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Say Yes to the Dress
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Bride Brandie has a problem when it comes to deciding on her dress and her entourage are not helping, specially her demanding grandma, so Lori steps in to help.

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Feb 9, 2021




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Comments 1 589
Cassundra Cook
Cassundra Cook 2 hours ago
I liked the second one...
Roz 16 hours ago
Not to be so critical, but why do these brides rely so much on granny or their mom’s opinions… it’s the bride’s decision, her wedding… these family members should’ve stayed home!!!!
Brenda Mills
Brenda Mills Day ago
IF you aren't paying for it, butt out of decisions & negative comments....
Asimaria 3 days ago
I'd get fired for telling these inconsiderate morons off and asking them to step away...
stargazer0480 3 days ago
Nah, I'd telling GG to eff off. That plain rouched dress was gorgeous on her..
Shania Themen
Shania Themen 4 days ago
She should’ve picked the second dress
Apple android  Khan
No dress is nice . She should have tried other styles as well . Looks to boring
Trina Dubya
Trina Dubya 8 days ago
The term I use for aunts and grandmas like this one is Grandma Dragon. A Grandma Dragon loves her family, and she rules that family with an iron fist, frequently getting her way by using guilt and saying she's going to die soon.
TreeHugging FishEater
Memo to GiGi: this show, episode and appointment are NOT ...at ALLLLL...about YOU. This ain't say yes to GIGI or what does GiGi say...
Kay Davis
Kay Davis 11 days ago
Someone this indecisive and swayed by others is not old enough to get married.
Pat Sheppard
Pat Sheppard 11 days ago
I liked dress 2
Emily Mc
Emily Mc 12 days ago
Did anyone else see the red blotches on her neck during her interview portion? I only noticed those because I did the same thing when trying on dresses - it seems to happen when I’m stressed or excited, something along those lines.
Virginia Deiss
Virginia Deiss 13 days ago
Obnoxious grandmother, I would never have brought her along.
R E 13 days ago
I think Grandma Gigi got a clue to just be quiet when the bride's mom said she thinks it the bride brought too many people with her and looked over at Grandma Gigi that made me laugh just feed her another spoon of humble pie because she needs to remember that this is not her wedding this is her granddaughter's wedding and it's what she wants not grandma wants I hate brow beating parents
Jude Filgate
Jude Filgate 16 days ago
Oh you like the dress so much? You get married in it then. SO annoyed with that grandma
Charlotte Dyess
Charlotte Dyess 18 days ago
Leave g'ma at home.
Kalyne Laurentino
Kalyne Laurentino 18 days ago
The second dress was the one for her
Cera Lee
Cera Lee 19 days ago
I can't talk smack abt Gigi. If my Gma, rest her soul, had said I'd get married in a potato sack and clown shoes I'd put my head down, and when my cousins asked "why do you look so stupid" I'd say "cause gma Mona said so"....they'd get quiet and say "well, you wore that sack right well" lol. I don't know abt up north, but in the south you STILL don't mess with Mamaw.
melanie riley
melanie riley 19 days ago
I think she should of picked the 2 nd dress .
Blogged By Brents
Blogged By Brents 19 days ago
I sure miss my southern roots watching this episode. Nothing like G-ma
Rosanne Gailey
Rosanne Gailey 19 days ago
You don’t bring the whole family. Mom and Sis are ok.
Rachelle Oladejo
Rachelle Oladejo 20 days ago
Grandma is a real pain in the ass
Florence Watson
Florence Watson 20 days ago
This is not grandma gg’s wedding! I always feel so sad for the bride when there’s a control freak pushing their own agenda and running rough shod over the bride. They don’t care about the brides feelings, only their wants.
whynotflip 20 days ago
When I shopped for my dress I went by myself.
Elizabeth Macey
Elizabeth Macey 20 days ago
I feel like the consultant saying "You're putting a lot of pressure on me" was very unprofessional. This job IS pressure. If you can't take it then find a new one
aquitaineq 23 days ago
I love how these women thinks it's up to them; it's all up to the bride for hecks sake!
Linda Lee-Brown
Linda Lee-Brown 23 days ago
Should have left the grandmother at home. What’s with the obsession with bling?
Masked_Icicles 24 days ago
A Pageant Dress?! We anit about to walk down on a runway being judged by judges to win a prize. This is a dang wedding for crying out loud.
Luna Sofia 4444
Luna Sofia 4444 24 days ago
Montys a rock star 🌟 💜🙏🥰
Liz Pierce
Liz Pierce 24 days ago
Okay, So this is why I am glad I bought my own dress, because my opinion was the only opinion that mattered. I don't care what they like. My wedding, my dress. Mine was only $450, and it came out of my pocket along with everything that went into the wedding. My bridesmaids wanted me to have a veil, I was no veil. Sorry, I am not a veil person.
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 26 days ago
“And seeing her happy, makes me happy” Well clearly not enough because you won’t let her wear the original dress she wanted.
