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To Joey, you already know. Always & forever. To our incredible supporters, thank you so much for all the love, dedication and kindness you’ve shown throughout the past 6 years, I am forever grateful for you all. I wanted to share my heart in the best way I knew how, through my words and imagery of my favorite place, Montana. Moving forward, I am choosing to not discuss my relationship again publicly. Although this is my career, I have always proudly kept so many memories of our wonderful life together, offline, and this is one of them. Please respect my decision & privacy during this time. Be kind to one another and remember, love, is always worth it. See you soon. Love Always, Daniel ❤️ xoxo

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Jul 13, 2020




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Mister Preda
Mister Preda 6 months ago
don't be afraid to love. love is everything. love one another. thank you guys
Laurie Tissier
Laurie Tissier 3 months ago
Love you I miss you rogethee
mahum asif
mahum asif 4 months ago
jema marron
jema marron 5 months ago
@iff sha he broke up with joey 😭😰😣😞😔
Julia the cat
Julia the cat 5 months ago
this was uploaded on my birthday
bella boo kitty
bella boo kitty 5 months ago
Love comes for a reason , if only for a season . 🌱⚘🌷🥀
Kaitlyn Peters
Kaitlyn Peters 5 days ago
God fucking damn my life just got runined
Cynthia Rodriguez
S D 2 months ago
Laurie Tissier
Laurie Tissier 3 months ago
I miss you guys I cried I miss you Joey and Daniel
kelly johnson
kelly johnson 3 months ago
Gabbs Face
Gabbs Face 3 months ago
Stop you’re making me cryyyyyy.
PrizmalTheDeadRat 3 months ago
Bro why you godda make me cry like this idk why this makes me so sad
melxdiq dooms
melxdiq dooms 4 months ago
melxdiq dooms
melxdiq dooms 4 months ago
Madeline Townsend
Madeline Townsend 4 months ago
Daniel, I want you to see this because you and Joey saved my life. I was going through a TERRIBLE time. I started watching Joey about 4 years ago then I stopped (just cause I took a break from YT) I watched him off and on. Then I found Joeys channel again about 4 months ago.I started watching your videos and Joeys 24/7! I found your channel about 5-7 months ago. I always freak out when I see you and Joey post. Lol. You and Joey are such good friends, and I can’t wait to see the good things that happen in your future. And Joeys ofc. I fell in love with you and Joeys videos. I hope your doing well. If you see this know that you saved my life and I can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU! I am so happy that I am alive. I am 13. I would LOVE to meet you one day. Stay safe! Tell all of the puppy’s I said hi. Give them all kisses for me pls. Thx. Love you! ❤️🌻
Madeline Townsend
Madeline Townsend 3 months ago
@Mister Preda OMG!!! Thank you for taking the time to say love you!!! I am going to cherish this moment for the rest of my life. I didn’t even think you were gonna see this. Thank you so much. I can’t thank you enough. Omg. I’m gonna cry myself to sleep cause as soon as I started watching you an Joey my life took a huge turn and I just felt so much better about life and it reminded me that I’m supposed to be on this earth. Ok, I’m going to stop cause I don’t want to sound annoying but, just thank you! ❤️🌻
Madeline Townsend
Madeline Townsend 3 months ago
@Mister Preda Im crying right now!!! LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!
Mister Preda
Mister Preda 3 months ago
love you!
Madeline Townsend
Madeline Townsend 4 months ago
I cry every time I watch this! I have watched this 40 times.
Madeline Townsend
Madeline Townsend 4 months ago
Daniel, I want you to see this because you saved my life. I was going through a TERRIBLE time. I have watched daniel from the start. I found your channel about 7 months. I started watching your videos 24/7! I always freak out when I see you and Joey post. Lol. You and Joey are such good friends, and I can’t wait to see the good things that happen in your future. And Joeys ofc. I fell in love with you and Joeys videos. I hope your doing well. If you see this know that you saved my life and I can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU! I am so happy that I am alive. I am 13. I would LOVE to meet you one day. Stay safe! Tell all of the puppy’s I said hi. Give them all kisses for me pls. Thx. Love you! ❤️🌻
Sage Rathje
Sage Rathje 4 months ago
I'm so sorry Daniel!!!💙😭
12 Felix
12 Felix 4 months ago
Lps Gacha
Lps Gacha 4 months ago
Ngl im really trying not to cryyyyyyyyy Ik this was “ages” ago but I’m still so sad! 😭 I really am trying not to cry so yeaa haha.. REEEE
Dustin Malec
Dustin Malec 5 months ago
Madeline Townsend
Madeline Townsend 5 months ago
This made me cry so much. I love you so much.
