Los Angeles Clippers Roll Past Golden State Warriors | Inside the NBA

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The Clippers dropped 141 points over the Warriors to start the season 2-0. The 141-122 loss for the Warriors was the most points given up in a home game in 10 years.
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Comments 65
lecatte1 4 months ago
FOR ALL CLIPPER FANS.....CLIP NATION SONG : " CLIPPERS KEEP COMIN " ruvid.net/video/video-4zdSjSqd_2E.html&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR2--RrBPRUpFiMRgjiPimWiBbPrTe63HJ740vsADrl0C1hQXWP7exIjGf8
Kid82fy 5 months ago
Curry gonna be really tired in a few months
Steven 5 months ago
quest 77051
quest 77051 5 months ago
141 points? they need to RAISE THE NBA GOAL TO 11 FEET!!!
punch180 5 months ago
I mean did we expect warriors to win with a bunch of new young/rookie players? Klay, stein, looney needs to play. they need veterans, they need length. to have a chance to win.
Rich Randolph
Rich Randolph 5 months ago
It is sad that Charles Barkley has sided with the Chinese Communists. He was once an American Hero now he is a Chinese Zero!
andrew moonbeam
andrew moonbeam 5 months ago
Kenny Smith 0:14 to 0:26 . 'What?? Gunslinger?? This dude be trippin.''
Lisa Flah
Lisa Flah 5 months ago
Not only is Kawhi the best overall player in the world he is best TEAM LEADER in the world. May God bless and grant Shaq and his family serenity in their time of need, prayers and condolences to all your family Shaq. RESPECT!!
kent2360 5 months ago
LaBron was a gunslinger....
MTG Revealed
MTG Revealed 5 months ago
Ummm not a clippers but feel like they will go 82-0
MTG Revealed
MTG Revealed 5 months ago
Haha right!?!?
Richie G
Richie G 5 months ago
Kawhi did the burial of Oracle with its final L and blessed this new arena with its first L
ali ali
ali ali 5 months ago
i love this music during the clip - i'm so glad nba on tnt is back - it was a long couple of months
Martian74 5 months ago
New stadium looks nice, pity they only have 1 or 2 good players to watch on their team now. Kawhi looks so smooth and calm on the floor, Warriors had no chance. Steph is going to have a sore back this year, carrying the franchise alone is hard work, he needs Clay.
Jim E
Jim E 5 months ago
That move from oracle isn’t going to help.Went from a incredible, “we are family” atmosphere to a typical corporate oversized arena pandering to the tech boys and their money.
Midori Sugiyama
Midori Sugiyama 5 months ago
Jim E
Jim E 5 months ago
Charles is the Goat.With all the content out there now it’s awesome that This show is still the best of them all.Prayers to Shaq as well🙏🙏
KAIDZ 5 months ago
As a die hard Clippers fan since Tuesday. I can finally say this is our year.
Indra Paths
Indra Paths 4 months ago
just like last year was toronto's year, savor kawhi in a clipper jersey while you can hope he doesn't win a championship and ditch your team in a year
California Dreaming
California Dreaming 5 months ago
Franklin Starks
Franklin Starks 5 months ago
GSW look different DIFFERENT 💔💀😂
Mike taerte
Mike taerte 5 months ago
Lou Williams, man who is like "Let the kids play first"
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 5 months ago
Matt The Knicks Fan
Matt The Knicks Fan 5 months ago
warriors need melo
Let’s go Pat’s 0
Without George 😂😂 when Paul returns buckle up (west )
Tj Johnson
Tj Johnson 5 months ago
Clippers vs Nuggets???? #wcf#5280
imahelpfulperson 5 months ago
If Kawhi wins a ring this year, he will have the same amount as Lebron. Let that sink in
Thomas Fox
Thomas Fox 5 months ago
imahelpfulperson If Kawhi never got injured he would have more rings than Lebron
brian woodward
brian woodward 5 months ago
Durham probe now a criminal investigation. Lebron and Democrats are shaken. Lebron is willing to critisize America but now is silent about China. Lebron is a coward, hypocrite, slaver and traitor as is Charles Barkley, NBA and Nike as well as their fans who treats them like Gods. This will not end well.
Mohammed Billlah
Mohammed Billlah 5 months ago
2:40 remind of kobe 3 guys guarding him
Susan Luis
Susan Luis 5 months ago
Clippers 2 down from West. Lakers and Warriors. The 2 best teams in CA beaten by Clips.