Natalie Juarez
Natalie Juarez 26 days ago
is there really people who allow the relatives to decide what they are gonna get? i couldn’t imagine. no way in hell anyone, even my mother, to tell me anything.
Polly Pocket
Polly Pocket 27 days ago
That def east her dream dress... It was a “its pretty and will shit them up, I'm tired and I can't take anyone elses criticism” dress. I would left without a dress and comeback the next day with just her mother.
gr8tefaith 27 days ago
I love grandma GG!!
R Litresh Lee
R Litresh Lee 27 days ago
The Lancashire wedding dress hv more nicest good looking dresses.
Pat Ol
Pat Ol 27 days ago
Grandma’s time is long gone, LET THE BRIDE decide!!
shinkicker 123
shinkicker 123 27 days ago
Hells Granny trying to dictate what her poor grandaughter chooses. Probably frightened to take her to task, in case she leaves her daughter & grand daughter ou of her will. lol
Katie Simmons
Katie Simmons 28 days ago
The BRIDE gets to choose her dress, not anyone else! The bride is the one wearing it
spook show
spook show 28 days ago
I love the one she loved first. The Satin drop waist.
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 28 days ago
These hateful old women try to live out their fantasy islands through their children and grandchildren. They absolutely ruin the wedding for the brides. Her pettiness is rediculous. Thankfully Brandie did find one she loved and Lori saved the day with the veil. You can tell the mom is scared to death of the grandmother and has probably turned into an alcoholic. So sad. Bless Brandi. This is where if I were the Grooms family, I would have to cut loose.
Renea Rosser
Renea Rosser 29 days ago
Why ask so many people to come ? They are going to have opinions. Everyone will.
Furiafelina 29 days ago
6:42 The best part is when the mother said "she should've left a few of us at home" referring to granny.
L Jay
L Jay Month ago
The second one was stunning on her due to the cut and drape which flattered her shape. I wish she had gone back to that one.
Crystal Clearskies
Perfect choice, it looks beautiful on her💕
tamara martin
tamara martin Month ago
Interesting how Mom doesn't say anything. Guess she learned a long time ago that Gigi's opinion is the only one that matters, about anything.
tamara martin
tamara martin Month ago
"Gigi doesn't like it." Yeah, and? Shame on you, Gigi.
Helga Welgemoed
Helga Welgemoed Month ago
I would NEVER allow someone else's opinion to influence MY choice of wedding dress for MY wedding ‼️ Most of those big mouths HAD their special days. Let the bride pick HER OWN wedding dress. I would not even bring an entourage with opinionated old grannies who probably got married a century ago! Matriarch? Pluhease!! MY wedding. MY day. MY choice!! Lori and her team knows their stuff.
Char winslett
Char winslett Month ago
Elders need to stop acting like their opinions matter so much just bc they're older..like excuse me ma'am are you the one getting married? No? Then shut your mouth 👄
angeleyes green
angeleyes green Month ago
That first dress was underwhelming
lexi fun times
lexi fun times Month ago
That was a mean old woman.
Debra Blouin
Debra Blouin Month ago
Say yes to the veil!
Debra Blouin
Debra Blouin Month ago
That second dress was lovely.
Cody Pritt
Cody Pritt Month ago
People who r indecisive r annoying
Adrian Guynn
Adrian Guynn Month ago
You had your turn YEARS ago Gigi now take a backseat!
R F Month ago
I think the 2nd dress with a southern Bonnet, that had some strings of lace, pearls, etc trailing down the back
C S Month ago
Grandma needs to shut her piehole.
Regina Kniprode
Regina Kniprode Month ago
nice bride
Ginger Riviera
Ginger Riviera Month ago
What an awful thought- to have to fight for the dress you want for your own wedding
Carol Merlini
Carol Merlini Month ago
So the dressmakers can't be bothered making an entire dress in the USA? They must ALL be strapless? Why? Isn't this getting old?
Tigress Unicorn
Tigress Unicorn Month ago
I understand the respect for the family and the respect for the matriarchal system, and respecting your elders...but there also needs to be respect, understanding and acceptance that people have different tastes and opinions. Women have been fighting for years to get equality, what was all that work for if the daughters then have to deny their own style to please the older generations?
Hannig Month ago
I cannot stand these women who go into the appointment with the bride saying “I want her to have” or “I think she should have”. It should be “she wants”. I’m all for encouraging the bride to try some different things on, but at the end of the day it’s her wedding, not yours. Pipe down and be supportive
Helen Paul
Helen Paul Month ago
Its say "Yes to the Veil & a blingy belt"..cos all the dress look COPY&PASTE
I’m Not Supposed to Be Here
My wedding dress came from a thrift store and my grandmother LOVED it, because it was what *I* wanted and somehow managed to look good in it. She were there to help me and my mother get it fitted properly and add what I wanted to it. I couldn’t imagine if my Grammy was like this woman.
Taylor Tomlinson
If this octogenarian says "bling" one more time I'm gonna lose it.
Taylor Tomlinson
I hate when people think they own their family members.
