louie got a midi fighter

Louie Zong
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just got it today! im no shawn wasabi but its super fun




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Comments 80
Testcat 3 years ago
You're no shawn wasabi, you're louie tabasco
Mm Aksnd
Mm Aksnd Day ago
777 spoiler
777 spoiler 4 months ago
Hot! Hot!dog!!
Kenneth Bernal
Where do I leave your oscar?
..vol... tron??
@Lemon Melon ...uhhhh. ... .. vol...tron???
Lemon Melon
Lemon Melon Year ago
@..vol... tron?? I say vol you say tron! Vol?
James Enalen
James Enalen Day ago
i love you
Emily Fowler
Emily Fowler 2 days ago
That sounds amazing! I love your music. You’re awesome and I hope you have a nice day!
fishy 10 days ago
FiremelonX 15 days ago
it pricey :(
Theykilled Joel
Theykilled Joel 20 days ago
I’ve listened to this so many times lol I love it
Theykilled Joel
Theykilled Joel 20 days ago
CAN I USE THIS IN MY VIDEOS/STREAMS? I’ll pay u and mention the channel
cheetos 22 days ago
is it just me or does 0:24 sound like billie eilishes wish u were gay?
Squareboo 26 days ago
Your music is so inspiring! AAAA! I bought a few of your songs on iTunes, no regrets money well spent
RedGacha Month ago
song name?
Elise Teo
Elise Teo Month ago
mmmmmm serotonin
Juh Oliveira
Juh Oliveira Month ago
I wanna make that too~
Burger Cat
Burger Cat Month ago
yes poplio best starter of all regions
Enten König
Enten König Month ago
why am I in love with you?
Kani Murad
Kani Murad Month ago
Astro Crew
Astro Crew 2 months ago
this song is such a vibe all in itself
Left in The darkness
Ghaz E-lane
Ghaz E-lane 4 months ago
I would have this as a ringtone if I could 😊
Why is this a thing
Why is this a thing 4 months ago
This reminds me of snail house
Emioloyzueytiomomo miayquiqui
Yourre right!
Shayne Dingli
Shayne Dingli 5 months ago
is it just me or it sounds a lil bit like "wish you were gay"
watered down animations
were can i get a download
밤쿠리 5 months ago
Soooooo good:) I love your music so much!!!!!!!!!
aeon 6 months ago
Mm art
Yoann G.
Yoann G. 6 months ago
Damn, it reminds me of a Steven Universe song , got the same vibe from it :o
Green Goblin from cory in the house
We have found music God on RUvid.
Lightning Gamer
Lightning Gamer 9 months ago
This is such a great vibe I am loving it
Minh Nhật
Minh Nhật 11 months ago
why does this sound like it's played by snail's house? xD btw it's so cute, keep up good works
wolfdwarf 11 months ago
I like the heh sound
Colin Frantz
Colin Frantz Year ago
I swear I hear something from Paper Mario in there...
Kaylee Year ago
Riri The queen
where did you get the music button thingy
InkAssassn Year ago
You dont have to be shawn wasabi for me to love you
ílaya Year ago
and this is the origin of a legend...
Emil Villamor
Emil Villamor Year ago
Sick! You should release this as a soundpack. Wouldn't mind dropping a few bucks for this! Cheers
Joshua Tamarra
This gave me random nostalgia wth thx man
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia Year ago
omyyyyy the vibes i get from listening to this
Paneyney Girl
Paneyney Girl Year ago
hi! would it be okay to use this song for my demo reel i will credit u ofc haha
Cheezecheese Year ago
Why don’t you have more subscribers? This is incredible!
Leoncio L.M
Leoncio L.M Year ago
Good good 😊
Apollumix Year ago
I was going to like this video, but realised I already did once.🤔🤔🤔🤔
ciri L
ciri L Year ago
Pls do 1 more midi fighter song louie sama!
a door
a door Year ago
ayyy poplio
BlackSheep Year ago
What genre of song would this be?
Maxine Lyu
Maxine Lyu Year ago
First glance thought the title said " Louie got MIDI fingers" true dat also haha 😉
Dive Year ago
Yoooo why don't you have more subs?
Luminous Stellar
What is the name for this music pad that you are using?
elly. lmao.
elly. lmao. Year ago
i love u bro
moggles s
moggles s Year ago
Final fantasy 13 vibe
GoldenBlue Year ago
Hey can I use your music in my videos (it's only for background music)
요일 Year ago
Majestical Squeegee
Everything you do is so amazing
Nico Year ago
We need full versiOn
Dan Chin
Dan Chin Year ago
I'm having problems setting up mine. Can you describe how you set yours up for me. It would really help. Also what sound board did you use in this video? Thanks!
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Year ago
Just make that "hey" a bit more higher pitched... and now it's kirby.
Uma Dilaurentis
Pretty chill
Quicklyfun Year ago
doot ;-;
doot ;-; Year ago
why do I keep seeing “Louie got a midi finger”
Sebastian Esquivel
We need a full version of this PLEASE!
Jessie Bradley-Trietsch
That Paper Mario 64 card sound effect is great.
Kiesfe Year ago
Thanks louie for making calm and fun music it's make my stress less
2002lolx ._.
2002lolx ._. Year ago
hello i like ur moosic and the popplio pin
Jam Deluxe
Jam Deluxe Year ago
nice beat
Night light Guide
Your channel is the one I go to when I need good vibes. Thank you.
J J Year ago
Sooooo gooooood
삼세동 Year ago
what is you can't do? i think you are very talented everything
Mento Year ago
This song is so calming 👌🏼
Mento Year ago
I always wanted one of those
Sabrina Nguyen
Do u still use it?:)
BlueDrew 2
BlueDrew 2 Year ago
That first sound that comes up a couple times in the song, sounds extremely similar to what is in Paper Mario for the N64 when you complete a chapter and rescue a star spirit.
BlockBit Year ago
for some reason, i never noticed that popplio pin.
Ian HernandezG
Fuck! Need this in full versión on Spotify
Heidi The Mighty
Omg this is amazing 😍😮😮💕
Bethanie Deadwyler
Louie got a midi fighter!!
Razzmatazz Jazz
as much as i am a firm believer in recording a live band for "good music" damn do you make me want to change that
lemon_boy Year ago
stop looking at me
lo fi
any gonzalez
any gonzalez 2 years ago
It's a Midi fighter 3D?!
David Strife
David Strife 2 years ago
Which one is this, and where did you get it?
dj cheesecake
dj cheesecake 2 years ago
This video makes it looks so easy, I would love to try this
LongestGrinX3 2 years ago
I love you. That's all I gotta say, good-bye.
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