Ra No
Ra No 5 months ago
I wouln't mind if this season will be the most boring one in history of nba when from the bigining it wuld be clear that LAC are going for the championship.
bert fromarketin
bert fromarketin 5 months ago
I remember all the GSW comments... "Steph is God...God Mode"... well Steph needs black Jesus on that team cause that current GSW team may win 39 games
Susan Luis
Susan Luis 5 months ago
Steph can't carry his team. He needs 1 superstar and 2 all.star. DLo Russell is not a big help.
Ambition 5 months ago
That arena isn’t going to be as full as expected
Joshua Quaid
Joshua Quaid 5 months ago
Gs fans left with kd and klaus injury
III 5 months ago
that shot clock graphic in the middle of the lane is distracting & useless. I don't get the point. no one's itching to know how much time is left on the shot clock, ever.
purestformofpeace 5 months ago
Cyborg from the future
treaty yee
treaty yee 5 months ago
2:51 steve ballmer looked like an old lady in a diner yelling "yow! Pancake syrup!"
Rusty Dagon
Rusty Dagon 5 months ago
The Sam Cassell comment had me dead
James Bu
James Bu 5 months ago
Chuck forgot about Ginobili?
Hanif Maknojia
Hanif Maknojia 5 months ago
That’s his fav player.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 5 months ago
Kawhi wants to win a ring with different team 💍
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 5 months ago
@Tro Ketchebachian 🖕
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 5 months ago
@Seven Eleven I know. He won with the Raptors too idiot 🖕
Seven Eleven
Seven Eleven 5 months ago
he did with SAN ANTONIO already
PJ 5 months ago
LeeTravius Mckay why wouldn’t he? ;)
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 5 months ago
What is the background song?
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo 5 months ago
Jamal Crawford is nowhere near Lou
Tommy Jiro
Tommy Jiro 5 months ago
Kobe + Lebron = Kawhi
Una pa sa First
Una pa sa First 5 months ago
Tommy Jiro kobe/jordan + Pippen = Kawhi!
KANYE SOUTH 5 months ago
*Shoutout **#TRANCEFAMILYSF* 🔥
Shin Chan
Shin Chan 5 months ago
The disrespect to the GOAT MANU GINOBILI
solomon g
solomon g 5 months ago
I was actually going to agree with Chuck until I saw this comment, I'm taking Manu without question.
- Lancepie -
- Lancepie - 5 months ago
do you guys hear something at 0:09 ?
Ashioma Medi
Ashioma Medi 5 months ago
Why was Curry shooting 3's like Westbrook
GREG THE ANiMAL 5 months ago
The Golden Girls Are Finished, they might not even make the playoffs
313 5 months ago
Clippers will win it all, UNLESS kuzma dramatically improved and plays like a 🌟 and rondo plays to his potential. Yea Clippers got the west
Mr Ed
Mr Ed 5 months ago
My God, Kawhi will get another ring baby. Hopefully he doesnt get hurt all season.
Alexander Kings
Alexander Kings 5 months ago
And betrays his whole team.
Jason Kamara
Jason Kamara 5 months ago
He's pacing himself it seems like this far
Jared Huang
Jared Huang 5 months ago
Anyone have the name of the background music?
Victor Maitland
Victor Maitland 5 months ago
Yes Kenny Let Charles know Venny J is still 1 of the Best 6 Man Ever Detroit
ehmp 5 months ago
Warriors fans, how does it feel to be a 30 wins team again? I hope you enjoyed your ride while it lasted...
Comma8Comma1 5 months ago
I’m just here to watch them say nothing about Steph sticking up the joint
- prezMAN
- prezMAN 5 months ago
Y’all think the Warriors should’ve gotten depth instead of DLO?? My guess is they want to potentially hope Giannis requests a trade and they use him as a piece but he’s about it. I doubt they want Draymond lol
KizaDaBusiness 5 months ago
@B Griswold His team got to the WCF last year and his team his still really good.
B Griswold
B Griswold 5 months ago
@KizaDaBusiness to win the ring
KizaDaBusiness 5 months ago
@- prezMAN Why would Giannis request a trade tho?