Rhonda Nightingale
I love how that one person said maybe some of us should have stayed at .. home really?!? But seriously how naive are people that the more of an entourage you have the more opinions you're going to have ... it's not hard to connect the dots.
M R Month ago
I would've left everyone home except the little girl. Make it a girl's day out and enjoy the result.
Lisa Mcvey
Lisa Mcvey Month ago
The second dress was the best the grandma needs to shut up
milky yushitha
milky yushitha Month ago
The background music 😂
M K Month ago
The 2nd dress looked much better, the drop waist was elongating and slimming. The placement of the belt on the final dress makes her torso short and chunky. Why are all the dresses strapless???
Jason Molina
Jason Molina Month ago
Them: I just don't know if this is the dress! 😰 Me, seeing only 1 minute left in the video: 😏
Cheryl Carroll
Cheryl Carroll Month ago
Should have left Gigi home.
Makiah Noel
Makiah Noel Month ago
the second dress was so beautiful on her and she seemed to like it a lot. She just needed a belt
old cali r.e. broker
What's up with the horrible fit of all the bust lines. They're HUGE and not flattering
Patty Lanenga
Patty Lanenga Month ago
When I went to find my wedding dress the only people who came with me were the only people whose opinions mattered and that was my sister who was my matron of honor and my mother. My future mother-in-law and sister-in-law and best friends (all bridesmaids) wanted to come but I didn't want a bunch of people telling me what to get plus I wanted my dress to be a surprise not to just my husband but everyone else.
Deborah Holland
Deborah Holland Month ago
God help me, one more job I wouldn't last 5 minutes doing. The "entourage" are just a bunch of mean spirited control freaks..
Elizabeth G
Elizabeth G Month ago
I feel like her mom was really understanding of how her daughter felt after the reactions her grandmother made. Her mom kinda told her Gigi off and said she's stressing her out. I think this bride was is just gorgeous.
°There is always a light in the darkness°
Gigi: "I don't want this dress at all." Me: Excuse me, ma'am, but is this YOUR wedding, are YOU right now wearing that dress, did anybody ask you do you WANT that dress or they asked you do you LIKE it?🤨
noon Month ago
"GG likes it" honey we don't give a shit the audacity is making me angry
K Month ago
Gigi needs to be told to “shut it” a long time ago. The rest of the family have personalities of rocks.
Virginia Davis
Virginia Davis Month ago
While it's been many, many years since I was a bride, I'm 74, I still remember being denied the dress I loved and being bullied into a dress that had, just had to be my mother's choice as well as the bridesmaid dresses and the color. I remember this and it's a painful, awful memory. It hurts. I don't blame the mother for her silence because it's obvious she was bullied by her mother as well, so Grandma.. I hope when you watch this video and read these comments you're totally ashamed of yourself because you madam are "no" southern lady". You aren't a lady at all, you're a selfish bully.
beatsintime Month ago
And there's the little girl looking at the grandma..just sad how people think they control other people.
Teresa McDaniel
Teresa McDaniel Month ago
Kind of hard to make a decision with all those hens
Katie Did
Katie Did Month ago
Is Gigi paying?
maybelin herrera
wow the bridge is so gorgeous
Alfred Bonnabel
Alfred Bonnabel Month ago
I think any bride to be shopping for her wedding gown needs only one opinion...her own!
darkshadopaaz Month ago
The only person I'm taking with me when I go dress shopping is my sister. As long as I love it, she's good and I know I can trust her to be honest with how it looks.
Louna Sacchi
Louna Sacchi Month ago
definitely a libra
Marcy Month ago
What's the name of the music that starts at 6:13?
Effie Rivera
Effie Rivera Month ago
Monte wiggling in made me so happy. He looked like “alright, I’m here to save the day”
Furisca Fynn
Furisca Fynn Month ago
7:04 Monty: *flounces in, spinning on the spot*
Ashley Hallman
Ashley Hallman Month ago
My heart y'all did you see how the soon to be step daughter looks dead at the grandmother when the question was asked did they love it😊😍❤. Judging that alone they have a great mother/daughter relationship.
Ashley Hallman
Ashley Hallman Month ago
I like what the mother said. Maybe she should have left some of us home.
Ashley Hallman
Ashley Hallman Month ago
I understand these girls want support but they put so much into who they bring liking it. They don't have to wear the damn thing
GreenBeanTM Month ago
I’m so happy she brought her future step daughter! That’s so sweet
Desiree Barajas
Desiree Barajas Month ago
When your grandma makes you get an ugly dress you hate 🥴 the one she really loved was for her! The shape!!! 😍
Patricia Deanes
Patricia Deanes Month ago
I was that little girl that didn’t stand up for myself. After I had my first child that changed. I thought one day holding him I said I’m going to have to stand up to people so I can protect him. I was happy I changed. People can be so mean to you most of the time family.
Engel Krieger
Engel Krieger Month ago
She isn't a goddamn pageant baby
Deonaha Conlin
Deonaha Conlin Month ago
What is with these moms and other orbital females who think this is about them.
jeswainston Month ago
I liked the 2nd dress...flattering and lovely