Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | January 20, 2019-20 NBA Season

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Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | January 20, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jan 20, 2020




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Tristan Radeka
Tristan Radeka 7 months ago
When kanter plays better than AD
joey nayre-eguia
joey nayre-eguia 7 months ago
they never put in TACO FALLS despite the huge lead
Yudha Pradnyana
Yudha Pradnyana 7 months ago
What about defense?, Young lakers looks like they were confuse
BoxeoRD 8 months ago
On dunk lebron james is on dunk antony devis
BoxeoRD 8 months ago
Neboudy the frennd kobe brayan RlP
jay fox
jay fox 8 months ago
Lakers need to work on their defense.
Winai Kromthong
Winai Kromthong 8 months ago
You should to do some thing not only blow you hand or clean up you hand on you shirt and just standing watching your team defend ;-) haaaa king
Azzteq 8 months ago
kobe 1978-2020
Shipq Taari
Shipq Taari 8 months ago
NBA finals 2008 game 6
Maksim Jovanovik
Maksim Jovanovik 8 months ago
Who's here after Kobe's death? 😭😭
red army
red army 8 months ago
we almost destroy the lal and make them look lol
Hide 8 months ago
3:50 Snoop&Warren G
knives lag27
knives lag27 8 months ago
Where is Taco Fall?
GoldKey Cube
GoldKey Cube 8 months ago
bron starting to play like hes bigger than the team meaning shyte on d
GoldKey Cube
GoldKey Cube 8 months ago
celtics shud have kept kanter a guy who gets you rebounds on both ends of the floor and can space the floor. OH they did
Anubisx24 8 months ago
7.29 there are incorrect walking
taxid3rmy 8 months ago
But yeah, sure, a regular season W at Home makes you championship material, right? The problem for the Celtics isn't beating the Lakers, it's who they've gotta beat to get out of the East: Bucks, Nets, Philly. See how smart ass you whiny bean counters are at Eastern Conference playoff time.
four Xanthe
four Xanthe 8 months ago
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Verson Carlos
Verson Carlos 8 months ago
i guess the celtics like dunking on lebron
Sort Of Kinda
Sort Of Kinda 8 months ago
grant williams is ronaldinho of basketball. always smiling 😂
Ikenya Mitchell
Ikenya Mitchell 8 months ago
good dub by the Celtics... lakers put it on walker though. was kinda hard to watch every time he got the ball
Egemen Korkmaz
Egemen Korkmaz 8 months ago
Celtics > Lakers
robert deguzman
robert deguzman 8 months ago
young guns of Boston prevail looking for a playoff spot
Rimantas Balciunas
Rimantas Balciunas 8 months ago
What to say, Celtics played incredible basketball, congrats!
Asaru Ptah
Asaru Ptah 8 months ago
Celtics blow away the Lakers.
Keena 8 months ago
T'was cute when the Mexican loving "Los Lakers" were ahead 8-0 and all of their dumb shit fans assumed the refs would take care for them as they've been doing since 1987. OOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSSSSS!!!!!
Judith Jackson
Judith Jackson 8 months ago
Talk about ass whooping 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤣
Emigdio Leal
Emigdio Leal 8 months ago
Excelente juego de Boston, le agarro el ritmo al juego y lo domino. sorprendente labor de todos pero quiero destacar el número 11 no lo conozco y de Kemba Walker
HollyWood Plug
HollyWood Plug 8 months ago
N GZ 8 months ago
Visuel Sanchez
Visuel Sanchez 8 months ago
Fuckn Lakers, thought we had this guess not 😒
Lolz 8 months ago
love how the celtics go just about 100% on there jumpshots and try super hard against the lakers lmao every team tries like its game 7 against the lakers.. with AD being on a minute restriction the balance on defense was no there at all... this is why u dont judge off one road game with a limited AD and weird rotation it will throw things off and the celtics were red hot and trying there hearts out in a 7 game series lakers take them easily with AD back
Brock Cena
Brock Cena 8 months ago
What about Kanter to the mavs?
daniel Escarza Estrella
Fuck 2pYou Lakers .|.
Ömer XXX
Ömer XXX 8 months ago
Enes kanter is hot 🤢
kram twain
kram twain 8 months ago
One thing is sure: Kobe-Shaq duo is way better than Lebron-Davis tandem. Kobe and shaq won titles for the Lakers while Lebron and AD are yet to prove of what they can give to Lakers. O-2 against the LA Clippers so far, and this...massacred by the Celtics by 30+ points are indications that this current Lakers' roster is not as dominant as the Lakers during Kobe-Shaq era. It's only my opinion though.
shushishane 8 months ago
Marv Albert must have been drinking Henny before the game.
dolan's knicks
dolan's knicks 8 months ago
12:34 he just called jaylen brown jaylen green lmao
BTS Show
BTS Show 8 months ago
parang fajardo lang laro ni canter
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel 8 months ago
Good Job Boston 🏀
Joel Dela Torre
Joel Dela Torre 8 months ago
Its like a championship game , reminiscing lakers and celtics rivalry
Erdem Türköz
Erdem Türköz 8 months ago
Lakers can't be the finals contender. Clippers vs Bucks
Anton BusOnceV
Anton BusOnceV 8 months ago
What did Celtics fans scream in the end of the game?
Anton BusOnceV
Anton BusOnceV 8 months ago
3:50 this is my mood when Lakers was defeated in more than 20 points
Tsnore 8 months ago
Dat felt good!