- prezMAN
- prezMAN 5 months ago
Yajson I know I’m just throwing hypotheticals but I do believe that’s in there drawing board. I know they will go hard at him
Yajson 5 months ago
Bucks won't agree to trade for DLo for Giannis. That's a crazy dream. It's gonna be DLo and multiple 1st round picks and the Warriors don't have that appealing 1st round picks, unless they tank which I don't see happening.
- prezMAN
- prezMAN 5 months ago
Warriors have 0 depth and DLO needs the ball in his hands all the time lol. Curry can’t carry them all the time. They just have Curry-DLO and a bunch of G-League guys lol. Draymond looks out of shape already and is awful offensively.
Sabyasachee Baruah
Sabyasachee Baruah 5 months ago
Please get back to inside the studio. The background people are very distracting and noisy.
JPReckless2444 5 months ago
@III he's indian, that's what they do... don't get scammed, bruh
III 5 months ago
for sure relax, you'd be hyped too. stop complaining like a diva girl. & what's up with that name, for sure just call yourself Sab Bruh.
- prezMAN
- prezMAN 5 months ago
There are probably only 3 teams that can beat the Clippers in a 7 game series. Probably 4. 1.Lakers 2.Sixers 3.Bucks 4.Rockets In that order. People are counting out the Lakers but LeBron and AD played like trash in the 2nd half and that rarely happens. Also KCP will never guard Kawhi again. Horrible mistake
- prezMAN
- prezMAN 5 months ago
YUNG GLIZZY most certainly I’m still odd about them. Idk yet.
- prezMAN
- prezMAN 5 months ago
Archival Think ! That’s when he got hot. KCP did a solid job on him but Kawhi is just too strong he pushed him closer and closer to the rim and that’s too easy for him. You need LeBron to bump chests with him and make him take that tough fade-away. Lakers need to pray Iggy gets bought out
YUNG GLIZZY 5 months ago
Rockets need better chemistry
Comma8Comma1 5 months ago
- TTMTBWF what was Vogel thinking keeping kcp on klaw?
tracy mcmahan
tracy mcmahan 5 months ago
Manu Ginobli is better than Lou Williams coming off the bench
Daniel T
Daniel T 5 months ago
Yeah, and Kobe and MJ are better than anyone playing. So what, they're all retired.
Ian Ford
Ian Ford 5 months ago
Kawhi and the Clippers pulled their pants down and dumped on The Chase Center. Like Mike Tyson used to say, it was over before it started.
Jon Chui
Jon Chui 5 months ago
Who cares when you aren't beating a team with 5 all stars anymore.
ACE 5 months ago
Well in other good news, we thought the Warriors dynasty would last forever and it has quickly faded away. They're still good, but they lost last year and don't seem to be getting better. So can't really get much better than that in terms of basketball. Who knows who will win the championship this year lol. That's what makes it fun, the uncertainty. But my pick is the Clippers. They're pretty insane tbh. Bucks in the east, Clippers in the west.
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden 5 months ago
@Bryan Jacob green bradley kcp to give em perimeter defence. Kuzma's explosivity to be their 3rd option. Javale & Dwight as a solid big man backups. Rondo still the best floor general. They've got enough weapons to be a powerful threat to anyone. West is gonna be wild just like usual.
Bryan Jacob
Bryan Jacob 5 months ago
@MMA PREDATOR outside lebron and ad i don't think the lakers have enough
MMA PREDATOR 5 months ago
Bucks/ Clippers favorites but definitely can’t sleep on the Lakers just yet.
Logan Olszewski
Logan Olszewski 5 months ago
Bulls in 7.
DingisMaximus 5 months ago
The problem is Warriors don't have Mark Jackson to tweek the offense. Kerr been riding another man's system. I'm sorry but Mark Jackson is the real deal.
Ikmanpreet 5 months ago
@DingisMaximus na i won't be eating my words this just shows you don't have basketball knowledge. Kerr is an elite coach , he has NINE guys under 23. Mark Jackson didn't create a dynasty , Kerr did. Ask any coach , player in the league that knows talent when they see it.
Micah Brodovsky
Micah Brodovsky 5 months ago
@DingisMaximus *your
DingisMaximus 5 months ago
@Ikmanpreet another huge L with the MVP, and allstar and future allstar to a team with one allstar. But i'm sure its the players and not the coaching right? You will be eating your words the rest of the season and realize who the real idiot is.
DingisMaximus 5 months ago
​@Micah Brodovsky I'm not you're mirror, you need glasses or surgery.
