Los Angeles Lakers VERY BEST Plays & Highlights from 2018-19 NBA Season!

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Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by Los Angeles Lakers team from 2018-19 NBA Season!
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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 80
jay-jay moyo
jay-jay moyo 11 days ago
We miss this Kuzma...
Laker 724
Laker 724 25 days ago
Looking back I honestly think if this team kept healthy and made it they could have made it far possibly even upsetting the warriors. They Lakers just matches up really well against them possibly even more than Toronto not saying they could have won but I honestly think they could have made it to the finals that year. If not then pretty damn close.
Venkata Sai Krishnamurthy
how tf is currso not in their
Venkata Sai Krishnamurthy
in the picture
Tee Jing Ye
Tee Jing Ye 2 months ago
Love this lakers team more than the current one
Security Guard
Security Guard 4 months ago
22:47 gayyyyyyy
ToXc Rain
ToXc Rain 6 months ago
Not just lebron carrying the team... ugh hmm cough cough *WARRIORS* but lakers got good teamwork
consistency 14
consistency 14 7 months ago
Someone makes a basket.....and All the attention whores and fuckboys just Have to walk onto the court and start performing like fkin idiots?! This dumb shit boils my piss man I wish I could poke each one of them in the eye with a freshly sharpened pencil seriously! #WhackAssNeegrolians
consistency 14
consistency 14 7 months ago
What is with that whack retarded looking beard on Lebron's stupid face man?! As soon as homeslice started going bald it made him look as though he had his head on upside down. #SuchWhackness #DuckFootedAndBaldAF
Ismail Burale
Ismail Burale 8 months ago
Caruso put back dunk on KD+Klay+Steph lmao
Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley 8 months ago
22:47 “one handjob”
陳家晞 8 months ago
LBJ in the game💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
胡翔清 8 months ago
Rob Sanders
Rob Sanders 8 months ago
Yall tripping if you dont think the Lakers are making the Playoffs and Finals this year!! LeBron missed last year for a reason.... Space Jam[es] Now it's time to continue the Playoffs and Final Streak [Tom Brady]
Wordto Yah
Wordto Yah 8 months ago
I'm glad they kept jvale mcgee
S7VN 02
S7VN 02 8 months ago
Am i the only one in this world who feels the 18-19 Lakers Biggest what IF in NBA history? I mean what would have happened if the team was healthy and playing like they were in the beginning of the season
102 T28
102 T28 8 months ago
talking about 'if' is a mental disease
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez 8 months ago
Lebrun is not the best player right now he had a terrible season that curry is better than him this season
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez 8 months ago
Bet you clippers are winning championship
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez 8 months ago
Yo lakers suck
JamesWang 8 months ago
Tha_SilverBlack_16 8 months ago
Sports is better when the Lakers are winning.
Keith Mcgriff
Keith Mcgriff 8 months ago
I remember watching this game. Lance & 21:14 . I haven't laughed this hard in awhile. I'm gonna miss Zo, Ingram, Zubac, & Stephenson.
Julius 8 months ago
This is was post on my birthday and my favorite team are the lakers!!
Tomsquid 8 months ago
16:16 does it count as goaltending if you block a shot through the net? Or is Horford not touching it.
ThreeMegabites 3MB
ThreeMegabites 3MB 8 months ago
Team Gamers it doesnt
Security Officer
Security Officer 8 months ago
I already miss lonzo
dark_ekko 8 months ago
wait...can someone explain why we lost zublocka?
Vincent Alain Foronda
Is this LeBron Highlights?
Bubba Bot
Bubba Bot 8 months ago
Earsknott 8 months ago
Brandonnn Ingram 🔥
Aghiles Guermouche
Aghiles Guermouche 8 months ago
22:50 that wasn't supposed to be said
MalRulesAll 8 months ago
UG Luis Savage Gamer
Regular ass plays
Broken Glass
Broken Glass 8 months ago
My predictions for Lakers: 52-54 Wins & 3-4 Seed! (Starting FIVE +6MAN) Quin Cook: 8.8/2.3/3.1 - 47.5/37.3/88.2 Danny Green: 12.1/4.1/1.7 - 44.2/39.4/85.6 LeBron James: 26.6/7.2/7.8 - 51.3/35.7/70.1 ●All star ●All NBA 1st or 2nd team ●Top 5 MVP candidate Anthony Davis: 25.7/12.4/5.5 - 56.5/34.2/80.1 ●All star ●All NBA 1st or 2nd team ●All NBA defensive team 1st or 2nd ●Top 5 MVP candidate ●Top 5 DPOTY candidate Dwight Howard: 9.9/10.4/0.6 - 60.1/0.0/59.3 Rajon Rondo: 11.4/6.0/7.2 - 41.2/32.6/74.3
jkl 8 months ago
Still can’t believe Lebron didn’t make the playoffs
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 months ago
Lakers should have drafted De'Aaron Fox. 😞😞😞 Can score his damn self.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 months ago
@Kobe Klay Fox is closer to Kyrie Irving as a score 1st mentality, so Fox would have prevented a 6-12 record during Lebron James groin injury.
Kobe Klay
Kobe Klay 8 months ago
Would’ve gotten traded too. What part of that don’t y’all understand? Fox is not an off-ball player.
