49 did he just sneeze?
Dread_wolf 8 days ago
Love is swift where couples see each other for 2 seconds and must decide whether they want to marry them and if not they get shot just for a sprinkle of conflict, Mi'lady
Diana Richardson
Diana Richardson 10 days ago
Haha, my dad definitely used the bow technique to propose to my mom. But it was a lot more normal. It was Christmas for one thing, and then he didn't tie literal fabric on his wrist; he just put one of those cute little wrapping bows on the lapel of his suit jacket.
Diana Richardson
Diana Richardson 10 days ago
How many apples do I have in my pocket
Carina Chainey
Carina Chainey 10 days ago
America do kinda b stealing Australia's content 0-0 (Marriage at first sight)
Carina Chainey
Carina Chainey 10 days ago
the guy that u said was bisexual would be better defined as pansexual! bisexuality is the attraction to 2 or more genders, while still somewhat having a preference to who they date from time to time. however, he said that he was simply attracted to their hearts. unless hes a creepy surgeon, thats pansexuality -- he doesnt have a preference and just likes the person for who they are :)
Nathan Bendich
Nathan Bendich 11 days ago
Wait Jarvis is so thoughtful and reflective and likeable and charming and just a genuine, good person. I wish he would read this, but I'm sure he gets like 3 comments a second so he has notifications off If by some miracle someone reads this, thanks Jarvis and keep it up!
Micah Guillemette
Micah Guillemette 11 days ago
"Me and barnet are bonded for life" bitch you've had like 3 conversations with him and i dont think he gives a shit about you.
Molly Moorhead
Molly Moorhead 12 days ago
it’s so funny watching the first segment of this video after taking a statistics and physics class because now i get it 😂
izzy chan Nyan Cat
izzy chan Nyan Cat 14 days ago
"It's in the closet you never check" I don't need to check, I'm already in it
Gee Niel
Gee Niel 16 days ago
Cheeezballl 16 days ago
Why and how am I rewatching this and also learning about the scientific method at the same time
Fairy Fair
Fairy Fair 18 days ago
Lucille Balls
Lucille Balls 25 days ago
Idk who Nick Lachey is so I just kind of assumed his name was Nicholas Shay before going down to the comment section to see my mistaken ears :); hahah
A Syk
A Syk 26 days ago
Jarvis and the science terms🙌🙌🙌
Lori 27 days ago
Wait, Cameron RAPS??! 😂
straw bunni
straw bunni 29 days ago
Jessica really said let me emotionally manipulate this man on national television
Olivia Coe
Olivia Coe Month ago
He summed up this show completely.
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
I understand why Carlton wldnt tell Diamond he was bi until he they met in person
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
Hi, I’m obviously Temp Bauer... what you mean you don’t know who i am since all I’ve done is school plays and cpl commercials that only played in the market i live in.... yes, it was more than 20yrs ago. SFW!
Kelsea McKinzie
Kelsea McKinzie Month ago
Please please please do a reaction to the new episodes!!! They are wild and I want to see your opinion on their updates 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Love god
Love god Month ago
The only two female on this show that I like are Lauren and diamond. The rest are just toxic. To me😳
Michael Neuser
Michael Neuser Month ago
Also. Please do a video on the new episodes of love is blind. The anniversary party. Thank you. :)
Michael Neuser
Michael Neuser Month ago
"The scientific method is quaking" lolololol
Pegs Month ago
1. Yes big age gaps are extremely bad, you'll never fully be on the same page and it's kinda creepy, but considering it's either 10 years with an emotionally stable, accepting man, or 7 years with a guy who's with someone else, and thinks of you as a last resort, I don't get her hold up! 2. Amber gives me big grade 8 me energy, where because they're deemed as unthreatening she's overaggressive to compensates, but she also has a hint of pick me girl in there! What a great recipe, obviously a completely healthy person who isn't changing themselves to meet an imaginary standard.
Krystal Marsh
Krystal Marsh Month ago
I honestly had no idea Mister Johnson had a computer science degree, well done!
Rach Month ago
Mark was actually really horrible to Jessica, it just wasn’t shown on the show. He was apparently seeing multiple girls at the time.