DingisMaximus 5 months ago
@Cubby Dog Takes time for a team to gel and they were too young then. Klay was only in his third year in 2013, Draymond was in his second and Barnes was in his second. Look at the warriors so far this season
Assist King Özil #Arsenal
I wonder if Lou Will wants to ever start a game🧐
BCFix 5 months ago
OG he wouldn’t be an average starter.. he comes off the bench because it’s always worked for HIS PLAY STYLE, not because there’s someone better to start over him
rocthaice 5 months ago
He said he doesn’t care wouldn’t make a difference this late
gary morseau II
gary morseau II 5 months ago
Assist King Özil #Arsenal not if they get a ring while he’s the 6tf man. He knows and likes his role.
Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher 5 months ago
Assist King Özil #Arsenal he never has started a game and he said it’s cause no one has ever asked him to. He’s just soooo great off the bench
Phillip Uranus
Phillip Uranus 5 months ago
OG you on dust if you think Lou Will would be an average starter... Dude plays starter mins and gets what he gets... That means he plays against the opposing starters as well as the second unit...
Midknight1124 5 months ago
LA is Clippers town now
Stringer Bell
Stringer Bell 5 months ago
@Daniel T yeah cause no one remembers Lob City🤣🤣🤣..
Daniel T
Daniel T 5 months ago
@Stringer Bell - don't need to. People forget. If the Lakers don't win a championship in the next 2 years they're sunk. They won't have another chance until 2030. By then, no one under 30 will ever remember them winning a championship.
Stringer Bell
Stringer Bell 5 months ago
@Road Runner and you think the Clippers are gonna be the same the next 10 yrs? 🤣🤣🤣
Stringer Bell
Stringer Bell 5 months ago
@Daniel T 16 championship , try and catch up 🤣🤣🤣...
Daniel T
Daniel T 5 months ago
@Stringer Bell - I'm glad you like living in the past because that's all you're going to have.
SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER 5 months ago
I mean did anyone expect the clips to lose
bert fromarketin
bert fromarketin 5 months ago
@The Karnige I did..before the game I picked GSW to lose by 70...so yeah I figured they would roll on by the Hapless GSW squad.
PJ 5 months ago
KizaDaBusiness they are not part of the team now anyway. That they ”miss key pieces” makes it sound like the miss key pieces for this game, but will get them back later in the season.
KizaDaBusiness 5 months ago
@Sai Droid you right
Sai Droid
Sai Droid 5 months ago
@KizaDaBusiness like ive said, regardless if they're all still intact, they are not beating kawhi
KizaDaBusiness 5 months ago
@Sai Droid I don't know if you know this but the fact that the Warriors bench was so deep was a big factor in why they went 73-9. It kills me how people think that just having Steph, Klay, and Dray is all the Warriors need to be what they were in 2016
KING DROOPY 5 months ago
Something tells me that Kawhi is mad the clippers allowed 122 points, thats the kind of player he is.
Ross .B
Ross .B 5 months ago
To be fair that was like their 3 stringers who let that happen
Loc T
Loc T 5 months ago
Kawhi downloaded the V2.0 update which included the “passing ability”. Installation was successfully and no bugs found.
Sir Alexander he didn’t do it last year so WRONG
Kareem Mathias
Kareem Mathias 5 months ago
Currently top tier in the NBA meta
Alexander Kings
Alexander Kings 5 months ago
He learnt that from Manu.
LaLisa 5 months ago
First. Clippers looking good so far
zunaid khan
zunaid khan 5 months ago
I’m a lebron fan n I must say clipper defense is loooookin gooood. Doc is a great coach to
Marcus Maxwell
Marcus Maxwell 5 months ago
Ross Stewart
Ross Stewart 5 months ago
Warriors won’t make the playoffs, you heard it here first.
Flex Master Tony
Flex Master Tony 5 months ago
And when they do make the playoffs what will you say?
Yajson 5 months ago
batmanmotherfucker 5 months ago
No doubt. Trash team.
spacestar28 5 months ago
@The Pope Mobile not with that roster against the super stacked west
The Pope Mobile
The Pope Mobile 5 months ago
They got locked down and destroyed by the best team in basketball, more importantly, one of the best defensive teams in basketball that there has been in over a decade or at least since the rule changes. Warriors still gonna destroy mid to lower tier teams.
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