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my music!: louiezong.bandcamp.com/music
hello! a bunch of people on tumblr have asked how i make music, so i went all overboard this weekend and made this animation about it. there's a few new and old ditties in there. hooray! hopefully it helps?? i dunno but it was fun to make.

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Feb 14, 2016




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Ghaztly 21 hour ago
f in the chats for the guitar! xD 🎸🎸(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
ECHO Day ago
Too much power all in one man
isabella balado
isabella balado 3 days ago
the dislikes are from the people accidentally dropping their phone on their face... ...im not wrong
Karl Galindo
Karl Galindo 3 days ago
Reminds me of hosuh😢😭
Ericano 6 days ago
What is that piano piece he’s playing at 1:45 ?
Woodman567 7 days ago
This is great! This gives me a Charlie Brown vibe at times idk why.
Bunny Joey Yeung
Bunny Joey Yeung 9 days ago
I just taught myself music (or anything ) not nessasary needs to be special to be good. Good is good. And that's is all enough. What you loves you turn it special to you. Nice work. Still inspiring souls. Thank you Louie.
Ken Kap
Ken Kap 11 days ago
1:05 You know you done goofed up if Louie doesn't like you
Subhan Basumatary
Subhan Basumatary 11 days ago
I had a great time listening to you ❤️
Stardust Striker
Stardust Striker 12 days ago
thank you so much for all of your music-related videos! I'm trying to write my own music (I have made a few songs but I'm not all too impressed with them), so they've been a great help for me!
Sir Troy
Sir Troy 13 days ago
Such a great youtube influencer, nice music and nice animation
slip top
slip top 16 days ago
slip top
slip top 16 days ago
3:45 don't mind me, just bookmarking my faves
Puhon Initiative
Puhon Initiative 17 days ago
wait that ending took me off guard yOUHAVEAMESSEDUPDEFINITIONOFFUN
Puhon Initiative
Puhon Initiative 17 days ago
your voice,,, is my asmr
Legotronforce 17 days ago
4 years, it has been a while
Irine Yuniarti
Irine Yuniarti 20 days ago
i read "MTT" hmmm undertale?
Kayleigh Zuniga
Kayleigh Zuniga 23 days ago
Not many singers could say that their singing voice is just as nice and cloudy-like as their talking voice. *And yet-*
Personguy640 26 days ago
For anyone who liked the second song check out The Birdwatcher, by Vulfpeck-- incredibly similar vibes
L Coverz
L Coverz Month ago
Can you teach me how to use FL Studio 8?
TKO MK Month ago
Music Man showing off but it's wholesome
eruhato Month ago
your animations are so cute D: !!!!also your music is great!! and the way you speak is super cute !
Jean-Luc Thomas
Jean-Luc Thomas Month ago
:| This make me happy.
Sela Month ago
i just found your channel sir and i really love your channel sir, love you from Cambodia
Marlow Wilson
Marlow Wilson Month ago
tnbee Month ago
incredible... this is my motivation right now!
Alien_Kieran Month ago
Never heard a melodica be so smooth. And damn the transition of emotions in your song was wonderful
λ–Φ Rypht Φ–λ
Hey Louie! I was wondering what electric guitar that was! It's got such a nice and chill tone
Tibe That Guy
Tibe That Guy Month ago
The song at the end gives me major K.K. Cruisin' vibes for some reason.
Adruma Victoria
Adruma Victoria Month ago
Just FUN!
Davin Saputra
Davin Saputra Month ago
i love you man
Blaster Blaster
Blaster Blaster Month ago
it all started with two ghosts, and now im learning about music theory and shit
Spector Month ago
Does anyone know what type of keyboard Louie uses?
Mx. M En Español
hai can i kiss you
JhaoWei Lee
JhaoWei Lee Month ago
Skullzzz Month ago
This channel is pure greatness.
TexttoMusic Month ago
J Lew
J Lew Month ago
The algorithm has chosen you
うさぎ Month ago
4:27 ❤️
Daniel Arcuno
Daniel Arcuno Month ago
I didn't quite catch what microphone you used for acoustic stuff, could you say which one? Currently looking for a new mic and yours seems to sound really good!