Jenna Quick
Jenna Quick 5 months ago
I needed this... I’m going through a divorce and it’s absolutely heartbreaking..he abused me so much... but I still loved him...but he beat me physically and mentally..I’m lost
Seraphine 5 months ago
love u❤🤍you are my everything
Anthony 5 months ago
GachaCrazyMeme Hi
GachaCrazyMeme Hi 5 months ago
Me leaving this Chanel because this hurts me and joeys channel just hurts me 😔
Sangeeta Rathore
Sangeeta Rathore 5 months ago
Loved your voice..it has so much pain..love to you 😍loving yourself is best
jeff edwards
jeff edwards 5 months ago
I hate this world ,,,I love big volcanos,,
shirosh809 5 months ago
daniel that was so beautiful and it got me so emotional but happy for the two of you that you got to share that love for 6 whole years and you're still best friends with each other and you still care and love each other so much! also-it's rare to see two people break up on good terms to better themselves as an individuals and who knows? maybe you'll be together someday in the future!
Sheldon Cartier
Sheldon Cartier 5 months ago
This is intrinsically one of the most amazingly beautiful videos I have seen. Your words are absolute perfection. Thank you for this. ❣️
SomeDude 5 months ago
I will Kill you
I will Kill you 5 months ago
TheTextStorys TheTextStorys
what about the dogs?
Legogirl07 5 months ago
TheTextStorys TheTextStorys daniel is taking Lark + storm, and joey is taking moon + wolfie.
Getaway Gacha
Getaway Gacha 5 months ago
After 2 years of trying to stable my mental state 2020↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️
Mya Dolce
Mya Dolce 5 months ago
I thought they were gonna get married but I thought wrong when I saw joeys vid my heart broke I started bawling I loved you guys and u were the only ppl I watched Bc u guys were so cute but know that u broke up and have moved on just makes me heart broken I respect your decision but I’m rlly gonna miss u and Joey pls remember that I love u and we all do stay strong😔😔😭😭😖💗💗
Glafira Vallin
Glafira Vallin 5 months ago
Glafira Vallin
Glafira Vallin 5 months ago
Charlotte Hay
Charlotte Hay 5 months ago
So sorry to hear about your guys’ split! Good luck for the both of you for the future!
Ellie Farrington
Ellie Farrington 5 months ago
Elizabeth Lynn Harrison
im crying so hard its such A GOOD SPEACH
Arshia P
Arshia P 5 months ago
im in tears
「Gold2006」 5 months ago
Instagram gore
Instagram gore 5 months ago
I agree.
Mike Sahle
Mike Sahle 5 months ago
Love is everything, destiny, circle of life, a big thank you for your time and share the mighty word thanks again keep smiling with lol politely & safely
Katie Mckean
Katie Mckean 5 months ago
i don’t think i’ve sobbed this hard in years
James Hadley
James Hadley 5 months ago
Hello Daniel .. new subscriber and wanted to be sure you also read my comment on the vid you and Joey did for the breakup .. so I copied it: Hi Joey .. (and hopefully Daniel will see my comment as well). I am recent to both your RUvid channels and this vid says a tremendous amount about both of you. It shows maturity, strength and great love. Having true and strong enough love 'to let go' if/when feeling and knowing it's the best for both is not easy to do. Not a longtime fan, so telling you how proud of you both I feel doesn't really carry meaningful weight. Having lived/experience like situation in my 60 yrs .. I send you both much love and positive energy today, as well as all your tomorrows. ❤
Sou Sou
Sou Sou 5 months ago
Well said your right love is everything ☺️
Amidala67 5 months ago
Hey Daniel, Wonderful video.
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson 5 months ago
I love my car.
Godinez 7050
Godinez 7050 5 months ago
Living with depression and anxiety, this video has touched me. Thanks for such a beautiful video.
Someone on world of tanks blitz
I need it.
MasterPiece 6 months ago
Love is Dead dude, are you from the Stone Age?
Happy funny place
Happy funny place 6 months ago
I needed this a lot ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣
Ash Chronicles
Ash Chronicles 6 months ago
I’m crying
James Gardner
James Gardner 6 months ago
Ok didn’t know something that was literally 60 seconds could make me sob🥺
austin msp!
austin msp! 6 months ago
thats so beautiful im crying ;( i hope you know we are here for you!!
Natalie W
Natalie W 6 months ago
❤️ beautiful. Just like you
Polly Angus Carbonel
Most beautiful video I’ve ever seen and i feel sad about the breakup
Jeydden Rodriguez
Jeydden Rodriguez 6 months ago
2020 is the worst year ever ):
hectorr34k 6 months ago
hahaha you broke up lmao😹
Instagram gore
Instagram gore 5 months ago
Nobodys laughing-
Chriss 6 months ago
love is crazy
Practical Philosophy
If you love your self - how many of you are there? you? and you loving your self? this psyop makes no sense.