Griffin Month ago
the daddy hat is from spencer’s. i know because i have the exact same one
cozy cas
cozy cas Month ago
After the new episodes I feel like Jessica has grown a lot and I feel bad for having her
cozy cas
cozy cas Month ago
Back here because I am hoping you cover the new episodes 🤠
Void Representative
lmfao "and then she goes outside and dents my f-150" just when i thought i couldnt like jarvis anymore goddamn. oddly specific relatable humor is the best
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres Month ago
Love may be blind but divorce, like hindsight, has 20/20 vision
Jessica Celeste
Jessica Celeste Month ago
As a Jessica, we don’t claim her.
tony stank
tony stank Month ago
i still don’t understand why physical attraction affecting how you feel about someone is a bad thing
Sydney Williams
Sydney Williams Month ago
Ok but Cam and Lauren are freakin adorable. And still together two+ years later
Anastasia White
Anastasia White Month ago
How are you gonna make a show about love being “blind” and cast a bunch of models
Marissa Olivarez
😂 the reference to The Room! Lol, perfect!
Leopard GeckoS
Leopard GeckoS Month ago
as a demisexual, how tf would you fall in love with someone in 10 days???
Clara Manzano
Clara Manzano Month ago
my lord
Kimberly Barnes
Kimberly Barnes Month ago
Coming back to this, it does please me that the black girl and white dude are still together 🥲
Rachel Elaine
Rachel Elaine Month ago
everyone just glazing over the obvious biphobia and homophobia in this show......
Mohammad Bugshan
Jessica’s vocal fry pisses me off
Andre Gallegos
Andre Gallegos Month ago
You should do commentary on the newly released episodes of this show!!!! It’s a reunion special with a lot of drama lol It was quite entertaining but also cringe as hell thanks to Giannina(as you would expect) 😂😭
Louisa A
Louisa A Month ago
Ok but let's acknowledge that Cameron and Lauren are still married and v happy after almost two years later
honeybat Month ago
Wait does Jarvis really not know the term “Furbaby” is already a widely used thing 😳
Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith Month ago
17:42 made me HOWL LMAO
Talia Valdez
Talia Valdez Month ago
Jessica is so ridiculous that it doesn’t even make me mad anymore it’s just hilarious. But then I remember about how she treats Mark and Im mad again. Edit: okay yk if Amber punched Jessica I wouldn’t be too mad
McNasty 420
McNasty 420 Month ago
Go Jackets!
Spoilery update from the new episodes: - Barnett sold his house to pay off Amber's student loan and they now live in a shitty apartment with a roommate and are broke. This causes tension because Amber wants kids and Barnett wants to be able to buy another house first. Also Amber forbids him to have any contact with Jessica whatsoever. - Jessica has a new boyfriend, seems sober and generally a pretty decent person after all. She even got over Barnett. - Mark turned out to be a douche, because he had a thing with LC after the show without telling her about his pregnant girlfriend. - Cameron and Lauren are still happily married and thinking about kids. - Damon and Giannina still have an on/off relationship where Giannina is desperately waiting for another proposal while Damon is hitting it off with Francesca from Too Hot To Handle.
cozy cas
cozy cas Month ago
It was a wild ride these new episodes, I hope Jarvis covers them
Simukai Bosha
Simukai Bosha Month ago
You spoke too soon. Sexy Beasts is.
alex jones
alex jones Month ago
i’m sorry but i absolutely despised jessica and carlton throughout the entire show
iewutake Month ago
Welp, after the latest episode...SHIIIIIEEEEET,... Happy for Lauren n Cam tho, and Barnet is more devoted then i eeeeeeeeeeeeeever thought
Creeper Invasion
Yeah you really need an entire show to figure out if people can fall in love without the factor of physical attraction. It’s not like there’s an entire sexuality who don’t experience physical attraction and still have relationships
Cat Wetterau
Cat Wetterau Month ago
Jarvis’ laugh never fails to make me feel better. I was visiting my great grandmother today and she’s slowing down and is in hospice care and watching his videos made me happier
Audrey Plant
Audrey Plant Month ago
the science rant is my favourite
Tea Droplets
Tea Droplets Month ago
8:30 did she give a wine to the dog??
I'm a motherfreaking avocado
It would literally make no difference if they saw each other because they're all alright looking anyway. Like, throw in some less conventionally attractive people so the premise of the show makes sense
Tiana Offord
Tiana Offord Month ago
I’m blind and this was just normal day to day conversations for me lol. The only difference is that I never get the dramatic reveals 😂
Paul K
Paul K Month ago
In the Love is Blind After the Alter show they just put out Cameron says that he wants to turn Lauren into a robot.
CloudNIN420 Month ago
Jarvis your smile is contagious
Leland G.
Leland G. Month ago
OOH! They have a two year anniversary follow up on Netflix! I hope you do a follow up video!
