'Love Is Blind's' Giannina & Damian Won't Get Engaged Anytime Soon | #AccessAtHome

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Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers won't be getting engaged anytime soon! The "Love Is Blind" couple explained to Access Hollywood why they are taking things slow this time around even amid being quarantined together. The pair revealed that when the time does happen, they really don't know who will propose to who! Plus, the couple played a fun round of "Quarantine Confessions," where they spilled cheeky details about one another.


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Apr 2, 2020




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I have never seen an Angel girl like this. Why this man waiting hard to make out.a crushing begging crashing down!!!!
Chris Witter
Chris Witter 28 days ago
I don't see the love from him. After a year and nothing. The other 2 married couples have that spark theses date one year separate homes. This is manufactured for the show. Run G. You deserve a man that is committed to you even with your flaws. Your a strong independent lovely women.
soul MZ
soul MZ 29 days ago
I have the feeling that he's going to hurt her again.
CARAT Mom Month ago
His favorite parts was how he recovered himself? Not his moments with Gianna? RUN girl run!
Diana Dascalu
Diana Dascalu Month ago
He doesn t love her! Poor Gigi
Jackie Joseph
Jackie Joseph Month ago
Not every couple can move at a fast pace let them take their time, marriage is a commitment for life.
Arianny Braz
Arianny Braz Month ago
Love Gigi... She's so gorgeous! From Brazil
Harmony Month ago
Almost 2 years in and she has yet to meet his parents. Poor thing.
Jasmine Forde
Jasmine Forde Month ago
Stevie Wonder could see that this man is not in love with her. They’re both trying so hard to get to Lauren and Cameron status that they’re delaying their own personal happiness. Let it go sis. Move on.
Elivia Nichols
Elivia Nichols Month ago
I don't think he is into her...he doesnt have the look on his face
Rosio Villagomez
I think he does but is troubled by her immaturity
La pieuvre Venale
Elivia Nichols amen
kaydenpat Month ago
They’re a cute couple. Hope they figure things out.
Nelly Mayavanga
Nelly Mayavanga Month ago
There is no chemistry and hope they are not wasting each other time
Mendora Ogbogbo
Mendora Ogbogbo Month ago
I think God bless erm they are clout chasing for the big bucks post Love is Blind media blow up.. and who could blame them.
celine faussi
celine faussi Month ago
I don't see them getting married. That's my opinion. She's wasting her time.
Chinney Nz
Chinney Nz Month ago
No chemistry...... sorry.
Jess Klem
Jess Klem 8 days ago
He's the gross one always trying to make her feel gross.. No personality. Always judging. He's ugly too. Go get ur equal girl.
Ghia S
Ghia S Month ago
Oh jezus, she wants to be married! Who girl doesn’t wanna tie the knot w the love of her life!? Damian is just not financially ready. Or maybe she isn’t as ready financially as him. We saw how ur love played out in a month. And uve been together for over a year. By now u know the make or break.
La pieuvre Venale
Ghia S or maybe for him she’s just not the one! He seems fake
Elaine Harwood
Elaine Harwood Month ago
Geez! What’s the rush ? Let them go at their own pace! Annoying interview!
proud mama
proud mama Month ago
Sorry, there is something off about this relationship. It seems forced. I may be wrong but that's just MY Opinion🤷🏾‍♀️
La pieuvre Venale
proud mama you are right! She’s more into him than he’s into her! She wasting her time
TeamDemiHotvato M
She’s way out of his league. Any guy would be lucky to have her
Rel3a Month ago
sorry.. but she is crazy.. i mean her character and reactions are so over the top..pretty but crazy af hahaha
Aurangzeb Ali
Aurangzeb Ali Month ago
@Taylor Ankrah whatever.. you were the one who came to my post to make a point about why isnt lauren more beautiful in my eyes .. i have never said that im obsessed with white complexions , but the truth of hte matter is that whites are as per conventional norms put right up on the social hierarchy . you can keep repeating FUCK CONVENTION but this is how the world sees it. be it whites, blacks , people of my ethnicity , orientals, we all as a standard acknowledge that based on conventions, the white race will always get most attention. when you see stunning women walk into a room , your eye will always fall on the whiter complexioned women first. it doesnt mean you wont end up being attracted to the women of colour even more . for me a curvy dark skinned woman with great hair is always my choice... yet , my eye going towards the stunnign white girl is