Redbunny 6 months ago
cʟaIʀe_ ɢaʍɛs
cʟaIʀe_ ɢaʍɛs 6 months ago
I'm crying
Foo Lessig
Foo Lessig 6 months ago
I love this video
Alani Akemi
Alani Akemi 6 months ago
I cried the first 5 seconds in idk why
MOLLY OBERHOFF 6 months ago
i’m so sorry. i really am
MyTea Died
MyTea Died 6 months ago
Elizabeth Seals
Elizabeth Seals 6 months ago
Aww. That was so sweet. I'm sad about the two of you, but you have to do what you have to do. Sometimes it's not easy. Sending love from Alabama. ❤
Hayley Maxey
Hayley Maxey 6 months ago
about kyraaa
about kyraaa 6 months ago
Oh my God I'm literally crying right now😭😭😢😘😭
bts Alexander
bts Alexander 6 months ago
I was trying not to cry for whole thing and then the Reese's commercial came up at the end way to ruin the moment
Jessica Graham Smith
That is exactly how I feel about life right now crazy beautiful... Your art is one of a kind love ya
Mishka Allen
Mishka Allen 6 months ago
Beautiful x
Shruti Basu
Shruti Basu 6 months ago
The way your voice shook at the end. Love you Daniel!
KamikoInu 6 months ago
Maia Ras
Maia Ras 6 months ago
Moral of the story: *"Love, is priceless."*
Maia Ras
Maia Ras 5 months ago
Beumadine Sweevy THey broke up...okay???
it. roselevy
it. roselevy 6 months ago
Loving yourself is the most powerful and it's true in order to have and find happiness is to truly love yourself and learn to grow that way
Jimmeh Wolf
Jimmeh Wolf 6 months ago
Beautiful. Thank you.
Adventure Pugs
Adventure Pugs 6 months ago
Cleaning out mystery boxes must have been so hard! an emotional trip down memory lane. 😢 We wish you and Joey all the best. Glad you two are still best friends. Looking forward to all your future adventures!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ XO
eternal sunshine
eternal sunshine 6 months ago
im maybe too young to understand but like...if you still love each other...why would you break up...
Fred Sowder
Fred Sowder 6 months ago
I cried throughout the whole video.
Wendy Wheeler
Wendy Wheeler 6 months ago
You and your family plus Joey and his family -- everybody did so much growing these past 6 years. Wishing y'all the best as you process through the break-up, your new life, and new beginnings.
Jessie 6 months ago
2020 is the year of complete shit. Deaths of legends. Deaths of innocent people. Covid. Who frigging knew this would happen. Very unexpected year of sadness. Don’t know how much more I can take. I literally thought you two were gonna get married🥺 then 2020 and slapped us all across the face
Kieran Hughes
Kieran Hughes 6 months ago
This made me ugly cry shame on you Daniel 😭
Noemi Parra
Noemi Parra 6 months ago
gravesmortuary 6 months ago
Love you ❤
SyeirahJade 6 months ago
I'm heartbroken for all of you (y'all, Maria, and the pets), but I am proud of you both. It had to be very difficult but you both are being very mature and kind to each other. I wish you both the very best.
Sue Jackson
Sue Jackson 6 months ago
So sad yet you have memories to cherish, l wish you all the best in your future. Thank you so much for sharing l know it was hard on both of you.
Leah Lasagna
Leah Lasagna 6 months ago
New chapters 💕
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty 6 months ago
I'm so sorry you guys are getting such hateful comments on Twitter, etc. Its clear you both still have love for each other as well as respect.im sorry for the pain you both feel, and hope it wont be long lasting. Both my children loved watching the videos you guys made, and cried when they heard of your break up. Sending you love and hugs from our family to yours. From Ontario, Canada with much love and support.
Angie 6 months ago
I wish I had the balls to walk away. I just don’t. I don’t know why.
jennifer fox
jennifer fox 6 months ago
I wish you and Joey so much love, it takes strength to make a decision like that and maturity to continue to want to be in each other's lives and I hope you do ❤
Postive Hayes
Postive Hayes 6 months ago
Your the one who broke up with Joey. I blame u and for that i wont ever follow u again.
alida flus
alida flus 6 months ago
and here I thought 2020 couldn’t get worst 😔💔
Nick Lamebert
Nick Lamebert 6 months ago
Love? More like lust, everyone is a horny braindead zombie who pretends to care about others
Morgan Pell
Morgan Pell 6 months ago
my heart is broken for you guys. im so sorry
alida flus
alida flus 6 months ago
Heather Boyd
Heather Boyd 6 months ago
I love you both and you might get back together you never know.
Bray B
Bray B 6 months ago
Beautiful ❤️ voice
Kimberlee Arteaga
Kimberlee Arteaga 6 months ago
BrittyFuller 6 months ago
This was so beautifully done Daniel, I’m a blubbering mess right now! I need to love myself too and I don’t know where to start but I wish us both the best of luck in finding that!
Tammie Ford
Tammie Ford 6 months ago
Just Beautiful ❤️.
Kpop kimchi
Kpop kimchi 6 months ago
Daniel on behalf of your fans...WERE HERE FOR YOU!!!
Barbara H
Barbara H 6 months ago
Elliot Nicknamed
Elliot Nicknamed 6 months ago
Presty Chestnut
Presty Chestnut 6 months ago
Ahahhahahahah this makes me so sad 😭
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