Los Angeles Lakers vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights | March 8, 2019-20 NBA Season

MLG Highlights
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Los Angeles Lakers vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights | March 8, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Mar 8, 2020




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Comments 80
MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights 2 months ago
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林子又 4 days ago
is that lakers win?
Bryant Kobe
Bryant Kobe 2 months ago
MLG Highlights Nice video
Bryant Kobe
Bryant Kobe 2 months ago
MLG Highlights Lebum
Bryant Kobe
Bryant Kobe 2 months ago
MLG Highlights LeChoke
Luzvi Batingan
Luzvi Batingan 2 months ago
Thank you Lord ,i pray for this match..i said Lord dont let me down pls..ill be in trouble..ill be a bold star if they lost.😂😊 LORD THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPASSION AND LOVE TO US.😍🙏♥️👑
Corona Virus
Corona Virus Day ago
Euanmiguel Mangune
Im few months too late to comment
Nastasja Tuccinardi
If you like this comment you will become a NBA player too.
Young barrel-roll
But LeBron is a bad defender 3:16
溫雲強 8 days ago
Jonathan Reyala Cardoza
So this is the video where the iconic Putting of Crown to James.
ImSkiiLLe92 FTW
ImSkiiLLe92 FTW 8 days ago
is this clippers home court or lakers lol
Gerald Peddy
Gerald Peddy 10 days ago
TRT Vitor
TRT Vitor 11 days ago
Lakers are like barcelona. Messi + neymar + suarez = James + AD + Karuso
Gman TwoThree
Gman TwoThree 12 days ago
Sorry, but the Clippers isn't the 2017-2018 Warriors ( The 73-9 team with KD ). Pretty sure the Lakers will win the Chip this season if its not because of Covid.
garthzx 16 days ago
Clippers: We have a bench Lakers: We have Avery Bradley
Jericho Liwanag
Jericho Liwanag 17 days ago
give bradley his Win, this man was hittin anywhere
LUIS LEMUS 17 days ago
Bradley and KCP came to play
offtop 17 days ago
anyone else hear that slide whistle sounding bitch everytime the clippers scored
helon_ 18 days ago
Clippers in six, even without PG.
MrSlashfreak27 19 days ago
Here because of the qurantine. Man this corona virus sucks!
溫雲強 22 days ago
I miss NBA
Mauro 22 days ago
Who's trying to find that one funny video of dude saying kawhi watching his game?? 😂😂😂
hadi olsun ya
hadi olsun ya 22 days ago
lakers will be championship in 2020.
hadi olsun ya
@KingOfLS I hope there is no injury
hadi olsun ya
@KingOfLS I agree
KingOfLS Day ago
I think they can win two or three in a row when Lebron and AD stay unharmed.....
DG Vevo
DG Vevo 24 days ago
Bradly out play lebron
Sadness and Sorrow
Sadness and Sorrow 25 days ago
9:10 bruh
KEL JANE TV 28 days ago
Helping each other..you want to be a youtuber?? Comment here😍😍
Rifqi Rahadhin
Rifqi Rahadhin 29 days ago
And you're still think that clippers better than lakers???
Richard Month ago
Kawhi is going to end Lebrons season, if they meet in the Playoffs. You see Kawhi just took the All Star MVP so AD or LeFraud didn't win it .. Same is gonna happen in the Playoffs. Clippers will shut the media up cold and head to the Finals v Bucks or Miami.
kazuma yamamoto
kazuma yamamoto Month ago
Zubac wants revenge so bad 🤣 sucks he can’t stop Lebron hahhha
Murali Manohar kanithi
Lets go Lakers Clippers suck
luzon rodante
luzon rodante Month ago
Mj Nba@21 1st nba ring@28 Rings-6 Retired@41 Nba years-17 Kobe Nba@18 1st nba ring@22 Rings-5 Retired@38 Nba years-20 Lebron Nba@19 1st nba ring@28 Rings-3 Nba years-16 to date Kawhi Nba@20 1st nba ring@24 Rings-2 Nba years-8
Jesse Lingard
Jesse Lingard Month ago
Fuck the clippers
Josh Loach
Josh Loach Month ago
Their first win against the clips this season, yall wait till now to want to talk 😂😂😂
Despicable sean
Despicable sean Month ago
No matter what this man do yall still find away to hate he beat two of the best team back to back but yall still hating
dAngelo_phk Month ago
he beat? I didn't know basketball was one man game, record might show LB as great player but people still hate him, simply he's a selfish self claim " king " ass hole. look at the end kuzma and LB do that stupid crown wearing play. where was that crown last 2 games against clippers.
Tonystark Criplion
2 best team in tha whole league go Lakers 💯👈🏾👑
where can i watch full video?
PT Dennis Dennis lakers
Back to back beats the two best teams
Rodante Luzon
Rodante Luzon Month ago
nteresting...... kawhi is chasing lj. 2 rings vs 3 rings mid range vs dunk
J quiz
J quiz Month ago
Damn , one day clips One day
Odd Bros Sports
Odd Bros Sports Month ago
watch " the odd bros powwow" about who will win 2020 NBA finals this year.