Vulpix 8 months ago
They need lonzo ball this season
Da Neon_Shark
Da Neon_Shark 8 months ago
Josh Hart has the best ankle ever don't @ me
Samuel Marte
Samuel Marte 8 months ago
Lebron James and his peculiar season. Lakers comeback season awaits.
Seb 8 months ago
And this was on lebrons “bad season” smh, the goat 🐐 👑
Marika L
Marika L 8 months ago
one handjob right there 22:48
逸民陳 8 months ago
24:14 haha
We’re coming for u Boston 😈😈😈
Ayeeeeeee I’m a laker fan. Caint wait for the new season we are back baby.
jui pu
jui pu 8 months ago
they will win the championship
Lil Yoni
Lil Yoni 8 months ago
"If you can't beat them, join them." AI going to the Warriors. "If you can't beat them, join them." AD going to the Lakers
Madvillian 8 months ago
Oh god please don’t show me highlights from that spurs game..it still hurts to this day
ATT ice_YT
ATT ice_YT 8 months ago
Ingram and Zo will eliminate the Lakers next season
Ja'vonte Clemons
Ja'vonte Clemons 8 months ago
They had the “goat” on their roster in his prime and still missed the playoffs lmao
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 8 months ago
*actually that line up on the thumbnail is a solid line up and a contender too, it's just the injury that ruin this team*
TDC101 8 months ago
LeBron looks old in the thumbnail. I think it was good for his old knees to miss the playoffs last year. He should be rested and full of energy when the season starts. Father Time is a knocking at the door.
Chris Scott
Chris Scott 8 months ago
Who like me wants to see Klay Thompson in his own team as a leader to see if he has the shoulders wide enough to be the best NBA player because I find he is hiding a little behind Team Warriors excellence even Of course, he is a very good player.
ThcRicc #916
ThcRicc #916 8 months ago
Too bad that whole roster is gone damn near lmfao
Ryan Runnalls
Ryan Runnalls 8 months ago
wish they didnt trade zubac
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 months ago
Lonzo Ball & Lebron James are both ON-THE-BALL players, but there's only 1 ball. 😞😞😞 Defense narrative can't save you. If you notice, Kyrie Irving is not a defensive stopper so that is not a requirement.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 months ago
If you look finishers like Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker, THOSE ARE THE PERFECT TYPES OF POINT GUARDS AS TEAMMATES OF LEBRON JAMES. 😀😀😀😀 That should tell that Lonzo Ball is the exact opposite of what fits with Lebron as a point guard = finisher.
Yong Kevin
Yong Kevin 8 months ago
Why the lakers trade for AD when they got the GOAT lonzo ball
keith davis
keith davis 8 months ago
Really?? Who won the title? Just askin.....
Arbet Benjamin Kwashi
#23 👑
Moe Jassim
Moe Jassim 8 months ago
21:40 is goat highlights
James Miraña
James Miraña 8 months ago
6:07 even i was confused where the ball went
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 months ago
The days of BABYSITTING a gang of 22-year olds has ended. 😀😀😀 Replaced by a 80% veteran roster. WIN-NOW MODE calls for NBA Playoff-tested veterans.
Justin Yu
Justin Yu 8 months ago
God damnit lakers should’ve kept zubac
Justin Yu
Justin Yu 8 months ago
I’m scared for a lot of their landings... not very good on their knees or ligaments
ChrisSmoovefan 8 months ago
Caruso reminds me of Dellavedova but actually more potential to be better
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 months ago
Lakers needed a point guard that reminds you of Kyrie Irving, instead we got Ricky Rubio-Ball. 😞😞😞
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 8 months ago
Because they are both white guys
Dr. Kojimon
Dr. Kojimon 8 months ago
All the bench players damn near walk-in to halfcourt when they celebrate lmao
Mary Tan
Mary Tan 8 months ago
0:41 , ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Fredrika Simpson
Fredrika Simpson 8 months ago
I would like to move asap thanks again.And go to one if your games.Reea
TheGameCube64Guy 8 months ago
If only injuries didn't hurt this team, they would've made the playoffs...
Corion Gaming
Corion Gaming 8 months ago
Subscribe to me if brush your teeth
Richard Shansky
Richard Shansky 8 months ago
Why bother? That team is gone
Obi-wan Kenobi
Obi-wan Kenobi 8 months ago
The fuck u said nigga
ra Acl
ra Acl 8 months ago
3:34 somebody please meme this
Dr Q
Dr Q 8 months ago
Best video I’ve seen in the past two months
In DMS Like Deez
In DMS Like Deez 8 months ago
Incoming injures, 4th seed, playoff mode comments
vigillio 8 months ago
gonna miss my boy BI 😭
Michael Gutt
Michael Gutt 8 months ago
No highlights against the Raptors. Feels good man.
Ron So Tatted
Ron So Tatted 8 months ago
Lmao at A.d face when lebron hit that 3.
Klay Anthony Clarke
Klay Anthony Clarke 8 months ago
Hopefully Dwight can add some grit to this squad. The West is looking up for grabs, just like the East. Clips v. Lakers is gonna be insane.
lil layzie93
lil layzie93 8 months ago
Were gonna get all these same paint points this season, PLUS way more threes too. Lakers gonna be Offensive Beasts.
C D 8 months ago
3:57 that face " you mothafuckas been sleepin out there"
C D 8 months ago
Hart actually played his ass off...
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