Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | Dec 8, 2019-20 NBA Season

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LA Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | Dec 8, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Dec 8, 2019




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Hassoum Badji
Hassoum Badji 7 months ago
What about gorgui dieng from the wolves of minnesota
Tetea Engkima
Tetea Engkima 9 months ago
3 overall 1st pick from lakers and 2 overall 1st pick from wolves..5 players from this game alone..but their performance are quite different
Axel DDF Mix Vlogs
Axel DDF Mix Vlogs 9 months ago
Kuzma should improve his defense.......
MrMARX Max 9 months ago
LBJ is a God
Andrew Hu
Andrew Hu 9 months ago
2:51 wait what?
Mordzi Elikplim
Mordzi Elikplim 9 months ago
0:51 AD checked the ball without even stepping out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Subscribe Me
Subscribe Me 9 months ago
Watch 0.50 secs in dis video
Joshua Binarao
Joshua Binarao 9 months ago
Weazlebee 9 months ago
Yo boss could you keep em to 10-11 minutes like you used to? What's going on
Abel Ruiz
Abel Ruiz 9 months ago
Maybe the perfect team wont be enouth to beat Giannis in the finals
Abel Ruiz
Abel Ruiz 9 months ago
WOW WOW WOW now Lebron plays quarterback and AD plays wide receiver,,,,,thats why NFL is the best
God's Mercy
God's Mercy 9 months ago
what's the song at 7:37?
Mateusz Syrzycki
Mateusz Syrzycki 9 months ago
LeBron the highest PG AD the highest SF In the league That work so good.
Christophorus Glenn
Christophorus Glenn 9 months ago
AD got pushed over by Jeff Teague during transition, damn that man is dirty!! At minute 7:20 haha but still no effect on the Lakers
Mateusz Syrzycki
Mateusz Syrzycki 9 months ago
Christian Antasuda
Christian Antasuda 9 months ago
Imagine if lebron dont have a foul in this game that 32pts and 13 assist is just small.. Surely he can score and assist more.. A true legend
Madwork Entertainment
Lebron is and never be the goat.
Hustlah 9 months ago
3:50 lebron casually chilling inside the court
Gamaliel Delgado
Gamaliel Delgado 9 months ago
Lebron took a page off Lonzo balls game with the full court passes lol
王柏鈞 9 months ago
0:51 AD pass the ball inside🤣🤣🤣not out of the line
FlawLess Gamer
FlawLess Gamer 9 months ago
Labron is fired up lmao AD got him hype af rn
Luis Velez
Luis Velez 9 months ago
Whoever said AD wasn't worth what we gave up is stupid. He's gonna be MVP and DPOY at this rate.
rj nakamura
rj nakamura 9 months ago
Yeah Bron and AD is nothing but awesome but I am here for my man Alex Caruso!
I’m Hungry
I’m Hungry 9 months ago
Lebron could become a quality player in a few years. I see MVP potential in him
Alberto M. A.
Alberto M. A. 9 months ago
Need to working hard.
Dkouts57 9 months ago
super basketball here defense once again non existent
Bane 9 months ago
7:30 commentator "one two shooot" .. you forgot to say three !! Classic traveling
Son Figo
Son Figo 9 months ago
Defense level: All-star game...
Javid Shamloo
Javid Shamloo 9 months ago
the Lakers may be the start of a new dynasty
jemerz 9 months ago
13:45 lmao, i love how you included that one 😂
My HighnesS
My HighnesS 9 months ago
Caruso should be in the MVP conversation
Jonjon Aquino
Jonjon Aquino 9 months ago
Go Lakers 🎊😁
2bcnn Gf
2bcnn Gf 9 months ago
Bold mamba really did a good job!
simplelangperorock 9 months ago
0:50 AD's inbound. Is that a Violation?
Aaron Norris
Aaron Norris 9 months ago
3:36 Carusauce, hard at work
Marlon Ellamil
Marlon Ellamil 9 months ago
Alex Caruso
Phil tech
Phil tech 9 months ago
LeBron Slam.is good 😂😂😂
Caique Hideo
Caique Hideo 9 months ago
Horton-Tucker with another crossover at the end 🔥
Johnald Kuck
Johnald Kuck 9 months ago
Dudleys bout to get a free ring :D
Azhreel Arce
Azhreel Arce 9 months ago
6:44 title this song
Jack Chen
Jack Chen 9 months ago
Danny Green: 3-pointer(X) rebound(O)
Miguel Fernando
Miguel Fernando 9 months ago
0:50 that inbound tho
Jaya Seelan
Jaya Seelan 9 months ago
LBJ your my dp today
Jaya Seelan
Jaya Seelan 9 months ago
Thanks god
Waikiki L
Waikiki L 9 months ago
0.52 secs AD inbound pass not called? BS
zaid tahir
zaid tahir 9 months ago
Best highlights on youtube!! 14 mins is wholesome. A lot of amazing plays. And the ending lol. Great work MLG Highlights
Umut Çağlayan Kurnaz
JASHBRYANT 9 months ago
無法接受這慶祝方式真的好製杖… 真的是屁孩娘泡gay泡的風格
Bryan 9 months ago
bald mamba and superman are doing really good
will liam
will liam 9 months ago
Only token defense allowed in this scrimmage ... Lol
will liam
will liam 9 months ago
Why is covington covering AD? I know he's a good defender, but he's not tall nor strong enough
leather so soft
leather so soft 9 months ago
so KAT can score
Themba xaba
Themba xaba 9 months ago
Lebron James is one of the Goats that ever played the game
Hary Pryono
Hary Pryono 9 months ago
Monster dunk by dwight howard
Alexander TheGreat
Alexander TheGreat 9 months ago
4:50 aye he shootin he shootin nvm
Tomato Madness
Tomato Madness 9 months ago
5:30 - Kuzma be like... shoot it already!!
zz 9 months ago
Danny Green reminds me of kyle korver, And LeBron is an underrated 3 point shooter! 🔥🔥🔥
Rupert Pupkin
Rupert Pupkin 9 months ago
But Danny Green is an awesome defender. Korver never was
Macky Acoustic Music
I thought i was the only one noticed that hehe..
wohnungsnomade 9 months ago
I was a GSW fan, but now I m a real Lakers fan!!! 👌
Ngurah Bramhyang
Ngurah Bramhyang 9 months ago
Samuel Argo
Samuel Argo 9 months ago
you’re the best highlights channel out there 💯
Hummingman 9 months ago
Ok, enjoy while it last because AD and LJ will be sent down to Bay City Lakers in playoffs.