Je Gar
Je Gar 8 months ago
They never lead th entire game
Okito Kevin
Okito Kevin 8 months ago
Damn !! Lebron got dunked on
Mauro Matešković
Mauro Matešković 8 months ago
I’m a Lakers fan for life, but I must admit Lebron played like trash: better if he played less minutes
Emmanuel Peña
Emmanuel Peña 8 months ago
Lakers look like a G League team.
God Fearing Sinner
God Fearing Sinner 8 months ago
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 8 months ago
boston acting like they won game 7 of the finals yikes
julian 8 months ago
Times to retired James
Celtics Patriots
Celtics Patriots 8 months ago
Beat LA
Ilir United
Ilir United 8 months ago
fakers lost 32 pt lol 🤣🤣
Shavic Bagalanon
Shavic Bagalanon 8 months ago
Ingeniero Alberto
Ingeniero Alberto 8 months ago
lakers sleeping since 2nd
Will To Win
Will To Win 8 months ago
YEAH! This is what happens when the Celts have NO INJURIES! FULL ROSTER = CHAMP MATERIAL!!!!!!!
boof's2cents 8 months ago
Lakers are a first round exit.
Samantha Llewellyn
Samantha Llewellyn 8 months ago
Celts try and work on defense in the paint and that shot at 1:49 though Kemba!
MrStensnask 8 months ago
Talk about the wrong game plan
birry cells
birry cells 8 months ago
Put Lakers in a league with no 3pointers they will rank 1st.in a 3pointers league dead last
BatmanYT De
BatmanYT De 8 months ago
The big lost 😂 lebum need 1 all star to win a chip
kiwoune mcdonald
kiwoune mcdonald 8 months ago
How many times is tatum gonna dunk on lebron like god dayum lebron what are you doing is he gonna dunk on you all season
comsci2491 8 months ago
12:32 Jalen GREEN lol!
Eddard Parsons
Eddard Parsons 8 months ago
8:55 Bronsexuals Crying their asses out rn
Thiago Moraes
Thiago Moraes 8 months ago
There were a few times where 4 outa 5 five laker had headbands... just beautifull
Cpt. yucatronixxx
Cpt. yucatronixxx 8 months ago
NBA 2K need to release the headband Tatum amethyst card asap!
Ty YT 8 months ago
If jaylen browns trash, why would u let trash dunk on you?
Ty YT 8 months ago
Wait till Ad Gets back...
Dumitru Nancu
Dumitru Nancu 8 months ago
I love this so much
Aurelien Machu
Aurelien Machu 8 months ago
that's it you have found the solution to the problem of defense fellicitation, we must continue !! Go Boston !
Emmanuel Mensah
Emmanuel Mensah 8 months ago
Brown with the poster on Bron😀🙆
Jay 8 months ago
Let's go celtics
Jonjon Aquino
Jonjon Aquino 8 months ago
Lakers 2020 Champ 💪🏀🏆😥
Jonjon Aquino
Jonjon Aquino 8 months ago
Nice Lakers 🎊
jj de B
jj de B 8 months ago
these are the real Lakers,, they lose it under pressure,, Lakers are not gonna win no NBA championship this year nor the next year
HAYA BUSA 8 months ago
Heyy warriors fans 👋👋
Night Watcher
Night Watcher 8 months ago
AD dont play please.... u are killing james ,rondo and kuz is high quality time.
trini boi
trini boi 8 months ago
Its Like lb can't play 35 mins I guess the playoffs gonna b lit
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 8 months ago
Lakers played like they already knew they would lose. A lackadaisical approach!
MrFreeagent81 8 months ago
Lmao the Celtics was trying so hard like they were playing in the finals lol...the lakers were just chilling like y’all go ahead and hurt yourselves hahaha
Dazai •
Dazai • 8 months ago
krl q partida foda quem dera eu jogar assim .-.
Charlie Lipschutz
Charlie Lipschutz 8 months ago
LeBron’s defense was terrible all night
stop it at once please
man.. lakers' defense was not on point i gotta say yo
My GIRLFRIEND get MAD at ME coz her LAKERS DROWN to the LAKE 😁😁😁 im grounded, outside the BED for 1 WEEK .. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😠😠😠
Mitojlo 8 months ago
Emma Diaz
Emma Diaz 8 months ago
👀Jaylen posterize LeBron
Muris Halilovic
Muris Halilovic 8 months ago
Wilson W
Wilson W 8 months ago
thanks for the highlight. but what happend with the quality
Eduardo Rosário
Eduardo Rosário 8 months ago
Upload this match 1080p 60fps please I need to download this and watch all entire my life
Rachael Nwaoha
Rachael Nwaoha 8 months ago
Damn this was a great highlight! You have a sub outta me 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ #goCs ☘️☘️
Shaun McClendon
Shaun McClendon 8 months ago
I can’t watch it any longer man lol
Sofiane.b 8 months ago
I wish dmc's comeback
Green 💲is better color than yellow 💩🤣
Basuki Wijaya
Basuki Wijaya 8 months ago
celtic too poor, give 1 win to celtic😜
Lucas Nascimento
Lucas Nascimento 8 months ago
Louis HamanTalens
Louis HamanTalens 8 months ago
Watch how skip will say browns dunk on lebron was nasty and will go on and on about it, but just remember that’s the same man that said lebrons dunk on nurkic wasn’t that good
Daniel Marzec
Daniel Marzec 8 months ago
Boston Celtics, simply game,not simply winner,mentality its important:) Tatum and Brown also Kanter give fight in win for Celtics:)
Rual Labung
Rual Labung 8 months ago
Lakers eaten by Celtics what a game Go Celtics. Go go.
twister gear
twister gear 8 months ago
Lebron: It doesn't matter as long as I am the assist leader. Put that again on my stats, I want to be the goat meehehehehe
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