Losing My $60,000 Birkin While Buying Drugstore Makeup

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya??? Today I'm finally reviewing and testing out drugstore makeup in another country! I was just in London and all over the UK with one of my close friends Mmmmitchell on our sold out makeup class tour where on a day off, I went to Superdrug & Boots to try and find affordable AMAZING cheap makeup! My life is never a dull moment, so of course when we landed back in LA, all our suitcases were missing... Follow our journey of lost luggage, losing my brand new Birkin bag and FINALLY doing a FULL face of Foreign Drugstore Makeup!!
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Jul 5, 2019




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Comments 28 888
Elle Beadle
Elle Beadle 5 hours ago
You uploaded this on my birthday 😭
Ahmad Aloun
Ahmad Aloun 16 hours ago
Love the ooooooo
Ellis Giles-Thornbory
should of done a chav look
Crystal Neas
Crystal Neas Day ago
Jeffree your makeup looks amazing the peach tones and pink suit you really well. Gorgeousxo!!💜💜
C Garcia
C Garcia Day ago
Sorry Jeffeee we dont have closure from your break up with Nathan.
Maggie Lacey
Maggie Lacey Day ago
The background song in the store OMG! It's so fitting for this vid, I'm screaming! "Said no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars 🌟"
Michelle Grimes
Michelle Grimes 2 days ago
I love your full lashes, highlighter, Sleek Palette and your UK makeup review. 💋Delta has lost my ✈️luggage, not that I had anything as precious in your suitcase. 👜It is so stressful. I can 🤦🏼‍♀️relate. Happy Belated birthday to your 5 year old black precious Pomerania. My baby will be 7 this May 10'th. I'm one of those Pom humans who celebrate all Birthday 🎉 'S for my Gidget.
cora-linda coetzee
Love your own lashes more. Was more umf
Porge Winter
Porge Winter 2 days ago
When Jeffree was shook that everything was so cheap and me living in the UK thinking that’s kinda expensive bish
NoG Treezy
NoG Treezy 2 days ago
Us British people are not FOREIGN
making it past thirty
I noticed u always say how things smell feel etc but what about taste of the products we put on our lips ???
Chey Morse
Chey Morse 3 days ago
Anyone else notice one eye is blue ones brown?
Andreea Brunetta
Andreea Brunetta 3 days ago
How is he getting us soooo addictive of him? Idk i love it ❤
Ryan Sunshine
Ryan Sunshine 3 days ago
Watching this video for the hundredth time and still can't get over the way he says "Bourgeois"
Kitty Bucher
Kitty Bucher 4 days ago
I've watched this video like, 3 times over the last few months (playlist bingeing) & I've just now noticed that he's only wearing one green contact, the other is just his natural brown/hazel. That always looks cool as heck, but where his natural color vasicilates between more green & brown, it's more subdued than when people where like, one white-blue & one super dark, so I didn't catch it for while...
Danielle Morrison
jeffree you r a big poo!!!!!!!!!
AngryVampire 4 days ago
I’m from the UK would be good to meet ya girl
Carlena P
Carlena P 5 days ago
This happened to me at Schiphol too, it was a nightmare to get it back!
Lizzielonglegs 5 days ago
When you say hello to a blusher palette as you open it :) x love you Jeffree :)
Catherine Montalbano-Harris
This video isn’t meant to be...lol. Just trample over it and you do YOU!!!
Catherine Montalbano-Harris
JS...getting out of the taxi made me flash back to the Mary Tyler Moore. Remember when she moved to NY for a better job and she exited and through her beanie into the hair.
Ems Rosa
Ems Rosa 6 days ago
I'm actually English and he is talking about the most famous drug stores in Britain as 'cute', and it is genuinely one of the funniest things i have ever seen
linus wanyoike
linus wanyoike 6 days ago
after applying the kylie skin i almost retired lol
Gabriella Bavaro
Gabriella Bavaro 7 days ago
Is it just me or is His Eyes different colors
Alexa Sheffield
Alexa Sheffield 5 days ago
Gabriella Bavaro he forgot to put in a contact😂😂
streettrends7 by Kerry n Amanda KnAxx
You need to get your ass back here we can get lit as a group of friends 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Echos Facts
Echos Facts 7 days ago
That girls accent is to cute
Jack Leo
Jack Leo 7 days ago
Did anyone else notice that Jeffree has one contact in??