Whos that peekin in my Window
Mvp: Avery Bradley
Noemi Vasquez
Noemi Vasquez Month ago
陈程 Month ago
I like lakers
Gilang Mahardika
Damn I missed NBA so much 😢
Gabriel Morales
Gabriel Morales Month ago
Morris > Morris
Cornell Cannon
Cornell Cannon Month ago
This game exposed several major problems the Clippers will have in a playoff series vs the Lakers: A)The Clippers don't have an answer for AD. B)The Clippers' bevy of so-called "Lebron stoppers" can't stop Lebron. C)Point Guard Play (aka Patrick Beverley) will be a major liability. D)The Lakers ability to exploit Lou Williams on defense will neutralize his impact. E)The Clippers are not big enough or talented enough on the inside. F)The “huge” bench advantage the Clippers were supposed to have over the Lakers doesn’t exist.
Fire Angel Chris
Fire Angel Chris 18 days ago
Cornell Cannon lol all this was true since day 1. One could argue the lakers gave away some of the first 2 games
Raniel Tividad
Raniel Tividad Month ago
Kuzma crowned the wrong king..
robert uelese perese
Can someone please post the full game please. All of 2020 lakers games please
Pah G
Pah G Month ago
League pass
Hylian Dovahkiin
3:38 Kyle Kuzma's best play of his career
Simon Wong
Simon Wong Month ago
so the staff mistakenly arrange the court as clippers'
james solomon
james solomon Month ago
Halimaw LeBron and devis
Sofiane DZ27
Sofiane DZ27 Month ago
Good old times 😥
Svetko Sabljic
Svetko Sabljic Month ago
mert şahin
mert şahin Month ago
türk olanlar like atsın
monta ellis
monta ellis Month ago
the lakers were on a roll, you could see the momentum shifted, and they were getting into playoff mode....i miss my basketball
Jordan Jiang
Jordan Jiang 2 months ago
Sizwe 2 months ago
Came here because of the lockdown.
Maurice Mallari
Maurice Mallari 2 months ago
Crazy to think this was only 3 weeks ago
WhateverReally 2 months ago
This was 2 weeks ago but feels like 2 months ago. I miss basketball man ...
JC PG 2 months ago
I miss NBA 😥
El yiah Gonzalez
El yiah Gonzalez 2 months ago
Damn¡ i miss nba.
Rawstatus TV
Rawstatus TV 2 months ago
lol, what happened to the Clippers having best defense since the 73 win bulls 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😁
Rahul Cr7
Rahul Cr7 2 months ago
Anyone here after Corona suspension??
Kevin C
Kevin C 2 months ago
Who that bitch who kept screaming whenever the clippers scored.
Zuko's honor
Zuko's honor 2 months ago
here after nba season got suspended so watching this showdown againnnnn
Newton 2 months ago
Dwayne Nunez
Dwayne Nunez 2 months ago
Screw flippers ‼️
Victor Holland
Victor Holland 2 months ago
How many unborn babies are dissected alive every day? I don't know either but I think it's a lot
ax c.
ax c. 2 months ago
Fakers just took advantage of the Clippers not playing well in this particular meet. It wasn't your defense, talent, or team effort. Clippers just played like they played against the Grizzlies and Knicks to earn the lose and it showed, but y'all wouldn't know that because most of the Fakers fans are bandwagon fans. Fakers tried so hard too just to show us your cards if y'all make it to the Western Conference Finals with us because we knocking any who makes it there. LeBum is just getting older in this hiatus while the Clippers are resting, healing, and practicing while the new guys are learning the playbook. Those were the only arguments one had against the Clips and time is on our side. Oh yeah.... didn't you guys lose to the defending champs? We didn't! 🗜️
Alex-junior Draman
Alex-junior Draman 2 months ago
and we didn't have waiters yet
Charles Benedict
Charles Benedict 2 months ago
0:01 "basket is back" and now nba is suspended
Rell Capone
Rell Capone 2 months ago
I'm just here again to pass time as we wait out this bs suspension
Robert Velazquez
Robert Velazquez 2 months ago
What’s the song playing in the background at 0:48
Abe Shem
Abe Shem 2 months ago
The Lakers deserves a championship....
Asaru Ptah
Asaru Ptah 2 months ago
Lakers win the battle of LA. Peace.
Shaun McClendon
Shaun McClendon 2 months ago
Why does their games always look like it’s being played in a grungy smoke filled arena?
mcbutton1988 2 months ago
So obvious of where the clippers will actually lay up the ball. No wonder the blocks keeps coming.
Captain luffy
Captain luffy 2 months ago
I want Morris and cuzma have high mins in second unit, I Iike Morris than cuzma in small ball line up for his defense and shooting ability
Randy Azarcon
Randy Azarcon 2 months ago
ok, ok....... stop all the dramatics, the NBA- it's over!! it's done ( ala Vince Carter) Raptors will be depending champions- 2 yrs in a row!! hak hak hak!
Bob Belcher
Bob Belcher 2 months ago
HA HA!!!!
Gambit 2 months ago
Paul George disappeared as always. What do we expect from a beta simp who married a stripper because she fucked him during a lap dance in the club
we know his voice
we know his voice 2 months ago
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