Itz Me
Itz Me Month ago
I think the thing that cracks me up the most is that they're all like... Very attractive in the stereotypical sense, so I really don't think you're going to lose unless you pick someone that's just a terrible person like 😂
Juliet Antonio
Juliet Antonio Month ago
Anyone else rewatching this and other Love Is Blind content after the "After the Altar" episodes dropped?
Cheers! 진아 이야.♥
Pansexual* instead of bisexual
UFODaRockstar Month ago
“I hate that says carltons bitch” 🤣 you should be more famous
frenchabortion Month ago
…so the dating game, but for marriage and not a single date?
Super Vegito
Super Vegito Month ago
I just realized a year later is that Barnet insulted her. He pretty much said if I had no other option I’d consider getting engaged to you.
Super Vegito
Super Vegito Month ago
8:47 is the worst time to pause. Just straight up looks like he’s about to savor the souls of the damned.
de wizard
de wizard Month ago
What they should do is separate the couples once they reveal how they appear instead of dangling the other people in front of them
Sir Loin
Sir Loin Month ago
Fur babies are a thing and I hate that people say it too.
Filbie Month ago
I’m here for that scientific method rant 🤓🤓
Noma99 2 months ago
How did I manage to miss your channel smh, YT recommendations on fire today for me🔥 alright time to sub and binge lmaooo😂😂😂
Maya Aguilar
Maya Aguilar 2 months ago
Wait, why is this the second time Jarvis has talked about a white guy named Cam rapping to impress someone?
JulesOnly 2 months ago
I watched the show BECAUSE of this video
Jones Baxterdam
Jones Baxterdam 2 months ago
Rylee G
Rylee G 2 months ago
The ad was for "a streaming service for gay men"
Tiffany Kim
Tiffany Kim 2 months ago
I think some people just really want to get married and they maybe don't care who to 🤷🏽‍♀️. Hhhhhmmmm. Oh well.
GDinneroll 2 months ago
i walked into my cheating divorced dad's apartment while this was on: the real killer? My dad is blind.
Bekahchu 2 months ago
I felt bad for Mark too I watched this this year for the first time then I found out not only was he cheating on Jessica(allegedly) with women he met at work but he also dated LC(the other girl the frat boy couldnt decide between for a while) after filming of the show and he cheated on her with someone else too(allegedly i dont know if they will sue over a comment but im covering my butt here). Mark was portrayed as a good guy but if that's true he isn't at all and Jessica's outbursts towards him make a bit more sense if she suspected it at the time although she was 100% a mess the entire time and wasn't entirely in the right at any point.
Sweet Hysteria
Sweet Hysteria 2 months ago
You know what this show should be called? Love Is A Flash Bang Cause not only can they not see, but it happens really fast. Also that just sounds quirkier and cool
Labs Kun Tu
Labs Kun Tu 2 months ago
Giananina and that guy remind me of Dwight and that judgemental Cristian gal from the office
Hope Hartline
Hope Hartline 2 months ago
why did i not know u went to tech??? go jackets to u and danny lmao
Ryan Harrell
Ryan Harrell 2 months ago
Ugh, unfortunately furbaby is a thing and I'll just have to tolerate it lol.
Sepherioth 2 months ago
Have you never heard fur baby before? I dont call my dog it, but i know plenty of people that do
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 2 months ago
Fur baby has BEEN a thing
Kaylee Keen
Kaylee Keen 2 months ago
"my heart is like beating" yeah, I sure hope it does
Sarah Wroblinski
Sarah Wroblinski 2 months ago
i watch it this show to see their lives fall apart. that's it. that is the only reason.(this is partly a joke)
Raven Angel
Raven Angel 2 months ago
I actually watched the whole season. The one woman who got with the basketball dude reminded me of myself in my past abusive relationship. I actually felt bad for her.
Caitlyn Yandon
Caitlyn Yandon 2 months ago
i come back to this constantly... mostly just for “what are your dependent variables NICK LACHEY”
Maren with an M
Maren with an M 2 months ago
I love Jarvis screaming about the scientific method, because honestly same, they have no grasp of it
Sandakin Skywalker
Sandakin Skywalker 2 months ago
**this video was filmed in front of a live studio audience**
lezley 2 months ago
"I am your gift" I fucking lost it
Owlfeather 2 months ago
6:24 just to get it out.. the things he said would make him pansexual, not bisexual:) but brave of him, yesyes
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez 2 months ago
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