Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | Dec 8, 2019-20 NBA Season

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LA Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | Dec 8, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Dec 9, 2019




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Comments 621
Tetea Engkima
Tetea Engkima Month ago
3 overall 1st pick from lakers and 2 overall 1st pick from wolves..5 players from this game alone..but their performance are quite different
Dugong Dugong
Dugong Dugong Month ago
Kuzma should improve his defense.......
Juls TV
Juls TV Month ago
LBJ is a God
Andrew Hu
Andrew Hu Month ago
2:51 wait what?
Mordzi Elikplim
Mordzi Elikplim Month ago
0:51 AD checked the ball without even stepping out 不不不不不不不不不
Subscribe Me
Subscribe Me Month ago
Watch 0.50 secs in dis video
Joshua Eryx Dale Binarao
Weazlebee Month ago
Yo boss could you keep em to 10-11 minutes like you used to? What's going on
Abel Ruiz
Abel Ruiz Month ago
Maybe the perfect team wont be enouth to beat Giannis in the finals
Abel Ruiz
Abel Ruiz Month ago
WOW WOW WOW now Lebron plays quarterback and AD plays wide receiver,,,,,thats why NFL is the best
God's Mercy
God's Mercy Month ago
what's the song at 7:37?
Mateusz Syrzycki
LeBron the highest PG AD the highest SF In the league That work so good.
Christophorus Glenn
AD got pushed over by Jeff Teague during transition, damn that man is dirty!! At minute 7:20 haha but still no effect on the Lakers
Mateusz Syrzycki
Christian Antasuda
Imagine if lebron dont have a foul in this game that 32pts and 13 assist is just small.. Surely he can score and assist more.. A true legend
Madwork Entertainment
Lebron is and never be the goat.
Hustlah Month ago
3:50 lebron casually chilling inside the court
Gamaliel Delgado
Lebron took a page off Lonzo balls game with the full court passes lol
Month ago
0:51 AD pass the ball inside不不不not out of the line
FlawLess Gamer
FlawLess Gamer Month ago
Labron is fired up lmao AD got him hype af rn
Luis Velez
Luis Velez Month ago
Whoever said AD wasn't worth what we gave up is stupid. He's gonna be MVP and DPOY at this rate.
rj nakamura
rj nakamura Month ago
Yeah Bron and AD is nothing but awesome but I am here for my man Alex Caruso!
Im Hungry
Im Hungry Month ago
Lebron could become a quality player in a few years. I see MVP potential in him
Alberto M. A.
Alberto M. A. Month ago
Need to working hard.
Dkouts57 Month ago
super basketball here defense once again non existent
Bane Month ago
7:30 commentator "one two shooot" .. you forgot to say three !! Classic traveling
Son Figo
Son Figo Month ago
Defense level: All-star game...
Javid Shamloo
Javid Shamloo Month ago
the Lakers may be the start of a new dynasty
jemerz Month ago
13:45 lmao, i love how you included that one
My HighnesS
My HighnesS Month ago
Caruso should be in the MVP conversation
Jonjon Aquino
Jonjon Aquino Month ago
Go Lakers
Month ago
Bold mamba really did a good job!
0:50 AD's inbound. Is that a Violation?
Aaron Norris
Aaron Norris Month ago
3:36 Carusauce, hard at work
Marlon Ellamil
Marlon Ellamil Month ago
Alex Caruso
Phil tech
Phil tech Month ago
LeBron Slam.is good
Caique Hideo
Caique Hideo Month ago
Horton-Tucker with another crossover at the end
Johnald Kuck
Johnald Kuck Month ago
Dudleys bout to get a free ring :D
Azhreel Arce
Azhreel Arce Month ago
6:44 title this song
Jack Chen
Jack Chen Month ago
Danny Green: 3-pointer(X) rebound(O)
Miguel Fernando
Miguel Fernando Month ago
0:50 that inbound tho
Jaya Seelan
Jaya Seelan Month ago
LBJ your my dp today
Jaya Seelan
Jaya Seelan Month ago
Thanks god
Waikiki L
Waikiki L Month ago
0.52 secs AD inbound pass not called? BS
zaid tahir
zaid tahir Month ago
Best highlights on youtube!! 14 mins is wholesome. A lot of amazing plays. And the ending lol. Great work MLG Highlights
Umut alayan Kurnaz
⊥亙嗥孵憟質ˊ 臬摮拙瘜︹ay瘜∠憸冽
Bryan Month ago
bald mamba and superman are doing really good
will liam
will liam Month ago
Only token defense allowed in this scrimmage ... Lol
will liam
will liam Month ago
Why is covington covering AD? I know he's a good defender, but he's not tall nor strong enough
leather so soft
leather so soft Month ago
so KAT can score
Themba xaba
Themba xaba Month ago
Lebron James is one of the Goats that ever played the game
Hary Pryono
Hary Pryono Month ago
Monster dunk by dwight howard
Alexander TheGreat
4:50 aye he shootin he shootin nvm
Tomato Madness
Tomato Madness Month ago
5:30 - Kuzma be like... shoot it already!!
zz Month ago
Danny Green reminds me of kyle korver, And LeBron is an underrated 3 point shooter! 休休
Rupert Pupkin
Rupert Pupkin Month ago
But Danny Green is an awesome defender. Korver never was
Macky Acoustic Music
I thought i was the only one noticed that hehe..
wohnungsnomade Month ago
I was a GSW fan, but now I m a real Lakers fan!!!
Ngurah Bramhyang
Samuel Argo
Samuel Argo Month ago
youre the best highlights channel out there
Hummingman Month ago
Ok, enjoy while it last because AD and LJ will be sent down to Bay City Lakers in playoffs.
Stanley Lin
Stanley Lin Month ago
When your up so much might as well let Dwight shoot a three
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