Stanley Lin
Stanley Lin 9 months ago
When your up so much might as well let Dwight shoot a three
NOLAY AUSTIN 9 months ago
Erik Lerström
Erik Lerström 9 months ago
why are they commenting from the nearest church?
Joseph_T 9 months ago
Francis Soliman
Francis Soliman 9 months ago
5 game Eastern road trip coming up, including the Bucks. It'll be a tougher road but they also need to focus on beating the Clippers and Dallas before the year ends to get back on those Ls.
Marcuus 9 months ago
14:12 Dwight try to put a turnover to a noob 😂
Sports_Grinder 9 months ago
That was a pleasure to watch...keep building that chemistry
Marcuus 9 months ago
13:45 scary shit me
Louis Araujo
Louis Araujo 9 months ago
Hope Dwight don't try those in the playoffs
Mohammed Kadhim
Mohammed Kadhim 9 months ago
Woo I'm so sad that LBJ is not the same performance that he had in Miami & Cleveland 😥😥😥
Christian Antasuda
Christian Antasuda 9 months ago
Thats fine he just makes everybody better
wavvy 9 months ago
psued 0
psued 0 9 months ago
Imagine a game where 5 players are No. 1 Overall Picks. 👀👀
I'm just waitin for the Giannis vs AD clash. Who do you think will come out on top?
Stampeed 9 months ago
Look at the end howard wanna stat padd 14:13
Clifford The Big Red Dawg
Lakers missed Rondo tonight. He controls the tempo when they build big leads and Bron sits. Might have been a blow out by the 3rd quarter
O Montana
O Montana 9 months ago
Might even sweep everyone come playoffs💪🏽
DJ Buenaventura
DJ Buenaventura 9 months ago
4:54 Mcgee was falling down!!! Shaq is watching bro
The third Story
The third Story 9 months ago
Damn was hoping my wolves to upset 😡
Gamemaniacization 9 months ago
Ad asked Lebron if he could embarass the Pels, and he fed him the ball all night. I think he asked the same thing this time seeing how he hates KAT.
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 9 months ago
Mr.James is about building his team mates whilst James Harden is rigging stats. Maturity levels!
STK Meguel
STK Meguel 9 months ago
He does it so naturally too
jared martin
jared martin 9 months ago
Breaking news..... skip had a heart attack by watching this. 😂😂😂
airi kotori
airi kotori 9 months ago
lac suck!laker champion!
Wibi Hidayat
Wibi Hidayat 9 months ago
When you realize there are four first overall draft picks in this game🤔
arnel joseph alcala
arnel joseph alcala 9 months ago
actually 5:add dwight hes also first overall draft pick
Wibi Hidayat
Wibi Hidayat 9 months ago
@Ubilicious yep, it is
Ubilicious 9 months ago
Ignas Radavicius
Ignas Radavicius 9 months ago
0:51 Nba refs are joke. Stevie Wonder will be a better ref than these bums...
hey. kali
hey. kali 9 months ago
Damn I feel bad for lebron last year. Cause this team is 40 times better
cyber6sapien 9 months ago
An·no Dom·i·ni /ˌanō ˈdämənē/ adverb full form of AD.
NewYork Yankees
NewYork Yankees 9 months ago
Somebody gotta stop them! They r going crazy!!!!
ladro TBM
ladro TBM 9 months ago
Another win,go LAKERS
Kim'sTV Vlogz
Kim'sTV Vlogz 9 months ago
Who will believed that these are their first season playing together?
Anh Phạm
Anh Phạm 9 months ago
Waiting for AD vs Giannis
Melvin Mantua
Melvin Mantua 9 months ago
Hit like if you think LBJ is Tetsuya!
Ignatius Andika Sigit
Best duo of Lebron Lebron & Wade (2010) Lebron & Irving + Love (2015) Lebron & AD (2019)
Ignatius Andika Sigit
I mean LeBron
slamet cigowong
slamet cigowong 9 months ago
Actually their too far too reach
Lore 9 months ago
carusso get more minutes. lets go bald mambaaaa 💪💪
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar 9 months ago
Lake show
OrthoBaller 9 months ago
Dwight handing the rock to the new guy to avoid a turnover 😂😂
Alvin Anis
Alvin Anis 9 months ago
AD gotta be the best trade of the season
tlyung Tan
tlyung Tan 9 months ago
MLG highlights is awesome , kindly click the bell too if subscribe
Denzel X IVANA
Denzel X IVANA 9 months ago
So what happened to the argument that when there is a star player as team mate of lebron, he makes them suck?
GM Kid Radja
GM Kid Radja 9 months ago
This old guy nomber 4 is not bad for his age.
Felix 9 months ago
If KAT got his 3s as usual, this will a difficult game for lakers Great win for lakers, but their playstyle is predictable because basically their game only based on LBJ-AD and also LBJ rarely play off-ball, knowing this its still hard to suppres them. But this predictable playstyle will cost them in playoff surely. Not to mention if AD could stand still until playoff
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