Munico Month ago
Bruh i went through an entire anime of 500 episodes with that last song
Carl Cabuyao
Carl Cabuyao Month ago
mmmmm. bycicle waltz
Lil Trunks
Lil Trunks Month ago
U always give me Steven universe vibes
William Hoffman
William Hoffman Month ago
I love the start of the Girl From Ipanema motif vibes at 4:26 :)! Very subtle but SO tasteful
вадим полевой
Oh, u sooooooooooo CUTE
chicken man
chicken man Month ago
is the little casio a pt82? i have that one!
slydyking chumped
Perfect pitch ppl dont like you.
slydyking chumped
@Kaded 2:49. The chords are up a semi-tone to what is actually being played. The Eb chord is supposed to be a D, Ab -> G.
Kaded Month ago
MrPeach 0117
MrPeach 0117 Month ago
why...how..... do you know how to play 10 different instruments like a god...
Concerned Geek
Concerned Geek Month ago
Love the content but I'm sad because I know I'm not capable of making anything in terms of art. I went to art school for nothing, I don't know what went wrong for me over the course of my life but I just can't make anything without someone forcing me to. And because there's no one to force me to I can't make a portfolio, and without a portfolio I can't get hired to do the one thing I'm even slightly competent to do which it draw. But its not like anyone will ever read this comment all the way through, its just like throwing a piece of paper into an empty well. But anyways, great beautiful content I which I could enjoy your art more without feeling so garbage about myself. I mean making content isn't the only thing in the world, right? I mean at least I don't steal for a living or something.
Jacob Sawyer
Jacob Sawyer Month ago
This is where I get all my vibing music
Tony Z
Tony Z Month ago
i dont know if im hallucinating or not, but the baseball theme is in D major?
Margarita Ann Conde
you're truly gifted..
Gratis Beu
Gratis Beu Month ago
Ur music is alot like video game music and cartoon show music which is why i love it so much.
RiCh LoSeR
RiCh LoSeR Month ago
the most adorable man ever
Connor Dennhardt
You are seriously amazing
Atanas Kozharov
Atanas Kozharov Month ago
That's it, i'm learning music theory now.
분위기 2 months ago
그냥 혼자 애니메이션 영화 한편 만들어도 되겠다... 음악감독까지해서..
Meesje 2 months ago
That ending was insane, and gave me chills
Hickory McCay
Hickory McCay 2 months ago
Have you listened to Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys? You talk about stacking things, and your atmosphere is pretty similar to Brian Wilson. You've probably heard a couple songs from the record, but listen to the whole thing.
Liam Black
Liam Black 2 months ago
Friends don't let friends buy samson
Liam Black
Liam Black 2 months ago
I recognize that rectangular hellspawn from a maximum distance of over two miles. The Samson go mic has scarred me beyond repair. It has become my life's work to hunt down every last specimen of this this abominable microphone.
Tai Cheng
Tai Cheng 2 months ago
This is straight vibing
xaviel motomura
xaviel motomura 2 months ago
Louie your very quiet.
Sorry In Advance
Sorry In Advance 2 months ago
Why is louie so op
Even 0.00000000001% of this man's talent... I had... Is it too much to ask.. 🥺🥺
Jon Andersen
Jon Andersen 2 months ago
i truly believe the youtube royalty free music library should consist of only music written and produced by louie zong
MegaPG 2 months ago
p i g e o n
Maxy Swerll
Maxy Swerll 2 months ago
My new fav channel
idiot_savants 2 months ago
Louie should make the music for animal crossing or something
Somehow Existing
Somehow Existing 2 months ago
Bilguuntugs dalaibaatar
People who disliked are people with horrible taste in music
Harmony Granger
Harmony Granger 3 months ago
Guys no he didn’t burn down the forest the lightning did and he meant the making of tunes
Elysia Jay
Elysia Jay 3 months ago
Louie: These are all my instruments! *proceeds to introduce us to all his different lil friends* Me: I have a um ukulele and the GarageBand touch instruments 😬 On a more serious note though, Louie, you really are extremely talented and you’re just a beautiful human being overall 💕
Mister Blue
Mister Blue 4 months ago
When i pictured your setup i did not picture this. What the hell is that microphone and why does it sound so good.
TheTrueXaver 4 months ago
This boi has a ukulele!!
Oh Deer!
Oh Deer! 4 months ago
I love literally everything about this!!!
Christopher Lacy
Christopher Lacy 4 months ago
Only someone this chill would have 3 banjo's
RaginPlayer 4 months ago
Louie is that one person who actually follows their dreams as a musician
Shober 4 months ago
Gosh darnit even his animation is cute and chill!
Era Atarah
Era Atarah 4 months ago
Damn i love your melodies this can actually have a great lyrics wish i can also play like
a precious basket case
question... what kind of USB mic is that!?
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