something that doesnt come out of choice , but reflex. human evolution hasnt been equal or fair. but it is how it is. i dont know any black man who doesnt get attracted to white or mixed black race women more than his own black women first. black people of mixed race always get considered as physically most attractive even compared to a conventionally stunning white person .. this is because htey have a mix of both... dilutred complexion range, the bodies and features of both races which makes them supremely attractive. the mixed race ones who tend to hold on to some black features liek curly hair , great physicial fitness , but still end up having aquiline noses like a white or middle eastern person and light eyes, tends to end up getting more attention. pointing fingers at people isnt going to be the correct way to go in that case. i personally feel that a lot more women of colour need to marry white men . the only way to get out of this scenario of inequality based on colour cna only happen that way.
Taylor Ankrah
Taylor Ankrah Month ago
@Aurangzeb Ali I never said Gianina was white or looked white. I said "Eurocentric Beauty is set as the norm". Thereby, meaning that beauty that fits that "Eurocentric norm" better is more widely regarded and accepted. 2) I am aware that you didn't call them ugly- I could tell that you were very intent on not doing so. I have plenty more to say, but the reality is we both have far better things to do with our time then go back and forth on youtube. Let's just accept that I am knowledgable about what I am knowledgable about and you are knowledgable about what you are knowledgeable about. Fair? Alright great and enjoy the remainder of your week.
Aurangzeb Ali
Aurangzeb Ali Month ago
@Taylor Ankrah I AM THE LAST PERSON TO BE OBSESSED WITH EUROCENTRIC LOOKS / gianina doesnt look european .. you can tkae a look at her and know she is a mix of some sort. she has a bit of this and a bit of that.. and clearly the prettiest amongst all these girls atleast facially btw why is lauren and diamond being such a big deal as a reply to my comments? i told you i find lauren pretty and someone being prettier doesnt make lauren ugly because the fact is she isnt ugly at all. you WANT me to say lauren is prettiest ? i have already acknowledged that lauren is a complete package and id definitely have dated a woman like lauren.. but if we are talking about sheer goodlooks then gianina is the prettiest and she is not the white one of this lot .. jessica was . and she looks like a moron by face .. im not even tlaking about perosnality.
Taylor Ankrah
Taylor Ankrah Month ago
@Aurangzeb Ali I don't even know what to do with your comment. It completely defeats the purpose of the show for starters. Lauren in your eyes may not be the prettiest in the show, but she definitely came out a true "winner" because of her personality- the same goes for Cameron. The reality is reality tv is suppose to entertain, the producers knew what they were doing. You can rank who ever you want on looks, but the only couple that is good, charismatic as well as intelligent is Lauren and Cameron. As a side note, please please please take your "conventional goodlooks" somewhere else. Screw your "Eurocentric beauty set as the norm" BS. Why can Diamond's prettiness only be compared to Lauren's prettiness? Please really think about why you wrote that rather than trying to justify yourself in these comments.
MyMelody Month ago
Wow.. I’m surprised they ended up together.. they look happy!
lara kelly
lara kelly Month ago
She is way to attractive for him inside and out! He,is ugly inside and out and seems abusive and so disgusting the way he blindsided her saying no at the alter. Run girl run! Your our of ugly troll Damen's league. you can easily do much better! listen to your mama!
I live alone now and I will never go back to living with a partner. It is the BEST. I hope these two realize that its okay to live alone and be in a long term relationship at the same time. There are some married couples that live alone. Do whatever works for you!
madgy85 Month ago
Gigi is wasting her precious time being in a relationship with Damian. He is only with her for the fame. He would have married her by now if he was serious about her.
Rosio Villagomez
La pieuvre Venale oh my why do you say that? I do rem when he was upset bc she said her political opinions would not change. I don’t think they are a true match but will continue to try for until the spotlight is over.
La pieuvre Venale
madgy85 pretty sûre him and his family are against immigrants! He seems so fake ! Look at his body language! Sad she doesn’t know her worst
JadaOlden_ Month ago
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