Jksworlld 7 days ago
Jeffree.... Amsterdam is the capital name not the actual country😭
raychel 7 days ago
jeffree 10 seconds after getting his $60,000 bag back: *ok aNYwAy where's the fuckin makeup*
Danielle Newcomb
Danielle Newcomb 8 days ago
Watching this the day of blood lust..... him and Nate
DARTrosales 8 days ago
It's the hot security guy!!!
Anna Geis
Anna Geis 8 days ago
Jeffree: *buys all the makeup in the store without even thinking about it* Me: *cant even afford the ride to the store*
Juliet Hunt
Juliet Hunt 8 days ago
I'm sorry but the luggage mishap acting wasn't very believable lol
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 8 days ago
Anyone else realize Jeffree has different colored eyes? Like, one is a greenish color, while the other is a brown color. Am I seeing wrong?😂
Anna Lisa
Anna Lisa 8 days ago
I love the sound it’s driving me nuts of the makeup touching together I am a makeup junkie
Anna Lisa
Anna Lisa 8 days ago
I love you Jeffree
Tiggi Parker
Tiggi Parker 8 days ago
11:54 eye colour just wanna change like that 😂
Max Roszkowski
Max Roszkowski 8 days ago
13:39 you can see the purple mirror that jeffree announced today as the Blood lust official review
Dark-sided Lady
Dark-sided Lady 8 days ago
2:20 - daddy Roman 😍
Giorgi GG
Giorgi GG 8 days ago
5:01 This Woman 😖😖😷😷
Domi Yeet
Domi Yeet 8 days ago
Im british and i love those shops
Gatcha Tea
Gatcha Tea 8 days ago
I use all this makeup
Lincoln7Echo 8 days ago
That liquid lip looks cheap.
justinseagulleatingsugakookies k
Am I the only one focusing on the worker in super drug walking and watching jeffree
Sophie Brett
Sophie Brett 9 days ago
is it just me or is his eyes 2 diff colours?
poisoned_ soju
poisoned_ soju 9 days ago
The way he says bourjois XDD
Kaitlyn Kennedy
Kaitlyn Kennedy 10 days ago
I love how he's lowkey dissing this makeup by saying he wouldn't leave it on his face and that it's trash when I can't even afford it...ouch.
Anializ Dejesus
Anializ Dejesus 10 days ago
Did anyone notice he only had one eye contact in?
Breads-Buns 10 days ago
Jeffree: **freaks out cause he thinks his bag is gone** Me: **freaks put cause I can’t find my airheads**
taytay's imvu
taytay's imvu 10 days ago
broooooooooo. i low-key freaked when i saw the suitcase.
Cayleigh McRae-Reichenbach
why are hiseyes green and brown
Mae Flower
Mae Flower 9 days ago
He has one color contact in.
Flo Flo Bear
Flo Flo Bear 10 days ago
I love Boots 🤪😳😂
29 TYLAR ASHLEY 10 days ago
Your gonna get copyrighted with the music in the back ground
Hiba Hamoud
Hiba Hamoud 10 days ago
Watching this after Jeffree and Nate broke up feels different
labella 1509
labella 1509 10 days ago
I have the same problem when I tried the boujoures or how ever you spell it lol its very glupy
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 11 days ago
They have Barry m in Australia too
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 11 days ago
The world really didn't want this video to happen
Tony Neader
Tony Neader 11 days ago
boots is sold in target
bb_adams1104 11 days ago
Different color eye contacts is throwing me off. Lol
Jesse Van Bogaert
Jesse Van Bogaert 11 days ago
does anyone have noticed that jeffree has two different color of eyes 32:31
Mae Flower
Mae Flower 9 days ago
He put in a color contact
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